Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 2

After leaving Genkai's compound, the trio made it to Nagasashi Motel. Kurama snuck around to the back of the motel and peeked through room 301's window. After about three minutes, he returned to his companions.

"Well?" Yusuke asked.

Kurama looked disappointed. He shook his head, "I'm afraid that she is not in the room at the moment." They decided to wait nearby the motel to see if they could find her. Later on, an older woman walked up to the motel and went to unlock the room next to Yori's.

The three walked up to her. "Excuse me," Kurama said. "Our friend lives in the room next to yours, but it appears that she is not in. You wouldn't happen to know where she is, would you?"

The woman thought for a moment. "Oh! The quiet, little blonde girl! Yes, yes, she is such a kind young lady. Now where did she say she was going…? I believe it was… Oh where was it…? That's right! She said she was going to that nearby park!"

Yusuke and Kuwabara nodded their thanks while Kurama bowed slightly. "Thank you very much. Have a nice day." They ran off to the park, leaving the old lady thinking to herself, 'Oh my, children these days, always in a rush.'

Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama made it to the park in little time. Upon entering the park, they searched around for Yori.

"Now remember, the woman said that she was a 'quiet, little blonde girl'. It's not much to go on, but that is all we have on Yori." The three split up and commenced their search.

After what seemed like five minutes, Kuwabara came running up to Kurama. "KUUURAAAAAMAAAAAAA! I think I found her! She's on the other side of the park!"

"Kuwabara, are you certain that it's her?"

"Well… no. But she's little and she's blonde and she's… well…" Kuwabara rubbed the back of his head.

Kurama nodded. "It might be her. I'll go take a look. Go find Yusuke an-"

"KUUURAAAAAMAAAAAAA! I think I found her! She's on-"

"The other side of the park?" Kuwabara asked when Yusuke ran up to them, looking rather annoyed that Yusuke was trying to steal his find.

"Well, yeah! How'd you know?"

Kurama shook his head. "Never mind that. Let's go."

Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara made it over to the other side of the park, then jumped up and hid in the trees. Kuwabara pointed to a nearby tree with a girl sitting at its base. Kurama nodded his head and put a finger in front of his lips, signaling silence. They observed her for a while, and while doing so, they noticed that she seemed to have fallen asleep while reading a novel. She had long, platinum blonde hair that was wavy at the bottom. She was wearing a pink short sleeved shirt that said "LOVE" in bold black letters. It was a one sleeved shirt with a one inch black strap on her visible shoulder. She was also wearing light blue denim shorts that had little rips pre-made into them.

After about ten minutes of silently watching, Yusuke broke the silence. "Jeez, this is so boring…" he said. As soon as he spoke, Yori's eyes opened slightly. The trio's eyes widened a bit and then Kurama and Kuwabara covered Yusuke's mouth. They looked closer and they saw Yori's eyes were sapphire blue, but they looked very sad and apathetic. She looked back down at her book for a few moments and then closed the book.

"Jeez, this is so boring…" Yori opened her eyes slightly at the sound of a nearby voice. She assumed that she was alone; no one was in the area when she sat down to read. She scanned the area, but no one was there. 'Where did that voice come from…?' She wondered. Yori looked back down at her book and thought about whether she should stay or not. After deciding that she would go back to the motel, she closed her book, stood back up, and then walked away.

While Yori was walking home, she looked up and noticed that the sun was starting to set. She looked back down at the sidewalk while she was walking and clutched her book in her hands tightly, remembering all that had happened to her. It was three days ago when she came into this city, three days since she lost her memory. She had woken up on the outskirts of a city, with no knowledge of anything. The only thing that came to her was a name, 'Yori Ichijo'. She figured it was her name, so that's what she decided on calling herself.

After walking around the city for two full days, asking around, it seemed as if no one in the whole city knew who she was. Yori decided that she would give up trying to find someone in this place who knew her. She became depressed and somewhat apathetic. She decided that she would no longer care about finding someone who knew her and start anew in this pretty little town. The night of her second day here, she stumbled across a motel. She went to get a room from the owner, but realized that she had no money on her. Taking pity on the sad looking girl, the owner offered her up a room for free, until she got back up on her feet. On the third day, she looked around for a high school she could attend, hoping that she could at least live a somewhat normal life again. She soon found Meiou High School near the center of the city. It took a while, but the school principle decided to let the poor, apathetic girl into the high school, despite the fact that she had no knowledge of herself. After she enrolled in the Meiou High School, Yori returned to Nagasashi Motel and slept for the rest of the night.

Today was Saturday and Yori woke up rather early after hearing a crash from the room next to hers. She got up and walked out into the hallway so she could knock on the door to the neighboring room. After a few moments, an old lady, perhaps in her late 70s, opened the door. "Can I help you, young lady?"

Yori hesitated for a second. "I apologize for knocking so early… I heard a crash and was wondering if everything was ok…" Yori said while looking down.

The woman looked at her for a while. "Well my TV fell off of the nightstand, which must have been what you heard." Yori looked at the woman for a moment and realized that she was too old to lift the TV back up.

"I… I can help get it back up for you…" She suggested.

"Oh my, what a nice young lady you are, thank you very much darling!" The old lady introduced herself as Shizuna Miomochi, Yori called her Ms. Shizuna. She lifted the TV back up to the nightstand and Ms. Shizuna offered her some tea. They sat and drank the tea while talking about Yori's predicament and why Ms. Shizuna was in a motel. She and her husband had recently divorced, so she had to stay at the motel until she could find a new place to stay. Afterwards, Yori excused herself and noted that she was going to spend the rest of the day at a park she had spotted yesterday.

Yori returned to her room and got dressed, then walked over to the shelf hanging next to her bed. She found a book called The Notebook; the last occupants of the room must have left it there. She picked the book up and left the motel. When she got to the park, she sat down by a tree and started reading the book. After reading about 3/4s of the book, she fell asleep.

And that's where she is now. Three days and she's done practically nothing but enroll in a school and read most of a book. It was a nice book, she'd admit that, but she wishes that she had done more. 'Oh well' she thought.

Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama continued to follow her from a safe distance. After trailing her for about five minutes, they noticed a trio of boys around their age standing in the middle of the sidewalk a few feet in front of Yori. Kuwabara recognized them.

"Hey!" he whispered. "Those are the punks that used to rule Rugafuji Middle School! What are they doing here!?"

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