You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 4

The next morning I woke up because someone knocked loudly on my door. Still half-asleep I fought my way out of the warm and fluffy bed, switched the light on… and still saw nothing.

Out of frustration I let out a short angered scream.

“Tora? Are you alright? It’s me, Kiba. What happened?”

I banged my knee against the desk, walked into the wall and finally found after several minutes the door. I was just too tired to concentrate my chakra correctly.

“Tora!” Kiba sounded truly worried as I let him into the little apartment which the Hokage gave me for staying. “Why did you scream? Are you alright?”

Sighing, I only shrugged. “I hoped I could see again and was frustrated after finding out that I was still blind.”

“Oh… eh… I’m sorry about but. But I’m sure that Lady Tsunade will find a way to heal you.

Anyways, I shall bring you to the meeting place with your new team.”

Yep, today was the day I would meet my new teammates! After asking and testing me about my abilities Iruka had decided yesterday that I’d fit best with team seven. Kiba had told me some things about them. Apparently the team included a stupid knucklehead in an orange jumpsuit, an emo kid with a haircut like a duck but, a screaming fan girl who likes to punch anything that touches her precious Sasuke aka emo kid, and their teacher who was reading at every training lesson his perverted books.

I really hoped that Kiba just had dramatized and that they actually weren’t so bad.

“Alright” I said, wanting to leave “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

“Eh, Tora, don’t you want to wash and dress yourself before we leave? You’re a little… dirty.”

After a little discussion about hygiene I gave in and walked into the bathroom – after my head came in contact with the door.

5 minutes later I was ready – more or less but I didn’t want to spend more time in the bathroom than necessary – and we headed to the academy where I would meet team seven. Kiba lead me through some hallways until he stopped in front of a door. I could hear loud voices coming from behind the door, a screaming boy and a girl yelling “Naruto!”

Sighing, I said goodbye to Kiba who had to meet his own team and entered the room. Immediately it was silent.

“Hey, who are you?” the boy, Naruto, asked.

But before I could answer the girl – I forgot her name – said: “Idiot, she has to be our new team mate whom Kakashi-sensei spoke of. It’s nice to meet you, my name is Sakura.”

“Um hi, I’m-“

“Are you really blind?” Naruto interrupted me.

“Naruto! Be polite and introduce yourself! I’m sorry Tora, he’s just an idiot.”

“I’m not! I’m the next Hokage, believe it!”

I really had the urge to face palm. My hopes were destroyed. They acted pretty much like Kiba had described them.

Shrugging I took a seat in the nearest chair and placed my bare feet on the desk. I didn’t wear shoes because they made it difficult to see through my chakra-eyes in my feet. At the desk on my left side another person – I guessed it was emo kid – was sitting without saying a word while Sakura and Naruto argued loudly.

It lasted like forever until the door finally opened and hopefully the teacher came in. I couldn’t see the watch ticking loudly in the room but I had already been too late because of mine and Kiba’s argument, and so the teacher had to be really late.

“Oh hey, I see you’re already here. Well I’m sorry for being late, but I’ve got lost on the path of life.”

“LIAR!” Sakura and Naruto screamed. I only grinned. This was a pretty cool excuse.

“You must be Tora” he said to me ignoring his students. “I’m Kakashi Hatake, the leader of team seven. Iruka already told me everything about you and your problems but I’m sure we’ll solve this.” Kakashi’s voice was calm and clear, and I thought that he seemed to be a very nice person.

“Before we start our next mission, we should introduce ourselves” Kakashi suggested.

“What, again an introduction?” Sakura complained.

“Well, Tora didn’t anticipate in our last one and unlike you she is new in Konoha, so she doesn’t know you yet” Kakashi explained. “Say your name, things you like and dislike, your hobbies, your plans for the future and so on. You already know how it works.”

“Alright!” Naruto yelled. “I start! I’m Naruto Uzumaki, I like ramen, especially by Ichiraku’s but I hate to wait until they’re ready. My hobbies are eating ramen and playing pranks and in the future I’ll be the next Hokage so that everyone in the village will acknowledge me, believe it!”

I grinned. “It’s nice to meet you, knucklehead.” I thought that nickname fit him perfectly.

“Knucklehead? I’m the future Hokage, believe it!”

I only shrugged.

“Okay, I’m next” Sakura said. “I’m Sakura Hanuro, I like *giggle*… a special person” I could have sworn she saw to emo kid, “in the future I want to be together with *another giggle* this person and I really hate Naruto.”

“Sakura, why do you always have to be so mean?”

I waited for emo to continue but he was still silent so I went next: “I’m Tora, I don’t know my last name because I’ve got a lack of memories and in the future I just want them to come back. I’m blind but I still can see somehow and will kick all of your butts!” I grinned.

“My name is Sasuke Uchiha.” The emo kid could talk! “I hate a lot of things and I don’t really like anything. And I’m going to destroy a certain someone, so don’t get in my way you blind loser.”


“Okay, that’s enough I think. We shall go now to ask for our next mission.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Naruto screamed. “I hope we’ll finally get a difficult mission so that they’ll acknowledge me and my power!”

“Easy, Naruto”, Kakshi tried to calm him down and lead us out of the room. I followed them but I was still fuming because of emo-Sasuke. Blind loser. Pf, I would show him who the loser was.

But first we would receive our super amazing mission, full of dangers and enemies. And of course I would beat them all.

Being ninja was so exciting.

Being ninja was so boring.

Our mission was to catch a cat. A cat! How stupid was that? Sakura told me that this wasn’t the first time they had to catch that stupid thing, and when we arrived at the mission office with a furious hissing and scratching cat and gave it back to its owner, I somehow understood why it always tried to run away. That woman nearly hugged the poor thing to death.

“Why do we have to do such boring missions?” Naruto complained. “I want to have an exciting one!”

“Naruto! Will you shut up?!” Sakura took knucklehead into a headlock.

Iruka who sat together with Tsunade and some others at the desk in front of us only sighed. “You’re only genin, and those are missions for genin. Become a chuunin, and you’ll get other missions.”

“Chuunin? I’ll become Hokage and then I’ll change this, believe it!”

Tsunade chuckled. “Yeah, but it will take a long time for you to become Hokage and until then you have to solve the missions Iruka gives you or I’ll send you all back to the academy.”

“Yes of course, I’m sorry Lady Tsunade, Naruto just doesn’t know when to shut up”, Sakura said quickly.

“Also” Iruka continued “the missions you’re doing are very important to Konoha because blah blah blah blah…”

I didn’t care why they were important; all I knew was that if it would go on like this forever, I would never become stronger. And I suspected that this was exactly what Naruto and Sasuke were thinking as well. I could nearly sense their frustration about having to catch a cat. The only happy persons in our team were Kakashi who had enough time to read his books and Sakura who was always happy as long as she was with Sasuke.

Suddenly the door to the room burst open. “Lady Hokage! I finally found you!” A gasping woman ran into the office, ignored my team completely and headed to the desk. “This message has just arrived from the dragon village.” The woman was only whispering but I could still hear her.

Tsunade quickly opened the scroll or paper or whatever, read it and gasped. “How is this possible?!”

Without waiting for an answer she called: “Alright, team seven I’ll give you some days off. And now leave! Kakashi, bring the other jounin to my office, fast!”

“Yes Lady Tsunade.”

They walked silently through the forest near the border of fire country, heading towards Konoha. Their straw hats covered most of their faces and the bells hanging from them moved in the slight wind. The two figures were dressed in coats, buttoned up to their chins. The white lined blood red clouds on the coats were proof enough that they belonged to the dangerous organization known as the Akatsuki.

The right person was very tall and had a huge bandaged sword tied on his back. His partner was smaller and as he shortly lifted up his head a bloody red eye gleamed into the dark surroundings.

“Do you also feel chakra coming closer, Itachi?” The taller one asked his partner.

“Hn” was the only reply the got but he interpreted it as a yes.

In a few minutes a person would cross their way on the path through the dark forest. The people living around this forest normally avoided coming closer than necessary to the woods. That was the reason why the two members of the Akatsuki took this way. No one should see them.

With a grin that revealed sharp teeth the right man gripped his sword.

“The person heading towards us hasn’t a lot of chakra. It might be a civilian and so a fight would be a complete waste of energy, Kisame” Itachi, the smaller one, said.

“But it’s been days since we had our last fight” Kisame replied. “Samehada slowly becomes impatient and to be honest I also want to cut some bodies.”

“Hn. We should avoid any attraction. Don’t forget that.” Itachi knew when it was meaningless to argue with his partner.

They stopped and waited four minutes in total silence until they heard light footsteps coming closer, and two more minutes until a small girl walked round the corner.

She stopped as soon as she saw the two men blocking her way. She was young, not older than 16, Itachi guessed. She had red long hair and wore a loose black sleeveless shirt, wide blue pants and sandals.

Brown caramel eyes looked into Kisame’s white ones and Itachi’s red ones questioningly.

“What does a little girl like you doing in a dangerous forest like this all alone?” Kisame asked with a toothy grin. “Are you lost?”

“Don’t worry about me please. I’m able to protect myself and I would like to continue travelling so that I’ll be out of this forest before sunset. So please could you let me pass?” Her voice was soft and a small smile was on her face.

She’s in a dark forest all on her own, Itachi thought, she has not enough chakra to be a ninja but she still smiles without the slightest hint of fear while facing two strange, dangerous-looking men who block her way. Something isn’t right.

Kisame though didn’t care or didn’t recognise the strange behaviour of the girl. He tightened his grip on his sword, Samehada, as a wide grin appeared on his lips.

“I’m sorry kid, but you are at the wrong time at the wrong place.” With that he swung the sword at the girl who didn’t even blink. Samehada crashed with a loud sound into the dry earth but as the smog vanished the girl was gone.

Kisame though just laughed, he wasn’t worried at all. “It seems like the girl has a few tricks up her sleeves. This could get interesting.” He pulled his sword with ease from the crack and put it back on his shoulder while his partner already scanned the area with his Sharingan.

“I found her” he said and disappeared in an instant. The chakra source of the girl was one kilometre north-east from their position. Itachi was the faster one from the duo and so he caught the child while Kisame was still hopping from branch to branch.

The Uchiha appeared right in front of the girl who managed to stop just before she would have dashed right into him. Her eyes widened slightly but before she could do anything Itachi had already pinned the girl by her throat against the tree.

But he wouldn’t kill the girl until he knew who she was and where she came from. Itachi didn’t believe in coincidences and maybe other ninjas were nearby.

With his Sharingan activated Itachi looked right into her eyes.

A young boy who was the proud of his clan was working secretly as a double-agent to prevent a bloody war.

He had to make an almost impossible choice: To kill everyone and become a criminal or to let them be killed.

In a bloody night he slaughtered everyone who had the Uchiha name: His friends, his uncle and auntie, his parents. But he couldn’t kill his younger brother; because he loved him.

He already had chosen his future as he left his home village: To die through the hands of his brother while taking the secret of the Uchihas into his grave.

He joined the Akatsuki to have an eye on them but his illness and the slowly fading light in his eyes exhausted him every day. He could only hope that his brother would be strong enough to face him before his heart would stop beating.

Shocked Itachi released the genjutsu and looked at the girl in front of him in disbelief. He wanted to see her past, her secrets, but instead of that he saw his own story flashing through his mind.

What happened? Who was she?

“So you’re one of the two remaining Uchiha-brothers? That’s interesting.”
Itachi tightened his grip around her tiny neck as he said with his usual calm voice: “In less than three minutes my partner will show up. Until then you better tell me who you are and why I just saw my past in your memories or I’ll force it out of you with pain.”

Once again the girl didn’t show fear or worry but only smiled innocently at him.

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