You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 5

When Kisame landed near his partner on the branch, Itachi was still squeezing the girl’s neck. The little kid didn’t even try to fight against Itachi. Of course it would be useless anyway. She was no match against him with her little amount of chakra.

With his usual wide grin Kisame took Samehada from his back and waited for Itachi to let go of the girl so that he could slice her into pieces.

“We’ll take her to the base.”

Surprised Kisame looked at his partner. “Well that’s surprising. Why should we do that?”

“Hn. She has some important information.” The Uchiha didn’t say anything else about it and Kisame knew that it would be useless to try to get an answer from him. If Itachi wanted to tell him more he would do so.

“Alright, then let’s go.” The swordsman didn’t let the scared and shy-looking girl out of his eyes.

He hated lies, he even thought that his whole life had been a lie, but he only wanted to live in a world of truth.

So he did every mission Fuguki, his superior, ordered him to do. Every bloody, nasty, terrible mission no one else wanted to do. He never had a problem killing people but what was his real purpose in this life?

He was loyal and never failed. He even killed his teammates without thinking twice and betrayed them. It was all to protect the information and for the safety of the village.

That was until he killed Fuguki because he had sold information and met the one person who wanted to create a world free of lies. The person trusted him, and so he joined the Akatsuki. He wanted to live in this new world.

Kisame looked away from the girl to Itachi. “Maybe we should cut her legs off so that she won’t run away.” His grin widened as he said that.

But Itachi only looked into the girl’s eyes with his Sharingan and a second later she felt unconscious into Itachis arms.

“You’re no fun Itachi you know that?” Sighing he put Samehada who was very angered about not being able to slice the girl on his back.

“Hn” was the only reply the got.

Since we had the rest of the day off, Naruto had taken me to his favourite ramen restaurant: Ichiraku’s.

While eating he had talked like forever: about his life as an outcast, his dream to become Hokage so that everyone in the village would acknowledge him, his secret love for Sakura, his rivalry towards Sasuke and that he had sworn to never lose to him.

I had to admit that I haven’t had listened to him the whole time but I also had to admit that I kind of liked that knucklehead. He reminded me of myself: Over-heated, loving adventures and action, having a little bit too much self-confidence, and the fact that both of us were total failures as ninjas.

Even though I was blind and had a little amnesia I was happy. I found new friends in Kiba and Naruto, and whatever happened to me back home I was glad that I was here now. I never wanted to go back again.

I spent the rest of the free day lying lazily in my bed and exploring my nose with my finger until someone knocked on the door.

“Tora, it’s me Kiba. May I come in?”


“Why is the light switched off?” Kiba asked as he entered.

“Because I like the darkness” I explained with a faked happy voice. Kiba needed a moment to understand how stupid his question was. “Oh, I’m sorry…”
“Yeah it’s okay. Why are you here?”

“Eh, the Konoha 12 has a barbecue this evening and I am here to ask you if you want to join us?”

“Who’s the Konoha 12?”

“The three teams of rookies: Team seven, team eight – that’s my team – and team 10. And finally team Guy, but they are all one year older than us.”

“Are you sure that it’s a good idea for me to come? I mean I’m new and…”

“But you’re a member of team seven. So you belong to us and from now on we’re Konoha 13.”

“If that’s the case, I’d join you with pleasure!”

After a few minutes of walking we arrived at the barbecue. As we entered I could feel everyone in the restaurant but especially the big group sitting around a huge table. Kiba guided me towards them.

“Hey Tora! I’m glad you join us.”

I grinned. “What’s up knucklehead?”

“I’m not a knucklehead, I’m the next Hokage believe it!”

“Guys”, Kiba addressed the group in front of us “this is Tora, the new member of team seven. She’s new in Konoha.”

The next few moments everyone introduced themselves and during the evening I gained a little impression of them.

I was sitting in between Kiba – who was on the edge of the bench so that he could feed Akamaru on the floor – and a girl called Ino who was sitting in the corner. Ino didn’t really pay attention to me but only tried to talk to Sasuke next to her or fought with Sakura who was sitting on the other side of emo-kid. It was all like:

“Hey Ino-pig, go and search yourself another seat, I’m sitting next to Sasuke.”

“What person wants to sit by your side, forehead, without being forced to do so?”

“We’re on the same team so we have more right to sit together than you have. Why don’t you sit with your team, Ino-pig?”

“Sasuke should decide whom he wants to sit next to, don’t you agree Sasuke?”


“Hey Tora, you shouldn’t eat so much from the fatty stuff or you’ll ruin your figure, you know?” That was the only sentence Ino spoke to me during the entire evening. She then told Sakura that she should sit next to Naruto if she wanted to sit with her team so desperately. I ignored her for the rest of the evening.

Next to Sakura was a guy called Lee. According to Kiba he was wearing a green spandex jumpsuit and had a terrible black hair cut and huge eyebrows. Lee only asked me about my fire of youth and told me that I never should give it up, whatever it was.

“I really want to fight you Tora” he told me. “I want to know if your fire of youth burns as hot as mine.”

“I’ll beat you to your knees!” Too late I remembered that I was barely able to create a bunshin.

Lee also tried to talk with Sakura but she only had ears for her little emo-Sasuke.

At the middle of the large desk sat Choji. He ate a lot! More than we others together! Every time the grill was close to empty he ordered some new food. I had no idea how they wanted to pay all the food. The payment they received must be really great.

Next to Choji, his best friend, Shikamaru, fell after an hour or so asleep. He was as lazy as I. The boy on the right side of Shikamaru, Neji, was just as silent and stoic as Sasuke. Even though I couldn’t see him I could feel his powerful aura and the glares he gave everyone except for Tenten, his teammate. She came over to me and Kiba once and chatted with us. I found out that she was something like the weapon expert and that she had big amounts of Kunais, axes, swords, Shuriken in all forms, chains, explosive tags and bombs.

“If you ever need something or try to fight with a weapon, come to me and I’ll help you” she offered friendly. She was different than Sakura and Ino who only seemed to be interested in Sasuke and their appearances. But Tenten teased Kiba and the others with me and made fun of the boys.

“Guys, the weaker you are, the louder you bark” she said as Kiba and Naruto were yelling across the table so loud that even Shikamaru woke up. “Those barbecues are always such a drag.”

At the other counter of the bench a guy called Shino was sitting. He was in Kiba’s team and had bugs living inside his body and crawling over his skin. Sometimes I felt them when one of the bugs touched the ground. Shino was also one of the silent ones.

Opposite from me and Kiba, Hinata and Naruto were sitting. Hinata was also totally different from the other girls because she was very shy. She only stuttered sometimes a low “N-Naruto” that nobody heard except for me – not even Naruto who was sitting right next to her. I could tell that Naruto’s presence made her feel really uncomfortable because she blushed the whole time and I supposed that this was the reason why she left the barbecue first, followed by Sasuke who had finally enough from Ino-pig and forehead.

I was really glad that Kiba had asked me to join their barbecue because it was an evening full of fun and in the end I had 12 new friends – more or less.

If I would have known that a storm came towards me I would have never left the barbecue with my friends around the table.

But since I wasn’t able to look into the future the evening ended as Naruto accidently called Choji a fatty because he wouldn’t stop eating. Well, I highly doubted that there would be any barbecues in the near future because first the owner had to rebuild a part of the building.

“Hey, who’s that bitch?” Hidan – who was sitting at a large table with ten chairs placed around it – asked as soon as Kisame and Itachi walked with the now conscious girl into the kitchen in their main hideout near Amegakure.

Kisame only shrugged and walked to the fridge to take something to drink while Itachi lead the girl away to their leader’s office.

A few seconds after Itachi knocked on Pain’s door a deep “Enter” was heard and the Uchiha opened the door and pushed the girl inside. The office was dark; shadows were lurking in the corners of the room. The leader of the Akatsuki was sitting behind a huge dark-brown table; he had his elbows propped up on the table and his hands placed under his chin. Papers and scrolls were placed ordinarily on the desk.

On his right side Konan, his angel, was standing as usual. Silent but suspense, ready to protect her friend with all her force if necessary.

Pain looked at the small child in front of him with his ringed Rinnegan eyes. As a warning not to mess around with him he filled the room shortly with his powerful aura and satisfied he saw the girl shrieking away in fear. He could see the wish to run away from him as fast as she could in her eyes but she fought down her fear but bowed to him.

Pain turned his eyes away from her and looked at Itachi. “Zetsu has already told me that you would bring a girl. So tell me, what use to the organization could have a child with such a little amount of chakra?” If Hidan would have brought the girl he knew it would be for his own pleasure. But Itachi wasn’t Hidan; he did nothing without a reason.

Itachi bowed as he answered. “In the west of fire country in a small village called the dragon village the people had once sealed away a powerful dragon spirit into a cave. The villagers made sure that no information would leak out and threatened everyone who should ever blabber something out a slow death.”

“The dragon escaped a few days ago” the girl suddenly spoke up. Once again Pain looked at her but she lowered her head quickly. She was afraid of looking into his eyes.

“One of the head shinobis from the dragon village wanted to gain more power so he tried to seal the spirit inside his own body” she quietly continued. “But he made a mistake; the dragon was too powerful and killed him. So instead of being sealed away into the man it sealed itself into a young powerless girl.”

Pain’s eyes widened slightly. A powerful dragon spirit? He had never heard about anything like this before, but he knew that Itachi wouldn’t drag her into his office without making sure that she said the truth.

“Let me get that straight: A once weak girl is somewhere with a dragon spirit sealed inside of her?” Pain wanted to make sure.

The girl nodded shyly. She still looked straight to the floor.

Pain narrowed his eyes. This was indeed interesting.

“I know who the host is.” Suddenly she looked up and directly into his eyes. “I could lead you towards her.”

“What powers does the dragon spirit have?”

“I don’t know exactly. It was a well hidden secret, only the higher shinobi knew about it.”

Sighing Pain rubbed his temples. The Akatsuki was going to hunt down the bijuus soon. He would need every power he could get. But could he trust the girl? Of course she was helpless; he could kill her in less than a second when he wouldn’t need her anymore.

“Okay, who is the host?” Pain asked in a demanding voice.

“If I tell you, do you promise to let me go afterwards? I’m not a threat and I won’t tell anyone from this meeting, I swear.”

Pain nodded while he was thinking: She saw my face and was in our main hideout. I can’t let her free. She would be dead as soon as there would be no use for her anymore.

Hesitantly the girl started to tell: “The girl is young, maybe 13, 14 years old. She has short black hair and she is blind. Some of the shinobi said that she headed east, towards Konoha.”

A blind host with a spirit, Pain thought. This could turn out to be difficult. “Do you have anything else?” he asked.

The girl shook her head. “That’s everything I know.”

“Alright. Itachi, she will stay in your room for now. Don’t try to run girl, or I’ll turn into your worst nightmare, understood?”

Frightened she quickly nodded.

“Good. As soon as I made sure that your story is true I’ll let you go” he lied.

Once again the girl just nodded.

“You are dismissed.”

But before she turned around the girl let her eyes wander to Konan’s.

She was a war orphan from the rain country. She and her friends Yahiko and Nagato stole food to survive. That’s how they met Jiraya, one of the legendary Sanin. He cared for them, fed them and finally trained them to be shinobis after Yahiko was attacked from an enemy ninja.

Jiraya left, but Yahiko swore that he’d stop the war, that’s why he created Akatsuki. They fought for a peaceful rain country; they fought to stop the civil war.

The kunai was pressed tightly against her skin. She could feel Hanzo standing right behind her. He had offered Yahiko peace but betrayed them.

She watched as Nagato picked up the kunai on the ground. She watched as Yahiko ran straight into it. She watched as her friend fell dead to the ground.

Nagato killed them all. They turned into nuke ninjas, but they also brought peace to Amegakure. Nagato declared himself as its God and called himself Pain when he was controlling Yahikos body with his rinnegan.

She was his angel. And she would do everything to protect her friend.

The girl broke the eye contact she had with Konan and once again looked shyly to the ground. She turned away and Itachi led her out of Pain’s office. But the leader still saw her sad expression before she left, though he didn’t know why she had it.

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