You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 3

Konoha was amazing! Of course I only saw it through the chakra in my feet, but still…all those little houses, the streets with their nooks and crannies, the river running through Konoha, the huge wall around the village, the mass of people.

“It’s really sad that you can’t see it” Kiba said.

I still hadn’t told him yet about my ‘chakra-eyes’, like I call it, even though I slowly started to trust him by now. On our way through the forest he had told me about his life: His days in the academy, the adventures he and Akamaru had been through, how they always had tried with some friends to run away from class, that he was from the Inuzuka clan and a lot more. What kind of enemy would do this? Kiba just didn’t seem to be a bad person, and he swore several times that Konoha wasn’t in war with any nation.

So, maybe I should trust him and tell him about the headband and my chakra-eyes. Maybe he could help me recollecting my memories…

But before I could say something, Kiba dragged me through the huge gates into Konoha.

“Hey Kiba, back already?” a man, I guessed he was a guard, asked my new friend.

“Who’s the girl by your side?” the other guard asked.

“Her name’s Tora”, Kiba introduced me. “She was lost in the forest, I and Akamaru found her. We thought she could stay here for a little while.”

“Where do you come from, Tora?” the first guard asked me.

Oh man, was this an interrogation? But I still answered them: “I don’t exactly know where I come from because I kind of lost part of my memories. I have no idea what happened to me.”

The guards discussed for a few seconds until the second one said: “Alright, she can stay here over night but you should visit the Hokage first and tell her.”

“Okay, thanks guys.”


And with that Kiba dragged me through this wonderful village while I thought: Hokage? I’m going to visit the head of Konoha personally? Well, I probably should be honoured…

However, before I would meet her I should tell Kiba that I didn’t tell him the whole truth.

“Kiba, wait!” We stopped near what I guessed was a restaurant.

“Why? Is there a problem, Tora?”

“Eh, I... I’m not a civilian. I’m a ninja too.”

“What? That’s cool! But why haven’t you told me earlier?”

I sighed. “I was afraid that you might come from an enemy village and attack me.”

“I would never do that! You’re blind! And I don’t beat girls.” I didn’t know if I should thank or slap him.


“And even if you know that you’re a ninja you still don’t know where you come from.”

“I have a headband. I’ve put it away as I heard you the first time in the forest. But I don’t know what symbol it is.”

“Well, let me see it. I can tell you.”

Gladly I gave him the headband that was still tied around my waist.

“That’s a headband from the Sound. So you’re from Otogakure.”

I had expected to be happy as soon as I’d know where I come from. I thought I would be overwhelmed with happy memories, feelings, and so on.

But the only thing I felt was fear and the wish to never go back to that place. I couldn’t say why I felt like this but…

“Hey, Tora, are you okay?”

I managed to nod.

“You don’t look to be that happy. What’s wrong?”

“I… I don’t know exactly. It’s just that I’ve got a feeling that nothing good happened to me in Otogakure.” I shivered slightly as I spoke the name out loud.

“It has to be really frustrating to not remember.”

I sighed. “Oh yes, it is.”

“We should go to the Hokage now. Maybe she can help you. She’s the best medic in the world after all. Come on, I’ll guide you.”

“Kiba, there’s another thing I have to tell you.” I also told him about my chakra-eyes and that I was able to feel everything around me.

His only comment to the whole story was: “Wow, this is really amazing!”

I couldn’t help myself, I just laughed. I really liked Kiba, and suddenly I felt embarrassed that I was worried the whole time about being attacked if I’d tell him the truth, but instead of that we were acting like we had been friends for a long time.

“Yeah, you’re right boy. Akamaru says we should go visit the Hokage now.”

Nodding I tied the headband around my head and followed Kiba.

The Hokage-tower was a building at the other side of Konoha. Behind the tower was a stone wall on which all the faces of the former Hokages were engraved. At least that’s what Kiba told me.

We entered the cool building and Kiba lead me through several floors until we stopped in front of a door. At least I guessed that there was a door because behind it I could sense with the little chakra I had left a room. Two persons were inside. Before Kiba knocked I focussed some of my chakra into my ears and was able to hear a woman mumbling: “I don’t work enough? Pf, then why did they insist that I should be the next Hokage? Stupid elders, I’ll show them how hard I work! Shizune, give me the next papers!”

This was the moment when Kiba knocked. “Enter!” the woman – I guessed she was the Hokage – yelled.

“What do you want?” the Hokage asked as soon as we had entered the room. “You see I’m busy right now. And who is that girl?”

Kiba repeated quickly my story. The Hokage didn’t show much interest, but when Kiba told her about my little amnesia and my ability to see things with chakra she listened attentively.

“That’s interesting indeed” the woman mumbled. I felt her intense stare on me and had to keep myself from shifting in my stance. “I’ve never heard about such a case before. And you’re from Otogakure, Tora?”

I nodded. Once again I shivered slightly at the sound of the village name.

“Lady Tsunade”, the other woman in the room spoke up. “Maybe we should inform the Sound about Tora. Someone has to know her and they could help us filling her memories and finding her family. Also some of their shinobi could bring her back to Oto and…”

“No!” I yelled. I didn’t want to go back! Not to that place. I wanted to stay here, with Kiba and Akamaru. I wanted to start a new life in Konoha.

“What do you mean by ‘no’?” the Hokage asked.

I shook my head. “I can’t explain, but it feels like something in that village caused my blindness and the amnesia. I just know that I don’t want to go back. I want to stay here” I added defiantly.

I heard a loud sigh then the Hokage said: “I’m too busy right now to solve the whole problem. I’ll start researching about your amnesia problem as soon as I’m done with those papers. Until then you can stay in Konoha if you want to.”

“But Lady Tsunade, are you sure about that? We can’t misinform the Sound just because of some feelings. It could break the peaceful relationship our villages have.”

“I’m aware of that, but my grandfather, the first Hokage, made the law that Konoha will help everyone who needs our help. I won’t send a blind girl back into the forest. Besides, I want to know more about her ability to feel everything with chakra and if the Sound has something to do with it I want to know exactly what they’re planning.”

“I understand. But in the case of amnesia the memories normally come back after some time, don’t they?”

So there was hope that I would remember one day? Finally some good news!

“Normally, yes, and that’s why you, Tora, will inform me immediately if you remember something, alright?”

I nodded. I didn’t have any problem with that as long as I could stay here. And even if they would find out a secret about the Sound I didn’t care about that village.

“If Tora is allowed to stay her for a while, would it be possible if she could also be in a squad?” Kiba asked. “After all she is a genin.”

“That’s impossible” the other woman said. Dammit. “She’s from another village and every team is already complete. In addition she is blind.”

“But I can see, somehow. And we could make a deal. Let me train as a genin from the Leaf, and I’ll try to discover more about my ‘chakra-eyes’. As soon as I’ll gain some of my memories back, I’ll tell you everything I know. I don’t want to protect the Sound. I just want to have a place where I can stay in peace.”

I heard a low chuckle, and then the Hokage yelled “Shizune! Find Iruka and bring him here!”

“Y-yes Lady Tsunade” the other woman, Shizune, answered and left the room.

Whispering I asked Kiba: “Who’s Iruka?”

“He’s our sensei from the academy.”

After that it went silent. I only heard the Hokage, Tsunade, doing some paper work mumbling something about ‘stupid elders’, ‘I’m the Hokage’ and ‘I’ll show them who is not able to work’.

I really had to fight the urge to laugh out loud. I already liked the Hokage. She seemed to be strong-willed and strict but kind. I guessed she only did what she wanted to do.

When Shizune came back, a man – probably Iruka – followed her. Briefly Tsunade informed him about me and her plan to put me in one of the teams.

“But that’s impossible” Iruka said. “We don’t have an open spot left and I can’t see a way to train a blind girl. She doesn’t even have enough chakra.”

Yeah, that’s because I used up all of it in the forest to not fall flat on the face after every step I took, you dumbass.

“The grading test for this year was the Bunshin no jutsu wasn’t it? So, Tora, can you do it?”

Of course I could! I focussed my little chakra, made the correct hand signs and created a perfect wonderful awesome kicking ass bunsin. Or so I thought.

I almost could hear them sweat dropping. “I failed, didn’t I?”

“Well” Iruka spoke up, “it’s not the best, but it’s more or less a bunshin so…”

“Good” the Hokage interrupted, “then we have a four-men-squad this year. And now everyone leaves my office! I have to work!”

“Mommy, might I have some ice-cream please?”

Misaki smiled at her five-year-old daughter who looked with wide eyes at an ice-cream store. Misaki was 31; she had long blonde hair that reached to her waist, blue eyes, and a tall and slim figure. She wore a blue skirt and a white blouse. Her little daughter Hina had exactly the same hair colour as her mother, but her hair was short and her eyes a light brown. She wore a red dress with white flowers printed on it and she had a margarita in her hair. Mother and daughter looked beautiful as they walked through the streets of a small village in the west of fire country. They just had ended their shopping tour and now Hina dragged her mother to the ice-cream seller. Smiling Misaki bought an orange ice which she halved; one half was for her daughter, the other for herself.

Jumping happily up and down Hina licked her ice while holding the hand of her mother tightly so that they wouldn’t lose each other in the crowd of people.

Suddenly the crowd split up like they would back off from someone. Immediately Misaki pulled her daughter to the side of the road. Hina didn’t care; she was only interested in her ice.

Now Misaki could see the person everyone was afraid of. It was a small girl. As she came closer Misaki could see her better: The bloody and tattered dress, her bare feet and the several wounds.

The mother looked at the girl in disbelief. What happened to her? Who did this? The girl was only 11 or 12! What kind of bastard had attacked her!?

“Hina, stay here please, okay? Mummy has to do something.”

“Okay.” Her little daughter let her hand go and Misaki walked slowly to the girl. She couldn’t just stand there. She had to help.

“Hello little girl, my name is Misaki. Are you alright?” What a stupid question. The girl stopped and stood now right in front of the mother. The people around them either watched curiously or walked away.

“Hello Misaki” the girl answered smiling. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

The girl wanted to continue walking but the worried mother didn’t let her go yet. “You need a place to stay and to recover yourself. A friend of mine runs a cheap hotel in this village. Tell him that Misaki has sent you, okay? Here…” Misaki gave her some money from her pocket. “It’s enough to buy a room, some clothes, medicine and food.”

Hesitantly the girl moved her hand towards the money. Their eyes met.

She never had been a family person. No luck in love, no time for children. After the fifth man, after the fifth broken heart, she stopped believing in true love and only had short dates.

The only person who was close to a family to her was her older sister. Her sister had a family: A well-looking charming husband, a little cute baby daughter.

Even though she was sometimes really jealous at her sister she loved her.

But then some criminals attacked the village her sister was living in. They broke into their house and killed her sister and her husband. Only the little girl survived.

Her heart broke completely. Why did life hate her?

She wanted to stop living. She wanted to kill herself. To be together with her sister, the only family she has had.

And then they brought her the girl, the little baby-daughter of her sister. They asked her if she could take care of her. Without thinking she said yes.

No one knew Hina wasn’t her biological daughter. She and her sister looked very similar and because of that Hina had similarities with her too.

She loved her so much. Slowly the little girl repaired her broken and shattered heart.

Hina was her family now.

The girl smiled. A single tear ran down her cheek. “Thank you, Misaki. You are e a really good person and mother, you know? Take good care of your daughter.”

Confused but happy Misaki looked after the girl as she walked down the street.

“Mommy, who was that?” Hina asked her while taking her hand again. She had already finished her ice.

Just then Misaki noticed that she totally forgot to ask the girl what her name was.

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