You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 36

The following weeks were too good to be true. Sometimes I was afraid of waking up and finding me once again locked up in Akatsuki’s dungeon or strapped on monster-snake’s experimental table. But I never did. This was really happening. We were at peace. I had my friend back. Even though we all knew that someday Akatsuki would come back to try and get Naruto we were celebrating the moment.

Kazumi was allowed to stay in Konoha and Sakura even offered her a job at the hospital which she gladly accepted. She wasn’t a ninja anymore and probably would never be one again but she didn’t really seem to care. When I went out to the training fields she often came with me, watching me train and sometimes Hinata joined us. I was still sparring with her, trying to push up her confidence and bravery. When we had free time Kazumi hung out with me, Kiba and Naruto or I found her lying in the grass next to Shikamaru, staring at the sky and dozing.

Now, it was late evening and I would head out in two days to a new mission. Kazumi and I were both already asleep – oh yes, did I mention that we moved together into a bigger apartment and were sharing it? Lee was calling it the true proof of our youthful deep friendship that was burning with passion…

Anyway, I was already lying awake for some hours now, staring at the supposed ceiling and thinking about all the events that had happened to me until now when I heard a door being closed softly. I put a hand on the ground and I could feel Kazumi walking down the floor from her room to the apartment door. I frowned. Why was she up so late? Maybe she couldn’t sleep either. Curiously and because I couldn’t sleep anyway I also stood up, put a cloak over my pyjama and followed Kazumi – but over the ninja way, naming through the window.

There was a slight breeze outside. The village was asleep and I shivered slightly in the cold. Jumping to the street I followed Kazumi like the stealthy ninja I was. She couldn’t detect me because of her lack of chakra and so I had no problems following her unnoticed.

Kazumi went to the closed gate and surprisingly no one stopped her. According to the snore I heard coming from the guard post the so called guards were probably asleep.

They wouldn’t even notice it when monster-snake would barge into the village riding on one of his giant snakes and laughing like a maniac. Geez…

Following Kazumi through a little door at the side of the giant gate we walked into the nearby forest.

Then she halted on a cleaning and I hid behind a big tree, observing everything with my palm on the ground. It didn’t take long and I could feel a person coming closer.

Wait, I knew these steps. They were all too familiar.

Frowning I stayed in my hideout, following the person’s way it took until it also stepped on the clearing.

“You came…” was Kazumi’s greeting and she sounded surprisingly happy.

“Hn. Yes, Kisame is currently drinking himself under the table, so I guess we have some time.” No doubt, that was him. What the hell was stuck-up-ninja doing here?!

“Tora, there’s no need to hide any longer. I know that you are there” stuck-up-ninja suddenly called out, making Kazumi swirl around and me curse. Knowing that I had been discovered I stepped out from behind the tree and joined the pair on the clearing, trying to act as natural as possible and not as if I just had been caught spying on my friend.

“Tora?! What the hell are you doing here?” Kazumi asked confused but also angry.

“I could ask you the same! Why do you have meetings in the middle of the night with him?” I asked pointing at where Itachi must stand.

Kazumi sighed. “Well, when should I meet with him then? He’s still a wanted criminal; we can’t meet each other in public or in the middle of the freaking day.”

“But why are you meeting him in the first place?!”

My friend groaned and I could swear she was face palming. “Tora, how often did I already tell you…? Itachi and I, we are together. We are a pair, lovers, boy- and girlfriend, got it?” I just stared at them.

“I always thought you were kidding with me.” That was the truth. I mean, who would think that she… and him… that this was true. Ehw.

“Damn Tora, for someone who is calling herself an expert in paring up people you surely are dumb.” Maybe I just never wanted to admit to myself that this could be even possible. I had denied it. I mean come on! Kazumi, my best friend, was together with stuck-up-ninja, the arrogant bastard big brother of emo-kid? Just alone the thought was completely ridiculous and messed up.

“So you want to say that you’re really making out with him, as in kissing and having sex and so on?” I could feel Kazumi blush and even Itachi was shifting uncomfortably in his stance.

“Well not directly this but… it goes into the right direction” Kazumi mumbled.

“Ehw…” That was so disgusting! My lunch meal was already wandering up my throat and I felt like throwing up any second. Great and now some very unpleasant pictures were carved into my mind for all eternity.

“Anyway, why were you following me?” Kazumi asked probably to change the subject.

I shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep, heard you sneak out of the apartment and got curious.”

“The next time when you try to follow someone you should hide your chakra better” Itachi said and I balled my hands into fists, resisting the urge to slam them into his face. Damn him.

“Shut up” I grumbled, making Kazumi snicker.

“Well, now that the obvious things are cleared, can you hush back to Konoha and give us some private time?”

“What? No way! Do you really think I would let you alone with him? I care too much about you, I’m worried about the perverts thought that are currently running through his sick Uchiha mind” I countered, glaring once in a while to Itachi through the corner of my blind eyes.

Kazumi sighed. “You’re impossible, you know that? Now go back or I swear I’m going to pay you back for interrupting and destroying our little date!”

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and looked at her challenging. “How do you want to pay me back? You’re nothing more than a mere civilian now.” Too late I noticed that this sentence maybe came out harder than I had wanted it to be but my pride stopped me from apologizing right away.

Surprisingly Kazumi wasn’t angry though but chuckled darkly. “Oh believe me, I’ve got my ways.” She then slung her arms around stuck-up-ninja’s neck and kissed him! Only on the cheek, but she freaking damn KISSED him!

“Stop making out in front of me!” I yelled. Thank God I was already blind or I would have been it by now. Kazumi only laughed and I even heard Itachi chuckling.

These damn bastards…

“If you don’t like it, go home then” my supposed-to-be-friend said. “We’ve got some things to do, right Itachi?” she poured and continued kissing him, this time on the mouth. That was it. I was out of there.

Faster than Naruto could run to Ichiraku when he was hungry I sprinted back to Konoha, not wanting to destroy my pour mind anymore.

The guards were still asleep when I sneaked back into the village and into our apartment. There was no way that I could fall asleep now so I tried to think about anything but the disturbing thoughts squeezing their way into my mind.

Maybe I should try and get Kazumi a new boyfriend; I mean she couldn’t stay together with stuck-up-ninja. That would be too gross…

It was hours later that I heard Kazumi entering the apartment. She stuck her head into my room. “Hey, you’re still awake? Couldn’t sleep, huh?” I knew that she had a big grin on her face.

“Shut up” I grumbled.

“You know, I will still pay you back for following me and interrupting our meeting” she said leaning against the door frame.

“Yeah? And how exactly are you planning to do that? Like I said, I’m a ninja, you’re not” I said grinning back.

“You’re trying for weeks now to pair up all of your friends… it’s about time that someone pairs you up.”

“What do you mean with that?” I asked carefully, not liking the sound of it one bit.

“Well, I noticed that you seem to get along pretty well with Naruto and Kiba but since you already managed to pair up Naruto with Hinata… Is there something between Kiba and you?” I stared at her in shock, slowly processing what she just had said.

“What?! Kiba is my best buddy but nothing more!”

“Yeah yeah, sure… What’s with Lee? He also seems to like you and you have been in his team for a short time, right?”

“Are you freaking kidding me?! Also he has more eyes for Sakura… Hm, maybe I should try to pair them up…” Kazumi though didn’t listen to me but went on to the next boy.

“Shikamaru also needs a girlfriend, maybe you could make him slightly more motivated.”

“Hey, you spend way more time with him watching clouds than I do!” Also I once heard from Ino that he had an unexplained fear of woman. Apparently this had to do something with his mother.

“If Naruto should success in bringing Sasuke back, he will need a reason to stay in Konoha. He’s also part of Team Kakashi, I’m sure you two will get along well and-“

Angrily I threw her out of my room and slammed the door shut. How could she even think about it?! Emo-kid and I?! The pairs I was trying to bring together made at least sense, unlike hers. She had no taste but upon seeing who exactly her boyfriend was, it didn’t surprise me.

I heard Kazumi walk away, chuckling. Growling I sat back on my bed. Weirdly I couldn’t help but smiling.

Actually this was the thing I always wanted to have. A home, friends I could mess around with, some kick-ass power, a happy life. And I knew that Kazumi felt the same way and I also knew that Itachi was now part of her life; whether I liked it or not. Honestly I was happy for her though. She deserved that happiness. And I guess I had to accept the thing that she was the girlfriend of the big, more arrogant and annoying version of emo-kid.

Sighing I turned around on the mattress, closing my eyes in hope that I could fall asleep at least for the last hours that were still remaining before sunset.

I didn’t care if my memories would return or not. I didn’t need them anymore. Soon the big empty hole in my mind would be filled with new memories, happy memories. Along with very disturbing pictures Kazumi just had planted in there.

Groaning I buried my face into the pillow. Tomorrow I would definitely think about a prank to pay her back.


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