Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 5

The next day, Yori woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. It was four in the morning and she got up to get ready for her first day at Meiou High School. She took a shower, washed her face, blow dried her hair and put it up in a high, messy ponytail, put on her new silver dress with her black heels, brushed her teeth then left the motel. By the time she left, it was 5:45. Yori had agreed to come to the school early so she could get her schedule and her school uniform from the principle. She was also going to get a tour of the school from the Student Body President.

It took about fifteen minutes for her to walk to Meiou High School. Once she walked inside, she saw the principle, Mr. Ichihiro.

"Ah! There you are, Ms. Ichijo!" He walked over to Yori.

Yori bowed slightly. "Hello Mr. Ichihiro. I hope I'm not too late."

"Not at all! You're right on time, actually." Mr. Ichihiro reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. "Here you are; it's your schedule." He handed it to her and she read it over.

1st prd – Adv. Botany 7-8

2nd prd – Adv. Trigonometry 8:10-9:10

3rd prd – Adv. Dance 9:20-10:20

4th prd – Adv. World History 10:30-11:30

5th prd – Free period 11:40-12:40

6th prd – Adv. Literature 12:50-1:50

7th prd – Adv. Music 2-3

8th prd – Adv. Psychology 3:10-4:10

"They're all advanced classes, even music." Yori observed.

"Precisely. We are a very prestigious school, only those with the best grades and exam scores are permitted into this school. I expect nothing but good grades from you as well. Don't let me regret letting you into this school."

"I won't, sir." Yori said while bowing slightly.

"Good. I put you in the same classes as the Student Body President, excluding Dance and Music, so he can help you with your classes. Now, I have to go fill out some forms. If you wait for him here, he should arrive shortly. I'll have your uniform by the end of the day." They said their goodbyes and Mr. Ichihiro walked away.

After a few minutes, Yori heard the door open up.

"Hello Yori Ichijo, I am the Student Body President, Suichi Minamino." Yori turned around and saw the boy she had met yesterday.

"Suichi? You're the president?"

"I am. I am many other things for the school as well, but that can wait for another time. I believe we have a tour to go on." The red head smiled politely at Yori and she did the same.

Kurama showed the new student around the school, showing her the main office, nurse's office, library, gym, various computer and science labs, the outside sport fields, the horse stables, among many other places.

"Well, well. This place has nearly everything." Yori commented.

"Yes, Meiou High School is the best school in the country. The principle already spoke to you about the grade expectations, correct?"

Yori sighed, "Yep. Get good grades or get kicked out, in a nutshell."

Kurama chuckled, "Yes, we have high expectations, but do not worry; I'll help you with any problems or questions you have with the school work." Kurama smiled politely.

"Thanks," Yori smiled back. "Isn't it about time that the other students start arriving?"

"It is. We can head to Botany now, if you would like." Yori agreed and they walked to the science wing.

When the duo walked into Adv. Botany, the classroom was empty besides the professor and two other students, talking near the front of the class. Kurama led Yori to the front, so she could meet the professor.

"Professor Akihino, this is our new student, Yori Ichijo. She'll be in your first period class." Professor Akihino turned around and smiled at Yori. She was tall, with straight black hair that went down to her waist, and dark brown eyes. She wore a white lab coat overtop of her black dress.

"It's very nice to meet you. I've heard much about you from the principle. Now believe me, the school can seem very intimidating at first, what with all the expectations, but if you have Mr. Minamino helping you out, you'll be just fine!" Professor Akihino smiled with kind eyes and Yori smiled back.

Class began shortly after, with Professor Akihino introducing Yori and seating her by Kurama. After about thirty minutes in, Yori saw Kurama tense up out of the corner of her eye. He raised his hand, getting the professor's attention.

"Yes, Suichi, what is it?"

"May I use the restroom?"

The professor looked confused, but then nodded, letting him walk out.

Kurama's P.O.V.

Kurama left the classroom and ran to find the stairs that went to the roof, walking whenever a professor walked by. Soon, he got to the stairs and walked up to the roof, looking around.

"Playing high school student, are you?"

Kurama turned around and smiled, "There you are, Hiei. I thought I sensed your demon energy."

Hiei walked over to Kurama and said nothing. "Besides, you know going to high school is part of my human life." Hiei nodded. "Have you gone to see Yukina yet?" Kurama walked over to the edge of the roof and sat down, Hiei standing behind him.

"Hn. No. I don't need her wondering why I always go to the temple whenever I come to Human World."

"You could always say you're dropping by just to get away from the bothersome humans here, like you always do."

"And use the same excuse each time? Tsk. No thanks."

Kurama looked back at him. "If you don't like lying to her so much, you could always tell her the truth. You know it's her wish to meet her brother, it only makes her upset living with part of her missing." Hiei looked away, not saying anything. They sat in silence for a while. "Anyways, while you think about what you're going to do, you should know about what's going on. Spirit World gave Yusuke and us a new case."

"I didn't come back here to accept new cases. Yusuke was fired anyways."

"Yes, he was. But it seems that this case is too important. Koenma can't waist time looking for a new spirit detective. We are ordered to watch and protect Yori Ichijo, a new student here. There have been a few murders throughout the city, and they were all close to her neighborhood. Koenma doesn't know if the murderer is a human or an apparition, however."

"I don't see why I have to watch a simple human."

"Yukina will be helping as well."

"That only works on Kuwabara."

"Yes, but if Yukina is helping, then she'll be in danger like the rest of us. You don't want anything happening to her, do you?" Kurama smiled while Hiei looked very annoyed at the fox demon. "Anyways, I have to return to class now. Go stop by Genkai's temple while you're here, Hiei." Kurama walked back down the stairs and returned to Professor Akihino's class.

As he sat down, Yori looked over to him. "Is everything ok? You were gone a long while." Kurama looked to the clock and saw that it was 7:48; he had been out for eighteen minutes.

"Oh, I'm fine, don't worry about me. What are we studying now?"

"We just finished chapter five. Professor Akihino said we should take a short break, but we know she was just waiting for you to get back."

"What makes you thi-" Kurama was cut off by their professor's voice.

"Now let's get started on chapter six!"

Yori looked over at Kurama and gave him an "I told you so" look, causing them both to smile.

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