You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 8

“That’s everything I know, Hokage Tsunade”, I finally ended my report. I’ve told her everything: From my ability to control earth, the mysterious two strong figures who wanted to bring me to their leader because they thought that I’d be a spirit, and when Kakashi had rescued me.

The whole time Tsunade and that woman – I forgot her name – didn’t say anything. Now, Tsuande only sighed.

“I don’t get it. What do the Akatsuki want? Who do they want?”

To be honest I didn’t care. I only wanted to train. I wanted to shake the ground. If those people would infiltrate Konoha again I wanted to show this Kisame guy that I could do far more than just throwing rocks.

“Lady Tsunade…” the woman started slowly and carefully, “they called her a spirit, and because of the fact that they knew about the dragon spirit, could it be that…? They said that they searched someone other than the Jinchuriki, and they seemed to have recognized Tora, so… could it be possible that she… that she has the dragon inside of her?”

Again I heard a sigh from Tsunade. “I also thought about that possibility. It would explain why she has those extraordinary skills.”

By now I was sitting straight in my chair and listened.

“Wait… a dragon? A dragon is inside of me? And because of that I can control the earth and watch with my feet?”

Wow! My eyes grew bigger as I imagined myself with a roaring dangerous dragon by my side. That was so cool and amazing! Screw it about not becoming a chuunin, screw my blindness, I had a dragon!!

“Tora” Tsunade brought me back to reality, “it’s not one hundred percent clear that you’re really its host. But tell me, does the dragon village say anything to you?”

I searched through the darkness inside of my head but found nothing. Nope, that name was totally unfamiliar. I shook my head.

I heard how Tsunade leaned back in her chair. “Fact is that the Akatsuki are after you like it seems. They’ll come again, and next time they won’t retreat that easily. Until then you have to control your power. But first I must do something. Tora” she yelled, “you can go now, but I’ll let you know when you shall come to my office.”

I nodded, still happy.

I had a dragon, I had a dragon, I had a dragon…

That was so damn great!

Angrily Hidan stomped through the halls, heading to his partner’s room. This motherfucking money whore! This shithead of Leader! He’d sacrifice all of those fucking heathens to Lord Jashin!

Without knocking Hidan kicked the door from his damn partner’s room open. Kakuzu was sitting like always at the desk, with the dark brown book shelf behind him, and counted the last bounty he got. His now empty silver suitcase lay on the floor on the right side of his chair.

Kakuzu didn’t even bother to look up when Hidan almost kicked his door off its hinges.

“What do you want?” the miser asked coldly without stopping to count his precious money.

“The bitch shall come to the fucking Leader, shithead” Hidan answered, still angry. He wanted to have the chick. He wanted to hear her screams. He wanted to feel her pain.

But this damn Leader came into the room again just before Hidan was about to drag the bitch into his room, just to tell him that Kakuzu should watch over her. The immortal really wanted to rip Leaders’ head off but he couldn’t do anything. He had attacked everyone in Akatsuki in one of his furious rages, but Leader was taboo, even Hidan knew that.

“What bitch?” asked Kakuzu. Confused he did look up this time, to meet the caramel brown eyes of the thin brat that sat totally still and mute on the black sheets of his big bed which was placed on the right side from the door. Her feet were touching the dark green carpet.

Once he had been loyal to his village, loyal to the people. He was their top shinobi, until he had lost against the first Hokage, the very first leaf shinobi he ever fought.

They blamed him, they punished him, but he took their hearts and became a rogue ninja.

The only thing that counted was money. Not trust, not family, not friends, not religion; just money. Even in hell the only thing that counted was money, that’s what he believed in.

Killing was a business, his business. He hunted every shinobi with a great bounty on their head, he only recognised someone if their faces were in the bingo book.

He held the life in his hands, his new beating heart while the death body fell to the ground. Five hearts, five lives. He was close to immortality, like his stupid partner, whom he sadly couldn’t kill like his previous ones. But one day he would find a way to kill him too if he’d once again push him on the edge of his temper with his endless rituals.

Because time was money, and that was the only thing he believed in.

A small beam of sunlight shone through the window over the bed and reflected its light in the red hair of the girl. She was beautiful, Kakuzu had to admit that, but he couldn’t make money with her so the miser didn’t care for her. The only reason why she even was alive was because she didn’t say anything since he pulled her into his room. After Hidan’s constant irritating loud voice he was glad about the silence and just forgot about her – lucky for the girl, because if she would have been like Hidan she wouldn’t have survived her little stay in his room.

Hidan only grabbed the bitch’s arm and dragged her out of the room into the dim hallways with the burning large white candles on the walls.

The chick almost had to run to keep up with Hidan’s quick, furious steps.

“I fucking swear you, bitch” the Jashinist growled angrily, “I’ll sacrifice you to Lord Jashin. I don’t care what the damn Leader says, but I won’t give up on such a hot sacrifice.”

The girl didn’t pay attention on him but let her eyes wander around the halls as if she was trying to remember the way.

Suddenly Hidan stopped in front of a huge double door so that the girl bumped into his back. With a snort he grabbed her by her neck and slammed her tiny body into the wall near the door. Squeezing her throat he mumbled “damn bitch” into her ear and then knocked loudly.

A whimper came out of the mouth of the girl as Hidan wouldn’t let her throat go. Desperately she tried to fight against him, but his muscular arm that held her in place was too strong. Hidan grinned evilly as he watched the bitch gasping for air.

The door to Leader’s office opened suddenly.

“Hidan, let the girl go. Pain wants to see her” Konan said coldly.

“Whatever.” He let her go and she fell to the ground coughing and holding her burning throat. With a small laugh Hidan turned and walked down the dim hallways.

“Follow me” Konan commanded without wasting to even gaze at the girl. Still coughing and with the wall as support she came to her feet and walked behind Konan into Pain’s dark office.

This time the Leader wasn’t alone. In front of his desk two holograms in rainbow colours were standing. They were Itachi and Kisame. They just had reported back to Pain about what had happened in Konoha. None of them thought that they would find the spirit that easily, but sadly the copy ninja had interrupted them.

As Itachi told the girl exactly how the host looked like, she nodded confidently.

“Yes, that’s the girl who has the dragon spirit sealed inside her. I’m sure of it.”

“Good” Pain said. “Now we only have to capture her.”

“That won’t be easy because the Hokage is now warned” Itachi pointed out. “Even though they don’t know that she is the host, they’ll protect the girl with extra force.”

Pain closed his eyes to think. He was fully aware that it was extremely risky to try to capture the girl from inside Konoha, but he wanted this spirit before Konoha would find out the truth about the girl. Of course he had a trump card with Itachi because he knew the leaf village and its secrets from his times as an Anbu, but still…

Sighing he looked at the two Akatsuki in front of him. “Retreat into a nearby village, I’m going to send Zetsu to watch over the girl. Soon Sasori and Deidara should report back to me too, I’ll send them to you as backup. Zetsu will tell you when there is a possibility to capture the host.”

The two rogue ninja nodded.

“You’re dismissed.”

The holograms disappeared and Pain turned to the girl who once again was too afraid to look at his face. Weak child…

“Girl” he addressed her, “Until the others return with the captive, you’ll stay with another member-“

Before he could say more the door burst open and Tobi aka Madara Uchiha came jumping and yelling into his office.

Pain had a feeling that the old Uchiha was acting like this on purpose just to angry him.

“Leader wants to see Tobi, so Tobi is here. Will Tobi go on a mission with Zetsu or Deidara senpai? Oh hello little girl, you’re pretty!”

The girl only looked at his covered face in disbelief.

Pain fought against the urge to say “Yes, he’s also in Akatsuki and by the way the second Leader and one of the most powerful shinobi in history”.

But he only sighed and said: “Tobi, I want you to share your room with the girl until the others come back and to watch over her.”

Tobi jumped up and down happily. “Tobi will be with the pretty girl!” The child shrieked as the hyper ball of energy suddenly hugged her.

Pain only rubbed his temple while he waved his hand to the door. “You’re dismissed.”

Tobi let go of the girl and dragged her out of the office.

Akatsuki’s Leader only shook his head. He would never understand how Madara was able to keep this Tobi persona so well.

Still happy I walked around in Konoha. This was so exciting! Tora the dragon… Ah, that sounded badass.

“Hey Tora, I’ve searched you the whole time” Naruto greeted me as we crossed paths. “You weren’t there when I wanted to go and get you you after finishing my training, and Kiba told me that you wanted to go home but your apartment was empty so I started to worry…. Why are you grinning like that?”

“I’ve got a dragon! Isn’t it awesome, Naruto?”

“A dragon?” I could feel him looking around for the spirit. I rolled my eyes. “It’s inside me, idiot. It’s a spirit and it’s within me. That’s so cool, don’t you think?”

“So are you also a Jinchuriki? Do you have one of the other tailed beasts?”

Jin- what? I hoped that my dragon had a tail because it would look ridiculous without one.

“I don’t know… What is a Jin- whatever?”

“It’s a host for a tailed beast, a bijuu.”

Now I remembered that Kakashi had asked those two strange men earlier about this. He also had mentioned a bijuu and that those guys were looking after them. So that had to mean that someone in Konoha must have one of those beasts. I wonder who it was…

“Naruto, do you know who in Konoha has the tailed beast?” I asked curiously.

There was a moment of awkward silence and I felt the aura around Naruto getting a bit darker. Did I say something wrong?

“I’ve got the nine tails inside me. I’m the Jinchuriki.”

I just stood there, dumbfounded. Naruto had also a beast sealed inside of his body? The two worst ninja in Konoha had strong powerful spirits inside them? Ha that was kind of ironic…

“How is it to live with such a powerful thing?” I asked curiously. “Is it exciting?”

But my image of a super-strong me disappeared quickly as Naruto suddenly started to tell about his life as a Jinchuriki: That nobody ever told him the secret, that everyone just treated him like an outcast and that everything he wanted was to be accepted by the people. He told me about the attack of the nine tails at the Leaf village, about how his parents and many other people had died in that night and how the fourth Hokage stopped the beast and sailed it inside of little Naruto. He told me about him being always alone, until he found new friends in Sasuke, Sakura, Konohamaru – whom I didn’t know – Kakashi, Iruka, all the others in Konoha, and me.

As Naruto stopped talking we sat down on a bench. The sun was shining warm and bright from the sky and the villagers were walking by busily.

I felt sorry for Naruto. And I regretted that I had been so exciting about being special, about having this dragon, that I totally forgot the dark side about it. This power of mine could cause great damage, and if those Akatsuki guys really were after me… If they would use the dragon spirit, countless of shinobi would die or get hurt. I didn’t want this. But I only had thought about myself. I felt totally ashamed.

What if this dragon spirit was as evil as the Kyuubi? What if I couldn’t control it? What if it would consume me with its darkness?

“Don’t worry Tora” Naruto tried to lighten my mood. “You’ve got friends here in Konoha: Me, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Kiba. We’re all here for you. We’re going to protect you, believe it!”

I smiled. “Thanks Naruto.”

Suddenly a person jumped right in front of us. “Are you Tora and Naruto Uzumaki?” the man asked us. His voice was dulled, like he was wearing a mask.

“Yes we are, believe it!” Naruto answered while we stood up from the bench.

“The Hokage wishes to see you in her office, now.” With that the man disappeared as fast as he had appeared.

“Who was that?!” I asked still confused about the sneakiness of that guy.

“He was an Anbu.”

We walked up to Tsunades Hokage tower in front of the stone wall. We didn’t talk about the dragon spirit or the nine tails, but I told Naruto about my training and what I’ve found out. Even though I was unsure by now if I should be really that happy to have a dragon sealed inside of me, I was still proud because of the earth controlling thing.

Naruto was totally amazed as he heard about my specialty. “I wish I could do something like that with the nine tails’ chakra.”

As we reached the tower and walked through the hallways we ran into the woman, the shadow of the Hokage like I called her secretly, who was on her way to Tsunade too.

“Naruto, Tora, nice to see you. Lady Tsunade is already waiting for you two.” With that she walked with us the rest of the way. But right as we were in the hallway that would guide us to Tsunade, a woman called: “Shizune!” Now I knew the name of the Hokage-shadow. “This letter here has arrived a few minutes ago. It’s secret and comes from the shinobi that the Hokage has sent to the dragon village.”

“Thank you. I’ll bring it to Lady Tsunade.”


Curiously I followed Shizune after she had knocked on Tsunade’s door. What was written on the scroll? Maybe it was some news about my powers, or my lacking memories, or something about my family?

The rest of team seven was already in the office. It seemed that Tsuande had told them about me and my new dragon pet, because I immediately felt their curious, staring eyes on me.

However, I was only interested in the letter which Shizune gave to the Hokage.

“Hello Sakura” Naruto greeted his teammate, “do you know why we’re here?”

“Idiot” she greeted him back, “it’s probably because of Tora.” Her voice got from angry to curious as she continued: “Have you really a dragon inside of you?”

I nodded. “Seems like it.”

“She can also control the earth without having to use chakra or hand signs” Naruto told them. This time I grinned proudly.

“Yeah, so who’s now the loser, little Sasuke?” I asked sweetly.

“Hn” was the only thing he said… Wait a minute. This guy on the bridge, the smaller one, he also had made that sound. Wasn’t his name… Itachi? Itachi Uchiha?

“My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I’m going to destroy a certain someone.”

Uh oh… so they had the same family name, they made the same typical undefined noise… They had to be related.

But before I could ask emo-kid about it I heard Tsunade gasping.

“What?!” she yelled and we all jumped a little bit.

“But how’s that possible? What does this all mean?!”

That didn’t really sound like good news.

“What’s wrong Lady Tsunade?” Shizune asked concerned.

I could almost feel how the Hokage shook her head. “The shinobi who I sent to the dragon village reported that the ninja in the village had hunted down the girl with the spirit.”

Every couple of eyes were on me now and burned holes into my body. I tried to act cool and blew my hair out of my face. Nope, those were definitely no good news.

“They tried to catch the girl, and had to fight against her. But she kind of set the dragon free and it injured all of the shinobi, some of them even died.”

Wait… What…?! I… I killed someone? But, this couldn’t be! I wasn’t a murderer… or was I? I had no idea how to control that beast and I didn’t even know that I had it until Tsunade told me about it!

I wasn’t able to kill someone.

“Tora…” I felt the unbelievable stares of my team mates. Sakura even took a step back.

I was a monster. And I had been proud of it! Oh my god, I’ve killed a person…

“Don’t worry she wasn’t the one who attacked them.”

What? But-

“But she is the dragon” Sasuke stated.

“No she isn’t.”

Now I was totally confused. What did she mean with I wasn’t the dragon?

“The ninjas were attacked as Tora was found in the forest by Kiba. It’s impossible that she was there at that time. Also the leader of the search team reported that the girl with the dragon spirit was older than Tora and had red hair and caramel brown eyes. The host isn’t blind, and she had almost perfect control about the spirit.

Tora can impossibly be the host of the dragon spirit!"

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