You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 30

When most people looked at them, they only saw two little girls. The one was blind, the other thin and innocent. So the people concluded that they must be weak, defenceless, and useless; shortly: a failure. But none of these persons knew where they really were:

The innocent girl was a member in the most powerful criminal organization; the Akatsuki. She stole every information and scroll she was ordered to do so, and got every secret to hear and know without anybody even noticing her. She had a powerful spirit inside her that allowed her to control all five chakra natures. When she left a battlefield, she left corpses, but also survivors. No one understood why she spared some lives, and why she even started heated arguments with her partners to make sure that these people stayed alive. She soon had a heavy bounty on her head, but only the Hokage Tsunade and the girl’s best friend knew that she actually was a spy and worked secretly for Konoha. Once in a while she sent them important information about the Akatsuki through little wind dragons. In the meantime she visited with one of the last Uchihas several medic ninjas, offering them a lot of money or threatening their lives in order to try to save her friend. But none of them had ever seen such a sickness, or treated it, and so no one was able to help her comrade. The girl though continued the search despite of her comrade pleading her not to, to just give it up, to let him die. And she soon came at a point where she had to decide how far she would go to save him.

Meanwhile the blind girl made shortly after she came to Konoha her Chunin exam although she had before a heavy discussion with the council whether her earth controlling skills were allowed or not, because these weren’t ninja skills. But the people wanted to see the blind girl fighting, and fighting she did – and became a Chunin. Some of the visitors were very interested in her and were impressed by her skill to wait and listen before she was striking. And only one day after the final Chunin test she was asked to join the Anbu. Not in the special part of the Anbu, the Roots, whose leader Danzou was also getting interested in her. But she refused his offer and instead joined the elite group of Konohas ninjas though she only accepted under the condition that she would be in team seven again once Naruto would come home. Hence her name she even got a tiger mask. When she had some free time she went to the training ground in Konoha, meeting with the Hyuuga heir to continue their training. She soon learned the position of the chakra points in a human body, learned how to knock out any kind of opponent quickly, how to use her little amount of chakra without wasting it and even the basics of Medical ninjutsu. The blind also had soon a large bounty on her head while completing very difficult missions, but the one thing she hoped for didn’t happen – namely that she would one day meet her best friend on one of the missions.

I was walking with Sakura and a little kid named Konohamaru and his teammates through Konoha. According to them Konohamaru was some kind of friend-rival of Naruto and they fought about the title of Hokage.

It was a very warm and sunny afternoon. I just finished a mission with some of my Anbu colleagues and wanted to enjoy my day off. Actually I wanted to search Shikamaru and watch with him invisible clouds, dozing a bit, but I had come across Sakura who was now training under Tsunade medical ninjutsu and this was why she also had only very little free time. Anyway, she had started a talk about Naruto and when he would come back, and then this kid joined us and well-

Of course I could sneak away anytime but I somehow liked that Konohamaru, he remembered me at Naruto.

I set one foot after the other, feeling even the tiniest stone that lay in my way, when I suddenly felt the presence of him.

I stopped like I had bumped into an invisible wall.

“What’s wrong Tora?” Sakura asked me sounding slightly worried, and stopped as well. I grinned.

“He’s here.” I only said. For some moments I felt their confusion when Sakura understood what I meant and gasped.

“Naruto?! He’s here?” I nodded and pointed to my left.

“He’s walking on the parallel street just now, with pervy sage on his tracks.”

In the next second we were running through a connecting side road, pushing some people out of our way.

“Naruto!” Sakura yelled and I felt him stopping and turning around. I stayed in the shadows, letting team little Naruto rush cross me and waited for the right moment to step in.

I heard them talking, Konohamaru showed Naruto a new one of his special techniques, but Naruto seemed unaffected by it and only called it weak and wanted to show him better. I really didn’t know why but Sakura punched him for that. She was just walking toward him with an evil aura surrounding her, probably to beat him some more but I was faster and appeared right in front of Naruto who was lying in the dirt.

“Hey knucklehead” I said grinning, slammed my foot on the ground and brought him with a rock on his feet.

“Tora!” he yelled and I knew he was grinning. I grinned back at him.

“We got the message from Granny Tsunade that you returned back! I was so worried about you after you had disappeared! What happened?”

Before I could answer him Pervy Sage said: “We should go first to Tsunade and tell her that you’re back, Naruto.” Naruto pouted and grumbled but I kept grinning, I was just so happy to see him again.

“I’ll be waiting for you at Ichiraku’s!” I told him and disappeared into the earth.

I was still grinning like an idiot when I knocked on the huge door that belonged to the Hyuuga mansion where Hinata was living with her family.

“Tora, can I help you?”

“Yes Neji. I search Hinata. Is she here?” I haven’t seen Konoha’s genius, like he was called, for months and although I still found that Gai and Lee were extremely weird I missed the training I’ve had with them.

“She just finished training. Follow me.” I walked after Neji through the big building into the courtyard. There Hinata was sitting on the steps and from what I smelled she was drinking some tea.

“Hello Tora” she said softly. Because of our training we got a lot closer and were now good friends.

“So you’re the one who was training more or less secretly my daughter for the last three years?” a man said and stepped around the house corner. I glanced up at where his face had to be.

“Yeah, you have anything against it?” I asked becoming offensive right away because of his severe tone but he only chuckled.

“No, actually I appreciate it. Thanks to you my daughter had made a lot of progress, and I’m very grateful and thankful for that.”

“Tora, this is my father, Hiashi. Father, this is Tora” Hinata said and I heard her father’s hand move. Grinning I took it but couldn’t help myself to say: “Jealous because I am the one who’s making your daughter to a badass fighter?”

“T-Tora…!” Hinata stuttered out and I heard Neji cough to supress his chuckle.

“I’m not jealous, only glad” Hiashi replied without any hint of anger in his voice. “We’ll welcome you anytime in the Hyuuga compound, now that you’re my daughter’s friend. But what exactly brought you here today Tora? May I offer you some tea?”

“I would like to, but I actually came to kidnap your daughter for the evening. I swear I’ll bring her back healthy and in one piece later, but we have a really important thing to do. And seeing that Neji told me that Hinata just finished her training, I guess that you don’t need her anymore.”

I sensed Hinata’s confusion even though she didn’t say anything. Apparently the message that Naruto had arrived in Konoha didn’t get to her yet, so much the better.

“Okay, since Hinata already finished her training like you said, I don’t want to stop you two” her father said. Asking him for permission was only my try to be polite; I would have dragged Hinata along anyway.

“Thank you father” Hinata said. “I just want to go to fresh myself.”

“Good idea” I said and started to grin again. After all she shouldn’t smell sweaty at her first date with Naruto.

“What are you planning Tora?” Neji asked me in a whisper while we were walking back to the front door. I just shrugged.

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. But don’t worry; I’m sure that you would have nothing against it.” Why should anybody have something against Hinata being paired with Naruto anyway?

I grinned wider when it even was possible and even though I could feel Neji’s frown he kept silent and only shook his head.

Some minutes later I dragged Hinata through the streets. It was starting to get dark I think, because I could feel the cool but still warm air around us when we headed toward Ichiraku’s.

“Tora, where are… where are we going?” Hinata asked behind me panting slightly.

“You’ll see” was all that I said. We soon arrived at Naruto’s favourite ramen restaurant and I already could feel his presence. Grinning I came to a halt in front of the sheets.

“Now it’s time to keep your promise” I whispered into the ear of the confused Hinata and pushed her gently into the restaurant.

“Hey knucklehead!”

“Tora! Finally you came; I already have finished three bowls! You know what, Granny Tsunade wanted to test me and Sakura, so we tried to get these balls from Kakashi again, but this time we did it! You should have seen his face! Haha, deserves him right. And hey Hinata, it’s good to see you again. How are you?”

My hand was nearly squeezed dead by now from Hinata’s tight grip while she stood completely numb and still by my side, unable to say a word but blushing so hard that I could feel the hotness going off from her body.

I nudged her in the side to courage her. “Don’t go jelly and faint out now” I growled slightly into her ear.

“Naruto, Hinata really missed you for the last three years and would like to spend a nice evening with you” I said smirking.

“But I thought we two could eat some ramen and that you could tell me what happened to you” Naruto said making me want to face palm.

“Come on knucklehead, you only want to tell your story and show someone your training results and how strong you became… Since I’m blind I’m sure that Hinata is the better choice, also she would really like to listen to you, am I right?” I asked nudging the shy Hyuuga again.

“Y-yes” she squealed out.

“Well… uhm… okay. Do you want some ramen Hinata?”

“Y-yes.” Nervous as hell she sat down next to him.

“That’s a good start, isn’t it?” I said completely content with myself.

“What do you mean with that dattebayo?” Naruto asked me confused but by then I already had left the restaurant and headed happily into the night. I would ask Ichiraku or his daughter for the details tomorrow.

Kazumi again was sitting on the roof in Suna next to Gaara, enjoying the view they had over the nightly village. She had visited him at least once in a month during the last three years as an order from Pain to continue to analyse and spy on the Jinchuriki. And despite the fact that Gaara had a lot of duties and paperwork to do because of being the Kazekage, he always had found time to go to that roof with her. He had told her about their attack on the Leaf Village, had told her about his confrontation with Konoha’s Jinchuriki, Naruto, who was also Tora’s teammate, had told her how Naruto’s words and actions had changed him in his inside, had told her about Orochimaru killing his father, so that he became the new Kazekage. With a small smile on his lips Gaara had told her that now he wanted to protect the people and his village instead of destroying them, and that his mother’s voice and his bloodlust had disappeared with the decision.

The whole time when Gaara was telling her what had happened, Kazumi sat next to him, a smile on her lips, and listened to him. When he asked her what she had done since they last met she told him lies or just shrugged.

Sometimes she also spoke with his siblings who greeted Kazumi welcome every time, seeing that her company made Gaara happy.

This day Kazumi also had entered the Sand Village but was informed from the guards that Gaara was called into a meeting which was about Akatsuki. Although she was informed that she should wait outside the Kazekage tower because Gaara would welcome her after the meeting, Temari came later to tell her that the village was in alarm and that her brother hadn’t time right now. Kazumi nodded and walked away from Suna for the last time, feeling the stares of all the guards on her back who protected the entrance.

In a safe distance she met with them.

“Is the Jinchuriki still in Suna?” Hiruko asked her, staring at her with the cold eyes. She nodded, making Deidara grin in anticipation as he grabbed into his pouch.

“Alright then, let’s go danna, un.” Sasori moved his puppet instantly and walked toward Suna to capture the One-Tails.

Kazumi stood in the hot desert, staring after them with a complete blank and expressionless face

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