You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 34

Kazumi entered the hideout. She hoped she would manage to slip in unnoticed, but of course that wasn’t the case.

“Where have you been?” She winced when she heard his voice coming from directly behind her and turned around to look at the black and orange mask.

“In town, with Itachi, buying some medicine Sakura told me I should take.” She had told them that Sakura had successfully managed to heal her, the reason why they according to her lie even had kidnapped the medic in the first place.

“And where is Itachi now?” Obito continued asking threateningly but she looked straight back into his eye hole without showing any fear.

“He stayed in town and wanted to go to a medic himself. As you may know, he’s sick.”

“Hn” Obito only said. “You don’t seem to be happy for someone who just was being healed” he continued still suspicious.

“Yes, but to achieve that I had to let Hidan torture my friend! So sorry for being a little down right now!” she hissed back and glared at him which only made him chuckle.

“Girl, you’re in a criminal organization now, there’s no place for feelings, guilt or regrets. Just get rid of them or they will be your downfall.”

Tiredly she just nodded and turned around; hoping that she could get to her room where she finally would have some spare time to process everything that had happened this day. But of course Obito didn’t let her.

“I want you to bring the girl into Pain’s office” he said with his deep menacing voice.

Kazumi nodded but asked: “May I know why? Is the Leaf going to change her with the Jinchuriki?” Of course she knew that this wouldn’t be the case, not after the deal they had made with the Hokage so there had to be other reasons for it.

“No, and I doubt that this will happen but we want to get the information she holds about the Leaf village out of her.” She knew what he meant: They wanted to torture and kill her.

Kazumi only nodded as the loyal member she was and went down to the cells, entering the medic’s one.

Powerless Sakura hung in the chains; her chakra was almost completely drained from her. Luckily she was awake when Kazumi entered; only slightly though, but she was conscious.

She stepped to the prisoner’s side and started to undo the chains, whispering into Sakura’s ear: “Listen carefully: I’m going to help you out of here and give you some of my chakra. As soon as you have enough, beat me and run out. Turn right until the end of the hallway, there is a door but it’s only a genjutsu and actually a wall. Destroy the illusion and the wall and you’ll be in a forest. They will know that you managed to escape instantly, that’s why you have to run as fast as you can. Don’t ever look back. Head to Konoha in one go, don’t make any detours. You only have this one chance.”

Masayoshi, I know you’re still furious about me and you have every right to do so, but please… this one time I need your chakra. Help me free this girl; she doesn’t deserve to be here. You know that I don’t want her to be killed or tortured by Pain and Obito.So please… help me!

Kazumi heard Sakura gasp as she pushed the chakra Masayoshi had luckily given her into the pink haired girl’s system. Almost immediately it strengthened Sakura’s weak body, taking away the tiredness and weakness.

The chakra was strong and Sakura concentrated it to heal her wounds, eliminating the pain. Kazumi let more and more of the powerful spirit chakra flow into Sakura’s body, hoping that it would be enough for the girl to escape. The chakra source from Masayoshi ran out slowly but Sakura didn’t need more.

Kazumi felt only a sharp pain when the girl’s fist collided with her chin and blocked the lights out of her instantly.

Impatiently Obito waited with Pain in the office, waiting for the girls to arrive but they didn’t come. A bad feeling grew inside of him. Something wasn’t right.

“This takes too long” he growled and teleportated right into the cell. The medic ninja was gone, the chains lie useless on the ground and the door was broken down whereas the spirit girl lay unconscious and bloody on the ground.

Furiously Obito slammed his hand against the wall before he rushed out of the room and down the hallway. The genjutsu was destroyed and a huge hole gaped in the stone wall, letting the light shine into the dark hallway.

“Zetsu!” he snapped and the plant man rose out of the wall.

“We know; we were already following her” he said shortly.

“Where is she?!”

“Before you called us she was one kilometre east.” Obito didn’t even bother to tell Pain as he teleportated right to the spot. Zetsu appeared next to him only a second later. He wouldn’t let her slip away.

He followed her tracks, sensing her surprising strong chakra even though she tried to hide it. The girl was fast, they were already at the border of Rain and Fire Country when Obito appeared only a few meters away from her on a branch, behind the mask a dark smirk formed on his lips and his eye glowed red. He would recapture the girl and make her suffer – but then he stopped, sensing another signature coming closer.

Of course Zetsu also had sensed her. “What shall we do?”

Furiously Obito stared down at the pink haired girl who was running past his hiding spot, not aware of his presence. Then he sighed when a second figure entered the scene.

“Sakura!” the blond woman called out and ran to the girl, her student, closing her into a tight hug.

“Master…” the girl said quietly.

Obito watched them a few minutes longer but then said: “Starting a fight with the fifth Hokage wouldn’t be wise. We retreat for now; the girl isn’t worth the trouble. However, I don’t think she managed to escape alone… and I’m pretty sure I know who had helped her” he growled and disappeared right on the spot.

Kazumi was impatiently sitting on her bed, trying to calm down but couldn’t. Her head was still arching from the hit Sakura had given her but the pain was the last thing she was worried about.

“When they can’t heal me until the time is up, go back to the base before anyone gets suspicious about our leaving” Itachi had told her after they had left the base. And she did. She did return, freed the girl even though it hadn’t been certain if he would survive. Now she was stuck, hoping that Itachi would make it, hoping that he didn’t die right now while she was in the base...

She winced when the door was opened and someone stepped in. Swirling around her eyes went wide when she saw him. He was paler than usual, dark shadows were under his eyes, he was worn out and he seemed to be aged about a couple of years. But he was alive.

“Itachi…” she mumbled. Before he could react she had hugged him tightly, pressing her face into his shirt with tears in her eyes. “Y-You are okay” she said between sobs.

Smiling Itachi let her hug him before he gently prayed her off him. “I’m fine” he said with the smooth dark calming voice of his. “The fifth Hokage and the medics were able to heal me.” He didn’t tell her though that he barely escaped dying, or that it was anything but certain that the sickness wouldn’t come back, or the short conversation he had with Tsunade shortly before he had been leaving.

“I thank you a lot. I know that you only healed me to save your student, but I assure you that we will let her free.”

“I know. Your partner isn’t a killer like I except an Akatsuki to be, she wouldn’t have Sakura die even though I would have failed saving you. I saw it in her eyes.”

“Then why did you save me? Why not let me die?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I believe you that you only want to be together with the girl, that you might have a heart after all, being a criminal or not. But in your case I would leave this hospital very quickly before I’ll change my mind.”

Suddenly the door opened. Quickly Kazumi wiped her tears away though her eyes were still slightly red. They both turned to face the introducer with blank expressions.

“Ah Itachi, so you’re back. I hope everything is fine?” Madara asked after he had closed the door. Itachi could feel the anger and dark evil aura looming above them and he knew that the medic girl had been able to escape. The question though was what Madara was now doing here.

“Hn. I just heard from Kazumi that the hostage escaped.”

“Yes, it’s a shame. I wonder from where she got all the powerful chakra even though the seals should have drained her…” Itachi said nothing; he knew that it was a hidden blame.

“Can you proof your theory?” Kazumi asked coldly. Itachi survived, they wold live, she wouldn’t let her joy being destroyed by that man.

“Why do I need a proof when I know it?” he asked in a dangerous low tone.

“Madara, I assure you that we don’t have anything to do with the girl’s outbreak. What would we gain from it anyway?” Itachi said trying to calm the older Uchiha down.

“I don’t know… Maybe your new girlfriend has just a too weak heart.” Itachi tensed by the word girlfriend but pushed that thought away on the instant. Now wasn’t the time to think about that.

“I know that neither of you are truly loyal to this organization. I don’t mind if you’re fooling Pain and the others as long as your powers will help me reaching my goal. But if you are going to act against my orders again, I will kill you both, understood?” His voice was still calm but the air in the room was ice cold and thick of his evil threatening aura.

Itachi bowed and from the corners of his eyes he saw Kazumi doing the same. “Yes Madara-sama, it won’t happen again” he said and even though his voice was as calm as ever his heart was racing. Madara knew that they were spies, but all they could do was hoping that he really didn’t care about it. He wasn’t a match for them even if they would fight together.

“Good.” And with that the masked man just turned around and left the room.

For a few moments Kazumi stared surprised at the door. Bit by bit she realized how close that had been when she suddenly asked: “Was he right? Am I your girlfriend now?”

For a split second there was a mix of the most different emotions visible in Itachi’s face before he had control of himself again.

“Hn” he only said as he himself didn’t know the answer to that.

“You said that we couldn’t be together because you were dying, but now you’re healed so I wonder if it changed…” she stopped nervously, not knowing how to continue.

He sighed looking at her. It was completely obvious that Kazumi had fallen in love with him; the question though was if he also loved her? He liked her, yes, but…

Also he still didn’t think that it was such a smart idea to become a couple when being in Akatsuki. And his condition wasn’t stable yet, he could still die.

But instead of telling her any of the reasons he only said “Well I think we can give it a try” while smiling.

Kazumi smiled brightly back at him and suddenly was in his arms again, kissing him slightly on the lips.

“Thank you” she whispered.

It was two weeks after that conversation. Kazumi was together with Obito who was her official partner now, on a mission. Kazumi guessed that Obito had insisted on being her partner so that he could keep an eye on her, playing her babysitter.

When they were alone Obito never acted like Tobi, sometimes he even took the mask off because after all she already knew how he was looking like.

They travelled to a lake to capture the three-tails which was living in the water. Although Zetsu had reported that the Leaf was also there, they had failed to capture the beast and only had left some pitiful anbu guards around the lake who were defeated by them in an instant.

Standing on the waterside the now unmasked Obito looked at Kazumi who was walking to the middle of the lake. He had told her that she should fight the beast alone. This was the first real opportunity for him to see her true powers which she would need to kill the beast off.

Interested he watched as she disappeared under the surface. Only a few minutes after that the water started to erupted violently and the gigantic head of the three-tails appeared growling, facing Kazumi who had surfaced along with it. The turtle-like bjiu let out a loud growl before it charged toward Kazumi but the girl had already formed a water dragon which was as big as the beast itself.

With a slight smirk on his lips Obito watched the fight from the side line. The girl had indeed some useful powers and he was now glad that he hadn’t killed her yet even after she had betrayed him a couple of times.

The girl stood her ground well, she was dodging chakra-infused water balls coming from the beast’s mouth while she was running and jumping closer to him. One of her water dragon creations suddenly came out from under the three-tails, distracting it long enough for Kazumi to aim at the right eye of the turtle; its weakness. But she was too slow. The beast got rid of the water dragon with its spiked tails, creating a powerful shockwave in the same time that sent the girl along with a giant wave back.

Impatiently Obito tapped with his fingers on his arms. That brat should hurry up already; it couldn’t take that long to capture a biju.

The beast was now forming a tailed beast ball in the air and shot it towards Kazumi. The girl had already come to her feet, but something wasn’t right. Obito saw that she was struggling to stand; her chakra signature was very low. She couldn’t escape the biju dama so instead she summoned her remaining strength to create an earth shield around her form.

Obito only saw the tailed beast ball bang into the shield. Water, earth, air and chakra exploded in huge waves, and Obito had to jump on a tree to not get soaked from them. With his Sharingan he looked over to the spot where he thought Kazumi would be, but he neither saw nor sensed anything. Her chakra signature was suddenly gone.

What the…?

The tailed beast waited some moments until the water was quiet and calm again. Obito now saw the body of the girl floating on the surface, but he still couldn’t see her signature. That could only mean one thing…

Because of his opponent had been defeated the three-tails swam back to the middle of the lake and sank under the surface. The moment he disappeared Obito appeared right next to the motionless body of the girl. She was covered in water and blood and her clothes were mostly ripped apart.

He knelt down next to her, removed the glove on his right hand and placed a finger on her carotid artery to feel her pulse. But as he had presumed, he felt nothing, only her cold skin.

Kazumi was dead.

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