Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 8

"That's right. 2,500 years ago, when you served as an elite soldier under my father and mother, King Akame and Queen Kaede, the Kitsune King and Queen of Demon World."

Kurama froze in shock, he never thought that he would see the Kitsune Royals again in his lifetime. Remembering formalities, Kurama got on one knee and crossed his arm over his chest, showing respect. "I see. Forgive me for forgetting, Prince Rensen. I never thought I would see you or your sister again."

"Stand up, Yoko, you never showed me such respect before, so there is no reason for you to now."

Kurama nodded and then stood up, "Yes. It was foolish of me to show you disrespect in my former life, I apologize."

Sen closed his eyes, "It's fine. And I'll call you Suichi if you don't call me Rensen while we're here." Kurama nodded his head. "Anyways, what you did was foolish, you shouldn't have told Yori about Demon World."

"I didn't have a choice. She saw a demon with her own eyes, and she wouldn't have believed me if I told her it was her imagination. We both know that she is not a fool."

"But with this knowledge, she might be in danger now! 1,000 years after you left, a man came to our castle in Endona, not just any man though, my and Yori's godfather. His name was Tenzo, the famous wolf-demon, you might remember him."

Kurama nodded, "Yes. If I remember correctly, he was the general of the army you and me served under."

"Right. He was only allowed to be general because he was a very old friend of my father's. He was taken out of the army because the King and Queen had reason to believe that he was conspiring against them. Long after you left, he came to the castle and let his wishes be known to my parents. Tenzo told them that he would be taking their place in the kingdom shortly, that he would be the new King of Endona and that their daughter would be his new Queen."

"That's preposterous!" Kurama exclaimed.

"It is. My father sent twenty soldiers after Tenzo, but he butchered them all. After that, he went after my father and mother and killed them quickly."

"So now Tenzo is the King of Endona?"

Sen shook his head, "No. At the death of our parents, Yori, well Princess Yoriana then, was in charge of the kingdom. Using her demon powers, she was able to injure Tenzo greatly and send him out of the kingdom. After that, she took charge of the kingdom and made me the army general. She ruled for 1,500 years as Princess of Endona, but a month ago, Tenzo came back. He had many soldiers of his own and was able to make his way into the castle, and while his and our soliders were fighting, he was able to kidnap Yoriana. To get away from him, she injured him and fled to Human World. But when fleeing to Human World, something happened..."

Kurama narrowed his eyes, "What was it?"

"I'm not entirely sure. Something must have happened while she was transporting from one world to the other, she lost her memories when she got here and her demon energy dropped to practically nothing and with that, her demon powers couldn't be accessed."

"I see. That must be why her energy seemed to be that of a human."

Sen nodded his head, "Yes. If you were to focus really hard, you can sense slight demon energy from her." Sen sighed, "I was in Human World during the attack on the kingdom, trying to keep the balance between the two worlds like I was ordered to. When a messenger came and told me what had happened, I tried to find Yoriana as soon as possible. It was clear to me that she had lost all memories and powers when I finally found her, so I decided to just watch her from afar, well, until those guys tried to grab her that is."

Kurama nodded his head, "Why don't you want her memories to re-surface?"

"Well... I don't know really!" Sen said while laughing, "I guess because she's never really like ruling Edona, mainly because she's always had to keep a watch out for Tenzo, always have her guard up, and also because she's been depressed. Once our parents died, she went into a deep depression for the longest time. She's been getting better, but she was still upset and everyone could tell. It'd be nice if she could live a normal life for a while, without the thought of our parents upsetting her every day. But some day, she'll have to return to Edona..."

The two sighed and sat in silence for a while. When Kurama felt something wet drip on his head, he looked up towards the sky and saw snow slowly falling from the sky. "I should get back inside, and you should head home, we do have school to go to tomorrow."

"Yes." Sen walked over to the railing. "I'm warning you once and only once, Yoko Kurama. Do not let any harm come to my sister, or I will show you pain you have never felt before."

Kurama narrowed his eyes, "Of course, Prince Rensen." Sen nodded his head and jumped off of Kurama's balcony. After Sen left his home, Kurama went back into his room, laid in his bed, and went to sleep.

Yori's P.O.V.

The next morning, Yori woke up at 6:00 at the sound of the alarm clock ringing. Yawning loudly, Yori pressed the OFF button and got out of bed. Rubbing her eyes, Yori walked over to the balcony window and gasped slightly when she saw snow falling from the sky. She opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony and looked over the railing. There was at least three inches of snow on the ground. Yori smiled, the snow looked like a white blanket covering the ground and she found it to be completely beautiful. She stepped back into her room and closed the door, then walked over to her dresser to get her uniform on. After she pulled her uniform out, there was a soft knock on her door.

"Yori? May I come in?" Kurama said through the door.

"S-sure." Kurama opened the door and stepped in.

"The school just called. They are cancelling school for the day because of all the snow and ice."

"Oh, I see." Yori put her uniform back in her dresser, "Well is there anything you'd like to do today, then? It would be a shame to waste the day, staying at home."

Kurama smiled, "Yes, it would. Perhaps we could meet up with our friends later at the lake."

"You mean Yukina, Keiko, and Yusuke?"

"Yes, and a few others you have yet to meet, if that's alright with you."

Yori smiled, "Sure. I'd love to meet the rest of your friends, Kurama."

Kurama nodded, "I'll tell them to meet us there at 8, go ahead and get dressed and I'll go make breakfast for everyone." Yori nodded and Kurama left the room, closing the door behind him. Yori opened her dresser again and grabbed her black long-sleeved shirt and white skinny jeans. After getting dressed, she walked over to the mirror on the wall and brushed her hair and put on some make-up so she looked presentable before she left the room. Walking downstairs into the kitchen, Yori saw Kurama at the oven making pancakes and bacon, while Shiori and two others were sitting at the table.

The four looked up at Yori and Shiori smiled, "Oh good morning dear! This is my husband, Kazuya, and his son, Kokoda."

"Nice to meet you both, thank you for allowing me to stay here for a while," Yori said, bowing slightly.

Kazuya looked up from the newspaper he was reading and smiled, "Nice to meet you too, and it isn't a problem." Kokoda said nothing and just stared at the pretty teenager starring in his kitchen. When Kokoda didn't say anything, Kazuya smiled again and smacked Kokoda upside the head with the newspaper he was holding. "Mind your manners, Kokoda!"

"Uh.. Oh! It's nice to meet you too!" Kokoda said. Yori looked up to Kurama and smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Go ahead and take a seat, Yori, I'll be done shortly." Yori smiled again and nodded her head before sitting down at the table. Kurama put the food on plates and brought it to Yori and the others before setting a plate down for himself.

While eating, Kazuya looked up at them, "I'm afraid I'll be gone for most of the day, working and going to a business meeting, what about you all?"

Shiori sighed to herself, "I have to clean up the house a bit and do some shopping."

"I'm finishing up a project for school," Kokoda said.

"I see. What about you, Suichi?"

Kurama looked up from his plate and smiled, "I'll be taking Yori to Fairview Lake today, we're going to meet up with a few friends." He looked over to Yori, "I already called them up, they all said that they will come." Yori smiled and nodded her head.

"The lake, huh? Me and your mother met there, you know, they said that most couples get together there," Kazuya said while winking at Kurama.

Kurama closed his eyes and shook his head while smiling while Yori blushed and looked back down at her plate.

"Oh Kazuya, stop embarrassing the two of them!" Shiori looked back over to them, "I'm sure you two will have a lovely time with your friends."

After everyone finished eating and cleaned their plates, Kazuya said goodbye and left the house, Kokoda went to his room, Shiori went into the living room, and Kurama and Yori went upstairs to Kurama's room.

"We still have another hour before we have to go meet the others," Kurama said pointing at his alarm clock which read 7:00. "If you want, we can go the cafe before we go to the lake." Yori smiled and nodded her head, then Kurama walked over to his closet pulling out two similar dark green coats. "Put this on, it'll be very cold outside," Kurama said, holding out one of the coats to her. Yori gratefully took it from him and slid it on. Kurama and Yori went back downstairs and said goodbye to Shiori before leaving the house.

Once outside, they started walking towards the cafe.

Yori looked over to Kurama, "So what are your other friends like, Kurama?"

Kurama looked back at her, "Well you've already met Keiko, Yukina, and Yusuke. The other's are Shizuru, Kuwabara and Hiei. Shizuru and Kuwabara are siblings and Hiei is an old friend of mine, however I am certain that Hiei won't be coming today. He doesn't carry a phone so I wasn't able to get in touch with him."

"Hn. Turn around then."

Yori and Kurama turned around and saw Hiei walking up to the two of them with his hands in the pockets of his cloak.

Kurama smiled, "Hiei, it's good to see you again. Yori, this is Hiei, a good friend of mine."

Hiei looked at Yori. Yori bowed slightly, "Hello..." Hiei said nothing.

"We're going down to the cafe before we head to the lake to meet with the others, join us, Hiei." Kurama said while smiling.

"Hn." Hiei began walking again and Kurama and Yori walked with him. They reached the cafe in no time, ordering each of them a hot chocolate while Hiei seemed very uninterested in the sugar filled drink. They sat and drank the hot chocolate while talking for a good forty-five minutes about all the adventures they've had together with Yusuke and their other friend, Kuwabara. Yori could tell that Hiei didn't exact like Kuwabara by the way he always called him an "idiotic human".

After they were done talking, the three began to walk to Fairview Lake. "There they are! Hey look, Hiei's with them, too!" The three looked over to the right and saw the gang standing around a picnic table. Keiko had been the one who had called out. Kurama, Hiei, and Yori walked over to their friends and smiled in greetings while Hiei said nothing as usual. "Yori, this is Shizuru Kuwabara and Kazuma Kuwabara, but everyone calls him Kuwabara," said Keiko.

"Hello, Shizuru and Kazuma," Yori said bowing slightly. Yori stood back up straight and waved at the rest of her friends, "Hello, everyone, how are you?"

Everyone smiled and waved back at her. They began talking about how they should spend their day off, when Kuwabara threw a snowball right at Yusuke's face.

"... Alright Kuwabara, you're officially dead!" Yusuke started throwing snowballs at Kuwabara and the others as well while Kurama and Yori chuckled at their friends. Yori stopped laughing when she noticed that one of their friends wasn't around anymore.

"Kurama, where did Hiei go?" Yori asked.

Kurama looked up and pointed at one of the trees where Hiei was laying down on one of the branches, appearing to be asleep, "He's up there."

"Oh.." Yori walked over to the tree. "Hello, Hiei, mind if I join you?"

Hiei had his eyes closed and his arms crossed behind his head. "Hn. Isn't it too high for you humans?" Opening one eye, he saw that Yori was already sitting on the branch that was right next to his. Hiei said nothing and closed his eyes again.

Yori smiled and watched Yusuke, Kuwabara, Keiko, and Yukina throwing snowballs at each other while Kurama stood over at the side with Shizuru who was smoking a cigarette. Looking back over at Hiei, she noticed that he was keeping one eye open, watching Yukina. "Hmm... Do you like Yukina, Hiei?"

Hiei opened both his eyes and glared at Yori, "You can't be serious. No I don't, you fool." Yori tilted her head and stared at him, when she remembered how Kurama had once said Yukina was looking for her demon brother in the Human World and how Hiei had rescued Yukina twice, once from an evil human, and another time when she was almost crushed.

"I get it! You're her brother then!"

Hiei continued to glare at her, "And where is your logic in that ridiculous theory?"

"Well, you didn't deny it... And well, it kinda makes sense. You rescued her twice without being ordered to, and from what I've gathered, you don't really care about others that much. You are both short and have red eyes and blue hair, even though yours is more towards black and hers is more towards a minty color. And you were watching her just now, and not the others," Yori stuck her tongue out at Hiei.

Hiei closed his eyes again and chuckled a little. "Hn. It seems you're not as moronic as the rest of these humans."

"Aha! So I'm right, aren't I!"

"If you tell anyone of your theory, I will kill you."

"Hehe, I knew I was right."

Yori laughed a little at Hiei when four snowballs flew up at her and Hiei, one of them hitting him, "Are you two going to stay up there all day? Come down here already!" Yusuke said while laughing at them.

Yori jumped down from the tree branch and Hiei stayed where he was. The group of friends spent the day together having loads of fun, having a snowball fight, building snow men and making snow angels, drinking more hot chocolate, and just talking and hanging out.

Towards the end of the day, the group of friends were beginning to head out of the park.

"Haha that was awesome! We should do it again some time!" Kuwabara said.

Yori nodded, "I agree, it was rather fun."

"Perhaps next time we have the day off-" Kurama was cut off by the sound of a wolf howling.

"Was that a wolf, Kazuma?" Yukina asked.

Kuwabara looked extremely confused, "Well yeah, but there aren't supposed to be wolfs around here, are there?" He asked looking at Kurama.

"You're right, Kuwabara. Either way, we should get home immediately." They all nodded their heads and started walking again. Yori stayed behind everyone and yawned quietly. Looking at her friends, she saw Kurama tense up and turned around quickly. "Get out of the way!" Kurama shouted, pushing her down to the ground.

"Kurama! What are you doing?" Yori looked up and saw a person standing right where she used to stand, only this person had ears and a tail. "W-What is he?"

"It's a wolf-demon!" Yusuke shouted, "Get out of here, now! Take the girls with you and go! Now!" Kurama helped Yori stand back up while Kuwabara pushed the other girls toward them.

"Let's go, Yori!" Keiko shouted, she grabbed her hand and they started running. Yori looked behind them and saw the boys fighting the demon, Kurama pulled a rose out of his hair and it transformed into a whip. When Kurama attacked, the demon disappeared in thin air.

"Found you!" Yori gasped and turned around, seeing the demon right in front of her. The four girls screamed at the sudden appearance. "You're coming with me, girl!" The demon grabbed Yori's wrist and started pulling her away.

"Get off me! Let go!" Yori screamed.

"Be quiet!" The wolf-demon faced Yori again and swiped his claws at her, cutting her stomach and chest. Yori screamed and fell to the ground unable to move.

Yukina, Keiko, and Shizuru ran over to help, kicking and punching at their enemy's back. Greatly annoyed, the demon turned around and faced the girls. The demon went to attack the three when a red light started to glow from behind them. Turning around, the demon and other girls saw Yori sitting up, her eyes glowing red and a ball of red light glowing from her hand, which soon shot out and quickly obliterated the wolf-demon attacking her friends. Once the light died down, and the demon gone, Yori fell back down to the ground, unconscious.

"Yori!" Keiko, Shizuru, and Yukina yelled.

Kurama's P.O.V.

"Rose whip!" Kurama lashed his whip out at the demon who had attacked them out of no where, however, before the whip could make contact with the new enemy, it disappeared right before their very eyes. Kurama looked around, but he could not see the demon anywhere.

"Where did it go?" Yusuke shouted.

"Maybe it gave up?" Kuwabara wondered.

Hiei started running towards where the girls had run off to, "No, I can sense it over there!" The boys ran after the demon, turning around the corner where the demon's energy could be sensed. While they were running, they saw a bright red light glowing around the next corner, but as soon as it appeared, it disappeared.

"Yori!" Kurama heard Keiko, Shizuru, and Yukina yell. Running ahead of the group, he turned the corner and saw Yori on the ground with a cut going from her chest down to her stomach and the other three girls surrounding her.

Gasping, Kurama ran over to her side and started inspecting her wound.

"Will she be alright?" Keiko asked Kurama urgently.

After looking at her wound a bit more, he said, "I need to get her to my house immediately. The demon had poison in its claws, only an herb I have at my house can make a proper antidote." Picking her up carefully, he started running home with Hiei at his side, leaving Yusuke and Kuwabara to learn what happened from the other girls. "Hiei, I'll need your help getting back into my house without alerting my mother." Hiei nodded his head.

Once Hiei and Kurama got to Kurama's house, they jumped up onto the balcony that led into Kurama's room. Opening the sliding door, they walked into his room, closing the door behind them. Kurama carefully set Yori down onto his bed and walked over to his closet, grabbing a first-aid kit while Hiei locked Kurama's door. While Kurama began mixing a few herbs that were in the kit, Hiei sat down by the balcony and watched outside. Soon, the proper antidote was made, and Kurama began applying it to the wound on Yori's chest, bandaging her up afterwards. Kurama pulled the blankets over Yori and sat in a chair next to the bed, waiting for her to awaken.

Three hours had passed and Yori was still asleep.

"Are you sure that antidote of yours worked, Kurama?" Hiei asked.

"I'm certain. I've treated this type of poison before and these herbs have always worked. It just takes time, she should be waking shortly though," Kurama answered, grabbing Yori's hand tightly, as though he was fearing that he was wrong.

A few minutes later, Yori began to stir. She sat up and winced in pain. "Oww... I hurt a lot."

"You're alright..." Kurama whispered, more to himself than to her.

Yori looked over to him and noticed he was gripping her hand tightly. She smiled and hugged him tightly, "Thank you, Kurama." When Kurama hugged her back, Hiei rolled his eyes and walked outside the room, into the hallway.

"You shouldn't even be awake yet," Kurama said, pulling away. "It usually takes twice the amount of time for that poison to get out of a person's system."

Yori tilted her head, "Were you scared I wouldn't make it?" Kurama didn't say anything, so Yori smiled and kissed his cheek, "Thank you for saving me. I would have died if it wasn't for you."

Kurama placed his hand on her cheek and rested his forehead against hers, "Please get some more rest, you're still in pain..."

"I'll be fine." Yori replied. Kurama leaned in closer to her, brushing his thumb against her cheek, when he sensed demon energy again.

"Kurama!" The balcony door was thrown open by his old ally, Sen. "I told you to not let any har-" Sen froze mid-sentence when he saw how close the demon thief was to his sister. "What the hell, Kurama!?" Sen pulled out a sword from its holster on his back and charged at him.

"Back off, fool." Out of no where, Hiei stood in front of Kurama and Yori, with his sword against Sen's. Sen growled at Hiei.

Kurama placed his hand on Hiei's shoulder, "Hiei. You shouldn't have interfered with my punishment."

"Punishment? What are you talking about, Kurama?" Yori asked.

Sen backed off his attack and glared at Kurama. "This is your fault," he said, pointing at Yori's bandaged chest with his sword. "You should have been protecting her, not letting her get a two foot wound across her chest!"

"I can take care of myself, thank you!" Yori yelled at Sen.

"And look where taking care of yourself got you."

Yori froze, knowing that Sen was completely right.

"I told you not to let any harm come to her. Are you ready for your punishment, Yoko?" Sen stood in an attack position, ready to give Kurama the same wound Yori suffered from.

"I am." Kurama stood up, knowing that he had wronged the Prince, it was his fault that Yori had gotten hurt.

"Very well." Sen charged Kurama, sword in hand.

Yori jumped out of her bed and stood in front of Kurama. "Stop!" She yelled at her friend.

Sen froze in his tracks, "What the hell are you doing!? It's his fault that you were injured, he should have been watching you!"

"He was protecting me and our friends from the demon! It is not his fault and you are an idiot to think that it is! Get out!"

Sen backed up a step, "Yori, wait, I-"

"I said get out!" She yelled again. Sen hesitated and then ran out the room and jumped off the balcony. After he had left, Yori fell to the ground, being caught on both sides by Hiei and Kurama. "I'm sorry you two, my chest still hurts a lot..." They helped her up and Kurama led her back onto the bed.

"The poison is out of your system, but it'll be a while before the actual wound is healed, I'm afraid."

"Why did Sen attack you." Yori said, getting straight to the point.

Kurama didn't say anything, noticing that Hiei was looking at him too, wondering the same thing, no doubt. Kurama laid Yori back in his bed and pulled a blanket over her, "You need rest if you ever want that wound to heal. I'll bring your dinner up to you when it's ready." Kurama and Hiei walked out of the room and headed downstairs.

"I'm curious about the same thing, fox." Hiei said, walking to the front door.

Kurama sighed and opened the door, walking outside with his friend. "I'll talk to you and the others about it later, I have to go make dinner for everyone." Hiei nodded before starting to walk away. "Hiei, did you ever talk to Yukina?"

Hiei stopped walking and turned back, "I'll tell you things once you tell me things, friend." He said and then walked off.

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