Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 13

Yori's P.O.V.

Yori stared out the window of the room she had been confined to. The skies were red, filled with many ominous clouds. She assumed that she was in Demon World, the place Kurama had told her about. Yori narrowed her eyes and decided that she didn't want to think about her demon friend anymore; he had betrayed her trust by keeping Sen a secret from her. She sat down on the windowsill and looked down at her feet, realizing that she never even gave Kurama and Sen a chance to tell her why they did what they did. She shook her head, she couldn't think about things like that anymore, she had to find out why she was here, and find a way out. Standing back up, she walked over to the door, jiggled the door knob and saw that it was still locked. Yori sighed and walked around the room.


"Surely you remember Endona?" The man who had taken her said, clearly getting annoyed with her.

Yori glared at him, "No! For the last time, I don't remember you or this Endona place! Now take me back home now!" He grabbed her wrist and pulled her harshly, earning an, "Ow!" from her.

"Well I'm telling you for the last time that this IS your home!" He yelled. He sighed and then gave her a smile, "If you can't remember now, then you'll just have to stay in your old room until you do remember."

"What, are you giving me a time-out?"

"Precisely." The man pulled her down the hallway until they reached the third door on their right. He opened the door and threw her inside, making her fall to the floor. "I'll check up on you later."

Yori ran to the door, but he slammed the door shut. "Let me out!" she yelled, banging her fists against the wooden door. She heard him lock the door from the outside and she sank to the floor, wondering what was going on.


It had been almost an hour since the man had thrown her in here. Yori sighed in defeat, wondering if he would ever let her leave. Looking around the room, she realized for the first time how nice the place looked. She opened the door closest to her and she saw that it was a walk-in-closet filled with many dresses. Towards the back of the closet was a small cabinet and inside of it were a crown and a few necklaces. Yori raised an eyebrow; no one wore crowns any more. Closing the cabinet, Yori walked out of the closet and continued looking around the room. Besides a bathroom on the other side of the room and a small bookshelf on the other, there was not much in the room, besides the bed and nightstand next to it. Yori sighed again and walked over to the bed, lying down on it. She looked over to the nightstand on her right, sat up again, and opened the small drawer in it. Inside was a small, black bracelet that was lined with diamonds and had a ruby heart charm hanging from the middle. Tilting her head, she picked up the bracelet and looked at it for a moment before her eyes widened as visions filled her head.


"Akame come look at your new daughter and son!" A beautiful woman said; she had long blonde hair like her own and shimmering blue eyes. A man, Akame she assumed, walked over and looked at the two children in the woman's arms.

"They're beautiful, Kaede. What shall we name them?"

Kaede smiled, "I want the boy's name to be Rensen. And I want the girl's name to be Yoriana, a perfect name for the next Queen."

"They're lovely names," Akame said, smiling down at them.

A young girl, looking the age of six or seven, walked uneasily, trying to balance three books on her head.

"Yoriana, what are you doing?" Kaede asked the young child.

"I'm practicing!"

"Practicing for what?"

She stopped walking and looked up at the woman, "For when I'm Queen and then I'll be just like you Mommy!"

Kaede giggled, "Oh sweet child, you will be a wonderful Queen one day."

A boy, the same age as Yoriana, ran into the room and bumped into the girl, making her drop the books and fall to the ground.

"Rensen! I was trying to be like Mommy!" The young girl yelled, tears forming in her eyes.

Rensen helped her up and picked up the books he had made her drop, "I'm sorry, sis! I didn't mean it really, please don't cry!"

She smiled and said, "Ok!" and then snatched the books back up and continued practicing, all signs of sadness gone. Rensen's eye twitched as he watched his twin sister act like nothing happened.

"Do I have to go to the ball, Dad? It sounds like it'll be boring." Yoriana, now looking the age of thirteen, sat down on the windowsill in her room. She wore a red dress that reached to the floor and had her hair flowing down to her waist, curling at the bottom. She also had a small golden tiara on her head with rubies and diamonds on it.

"Yes, my little princess. It's a celebration of your and Sen's birthday; it's very important."

Yoriana looked up at her father, "But it's just going to be rich Kitsune lords and their sons asking me to dance."

"That is only partially true. Yes, the lords and their children will be there, and you will be expected to dance, but Rensen's and your friends will be there as well," the King said, smiling at his daughter. He kissed the top of her head, making her smile as well. "Come along, you'll be fine."

After the grand announcements of her mother, father, brother, and finally her, Yoriana walked around the ballroom, saying polite, Hello's whenever she was spoken to. Yoriana sighed as she had to leave the comfort of her twin brother to dance with another son of a lord. As she walked away from her brother, someone bumped into her, causing her to fall and "Ow…" in pain.

"I'm terribly sorry; please forgive me, Princess." Yoriana looked up and saw a pair of kind, golden eyes looking down at her. The Kitsune helped her up and she saw that he had silver hair that reached his shoulders and he wore silver clothing.

"It's quite alright," Yoriana said, smiling at him, earning a smile back from him.

The son of the lord who had asked her to dance walked over to the two and glared at the newcomer, "Excuse you but watch where you are going next time, you peasant!" He turned his gaze back to Yoriana, "Let us go, M'lady." They started to walk away but Yoriana looked back at the Kitsune and rolled her eyes, making him chuckle before he walked back over to her brother.

"Yoriana, dear, can you come here please?" Yoriana heard her mother say. She walked into the throne room where her mother and father were addressing a Kitsune who would now be part of their army. She glanced over at the new soldier and recognized him immediately as the man she bumped into at her birthday many years ago. Something was different though, his eyes were cold; they were no longer filled with kindness and warmth.

She looked back at her mother, "Yes, mother?"

"Can you take Yoko Kurama to the barracks?"

"Actually," Yoko cut in. "Out of personal preferences, I would like to stay in a room away from the other soldiers."

The King laughed, "Not the social type, eh? Very well! But only because Rensen speaks so highly of you. Yoriana, take him to one of the guest rooms on the second floor."

Yoriana bowed, "Yes, father." Yoko nodded his head to the King and Queen before he walked away with her. Yoriana thought about what could have happened to him to make his eyes be so cold. Whenever she went to ask, the words never came out. When they got to the second floor, Yoriana and Yoko walked to the door that was seventh on the left. She unlocked the door to the room and walked inside with Yoko following behind. "Will this be exceptional?" She asked.

She saw him look around the room before answering her, "Yes, I'm not picky about where I stay; I'd just rather stay away from other demons is all."

"So you're picky." Yoriana stated and Yoko smirked. Yoriana started to walk out, wondering if he would ever smile the way he used to. "Dinner is held on the first floor at 7pm every day. Breakfast starts at 8am and Lunch starts at 12. You're free to come to the dining hall at those times."

"Very well, Princess." Yoko bowed slightly. Yoriana walked out of the room and sighed softly before walking away.

Yoriana walked into the dining hall a few hours after she had left Yoko to his room. As she approached the table, she saw the Kitsune who had been running through her mind sitting at her table with Rensen. She took a breath before walking over to the two.

"Hello, Rensen. Hello, Yoko Kurama." The two stood up while the fox demon on her right pulled her chair out for her to sit in. She looked over at her brother, "You didn't have time to change out of your armor?"

Rensen and Yoko sat back down. "No, we were training late today so I came straight here after I showered. You've already met Yoko?"

"Yes. Mother had me show him to his room. It seems you will have to go up to the second floor to wake him up for morning training."

"Yeah I heard that!" Rensen punched Yoko's shoulder, "Too high up on your pedestal to sleep in the barracks, huh?"

He chuckled, "Yes, that's it. No, you know I would rather stay away from others than be with them." She smiled as she remembered the way he laughed the day they met.

"Anti-social, much?" Her brother said to him.

"It seems like it," Yoriana said and then she smirked, "Or he's just picky."

Yoko smirked at her and the three continued to eat. Throughout the dinner, she would look over at Yoko and would smile slightly whenever she found him already staring at her.

A month had passed since Yoko had arrived in the castle. They ate dinner together every night along with Rensen and occasionally her parents, though they never really talked. Yoriana was sitting in her room when a knock came on her door by one of the servants.

"Princess, the Queen has requested you immediately." Yoriana sighed softly and continued to lie in her bed. She didn't want to go see her mother at the moment; she would just be lectured about, "A Queen should do this," and, "A Queen should do that." After a few seconds, a knock on her door came again. "M'lady?"

Sighing again, Yoriana walked over to her window and jumped out, landing on a branch of a tree that sat next to the wall of the castle. She continued to jump down, landing on branch after branch, until she finally reached the ground. Yoriana ran over to the nearby maze and ran until she reached the end which revealed a garden filled with many different flowers.

She walked over to the nearest flowerbed which was filled with red roses. She leaned down to smell her favorite flower before standing back up and walking over to the fountain. She sat on the edge of it and ran her hand through the water. Yoriana soon found herself thinking of the silver-haired fox again. She looked up when she heard the sound of someone walking into her garden, it was Yoko Kurama. He kneeled down and smelled her flowers and she smiled.

"Do you like my garden?"

"Thank you for spending the night talking with me, I hope I wasn't too troublesome... And I made you miss dinner..." Yoriana sighed, although she was more than happy she was able to spend the night talking with Yoko.

Yoko shook his head, "No, you didn't make me do anything, Princess. I enjoyed talking to you tonight."

The two walked down the hallway of the seventh floor, and when they reached the third door on the right, they stopped walking.

Yoriana looked up at him, "Well, I guess I'll see you at dinner tomorrow..."

"Yes..." Yoko replied, leaning forward slightly before kissing her softly. Yoriana blushed slightly and smiled at him.


The two straightened back up quickly while Rensen walked down the hallway, "Rensen? What is it?" Yoriana asked.

Rensen grabbed Yoriana's wrist and started pulling her into her room, "Mom has been looking for you everywhere all day! Get inside you room now!" Pushing her into her room, he closed the door behind her. Yoriana pressed her ear against the door and heard her brother say, "Seriously? My sister? What the hell is wrong with you?" After a few moments, she heard Yoko sigh and walk away.

The next night at dinner, she noticed that Yoko was no longer sitting at her table, and was sitting on the other side of the room with the rest of the soldiers.

She walked over to Rensen, "Did you tell Yoko not to sit with us tonight?"

He answered her without looking up at her, "Yes I did. And the same for tomorrow night, and the next night, and the next night." He looked up at her again, "I don't want you to talk to him anymore, Yoriana."

Yoriana put her hands on her hips, "Seriously Rensen? You can't tell me who I can and can't talk to. Your overprotectiveness is going to ruin the friendship between you and Yoko and you know that." Yoriana turned around and walked away.

Since the dispute at dinner with her brother, Yoriana had visited her garden more frequently in hopes of seeing Yoko again. Every now and then, he would be there, and they would talk for hours and hours. A year later, Yoriana ran through the maze, hoping he would be there; he had not been to the garden in over a week. Once she entered the garden, she saw Yoko standing with his back to her.

"Yoko! You're already here! I was hoping to find you here today," Yoriana said, walking into the garden.

Yoko turned around and bowed to her, "Hello, Princess."

"I told you, you can just call me 'Yoriana'," she walked over to Yoko and placed her hand on his cheek. "It has been a while, my dear."

"Yes, forgive me. Rensen and Tenzo have been increasing my training. I'll have to come here after dinner from now on if I'm to see you," Yoko said, placing his hand over hers.

"I will admit, I don't like sneaking around all the time…"

"Rensen won't allow you to see me and you know that."

Yoriana shook her head, "I know… I'm going to speak with him. I love you, Yoko, I hope you know that."

"Yes, I do." For the first time since the night they met, his eyes showed warmth and kindness again, and Yoriana smiled her lover.

"Mother, father, there is something I want to speak to you about," Yoriana said, walking into her parent's chambers. It had been five years since she had told Rensen about her love for Yoko. He didn't approve, but he told her that he no longer cared. Yoriana was finally able to see Yoko without all the secrecy and she had been overjoyed.

"What is it now?" Her mother asked, looking up from the book she was reading.

"It's just… Well Yoko and I have been together for five years… And… I wanted to tell you that-"

Her father cut her off, "Don't tell me you 'love him'?" He asked.

She hesitated before responding with, "Yes, I do."

Her father sighed, "Yoriana, you must know that you can never marry him."

She looked up at him, her eyes wide. "Why not, father?"

"You can't marry a soldier. You have to marry one of the lord's sons. That's the whole reason we had that party for you on your birthday, so you could meet someone you would like."

"I did meet someone I like! I met Yoko that night, father."

"I know, but it'll never work out. He'll just end up dying in battle for our army one day; that's why you'll marry a noble."

Yoriana stormed out of the room, tears running down her face as she ran into her room.

"We lost the battle because of your idiotic plan!"

"We lost the battle because you were not good enough for my plan!"

She stopped listening to her brother and lover bickering at that point as she sat next to Yoko, healing the wounds only he received from battle. She was worried when they returned from Dandara's fortress and Yoko was the only one with wounds. She started listening again when she heard Yoko accuse Rensen of betraying him.

"No. No one would have been able to get out of there and you know that. They had archers in every corner of the damn room and warriors blocking the entrance; they nearly killed me! You sent me in there on purpose to get me killed!" Yoriana looked at him worried; Yoko never cursed. Rensen must have really annoyed him badly.

"So what if I did! At least then Yoriana wouldn't be with a demon who will get nowhere in life!" Rensen's eyes widened, realizing what he said.

Yoriana stood up, her eyes wide with shock, "Rensen! How could you say such a thing!? I can't believe you would do such a thing!" She ran out of the room, not looking back at her brother. Her own brother had led Yoko into a trap, hoping he would die. She couldn't forgive him for such an act. Yoriana stood with her back to the wall, waiting for Yoko to come into the hallway as she listened to their conversation through the door.

When he finally came into the hallway, she looked up at him with sad eyes.

"You're leaving?" she asked.

He walked over to her, "Yes. I can no longer serve under your brother. He has no respect for me or you."

She shook her head, "I know he doesn't respect you anymore, but I don't want you to leave…"

"It's too late; I've already announced my leave to him." He pulled Yoriana to him and hugged her and sighed, "You are my only weakness, Yoriana. I care about you more than I've ever cared about anyone before."

"I care about you too," she paused before saying, "that's why I want to go with you, Yoko."

Yoko shook his head, "You can't. You're the heir to the throne; I can't take you away from your responsibilities."

Yoriana looked up at him again, "I don't want to rule Endona! Yoko… I want to be with you…"

"I know… But you are the only hope for this kingdom. I want you to be the next ruler and change the ways of this kingdom. Make it a peaceful place where there is no war, expand your garden to the edge of the kingdom and show the people here real beauty, and change your brother's ways; you can't have an army general who would throw his soldiers' lives away just out of spite."

Yoriana looked down at the ground, "Will you ever return…?"

"One day. I will return one day when you are the ruler of Endona and this land has become one actually worth fighting for." Yoko reached into his pocket and pulled out a black bracelet lined with diamonds and a ruby heart charm in the middle. Wrapping it around Yoriana's wrist, he said, "Until then, I want you to remember me always, I love you, Yoriana." Yoko kissed her forehead, stared into her eyes for a few moments, and then walked out of the castle doors, leaving Endona. Yoriana sank to the floor and wrapped her arms around herself, and soon after, Rensen walked through the doors.

"Yoriana? What happened?" Rensen put his hands on her shoulders, trying to get an answer, but she pushed him away from her.

"Don't touch me! This is all your fault! It's your fault that he left and I'll never forgive you!" Yoriana ran away from her brother and ran outside, hiding in her garden for three days. When she finally left, her eyes were cold; she stopped speaking to her brother and spent all her time studying and learning how a Queen should act. She knew she would one day become ruler and when she made her kingdom better, Yoko would return to her.

A thousand years had passed since Yoko left. Yoriana still had not forgiven her brother, but she began to talk to him, only when needed though. She walked through the hallway and she stopped dead in her tracks when she heard blood curling screams. Yoriana opened the door to the throne room and saw her mother and father lying at the feet of Tenzo, blood soaking their bodies.

Tenzo turned to face her with a demented smile plastered on his face. "My precious Yoriana, I have returned to Endona and today is the day you will finally become Queen, my Queen, for I am to be the next King."

Yoriana glanced at her parent's bodies, and then looked back at Tenzo with apathetic eyes. "You killed my parents," she stated.

"I did."

She closed her eyes for a moment before opening them back up again, her eyes now glowing red like blood. "I see," she said. Yoriana then raised a hand to the former army general and a ball of red light formed. "You are to never return to this kingdom." With that, the light shot from her hand and burned Tenzo where he stood. When the light vanished, Tenzo had too.

Soon, footsteps were heard, and Rensen burst through the doors and saw their parents lying on the ground, dead.

He looked up at his sister, "What happened, Yoriana?"

She looked up at him, her eyes still cold and apathetic as always. "Tenzo returned. He killed them."

"He did this?"

"Yes. I banished him from the kingdom." She turned her back on him and began to walk out. She stopped before she reached the door, "As new ruler, I hereby make you the new army general." Yoriana walked out of the throne room, leaving a stunned brother, and continued to walk to her room, tears falling from her eyes.

Yoriana walked into her room and closed the door behind her. It had been 1,500 years since she took over ruling Endona, and Yoko Kurama has still yet to return. She sighed and looked down at the bracelet he gave her and took it off. She walked over to the nightstand and opened the small drawer, throwing the piece of jewelry inside. Giving one last glance to it, she closed the drawer and walked away from it, never to open the drawer again.

"Your highness! Tenzo has returned! He's taken over Dandara and his soldiers are breaking through our defenses!" A soldier yelled, running into the throne room, closing the door behind him as someone tried to burst through the door.

Yoriana looked up at him, "Very well. Let him come. I'll kill him once and for all."

"M-M'lady! I can't let him come in here! Your life would be in danger!"

"You'll do as you're told. Step away from the door."

"B-But your highness!"


Hesitantly, the soldier stepped away from the door and it slowly opened, revealing Tenzo and five of his wolf-demon lackeys behind him.

He gave his evil smile that had always bothered her before he was exiled. "Yoriana, it has been a while."

Yoriana stood up from her throne, "I banished you from the kingdom, Tenzo. You can either leave now or be killed. Take your pick."

He grinned, "Oh, I'm afraid I don't like either of those choices." Snapping his fingers, more soldiers burst through the windows behind her, causing her to turn around and face them. The wolf-demons all ran at her, slicing her skin many times. As Yoriana kneeled on the ground in pain, Tenzo stepped forward. "This is how you should be, kneeling before me."

Yoriana looked up at him and growled at him before shooting a ball of red light from her hand at him, letting out most of her energy in one attack. Screams were heard, but when the light died out, he was still standing there with his warriors, with only a few scratches and burns on his skin. Yoriana stood up and ran out of the castle, the demons following behind her. Realizing she couldn't run for much longer with the wounds she had and the little amount of energy left, she raised a hand in front of her, concentrating her energy. Soon, a small portal appeared in front of her. She ran through the portal and it quickly closed up as her energy fell to nothing. As she fell through the portal, she blacked out.

"Excuse me, miss? Are you alright?" She blinked her eyes open and saw a little old man standing above her. She sat up and looked around, not recognizing the area. She was in a small, grassy plain, and she could see a city in the distance. "I said are you alright?" He asked again.

She looked back at him, "Who are you?"

"That's not important. Right now we need to worry about if you're alright. You were just lying there unconscious."


"Yes, ma'am."

"Oh. I feel hurt, but I think I'm ok." She stood up and looked around again.

"Well that's a relief!" The little old man said. "What's your name?"

"My name?"

"Yes, your name."

The girl thought for a moment, but nothing came to mind. "I'm not sure…"

"You mean you don't remember?"

She shook her head. At that moment, the sound of a woman's voice rang through her head "Yori Ichijo" it said.

"Yori… Ichijo…?"

"Oh you remember! That's great! Nice to meet you, Yori Ichijo! Now I have to get going, but if you keep going that-a-way, you'll reach a city! Nice seeing you!" And with that, he was off. Yori looked in the direction of the city and started walking.


Yori's eyes opened up wide and she sat up in the bed she was sitting in. She decided to stay in a motel for a few days, but she was awoken by a crash coming from the next room.

She got up and walked out into the hallway so she could knock on the door to the neighboring room. After a few moments, an old lady, perhaps in her late 70s, opened the door. "Can I help you, young lady?"

Yori hesitated for a second. "I apologize for knocking so early… I heard a crash and was wondering if everything was ok…" Yori said while looking down.

The woman looked at her for a while. "Well my TV fell off of the nightstand, which must have been what you heard." Yori looked at the woman for a moment and realized that she was too old to lift the TV back up.

"I… I can help get it back up for you…" She suggested.

"Oh my, what a nice young lady you are, thank you very much darling!"

The following morning, Yori woke up and decided to go to the mall. She exited the motel. At the same time, her neighbor, Ms. Shizuna, did as well.

"Oh good morning, Yori, how are you?"

"Good morning Ms. Shizuna, I'm doing well. And you?" Yori asked.

"I'm doing rather well. Did your friends manage to find you yesterday?"

"I'm sorry? What friends?" Yori asked rather confused.

The old lady looked just as confused as Yori. "Well those three boys. One had long red hair and green eyes… The other one had slicked up black hair with a green uniform. The last one had red-orange hair with a blue uniform. They were asking for you and said that they were your friends."

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you're talking about."

"Well that's strange. I wonder who they were… Oh, by the way dear, please take this!" Ms. Shizuna handed Yori a little bag filled with money. "I meant to repay you for all your help yesterday. And seeing how you have no money and after what has happened to you, it's the least I can do, dearie."

Yori's eyes widened slightly. "I… Thank you …" Yori hesitated before taking the money.

While Yori walked around the mall, she saw a group of teenagers. One in particular was wearing the Meiou High school uniform. He had long red hair and green eyes; remembering the description that Ms. Shizuna gave her, she walked up to them. "Um, excuse me… Do you know where the nearest girls clothing store is? I'm afraid I haven't been here before."

Keiko smiled, "Well yeah, there's one over there," Keiko pointed to a nearby store. "Are you new to the city, then?"

Yori nodded. "I am. I came here a couple days ago. I don't have any spare clothes so I needed to go shopping." Yori looked over to the red-head and tilted her head to the side. "You go to Meiou High School? Or do you just have a similar uniform?"

He hesitated before smiling politely. "Yes, I do go to Meiou."

"Oh, that's nice. My name is Yori Ichijo, nice to meet you." She reached out her hand.

He took her hand and shook it. "My name is Suichi Minamino. Nice to meet you too."

After Yori left Suichi and Yukina at the café, Yori returned to the motel. She unlocked her door and threw her bag on the floor. Kicking off her heels, she turned the TV on and sat down on her bed. Yori let her hair down and changed into her pajamas while watching TV. After a few minutes of watching TV, Yori heard a loud scream coming from the room next to hers.

"Ms. Shizuna!?" Yori ran out of her room and threw the old lady's door open, freezing at the sight in front of her. There laid her old friend, lying on the floor with a wound going across her stomach, gushing with blood. Not being able to move from the horror, Yori's eyes glanced up at the open window, curtains flying madly from the wind. On the windowsill, jumping out, was a short, red monster with horns on its head. The creature jumped out without noticing her and Yori let out a high-pitched scream. Yori ran over to Ms. Shizuna and fell to the floor beside her, trying to wake her friend up, even though she knew that her efforts were pointless.

Kurama sat in the rolling chair that was at Yori's desk and faced her. "You must remember to keep your word and not say anything about what you saw tonight." Yori nodded her head. "What you saw was a demon."

"A demon?" Yori asked.

Kurama nodded his head, "Yes. Besides that one, there are countless other demons. Although, that one you saw was a lower classed one, probably a D-class demon, if it left without seeing you."

"But I thought demons were just make-believe?"

"No. There is another realm where the demons live, Demon World. There is the Demon World, Human World, and Spirit World. The Spirit World is the realm where living beings go after they die and where they have their fate decided. Whether they will go to Heaven or Limbo is decided by King Enma's son, Koenma," Kurama explained.

"I see... I have one more question to ask," Yori said while Kurama nodded. "How do you know so much about everything?"

"When you said you saw a monster in Shizuna's room, that was a demon. Most demons have monster-like appearances, like different colored skin or horns. But not all do. Some can look completely like humans or mostly human but have some demon characteristics, like ears or tails." Kurama closed his eyes for a few moments before speaking again. "I am human, but I am also a demon."

Yori's eyes widened a bit before she slowly scooted back on her bed, away from Kurama, as if he were about to hurt her. After a few moments, Yori broke the silence. "So... You're half-human, half-demon...?" She asked.

"No. My demon name is Yoko Kurama, and I was born as a fox demon. While I was a demon for over 1,000 years, I was known as the legendary bandit for my analytic skills and thievery. However, fifteen years ago, I was greatly injured by one of the Spirit World's Elite Soldiers. To escape certain death, I traveled to the Human World and possessed the unborn baby of Shiori, now my mother. In my current state, I am the human Suichi Minamino, but I can fight with my demon powers and transform into my old demon self."


Yori was back in the room the mysterious man had thrown her in, and she was sitting on the bed, holding her head in her hands after the wave of visions and flashbacks had subsided. She thought to her first few visions, the demon princess, Yoriana, falling in love with the demon, Yoko Kurama. Then she remembered how Yoko had left and failed to return, leaving the Yoriana girl in an apathetic state. The death of Yoriana's parents came next and then to the last vision of Yoriana where she went into a portal. Yori remembered how the next vision had been of her, Yori, waking up outside of the city, with no memories. Finally, the last vision. Where she was sitting in her room with Kurama and the words kept running through her head, "My demon name is Yoko Kurama".

She sat up and looked at the bracelet once more. It was the bracelet Yoko had given Yoriana before he left Endona. Standing up, Yori walked over to the mirror that hanged in her bathroom and stared at herself. Yoriana, the demon princess, and she, Yori Ichijo, looked exactly alike. Her mind was filled with memories of Yoriana. The man who kidnapped her was the man in her memories who killed Yoriana's parents. Kurama was Yoko Kurama who gave Yoriana the bracelet that was in her hands. Looking down at her hands, then back up at the mirror again, she uttered out the words, "I am Yoriana."

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