Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 12

"I left Endona and Yoriana; I never returned," Kurama said. "However, the night of Shizuna's murder, Sen paid me a visit. He informed me that after I left, the army general, Tenzo, was relieved of his duties. It was rumored that he was plotting against the King and Queen, so King Akame banished him from the kingdom. A thousand years later, Tenzo came back and slayed Akame and Kaede."

Yusuke and Kuwabara's eyes widened, "He what?!" Yusuke yelled. "But didn't you say earlier that they were friends?"

"Correct. Friends since birth, in fact. It no longer mattered to Tenzo, all that mattered to him was ruling Endona and taking Yoriana on as his bride. It is a common law for the kingdom that in order to be King, one needs a Queen. Once the King and Queen had been killed, I was informed that Yoriana used her demon powers against Tenzo, sending him out of the kingdom."

Koenma nodded his head, "Yoriana ruled for 1,500 years before he reappeared just a month ago, trying to take over again."

"Yes. His soldiers fought against Endona's and he tried to take Yoriana. She managed to injure him greatly by releasing almost all of her demon energy, though she suffered from many injuries herself. She fled to Human World to get away from him, like I did. But apparently something went wrong. All her memories were lost and her demon energy was sealed, most likely the result of using almost all of her energy to fight Tenzo and trying to transport from one world to the other."

"But that doesn't explain something," Kuwabara said. "How come you didn't recognize her or Sen? And why does he act so differently towards you now?" The others nodded their heads, wondering the same thing.

Kurama chuckled, "You have to remember, Kuwabara. It has been two and a half centuries since I've been to Endona and seen Rensen and Yoriana. When I was Yoko, I never forgot about Yoriana nor did I stop loving her, but I also never thought I would see her again. As for Sen, I suspect either the years changed his opinion of me or Yori did."

"Why didn't you go back to Endona when Yoriana became ruler?" Botan, who had been quiet throughout the whole ordeal, asked.

Kurama sighed, "I told her I would return when she became ruler and changed the ways of Endona. I heard that she was a cold ruler; she never ventured outside of the castle, she never spoke to anyone unless it was necessary, and she never kept her word on making Endona a better place. I couldn't return; she was no longer the girl I once cared for."

Kuwabara spoke up again, "Well… It sounds like she changed because you left…" Yusuke hit him upside the head, trying to keep him quiet. After Kuwabara's comment, the room became silent for a while.

"One more thing," the group turned their heads to Hiei. "Are they Sen and Yori to you? Or are they still Rensen and Yoriana?" They all turned back to Kurama, waiting for an answer.

He closed his eyes, "I'm different from when I was Yoko, but I started my whole life over, so I am no longer Yoko Kurama. Sen is and always has been Rensen, he just uses the name Sen while he is in the Human World; I am not sure as to why, though. As for Yori, she was Yoriana less than a month ago; she just doesn't know that since she lost her memories. She retains the same personality as when she was with Yoko: sweet, kind, and caring towards others. So as far as I am concerned, they are still Rensen and Yoriana, but they use different names in their human forms."

"I see," Koenma said. "Yes, that is true. Sen is a demon; he just has a life in the Human World since Princess Yoriana sent him to keep balance between the worlds. Yoriana is also a demon; she just doesn't know it since her memory has faded away. Though, I suspect that if she were to return to Demon World, she might start to remember things, which is why I called you all here."

Kurama looked at Koenma, "Yes, you said that she didn't leave, so what has happened to her?"

"It seems… It seems that Tenzo has come to Human World to find Yori, and he has found her."

Kurama's eyes widened, "I beg your pardon?"

"What the hell do you mean, 'he has found her'? You mean Tenzo has taken Yori?" Yusuke asked.

Koenma closed his eyes, "Yes. That is exactly what I mean."

"Then we have to go to Demon World at once!" Kurama said.

"Don't be stupid!" Koenma yelled.

Hiei's eyes narrowed, "Hn. So first she's our responsibility and once we lose her, you don't care? Some ruler you are."

"And since when did you care about her, hamster legs?" Kuwabara said, poking Hiei's head, "Do you like her? Hmmm?"

"Don't be foolish. The girl is Kurama's mate," Kurama blushed and Hiei continued, "Besides, if we don't go to get her, then the mission Koenma gave us was utterly pointless and a waste of time, and I don't appreciate my time being wasted by toddlers."

Koenma sighed, "I didn't say that I didn't care nor you should not go and get her, I just meant you can't go to Demon World this very second."

"And why not?" Yusuke asked.

"Honestly, Yusuke, have you not learned anything from your previous Spirit Detective cases? You can't just rush into Demon World without a plan, especially not into Endona. Endona is not ruled by Enki, the demon who won the Demon World Tournament. Going into Endona alone and without a plan would be a death sentence!"

Yusuke laughed, "I don't think you have to worry about us going into Endona alone! You've forgotten that we have our gang, six very strong demon friends, the whole Endona army, and we may even get some of the fighters from the Demon World Tournament if we're lucky! As for a plan, we have Kurama over here, Hiei's pretty smart when he uses his head, and Sen knows Endona inside and out!"

"I just don't know if we can trust him though! Have you forgotten how he almost attacked you, Kurama?" Koenma asked.

"I haven't. I broke my word to him, so I should have received punishment. However, I am not certain of how the years have changed him, but whenever Yoriana was in trouble, Rensen would drop everything to go to her."

Koenma sighed and closed his eyes, thinking for a moment. After a few moments of thinking, he turned to Botan. "Bring me Sen immediately."

"Yes, sir," said Botan, running out of the room.

The wait for Sen felt like eternity to the Spirit Detectives, but he soon arrived with Botan running at his side.

"Ah, finally, you're here. I believe you already know Kurama and Hiei, but those two over there are Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara. I am the all-mighty ruler of the Spirit World, Prince Koenma."

"I already know who they are. I saw them following my sister the other day," he said, shooting them a glare.

Koenma nodded his head, "Yes, I sent them to watch her."

"And why did you do that?"

"Yeah, pacifier-breath, you never told us why you wanted us to watch her," Yusuke said.

"I already knew who she was before I gave you the mission; I knew she was the Princess of the Kitsune kingdom and that she lost all her memories. I couldn't let her wander around the town where demons were looking for her."

Kuwabara spoke up this time, "Wait, the murders around the town were by demons? Looking for Yori?"

"That is correct. I didn't know it until a few days ago, but all the facts added up to that. First, there were demon attacks surrounding the neighborhood she was staying in. Second, Shizuna's murderer was a lower class demon, and remember, Shizuna was in the room right next to Yori's. And third, the demon that attacked all of you was a wolf-demon."

"Tenzo is a wolf-demon," Yusuke added.

"Yes. In the years after you left," Sen said looking at Kurama, "Tenzo became ruler of Dandara."

"Tenzo was the one who sent the wolf-demons to Human World," Koenma said. He then turned to look at Sen, "And I'm afraid Tenzo has taken your sister."

"He what!?"

"It happened after the dispute on the roof," Kurama said. "I'm not sure how he was able to take her, but he has…"

Sen growled at Kurama, "You do realize that with Yoriana, Tenzo can become ruler of Endona. The combined armies of Endona and Dandara can match the combined armies of Enki's part of Demon World and King Yama's army."

Kurama lowered his head, "I do realize that."

"So what do you plan on doing about it?"

"I plan on returning to Endona and destroying Tenzo."

Sen shot Kurama a disbelieving look, "You're kidding right? No one can kill Tenzo! I mean, feel free to try, but it'll just get you killed."

"You're right," Kurama said, smiling politely at Sen. "No sole person can match Tenzo's strength. However, my wits are far greater than his, and with the help of you and my friends, I believe we can save Yoriana."

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