You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 9

I was so happy about not having killed anyone, that I almost did a joy dance in Tsunade’s office. But of course I didn’t but only sighed in relief.

I wasn’t a monster. I wasn’t a killer. Sadly it did also mean that I didn’t own a huge dragon, but I could live without it under these circumstances.

“But, if she is not the host of the spirit, why does she have the power?” Sakura asked. She still stood a few steps away from me and I really had to fight against the urge to scream “BUH!” to scare her.

Tsunade sighed. “I don’t know, and I guess that we won’t know until Tora’ll get her memories back. But until then we have to deal with the fact that the Akatsuki is still after her. I have no idea why they think that Tora is the host, but they do believe it and so they’ll attack soon. And we have to be prepared for this. That’s the reason why-“

“Granny Tsunade” Naruto interrupted her in his usual charming way, “who exactly are the Akatsuki anyway?”

It was silent for a few seconds until Kakashi sighed. “I guess we should tell them. After all they are their targets.”

“Alright; the Akatsuki are a group of S-ranked criminals who are all listed in the bingo book. They are rogue ninjas from all over the world and very powerful. We only know that they are 10 in total, that Orochimaru, a former leaf ninja, was one of them, that it’s really hard to track them down and that they are interested in the bijuus.” I glanced over to Naruto. If they wanted the beasts, then it meant that they…

“They’re not only after me but also after Naruto” I said my thoughts out loud.

“Yes, that’s correct. The Akatsuki didn’t do anything until now, they only hid in the shadows and collected some information, but we’re sure that it won’t take long until they attack. And then they are going to attack without mercy. That’s the reason why I decided that all of you need special training.”

“Why does everyone needs extra practice?” Sakura asked.

“Well, Naruto and Tora are obvious because they are the main targets. And because of Itachi is also in Akatsuki and could be after Sasuke, he’ll need practice too.”

I couldn’t stand it; was I the only person who had no idea what was going on?!

“Who IS this Itachi guy anyway?” I finally asked.

One would have heard a needle fall to the ground at the sudden silence. Like I had felt Naruto’s aura darken when I had asked him about the Jinchuriki, I felt the air getting darker around Sasuke, but this time it was ten times more. I almost could taste his hatred and anger that covered him like a thick thunder cloud.

“Itachi is Sasuke’s older brother” Kakashi finally said. “He has killed the Uchiha clan except for Sasuke and left the village to join the Akatsuki.”

“I’m going to destroy a certain someone.”

Slowly I started to understand why Sasuke always acted all emo-like. He had lost his whole family, his friends, because of his own brother. It was the pain of the only survivor, the only one left of a whole clan. Now he wanted revenge of course.

I only wished that I would have known that earlier. I would have beaten this Itachi-bastard into little meat, I would have stuck him three floors into the ground. I still didn’t like Sasuke, I would continue to call him emo-kid, but he was my teammate after all.

“It could be possible” Tsunade continued “that they’ll attack the whole team seven at once, so Sakura will also receive special training.”

Although I couldn’t see the faces of my team mates, I could feel how all of us looked at the Hokage determined and with only one thought in our head: We’re going to beat those Akatsuki bastards!

“Tobi will show pretty girl her room” Obito yelled in his happy hyper Tobi voice as he dragged the kid to his room. He still hated Pain for putting him together with this brat, but Obito knew why Pain did so. Even though the chakra level of this girl was very low, and even though she could do nothing than waiting for her execution, something was odd about her. She was together with ten S-ranked criminals, ten murderers and killers, but she had still this innocent little girl aura. She didn’t even try to escape, she didn’t fight, she didn’t scream, she didn’t beg. This brat didn’t act like a prisoner but like someone who had a big trick on its sleeve. Of course it could be all a coincidence, the girl could be insane or something like that, but neither Obito nor Pain believed in coincidences so Obito was stuck with her for now. He had to find out if that girl was really as innocent as she acted or if she maybe was a threat to them. And this would work best if he’d use his Tobi persona to warm her up a little. Most people opened their selves towards people who seemed weaker than they were.

Obito opened the door to his room and guided her inside. She looked around curiously while he hopped up and down.

Her eyes wandered to the dresser on the left, to the bed that was on the other side of the room, to the couch and the little table in the centre and to the big untidy desk to their right. His whole room was a mess. Although Obito hated it, everyone else expected it from Tobi and so some of his clothes, weapons, some of Deidaras clay that he had stolen and other stuff was scattered all around the room and his desk nearly disappeared under the files of paper and the scrolls.

“Does pretty girl like Tobi’s room?” He watched every movement, every muscle twitch, and every glance from her with curious eyes through the hole in his mask.

“Eh… yes, I like it” she more asked as stated.

Tobi clapped his hands happily, while Obito chuckled in his thoughts. It was obvious that she didn’t care about his messy room, but she wanted to satisfy him. She didn’t want to mess around with him. The brat was still careful in his presence, even though he acted like a child and didn’t even have the Akatsuki cloak.

He guided her toward the bed, threw the scrunched up blanket away and sat beside her on the mattress.

“So what’s the name of the pretty girl?” He tilted his head curiously.

She shifted uncomfortably. “I… I don’t want to tell it… Tobi.”

“But why not, Tobi won’t tell it to the others” he pleaded. Why didn’t she want to tell him her name? What was her secret?

“Why does Tobi wear that mask?” she counter asked and changed the subject. Obito grinned.

“Because… because Tobi’s face is ugly. Tobi doesn’t want to show it.” He clenched his orange-black spiral mask protectively while seeing his mirror reflection in his mind, especially the scars on the right side of his face that had been crushed by this damn rock. But that had happened in the past, his old self was a past that had died that day in the cave.

“And I don’t want to tell my name. But I’ll reveal my name to you if you’ll show me your face.”

Obito almost laughed out loud. That brat was smarter than one might think.

“Then Tobi is going to name you… eh…” he acted like he had to think really hard. “Tobi is going to name you… Kazumi!” It meant ‘Harmony and Beauty’.

The girl, Kazumi, smiled. “That’s a nice name, I like it.”

“Yay!” Tobi hugged her tightly, and she let him do it although Obito could feel that she didn’t like the sudden closeness.

“So what’s Kazumi’s favourite colour?” Obito asked after he had released her. Although he had to admit that something about her made him curious, he didn’t want her to stay in his room longer than necessary. Obito would ask her everything he could think of, in hope that her façade, if it was one, would crumble a little bit in front of him.

“Red… I think. And yours?”

This went on and on and on. He asked her a question, she answered it the best she could, and asked him the same. It seemed that they both wanted to learn more about the other one, both of them tried to get to know each other, they both wanted to see the true face from the other person.

Soon Obito enjoyed their little game, but at the end he came to the conclusion that she either had to be a better actor then he was or she was really the innocent, harmless, little girl. Maybe the reason why she wasn’t totally afraid of them was because of her innocence and her endless curiosity. Obito knew that she desperately wanted to peek under his mask or to look into his eye, but of course he didn’t let her. Yes, she was curious, but that was it.

She wasn’t a threat.

The door opened and I felt two men enter.

“Oi, Kakashi how are you, my eternal rival? So that’s your team? They look promising, although they don’t stand a chance against my team and their power of youth of course. They’ll fall behind, exactly like you’re one round behind me, Kakashi.”

“Mmh, oh Guy, I didn’t see you coming in. Did you say something? I didn’t pay attention, because I’ve watched this beautiful cloud over there…”

After that I heard this Guy guy (haha, funny…) mutter: “Alright, this point goes to you but I won’t lose our next match, my rival, that’s a promise!”

In the meantime the other man walked to Tsunade and asked with an almost whiny voice: “Tsunade, why did I have to come? I was in the middle of my research to my new book.”

What else should I say to their behaviour?

“Alright, like I had explained a few minutes earlier” Tsunade began, “team seven will need special training and so every one of you will have their own trainer for the next few weeks.”

Seriously; those ‘men’ who were acting like children should be our next trainers? Sighing I blew my hair out of my face. On the other side, they were powerful. I could feel that and Tsunade must have a reason to pick them… at least I hoped so.

“Sasuke” Kakashi spoke to emo-kid “I always felt that you and I are similar. So I’ll teach you, maybe I can show you some of my own techniques.”

“What?!” Naruto yelled “Why does he become a new technique? I also want one.”

“Naruto, will you shut up!” Sakura growled through gritted teeth and punched my poor friend in the face. I really wanted to throw her out of the window, but instead of that I only inspected my finger nails that I couldn’t see.

“Sakura, according to Kakashi you have perfect chakra control and super strength. You’ve got all the qualification to become a great medic ninja, so I’ll teach you myself to become a healer.”

Sakura, the screaming and punching fangirl, will be taught by the Hokage herself? Yes, I was a little jealous by now…

“Okay Lady Tsunade” Sakura accepted.

“Oh and who will teach me?” Naruto asked

“Naruto, you remind me of my old team mate Jiraya” Tsunade told him. After that I heard the man who had complained about being dragged into this instead of doing his researches, muttering to himself that there was no way this yelling kid was like him.

“Anyway, that’s why Jiraya is going to be your teacher.”

“What, that old man shall show me a new technique?” Naruto asked doubtfully.

“Pf, I’m not any old man, kid, I’m Jiraya, one of the three legendary Sannin, and the Sage of the toads!”

I only rolled my eyes at him, and I felt how Naruto also just shrugged it off. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“I see you two fit perfectly” I knew that Tsunade was smirking widely.

“Oky, Tora, because of your low chakra amount, I think that it would be useless to teach you Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. That’s the reason why Might Guy is going to teach you. He’s Konoha’s expert in Taijutsu and you’ll concentrate your training only on that.”

“Don’t worry Tora” my new teacher, Guy, said to me. “Even though I don’t like the idea of helping one of the pupils from my eternal rival Kakashi, I desperately want to know if your fire of youth burns brighter than the one of Lee. I’ll make a second green beast out of you, that’s a promise of a lifetime.” I heard his arm moving and then something blinked.

“Okaaaay…” This man sounded exactly like Lee, he had to be originally his teacher. And I still had no idea what he meant with ‘fire of youth’ but I guessed I would find out in our training lessons.

“I also want that you, Tora, will keep practising your extra power. To do so you can train on the field on top of the stone faces behind this tower. The ground up there will be perfect for you.”

I nodded. Maybe I could add my face to this wall too… as a reward to me for the soon-to-be perfect control of my power.

“Alright, if there are no more questions... I also have other stuff to do, so leave!”

And so our personal practise lessons were about to begin.

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