Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 16

Kurama raced to the front gates of the castle as fast as he could. Upon reaching the now unguarded doors, Kurama stopped to catch his breath.

"Look! He's already here!" Kurama looked up and saw his friends running towards him. The four stopped running once they reached Kurama and started panting. "Man, that was a run!" Kuwabara yelled.

"Hn. What a lightweight," Hiei stated.

"Enough," Kurama waved them off. "Are you all ready to face Tenzo?" They all nodded their heads before turning to face the castle. "Right. Let us go, then."

Yusuke chuckled, "Yes, and then we can take your girlfriend home and you two can live happily ever after."


"Alright, alright."

The team stepped through the now unguarded doors and saw the last remaining Dandara soldiers dying at the hands of Jin and Chu.

"Ha! That be fifty-seven for me! How 'bout yourself?" Jin asked his friend.

"Ha ha ha! Fifty-eight, mate! Drinks are on Jin tonight!" The demons started laughing before turning to Kurama and his friends walking through the doors. "How goes it? After we're all done here, Jin's taking us out for pints!"

"That is assuming you will live through the night," a deep voice emanated throughout the halls of the castle. "Yoko, you seem to have lost a great deal of strength."

Kurama's eyes narrowed, "I am no longer Yoko. I will rely on my own strength from now on."

"Then you won't stand a chance," the voice chuckled. "If a premature death is what you seek, then by all means, step into my throne room."

Kurama turned and looked at the pair of giant doors; if he recalled correctly, those were the doors that led to the throne room. He began walking, only to be stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Shall we join the fight, Kurama? The chances will be increased if we all go together," Toya asked.

Kurama turned around and smiled politely. "No, my friend. Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Rensen and I will go. I want to minimize the amount of casualties as much as possible."

Toya's eyes narrowed, "Is he really that strong?"

Turning back around, Kurama closed his eyes. "…Phenomenally…" Kurama, Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara and Rensen started walking towards the giant doors. "Are you all ready?" With murmurs of yeses, Kurama thrust the doors open and stepped into the throne room. As they walked in, a figure sitting on the main throne, the infamous wolf demon, Tenzo, smirked.

"Now, what do I owe this pleasure, old friend?" Tenzo asked, sarcasm lingering in his voice.

Kurama's eyes narrowed, "Why did you take Yori?"

"You mean Yoriana?" Tenzo chuckled, "I was under the impression that it was completely obvious."

"Answer me!" Kurama yelled.

Smirking, Tenzo said coolly, "Endona law states you can't be King unless you have a Queen, and who am I to break a law? Plus, I do need an heir, wouldn't you agree?" Kurama clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Seeing that he was about to make Kurama snap, Tenzo continued. "Yes, I would need an heir. And, seeing that Yoriana is far too strong, after she bears my child, I would have her locked up in the castle dungeon until she starves to death. A brilliant plan, don't you think?" Tenzo smirked.

Kurama pulled out his trademark rose and transferred his demon energy into it. "Rose Whip!" he cried, running towards the wolf demon, whip in hand.

"Kurama!" his teammates yelled.

Tenzo smirked while he just leaned back in his throne. Kurama swung his rose whip, aiming for the demon's head. As the whip swung down, Kurama felt a heavy force push him back, only to find himself lying next to his friends.

"Kurama! What happened?" Kuwabara asked, helping his friend up.

Kurama held his head in his hand, "It seems he has a barrier surrounding him…"

"So about that girlfriend thing I was mentioning earlier," Yusuke started, grinning from ear to ear.

"Not the time, Yusuke."

Tenzo chuckled, gaining the spirit detective team's attention once more. "Like I said, if you are not using the strength you had as Yoko Kurama, you have no chance of winning against me. Even with the intent to kill, you will not break through my barrier with the little strength you possess."

"Only a coward hides behind a barrier. You have no real strength, Tenzo," Kurama stated.

Tenzo closed his eyes. "Very well, if you're going to play that card, I'll take it down. Even without my barrier, you won't be able to harm me."

After a few seconds, the group noticed Tenzo's demon barrier dissolving. Hiei turned to Kurama. "I thought you said he was intelligent." With a sigh, Hiei vanished from their sights before he reappeared behind Tenzo's throne. Smirking, Hiei stabbed his sword through the chair.

Hiei snickered. Almost as quickly as his smirk came, it vanished. Hiei's face paled and he quickly pulled his sword out of the throne, turning around to block the sword that would have sliced him in half.

"And I thought you were swift."

Hiei grunted before pushing Tenzo back, then immediately went back to his friends, sheathing his sword again. "He's faster than I imagined…"

Kurama nodded, "I informed you that he was not going to be easy…"

Tenzo snickered. "Yoko, care to show me how skilled you are with a sword? I hope my training didn't go to waste."

"I go by Kurama now. And I believe I shall take you up on your offer." Kurama turned to Hiei, "May I borrow your sword?"

Hiei glared at him, "Don't be foolish! You haven't picked up a sword in years!"

"Yes… But I think I might just start back up again," Kurama said as he pulled Hiei's sword from its holster. Walking over towards Tenzo, he heard Hiei yell at him to get back, but he ignored his friend's plea.

The two combatants stared at each other for a moment before Kurama placed his hands out, palms facing the ceiling. Kurama's smokescreen poured out of his hands, covering the room instantly.

"My, my," Tenzo started. "It seems you acquired some new skills."

"I'm afraid this is not new. Let us begin, master…"


Kurama closed his eyes, completely suppressing his demon energy so it was one with the smokescreen. Now certain that Tenzo wouldn't be able to detect him because of his demon energy, Kurama began to move around the room.

Tenzo's point of view

Tenzo looked around, unable to see anything due to the blasted smokescreen. Kurama even managed to hide his demon energy in the smoke; very clever… Within an instant, he saw the blade of Kurama's sword slice through the screen, aimed at his shoulder. He quickly dodged the blade and moved to slice where the attacker came from, but it seemed Kurama had already moved away. 'So… He's clever and fast… This shall be an interesting match…'

Another second passed by when the sword came down again, aimed at his back. Turning around, he deflected the blade and sent Kurama flying back. Rushing towards him, Tenzo aimed to thrust his sword into Kurama's chest. The demon fox was already gone, however. Cursing under his breath, Tenzo began looking around again.

The next attack came after a few seconds had passed, but this time, Tenzo grabbed the hand attached to the sword with his own. He twisted his body to bring Kurama's closer to him, then kicked out. Seeing the kick coming, Kurama twisted his body and pushed Tenzo's leg away with his free hand. After pushing the leg away, Kurama quickly delivered a nasty punch to Tenzo's ribcage. Grunting, Tenzo let go and jumped away from the demon fox. He only had a moment to take a quick breather before Kurama came at him again. Holding up his sword horizontally, he blocked the vertical swipe from Kurama's sword. While the two swords struggled against each other, Kurama saw Tenzo smirk. Bright red flames engulfed Tenzo's sword, causing Kurama to pull away slightly.

"See now, if you had stayed with your sword training, you might have accomplished something akin to this."

Kurama smiled, "Yes, it seems I have been lacking in discipline when it came to swordplay. I must say, I do like my Rose Whip far more than swords, however." Giving his own smirk, Kurama pushed off from Tenzo's sword and dissolved into the smokescreen yet again.

"Let's not hide; that's not nearly as fun," Tenzo said before pursuing him in the smoke. As he ran through the smoke, he noticed the next attack almost too late. As Kurama aimed for a stab in his stomach, Tenzo deflected it and leaped high into the air. Tenzo swung his sword down, but Kurama twisted away and jumped back into the smokescreen. Before Kurama could escape, Tenzo stabbed him in the chest, only to find that he had missed the boy by two centimeters. Cursing, Tenzo looked back at Kurama to find that he had vanished again.

Third point of view

Kurama had just barely dodged a stab to the heart and immediately jumped back into his smokescreen. Kurama tightened his grip around his sword and swung it just as his foe ran towards him, trying to stab him again. After deflecting the attack, Tenzo leapt away before bring his sword down again. Pulling his sword up, Kurama hit Tenzo's just in time. Smirking at his old master, Kurama jumped up into the air and pulled out a small red ball from his pocket, throwing it at Tenzo. As soon as it made contact, the red ball exploded, blasting the smoke screen and the wolf demon away.

Landing back down on the ground, Kurama looked Tenzo lying in a pile of rubble.

"I didn't know you played with explosives, Kurama."

Kurama smiled. "I have always dealt with herbs, weeds, and different types of mushrooms. Using certain ones can create deadly explosives, remedies… basically anything."

"I see… I'm going to assume you won't be telling me what else you've created for today," Tenzo murmured.

"You would be assuming correctly." Kurama slightly turned his eyes towards his comrades, catching the eye of Hiei. After the smallest of nods, Hiei disappeared from sight, appearing atop of one of the central pillars. "As my old master, I know your skill level. You were at your highest point back then, and you could only go downhill from there. Based on that, I know your strength and power are either as they used to be or lower than then. You are strong, but you are not strong enough to defeat myself and my friends."

Tenzo glared at Kurama, "You're overestimating yourself."

"And you are underestimating us. That is a very dangerous thing to do in battle. Give up while you can."

"Don't be so sure of yourself," Tenzo growled as he began to stand up.

While Tenzo started standing up, a loud rumble filled the room. Kurama smirked before jumping back. Tenzo looked around to see what the noise was coming from. 'There' he thought. He saw Kurama's ally, the fire demon, atop one of the pillars. Demon energy spiraled around the small demon and three large dragons formed from his energy.

"Triple Dragons of the Darkness Flame!" Hiei yelled, sending the dragons towards Tenzo. Cursing under his breath again, Tenzo jumped away from the first one, causing it to charge at the rubble he was just lying in. The second dragon crashed into the same area, but the third one grazed his arm, burning it considerably, before it crashed into the same area. Ignoring the pain coming from his arm, Tenzo jumped into the air next to Hiei and gave the small demon a nasty punch to the head. Hiei was flung across the room and crashed through the farthest wall.

"Hiei!" Kurama yelled. Turning to his friends, he yelled, "Kuwabara, go check on him!"

"R-Right!" Kuwabara yelled back before racing after his teammate.

Tenzo laughed ominously, "It's pointless, foolish human. I'll just pick you off one by one until you're all dead."

Hearing the threat, Yusuke yelled a protest before racing after Kuwabara. "Kuwabara! Look out!"

"What? What's wrong Ura-" Kuwabara called out before suffering from a demon energy powered punch from Tenzo. Collapsing to the ground, Kuwabara muttered a "Sorry… Urameshi…" before closing his eyes.

Kurama, Yusuke, and Rensen stiffened up. Yusuke began to shake as he powered his spirit energy into his index finger. Pointing it at the wolf demon, he screamed, "I'll blow your head off, you asshole!" Firing the powerful shot, Yusuke fell to one knee with Kurama appearing beside him. After the blast disappeared, Tenzo stood with his hands on his knees, burns on his now uncovered chest, and severely out of breath.

"My…" Tenzo panted. "It seems… you had… a nasty little surprise… wouldn't you say?"

Yusuke grunted, "It seems to surprise a lot of people."

Sighing, Kurama stood up clenched his sword in his hand. He looked down at Yusuke, "Go back to Rensen and tell him to go check on Hiei while I distract Tenzo. Once I get him away from that general area, take Kuwabara off to the sidelines." Without giving Yusuke a chance to respond, Kuwabara raced towards his old master.

Tenzo stood back up straight and slashed his sword to meet Kurama's. Kurama's body twisted and once he extricated his sword, he swung a kick towards Tenzo. Tenzo jumped up high to avoid the kick and brought his sword down. Bringing his sword up, Kurama defended himself against the forceful attack. Tenzo jumped over Kurama while Kurama slid underneath him. Once Kurama was back on his feet, Tenzo aimed a slice at Kurama's head, only to have Kurama duck. Kurama quickly jabbed his sword into Tenzo's stomach, twisted it, and pulled it back out.

"You bastard!" Tenzo yelled, coughing up blood. Kurama quickly jumped back, knowing not to underestimate his opponent, even if he was bleeding considerably. Kurama looked to the side to see Rensen and Yusuke standing over Hiei and Kuwabara by the wall farthest away from the two battling demons. "Don't you dare look away from me you fool!"

Kurama quickly turned his head back towards Tenzo to see him swinging his sword at him. The blade sliced right through his stomach, or… what would have been right through his stomach had Kurama not jumped over Tenzo. Tenzo turned around and faced the demon fox, sending him a menacing glare.

"This battle seems very one-sided, Tenzo. Give up now while you have the chance."

"I do not give up!" Tenzo yelled.

Kurama's eyes narrowed, "And that is your flaw."

Tenzo stood up straight and shoved his sword back into its holster. "Very well. Since you keep underestimating me, I will give one last attack with all my power in it. You do the same and then we shall see who the real winner is."

Kurama closed his eyes for a few moments. "I never underestimated you, Tenzo," he said, opening his eyes again. "This will be the last attack. As you said, we'll see who the winner is."

Kurama and Tenzo both took a stance and held out their right hands, palms facing outward. Red demon energy surrounded both of their hands, growing larger and larger by the second. Kurama narrowed his eyes, 'In order to save Endona and Yori from this demon, I cannot lose… I'll pour out all my demon energy and life energy into this last attack… Into my last attack… Please forgive me for leaving you and the others alone, Yori… This is farewell…'

Yori's point of view

Yori had been pacing around the garden the moment Kurama had left. She tried her hardest to ignore the sound of swords clashing and the demon energy surrounding the castle. She lightly bit her bottom lip and paced back and forth faster.

Stomping on the ground she ran her fingers through her hair, "Ugh! I can't take this!" As she ran her fingers through her hair, she noticed the demon energy surrounding the castle had grown larger and more deadly. She threw a worried glance at the castle before making her decision. Running out of the garden and into the maze, she raced towards the castle as quickly as she could.

Third point of view

The demon energy surrounding Kurama's hand grew larger as he poured his life energy into the attack. Once it was at the largest it could get, Kurama and Tenzo let out a loud battle cry and released their energy all at once. The two energies clashed and the room began to glow bright red.

Yusuke and Rensen looked away from their unconscious teammates to watch the attack.

"This… will be the attack that decides who will win," Rensen said. "One of them will die in a few moments…"

Yusuke's hands balled up into a fist when he heard a yell coming from the other room. "You can't go in there lassie!"

The two turned their heads toward the door where they saw Yori running into the room with the rest of the demon party following her. Once she saw the two demons, she froze in her tracks. The room began to rumble from the massive amount of demon energy as Kurama's energy began to push Tenzo's back. A few moments later, Kurama became the stronger demon as the blast completely pushed Tenzo's energy back and blasted Tenzo with all of Kurama's demon and life energy. Both demons fell over once the attack faded away.

"Kurama!" Yori yelled, racing over towards him. The boy's eyes were closed and his skin was beginning to grow pale once she knelled beside him. She turned her head towards Tenzo who was beginning to lift himself up, though everyone could see he wouldn't last long. "What did you do to him?!" Yori yelled at him, tears forming in her eyes.

Tenzo let out a shaky laugh, "That stupid fox… I did nothing… He let out all of his demon energy and his life energy… to kill me… But look whose still… whose still standing…" Tenzo coughed into his hand, only to cough up blood. Glaring at his hand, he looked back up at the girl. "He killed himself… That… That idiot…" Tenzo's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell forward, landing on the ground with a thud.

Yori looked back at Kurama and patted his face lightly, "Kurama please wake up! Kurama, please… Kurama!"

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