Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 7

"So explain what happened." The police officer said.

Kurama nodded his head, "Yes sir. After walking Yori home, I ran into my friend, Yusuke, outside of the neighborhood. We talked for a few minutes and then we heard a scream coming from the motel. We looked back and we saw Yori running out of her room and going to her neighbor's room but she froze in the doorway. After a few seconds, Yori screamed and ran inside, which is when me and Yusuke ran inside as well. Shizuna was laying on the floor, dead, and Yori was sitting beside her while crying. I told Yusuke to call an ambulance and I sat with Yori until he came back, then you and the ambulance came and took us here."

The police officer wrote down everything Kurama said, nodding his head at the end. "Alright. Your story matches your friend's story. We will still have to question the girl once she recovers from the shock. You said she lived in the room next to the victim?"

"Yes sir, but I think I will allow her to stay at my house for a while. I don't think it would be wise for her to go back to the motel."

"And who else do you live with?"

"My mother, stepfather, and stepbrother."

The police officer nodded again. "Very well. I'll escort you back to the waiting room."

The two walked out of the interrogation room and went to the waiting room, where Kurama saw Yusuke talking to his mother. Shiori turned her head to the direction of Kurama and the police officer. "Oh! Suichi!" She ran over to him and hugged him tightly. "Are you alright?"

"Yes mother, I'm fine."

"How is your friend doing?" When Kurama said that he didn't know, Shiori grabbed his hand and walked with him over to Yori's room. "Your friend told me what happened, I want you to invite Yori to stay with us until she can find a new place to live. I don't want her living at that motel anymore." Kurama nodded his head and then opened the door to Yori's room while Shiori returned to the waiting room.

"Yori?" After a few seconds, Kurama walked in and saw her sitting up in her bed. She still had a few tears going down her face, but she was no longer shaking. She slowly looked over to Kurama, her eyes sadder then ever before, before looking back down. Kurama pulled a chair up next to her bed and sat down. "Are you doing any better?" He asked quietly.

She didn't say anything. After a while, she whispered to Kurama, "Why did it have to be Ms. Shizuna? She was too good of a person to be killed..." Yori looked back up and Kurama, more tears flowing now and hugged him tightly.

Kurama hugged her back. "I don't know..."

"What was that thing, Suichi? There was a monster in her room, that thing was what killed her... What was it?" She asked, fear in her voice.

Kurama pulled her away and looked at her, "I promise to explain everything, but you must not tell anyone about the creature you saw." Yori starred at him for a few moments before nodding slowly. Kurama slowly pulled her back into a hug again. "I want you to come stay at my house for a while, until you can find a new place to live. My mother and I don't want you to live in that motel anymore."

"But I don't want to be a burden on you or your family..."

"You won't be a burden, I promise." A few seconds passed before Yori nodded her head. The two stayed hugging for a few minutes before a knock came on the door. Hesitantly, Kurama and Yori pulled away and the police officer from before entered the room.

"Ms. Ichijo, there are a few questions I need to ask you, if now is a good time, would you come with me?" He asked.

Yori nodded her head and followed the police officer. "I'll be in the waiting room," Kurama said before she left. Kurama walked back into the waiting room which was now empty besides his mother and two elderly women. "Where did Yusuke go?

Shiori looked up from a magazine she was reading, "His mother called him and told him to come back home. How was your friend?"

"She is still shaken up a bit, but I think she'll be alright. The police officer is talking to her now," Kurama answered.

Shiori closed her eyes and shook her head, "A young girl shouldn't have to go through all this. Did you ask her to come live with us?"

"Yes mother, she said she would, but she doesn't want to be a burden on us."

"Nonsense! She'll be fine, I'll go back to the motel to get her things." Kurama nodded his head and Shiori left.

After around ten minutes, Yori came back into the waiting room. Kurama looked up at her, her hair was a bit messy and she had slight bags under her eyes. He saw that she was wearing an over sized blue tee-shirt with the number twenty-five on it along with some matching shorts. She sat down in the chair next to him, "I'm sure I look like a mess right now, sorry..."

"Nothing a warm bath and some sleep won't fix. You don't need to apologize for anything. My mother should be back soon, she went to pick up your things at the motel and she should be back soon."

"Oh, alright... Suichi?" Kurama looked over at her. "When will you tell me-"

"Suichi, I'm back!" Shiori walked through the automatic door that led into the waiting room and Kurama and Yori stood up.

"When we get to my house," Kurama whispered.

"You must be Yori, my name is Shiori," Shiori said and hugged Yori tightly.

Yori hugged her back, "Yes, thank you very much for allowing me to stay at your home for a while, Ms. Shiori. I'll try not to be a burden on you and your family."

The trio walked for about five minutes before entering a neighborhood. Kurama's house was the house furthest down with a forest right behind it. The front of the house was beautiful with many flowers in the garden. Upon entering the house, Shiori placed a finger over her mouth.

"I placed your things in the guest room, right next to Suichi's. We'll all have to be quiet now though, Kazuya and Kokoda are sleeping." When Yori made a confused face, Shiori said, "My husband and stepson. I'm going to be going to bed now too, feel free to make yourselves dinner before you go to bed." Shiori smile and waved good night.

Kurama made them some leftover chicken cordon bleu and the two ate in silence. After they had finished eating and rinsed their plates, Kurama and Yori made it upstairs to Yori's new room. Yori looked around and saw that the room was very neat. It had a full sized bed, a dresser, desk, and a balcony. She sat on the bed while Kurama closed the door behind them quietly, so not to wake his family.

Kurama sat in the rolling chair that was at Yori's desk and faced her. "You must remember to keep your word and not say anything about what you saw tonight." Yori nodded her head. "What you saw was a demon."

"A demon?" Yori asked.

Kurama nodded his head, "Yes. Besides that one, there are countless other demons. Although, that one you saw was a lower classed one, probably a D-class demon, if it left without seeing you."

"But I thought demons were just make-believe?"

"No. There is another realm where the demons live, Demon World. There is the Demon World, Human World, and Spirit World. The Spirit World is the realm where living beings go after they die and where they have their fate decided. Whether they will go to Heaven or Limbo is decided by King Enma's son, Koenma," Kurama explained.

"I see... I have one more question to ask," Yori said while Kurama nodded. "How do you know so much about everything?"

"When you said you saw a monster in Shizuna's room, that was a demon. Most demons have monster-like appearances, like different colored skin or horns. But not all do. Some can look completely like humans or mostly humans but have some demon characteristics, like ears or tails." Kurama closed his eyes for a few moments before speaking again. "I am human, but I am also a demon."

Yori's eyes widened a bit before she slowly scooted back on her bed, away from Kurama, as if he were about to hurt her. After a few moments, Yori broke the silence. "So... You're half-human, half-demon...?" She asked.

"No. My demon name is Yoko Kurama, and I was born as a fox demon. While I was a demon for over 1,000 years, I was known as the legendary bandit for my analytic skills and thievery. However, fifteen years ago, I was greatly injured by one of the Spirit World's Elite Soldiers. To escape certain death, I traveled to the Human World and possessed the unborn baby of Shiori, now my mother. In my current state, I am the human Suichi Minamino, but I can fight with my demon powers and transform into my old demon self."

Yori paused to take in everything her friend had told her before nodding her head. It was clear to her that this demon sitting in front of her would not hurt her, he after all, was her friend and was also telling her everything. "Are there any other demons around this area?"

"My friend, Hiei, is a fire-demon. He stays in Demon World most times, but he occasionally comes back to Human World, he did today during school. Yusuke is a half-breed, half-demon. One of his ancestors was a powerful demon, a king. When Yusuke died during a fight, his demon blood took over and now he is part demon." Yori nodded her head. "There is also Yukina. She is an ice-demon. Yukina used to live in the Demon World but she came here to look for her lost brother. Now she stays with Master Genkai."

"Oh... So if you, Yusuke, and Yukina are demons, then not all demons are bad..."

"No, not all demons are bad. There are many evil demons, but you would be surprised at how many "good" demons there are." Yori nodded her head and then yawned slightly, causing Kurama to chuckle, "Perhaps it is time we go to bed, you have taken in a lot and we do have to get up early for school."

"Ok, Suichi," Yori said, laying back in her bed and pulling the covers over her.

Kurama smiled, "If you would like, when we are alone or with our friends, you can call me Kurama."

"Ok," Yori said while smiling back at him. "Good night, Kurama."

"Good night, Yori," Kurama said. He got up from the chair and headed out of the room, closing the door quietly before entering his own room. After closing his door, he noticed that he could feel strong demon energy emitting from his balcony. Kurama stood with his back against the wall next to the balcony door for a few seconds before opening the sliding door and running out onto the balcony, facing the demon. After seeing who the new demon was, Kurama narrowed his eyes. "Sen. What are you doing here?"

Sen stood with his back against the railing, his arms crossed, and his eyes closed. Sen then opened his eyes to glare at Kurama before saying, "You shouldn't have told her a damn thing, Yoko. Her memories could re-surface after everything you just told her!" Sen said, standing up straight, his arms still crossed.

Kurama tensed up, ready to fight if need be. "What on Earth are you talking about, exactly?"

Sen laughed at Kurama's confusion, "Are you serious? You don't remember anything, do you? I bet you don't even remember me from back in the old days." Kurama's silence only proved Sen's point. "Think back, Yoko, to 2,500 years ago."

Kurama stood up straight, "No! It couldn't be!"

"That's right. 2,500 years ago, when you served along side me as an elite soldier under my father and mother, King Akame and Queen Kaede, the Kitsune King and Queen of Demon World."

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