You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 7

Do you know this feeling? You do something, something completely incredible, but you have actually no idea how you did it? You don’t know why this is happening or how it’s happening? You only know that you are able to do things no one else could?

Once again I could feel and sense the vibrations of the ground. I knew where everything was. But this time it was different.

I also was able to feel the earth itself. I knew just by touching the ground where it was softener than other parts. As I slammed my foot on the ground, a rock dug itself out of the earth a few meters away from my position.

I was able to create rocks as huge as my two fists, to pull them into the air and to destroy them into dust. I was able to create a four meter long tunnel right in front of my feet.

I had no idea how this all worked. I didn’t know why I could do this. But it felt amazing.

And the best part is: I did it all without using even the slightest bit of my chakra. No hand signs, no jutsus, no chakra control.

It felt like it would be my pure strong willpower that let me control the earth.

It was so awesome!

By now, I had finished my training and walked through Konoha to my apartment. Again I felt the vibrations of the people who were coming towards me. But this time I spared my chakra and did it only with my special power, whatever it was. But even though it was really great, I had slight problems in controlling it. I still bumped into several people and one time even into a street lamp. I also had taken the wrong turn and got lost for a moment.

But I wasn’t helpless anymore. If I would spend more time on this thing, I’d fight even with my little amount of chakra. I was a failure as a ninja, yes, but who cared of being a shinobi like anybody else, if I could control the earth!

This was new. This was unseen. And I was probably the only person who could do it.

“Tora, what are you doing here?” Kiba asked as I turned around a corner and bumped right into him.

“Eh… I’m going to my apartment. Why?”

Kiba only laughed. “You are on a total wrong way. What’s wrong with you, I thought you could sense your surroundings?” he teased me.

I only grumbled and blew my hair out of my face. “I’ve been training okay? My chakra is very low now.” I was too tired right now to explain Kiba the whole earth controlling thing. He probably wouldn’t stop asking me all kind of questions and I would never reach my comfortable bed.

“Yes I know. Sakura said that Kakashi told you to train. Luckily Kurenai-sensei didn’t. I guess that she is again together with Asuma-sensei, what do you think boy?”


“Anyway” I said “if I’m lost, could you please tell me where to go?”

“I could lead you. Akamaru and I wanted to visit you anyway.”

“That’s nice from you but I’m really tired right now. And if you don’t mind I’d be alone a little bit.”

“Oh… Eh… okay.”

I sighed while running a hand through my hair. I liked those two, but I was still confused because of the training and needed some time for my own right now. I had to assimilate the whole earth thing first.

“Sorry boys. I’ll search you as soon as I had some rest, okay?”

“Alright, that sounds great. You have to go back the street where you came from. Take the next turn on the left; it’ll guide you over a bridge. After crossing the bridge you have to go two times right and then you’re on the street to your apartment.”

I smiled. That didn’t sound too complicated, did it? “Thanks Kiba. Bye, see you later boys.”


Still smiling I turned around and walked back to the way that Kiba had described me.

Why was I able to control the earth? Why could I move rocks, and create tunnels, and pulverize stones into dust without chakra?

What happened to me that I was able to do such things? Was I kind of a superhuman? Had it something to do with my past?

What was I?

By now I was in the middle of the bridge. The river was rushing under my feet. Only two people came towards me. Even though I was drained out of chakra and even though I was a weak shinobi, I could still feel that those two were really powerful, despite them trying to hide it. I’d be never on their level, hell, I didn’t even know if I’d ever become a chunin!

On the other hand: who cares? I just had controlled the earth! Ha, I couldn’t repeat it often enough. It sounded so super-amazing!

They should believe that I was a little blind helpless girl, but if I’d manage to fight with the earth under my feet I would hit them straight into the ground!

I just passed those two powerful shinobi while thinking about me being on the top of the food chain, as one of those two men started speaking:

“Am I wrong or is this little kid here blind?”

“What?!” I stopped immediately and turned around to face this idiot who just called me little and a kid… alright, I was a kid, but I wasn’t little! The man who insulted me was heavy, huge and damn powerful. It would be a real mistake to mess with him, especially in my condition. I should turn around and forget him. Why should I care what such an idiot was thinking about me?

I was about to turn around as the man continued speaking.

“Oh, and she has also black short hair, and a ninja headband on.”

Was this guy mocking me?! Yes, I was a ninja! Was there a rule that said that no blind kid with little amount of chakra couldn’t become a ninja?

I just didn’t understand why he mentioned my hair. What was wrong with it?

“How old are you, kid? Thirteen? Fourteen?”

Why did he want to know my age? This guy was really irritating…

I only shook my head and took a deep breath to calm myself.

“Stay out of my way” I grumbled and turned around to continue walking down the bridge. They really had some strange shinobi in Konoha.

I just took my second step when suddenly the other shinobi disappeared to only reappear inches in front of me again.

For a short moment I was too confused and shocked to do anything, but then I shoved a finger at his face while screaming: “Hey idiot! Stay out of my way, NOW! Or I’ll wipe your stupid grin out of you face and catapult you straight into the air!”

“Hn” the guy in front of me just said... Why sounded this noise so familiar? Who were those guys?

The man who had called me little started laughing.

“Don’t bother yourself in trying to wipe his grin of, because he’s not even grinning, little blind kid.”

This. Was. It.

I slammed my foot into the stony bridge. A part of it came out under the foot of the guy in front of me and forced his foot up. But instead of being catapulted into the air the man just landed a few feet away from me, still blocking my way. Ts, those damn good ninjas really were a pain in the ass.

“Interesting” the non-irritating one said. He was lighter than his partner; his voice was calm and controlled. I didn’t know why but just hearing his voice sent shivers down my spine. “You neither made hand signs nor used your chakra. But you were still able to attack me… I guess this is the girl. We should take her and head back to Leader.”

The man behind me chuckled. “Well kid, seems like this is your unlucky day.”

I didn’t quite hear him but still thought totally confused about what this man just said. Who was I? Why did they want to take me? Why did they call Tsunade ‘Leader’? Or didn’t they mean the Hokage?

The questions circled through my head.

But before I could think of an answer, the man behind me suddenly ran to me, laughing.

I still had no idea who those guys were but it felt like this man was attacking me, and I didn’t care if they could be Konoha shinobi sent by Tsunade.

Again I stomped on the bridge, formed three big round rocks which I threw to the man who attacked me. But he dodged them with a huge… thing? I had no idea.

Once again the calm guy disappeared. I concentrated all of my senses to feel the vibrations, and so I felt immediately as he suddenly was behind me. I felt the puff of air as he wanted to hit my head, but I quickly stopped his hand with a wand of stone that I also threw at him. The man still managed to block it and went back to where his partner was standing.

By now I was panting heavily. Who the hell were those guys?! What did they want from me?! They couldn’t be allies or friends; they attacked me! Did they come from Otogakure? Did they know something about me? Did they know me?

Fear rose inside me. I gulped. Those men were powerful. I didn’t stand a chance against them for long. If no one would come to help me I’d be finished!

“Is this the only thing you can do, little girl?” the man with this huge dodging thing asked. “Throwing rocks at us? I expected more from a spirit.”

What the heck was he talking about? What was a spirit? Did he call me a spirit? What did those men know that I didn’t?

“Kisame, we should hurry” the lighter of the two said.

I heard a deep chuckle from the heavy one. “Alright, let’s finish this blind.” The man concentrated suddenly a huge mass of chakra inside of him, then shouted: “Water style: Water shark missile jutsu!”

Horrified I felt the water from the river rise into the air. A huge wand of water came crashing down on me to wash me away with its mass.

Do something, do something! I shouted at myself but I was totally frozen. First I felt a few water droplets falling on my skin, and then it became more and more. I heard the water roaring in my ears and already felt it crushing over my head.

But suddenly I felt the presence of another person right beside me.

“Water stlye: Water shark missile jutsu!” Once again more of the water rose from the now dried river, but crashed against the water wand from my attacker. The water spread in all directions and I was soaked in a few seconds… but I lived!

“Thanks Kakashi”, I panted. My heart was beating loudly and fast against my chest. I heard my blood rushing inside my head. I was shivering in coldness.

But I was saved!

“Kakashi Hatake, the copy-ninja” the lighter of the two attackers stated. They had to be enemies if Kakashi attacked them.

“Well, look at this”, my saviour said. “I only wanted to recollect my students but find two S-rank criminals in Konoha: Itachi Uchiha, missing ninja from the leaf, and Kisame Hoshigaki, one of the former seven swordsmen of the mist but now you’re rogue as well after you killed a feudal lord.”

“I am honoured that you know my name and that you are able to copy my technique so well”, the heavy guy, I guessed it was this Kisame, said.

“Itachi, I really thought that you’d be smarter than walking in the middle of the day into Konoha. You’re not very welcome here anymore.”

“Hn” was the only reply he got. Again this familiar sounding noise; who was this guy?!

“So, what do you want here?” Kakshi asked them.

“We’re looking for something”, Itachi answered him more or less. “You’ve got someone in this village, someone who our organization, the Akatsuki, want.”

“Akatsuki? I’ve heard from you before. You’re murderers and missing ninjas who are interested in the bijuus. So you’re here for the Jinchuuriki?”

“Not quite right.”

“They said something about a spirit or so” I told Kakashi. I wanted to fasten the whole conversation so that Kakashi could wipe their asses!

“So you heard it too?” Kakashi asked surprised. “But why are you here in Konoha then?”

“It’s because apparently we have better informants than you have.”

Kisame laughed. “Itachi, let me slice this guy to pieces… I really need a good fight.”

“No Kisame, we’ll retreat. Other ninjas will be coming soon and they’d cause us only unnecessary injures. We’ll come back another time.”
“Alright then. It was a pleasure meeting you, little blind girl.”

I glared at him furiously. Again I heard a chuckle, and then they disappeared all of a sudden. I quickly scanned the vibrations, but they were nowhere in sight.

They were gone.

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