Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 17

Tears fell from Yori's eyes, landing on her favorite demon's face. Yusuke placed a hand on the small of her back and tried to lead her away, only to have her push him away.

"Yori, it's no use… He's… He's not going to wake up…" Yusuke said, looking away.

Yori looked over at him, "Don't you say that to me ever again!" She turned back to Kurama, "Kurama… You weren't supposed to… I mean, you can't be…"

"You can save him."

Yori tensed up, "I can… I can save him?"

"Don't be ridiculous! There isn't anything anyone can do…" Yusuke said, his fists clenched tight and his head lowered.

Rensen placed a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry, Yori…"

"Yes, my demon powers were more towards the healing type than the fighting type. Place your hands on his heart and concentrate your demon energy."

Nodding her head, Yori placed her hands on Kurama's heart, and began to concentrate her demon energy towards her hands.

"Good, now once you get a good amount, keep it steady and it should do the work for you."

Yori's hands began to glow red. She did as Yoriana instructed and steadied the flow of demon energy once it became a decent sized amount. Three minutes passed by and she began to think she should give up.

"Do not falter. He gave up his life energy; this is going to take time and concentration."

Yori nodded again and kept the flow of demon energy going. Finally, she felt Kurama stir under her and she pulled back her hands. His eyes fluttered open and he raised a hand to his head, rubbing it slightly.

"K-Kurama!" Yori cried, throwing her arms around his shoulders. Kurama sat up and wrapped his arms around the now crying girl. "I-I was so w-worried! You said you w-would stay safe..." She pulled away from him, the tears finally stopping. "D-Don't you ever do something so foolish again!"

Kurama froze at her sudden harsh tone but soon replaced it with a smile. He wiped away the tears on her cheek with his thumb when Yori quickly leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Kurama's lips. Kurama froze again only to find her pulling away and giving him an innocent smile. He relaxed and then smiled back at her, pulling her into a hug.

Yusuke snickered, "Soooo… About that girlfriend thing-," Chu and Jin punched Yusuke's head.

"Don't ruin the moment!" They yelled at him.

Yori giggled and Kurama chuckled at their friends' antics.

"Good! Now that he's awake, you can stop hugging him and go heal your other friends who are currently unconscious. And bleeding. And possibly dying."

"Oh no!" Yori yelled, ripping herself away from Kurama and running to the other side of the room.

"Man, Kurama, you must be a bad kisser," Yusuke said sounding completely serious.

Kurama shot him an "Oh would you just shut up," look before standing up to follow Yori. She was on the ground next to Hiei and Kuwabara, her hands placed over Hiei's head where he was punched. "Will they be alright?" He asked, kneeling beside her.

"I did a quick check on both of them to see who needed the most help. It was definitely Hiei, with the blow to the head and all, but they will both be fine." She looked like she was lost in thought for a moment before turning her gaze to him. "They will both need to stay in bed and rest for a day or two though."

Yori turned her attention back to Hiei. Kurama tilted his head, "Is Yoriana still speaking to you?"

"She is," Yori said. "But she just told me that this will be the last time. She said I can take care of myself and my friends now. I'm glad she'll be able to live happily with Yoko now," she said with a smile on her face.

Kurama nodded his head, "Indeed."

Two days later, after everyone was completely healed up, Yori sent out an announcement to every Endona soldier and Kitsune villager to arrive at the castle for a grand announcement and celebration at exactly 12 noon. The demons who fought in the battle were also welcome along with her friends back home, but no one, including Kurama, had the slightest clue as to what was going on.

"Jeez! Do I have to wear this?" Yusuke yelled at Yori as he tried to adjust his tie, only to have it mess up on him.

Yori sighed and walked over to him, fixing his tie. "Of course you do! You can't look like a ruffian today! Be grateful I'm not making you wear something the royals would wear. You'd be decked out in layers and a cape and everything!" Yusuke shuddered at the thought. "There! You look very presentable!"

Yori stepped back to look at her work and nodded. She lent him and her other boys some tuxedos that were tucked away in Rensen's closet. They all wore black ones with a white undershirt and a black tie. Rensen wore a white tuxedo and Yori wore an all-white dress with sparkles throughout the whole dress.

Running over to Rensen, Yori fixed the tilted crown on his head so it stood upright. "You would think that you would know how to put on a crown properly," she teased, sticking out her tongue.

"Now don't do that or I'll grab it," Rensen teased back, amused as he watched her quickly draw it back in. "Now what's this announcement all about? You haven't told anyone."

Yori winked, "Ah but that's for me to know and you to find out." Yori ran towards her friends and Rensen let out a groan.

Looking around, she saw Hiei sitting up on one of the window sills. Sitting across from him, she poked his knees. Once he turned towards her and raised an eyebrow, she asked, "May I inquire something?"

"It's a free world."

Yori tilted her head, "Why haven't you told Yukina that you're her brother?"

Hiei stiffened up and looked towards the ice maiden, who was now wearing one of Yori's ice blue dresses, talking to Kurama and Kuwabara. He looked back at Yori, "Why do you want to know?"

"Because I think it's really upsetting that she's dying to find her brother, yet you're just sitting here not saying a single word. It's like you want to see her upset." Hiei's eyes narrowed as he quickly reached out and grabbed her throat. Not even blinking, Yori tilted head again, "How do you think Yukina would feel if you snapped my neck right now?"

Hiei tensed up and pulled his hand away from her throat and placed it on his knee, deciding to look out the window again.

"See? You care about her feelings a great deal. That's why you didn't kill the human that tortured her, because you didn't want to see her cry. If you know that her not knowing where her brother is, is killing her inside, then I would think you would want to tell her."

Hiei looked back at her. "How would you feel if you found out that your long lost brother was a felon and a killer?"

"I would be proud if that felon and killer were to be you." Hiei shot her a confused look. "Come on, Hiei. In all honesty, you are an amazing guy. You can't keep using that "I'm a killer" excuse every single time. Everyone in your spirit detective squad has either directly killed someone or helped in the killing of someone. Keiko still loves Yusuke, Yukina doesn't mind that Kuwabara used the Spirit Flyswatter on Elder Toguro and almost killed him, and I am still attracted to that red head over there even though he killed Tenzo and other people."

Hiei stared at her, "That's completely different."

"It's not! Would you like me to go and ask her how she would feel if you were her brother? 'Cause I wouldn't mind doing so!" Yori stood up only to have Hiei grab her wrist and force her back down. They glared at each other. Finally, Yori broke the silence. "I think you're just afraid of rejection." Hiei stiffened up and stared at her. "I think you're scared that she won't want you as a brother and that she won't love you. If you think that then you are the fool. Yukina is not like that at all. You need to get over your fear and know that we are all going to be here for you when Yukina finds out. She will love you, regardless of what you've done in the past."

Yori stood up and looked down at him, "Yukina is a loving person, and I know you love her immensely. You should tell her…" She held out her hand to him and he stared at it momentarily. After a while, he took it and Yori helped him out of his seat and together, they walked towards their ice maiden. Once they arrived at their group of friends, Yori held Kurama's hand with her free hand and let go of Hiei's. He looked at her and she nodded. Hiei looked at Kuwabara who was talking rapidly to Yukina again.

Yori cleared her throat, "Hey Kuwabara, I saw a cat that looked just like Eikichi in the other room. It might be a long lost relative or maybe Eikichi accidentally followed you to demon world."

"I'M COMING EIKICHI!" Kuwabara promptly ran out of the room and Yukina looked at Yori.

"Was Eikichi really in the other room?" She asked with that cute, innocent voice of hers.

Yori smiled, "Of course not! But never mind that. Kurama, would you like to go look at that window with me?"

"I would love to go look at that window with you," Kurama smiled. The two walked away and Kurama lightly pushed Hiei towards Yukina as he passed him. Yori and Kurama sat on the windowsill, keeping one eye on Hiei and Yukina. "So I presume you convinced Hiei to tell Yukina he is her brother?"

"You would be presuming correctly!"

He looked at her, "How did you manage…?"

"Guilt trips always work."

They looked back at the siblings. Hiei had his head lowered while he was talking and Yukina looked confused. After a few more moments of that, Yukina brightened up and hugged Hiei like there was no tomorrow. Hiei stiffened, unsure of what to do, but eventually relaxed and hugged his sister back. Yukina stepped back and grabbed his hands while talking rapidly.

Yori turned to Kurama, "Well, looks like another job well done for Dr. Yori!"

"Dr. Yori?" Kurama asked confused.

"Yep! I'm official now!" Yori giggled. "Now come on, it's almost noon!" Yori grabbed his hand and pulled him up walking out of the room. She stopped and turned back to Hiei and Yukina, who were now the only two in the room. "Come on, you two! It's time to go!"

Yukina said okay and pulled Hiei with her. As they all walked out towards the main room, they found Yusuke, Rensen, a very depressed looking Kuwabara, the demon party, Keiko, Shizuru, Botan, Koenma, and Genkai already there, decked out in formal attire.

"Good afternoon, everyone! Now, I bet you're all wondering why you're here…" Everyone leaned forward, intent on hearing what this was all about. "But you'll have to wait until we get outside and I announce it to everyone else, so let's go!" Everyone deadpanned at the cheerful girl walking outside with Kurama before they followed her.

Two soldiers opened the main doors for Yori, and as she walked outside, she saw the hundreds of people gathered for the event, all cheering for the arrival of their Princess. Kurama, Rensen, and the rest of her friends walked over to the crowd in front of her. Once the cheering died down, Yori cleared her throat.

"Good afternoon, everyone, I hope everyone is doing well on this fine day. Most of you know that at the deaths of King Akame and Queen Kaede, I took the throne, only to have it stolen away from me by the Wolf Demon Lord, Tenzo." Whispers and murmurs were heard throughout the crowd and she waited for the noise to die down. "Two days ago, my friends defeated Tenzo and I am once again your ruler." Cheering began again and Yori beckoned to Kurama. Once he came over to her, she called out, "It's time I fulfilled a promise I made to someone very dear to me many years ago." Yori turned to Kurama and held out her hand, "Lend me your power?"

Kurama smiled and placed his hand in hers. Yori raised their joined hands and together they sent their demon energy out. Flowers began to bloom left and right, covering the castle courtyard and as far as they could see. The Endona villagers began cheering and Yori turned back to them. She smiled as she saw a few Kitsune kits jumping around. Picking a rose from the bush that bloomed next to her, she kneeled down in front of the smallest kit and handed it to her. Smiling, the young girl threw her arms around Yori's shoulders and said thank you.

Yori stood back up and walked over to where she once stood with Kurama and waited for the cheering to die down.

Once it did so, Yori raised her voice. "I'm glad you all approve, but now, it's time I do something I think will benefit all of Endona. From here on out, I will no longer be your ruler because I am going back to Human World where I am currently residing." Gasps and sounds of disapproval rang throughout the crowd, but she raised a hand to silence them. "In my place, my brother, Prince Rensen, will be your new ruler. I know that with him in charge, Endona will be a prosperous place."

Yori turned to her now shocked brother and beckoned to Rensen. Once he finally managed to walk over to her, she placed a loving hand on his shoulder. "You'll be fine," she whispered. Turning back to the crowd, she said "I will visit once every three months to check in, but I believe everyone will be just fine without me. Now, here are a few words from Prince Rensen."

Yori took Kurama's hand again and they walked over to their group of friends. He looked over at her while Rensen gave a (still very shocked) speech. "So this is what you had planned all along?"

"Mhmmm! Not too bad if I do say so myself."

She turned back at Rensen who was now announcing that anyone could come in for food in the banquet hall. He turned back to them and once he came over, he hugged his sister. "So, how long have you had that planned out?"

"Mmm… The moment Tenzo died and Kurama was all healed up. I thought you'd have a better chance at being a ruler than I ever would," she said while smiling. "And it seems we have another celebration to make!" Yori turned to Yukina and Hiei, "Yukina, is there something you'd like to announce?"

Yukina smiled and pulled Hiei towards her so that they were facing everyone. "I've finally found my brother! Hiei is my brother and I couldn't be happier!" Tears brimmed her eyes and crystal jewels fell to the ground. Hiei questioned her about it, looking fairly worried. "Don't worry, Hiei, they're happy tears!" Kuwabara looked insanely shocked but eventually got over it once he saw how happy Hiei and Yukina were.

Yori pulled Yukina into a hug. "All and all, I'd say this has been a pretty good day," she said, turning back to everyone. "Now let's go and eat some cake!" The gang cheered and followed the overly cheerful girl into the castle.

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