Through a Fox's Eyes

Chapter 9

Kurama walked back into his house, sighing as he closed the door. Once he walked into the kitchen, he started on dinner. He turned around once he heard footsteps coming from the stairs.

"What are you making?" Yori asked, coming from around the corner.

Kurama stared at her for a moment, "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Nahh, I wanted to help. I'm not one for tons of bedrest. So what are you making?"

"I making chicken, steak, vegetables, and rice," Kurama said. He sighed, "If you're not going to rest, then you can help." Yori smiled and walked over to him.

While she started chopping up different vegetables, she looked over at Kurama who was preparing the steak. "So, Kurama... When are you going to explain what happened with Sen?"

"What happened is not for me to tell, you'll have to ask him," Kurama said, not looking up for his cooking.

"Well then what happened earlier? I don't remember! That demon attacked me and the girls and then I blacked out and woke up here. You can at least tell me what happened there!"

Kurama sighed, "I'm not sure. We were fighting and when I tried to attack, it disappeared. Hiei sensed it towards where you and the girls escaped to, but when we found you, it was gone and you were on the ground with that injury. Yusuke and Kuwabara were supposed to get Keiko to tell them what happened, but they have yet to call. Perhaps they will call us tomorrow since it's late."

"I see..." Yori said, looking over to the clock which read 11:00pm; Shiori, Kazuya, and Kokoda should already be asleep by now. Yori sighed then pulled out a pot from under the counter, filling it up with water as she prepared to make some tea for the two of them. She thought back to when the demon attacked and when she blacked out, waking up in Kurama's bed where he and Hiei waited for her to wake up. The she thought about what happened after... when Kurama and she almost... Yori's eyes got wide and she started blushing madly.

Kurama looked up at her, "Yori? Are you alright?" He walked over to her and saw her face was red, "Do you have a fever?" he asked, placing his hand on her forehead.

Yori quickly turned around, "I-I'm fine! I'm actually really not all that hungry so I'm going to go to bed, good night!" She ran out of the kitchen and ran upstairs, closing her door behind her.

Kurama's P.O.V.

Kurama stood in the kitchen, confused by the girl's behavior. Shrugging, he continued making dinner, which would now only be for one. After he was finished preparing the food, he sat down at the table with his plate and began to eat, only to be interrupted by someone knocking at the door. Sighing, Kurama got up and walked to the door, opening it up to see Yusuke and Keiko.

"Hey buddy! What's cooking?" Yusuke asked, walking inside Kurama's house.

Kurama looked confused, "Dinner, Yusuke what are you two doing here at this hour?" Kurama and Keiko walked in after him.

"Well you know, a demon attacked us and tried to take Yori is all. Me and Kuwabara would have stopped by earlier but haha my mom started screamin at me to come home, and Kuwabara had homework! So here I am now! Oh yeah, Keiko's here cuz she wanted to check up on Yori."

"The demon tried taking Yori?" Yusuke nodded his head. "I see... Keiko, Yori is upstairs, first door on the left, though she just ran upstairs saying she was going to bed. Her face was red, she might have a fever so be careful not to get sick if she does have one."

Keiko looked confused but went on upstairs.

"So what did Keiko and the others say?" Kurama asked while making another plate for Yusuke.

Yusuke sat down at the table, "Keiko said that they started running like we told them and the demon just appeared and tried to take Yori away." Kurama set the plate down where Yusuke was sitting, "Thanks. When he tried to take her, it scratched her and she fainted. Keiko and the others tried punching and kicking it; Keiko and Shizuru have nasty punches but I don't think they would have been able to take this demon on." Kurama nodded his head, signaling Yusuke to go on, "After that, apparently Yori's eyes started glowing red and she demolished the thing with some glowing red ball, God knows how she did that."

"I see," Kurama said. "Well actually-" Kurama was yet again interupted by another knock on the door. "I can't get a break tonight," Kurama said, getting up to go to the door.

The door threw itself open, with Botan on the other side, "You're supposed to be the smartest member of our team and yet you're still so innocent, Kurama!" Botan yelled.

"Shh!" Kurama said, gesturing for her to be quiet. "My family is sleeping and you're going to wake everyone up, Botan. Now what are you talking about?"

"Ugh! Men are so thick-headed! 'Her face is red, maybe she has a fever'," she said, doing a poor job of trying to mock Kurama's voice. She threw her hands up in the air, "I'm going to see Yori! By the way, don't you forget to tell Koenma about the demon attack!" Botan said, ignoring Kurama while she walked away, muttering something about men being stupid.

"But she hasn't even met you yet!" Yusuke said.

"Well she's going to meet me now!" She turned back to Kurama for a second and shook her head, walking up the stairs.

Kurama and Yusuke stood there for a few moments. "What was that about!?" Yusuke asked.

Kurama sighed and shook his head, sitting back down to eat his dinner, "I have no idea." They ate in silence, and Kurama debated on whether he should tell Yusuke about Yori's past yet. He decided against it, for now. Kurama cleared his throat after they finished eating, "Perhaps you and Keiko should go home now, it's late and school should be back open tomorrow, I'll tell you what I know tomorrow."

Yusuke stared at his friend momentarily before nodding his head. "Alright, I'll go get Keiko." Yusuke walked upstairs and came back down after about half a minute. "Looks like Keiko and Botan are sleeping over! Have fun!" and with that, Yusuke ran out the house leaving Kurama wondering what on Earth was going on.

Yori's P.O.V.

Yori quickly turned around, "I-I'm fine! I'm actually really not all that hungry so I'm going to go to bed, good night!" She ran out of the kitchen and ran upstairs, closing her door behind her. After closing the door, she pressed her back against it, sliding down to the floor. 'I almost kissed him...' she thought, 'He must think poorly of me now...' Yori covered her face, trying not to cry over the fact that he might hate her. Yori stood back up and walked over to her dresser, pulling out a pair of pajamas. While she was changing, she heard Kurama speaking to someone downstairs and then quickly got dressed when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She jumped slightly when she heard a knock on the door, "Y-yes?" Yori said.

"Hey Yori? It's Keiko, can I come in?" Yori sighed a huge sigh of relief when she heard it wasn't Kurama. She walked over to the door and opened it up, letting her friend in. "Hey! How are you feeling?" Keiko asked, closing the door behind her.

"I'm fine, Kurama gave me an antidote to get the poison out of me, but the actual wound still hurts a lot. Not that I don't want you here, but what are you doing here, Keiko?"

Keiko laughed, "Well I'd be horrible friend if I didn't come to check up on you, I know it's late, but Yusuke was already coming over, so I tagged along! Yukina, Kuwabara and Shizuru said they'll stop by tomorrow after school, so I'll be coming over tomorrow too!"

"Oh ok," Yori laughed a little, glad that her new friends cared about her enough to come see her, and the two sat down on her bed.

"Oh by the way, Kurama said you might have a fever? Because your face was all red?" Yori blushed again, "Ohhh, I get it. Did something happen between you and Kurama?"


Keiko leaned in a little, clearly interested, "Well?"


"You're supposed to be the smartest member of our team and yet you're still so innocent, Kurama!" Yori heard a new voice yelling from downstairs.

Yori looked towards the door, "Whose that?"

Keiko laughed, "It sounds like Botan. She must already know about what happened between you and Kurama, so don't deny it when she comes in."

"O-ok?" The door threw itself open and a blue-haired teenager walked in.

"Ugh, men are so stupid!" She closed the door behind her, "I mean a fever? Really? I'm telling you, Yori, he isn't always this stupid." She plopped down onto the bed next to Keiko. Her face immediately turned from pissed off as hell to extremely cheerful, "Helloooo, I'm Botan!"

"Um, hi? I'm Yori?"

"I know who you are," she said sticking her tongue out.

Keiko turned back to Yori, "Botan is the grim reaper, not many people can see her when she's in that state so she probably saw you and Kurama, but will you please tell me what happened?"

"The grim reaper?" She asked looking at the cheerful girl, "Uh ok, sure. And well as for Kurama and me..."

"You two almost kissed!?" Keiko asked, completely shocked and Yori nodded her head. "And your friend from school tried to attack Kurama?" Yori nodded again. The three sighed in unison.

Then more footsteps were heard from the stairs followed by a knock on the door and Yusuke opening it up. "Yo Keiko, I'm heading out, come o-" Yusuke was cut off by Botan throwing her shoe at his face.

"Get out! We're having a girl's night! I'll take her home, so get out! Shoo!" Botan yelled at him, causing him to run out. The three girls laughed and Yori got up and closed the door. "Much better!" Botan said.

"Yep! And don't worry about Kurama, he definitely does not hate you, he's just really thick headed when it comes to girls," Keiko said. "I think all smart guys are." Yori nodded slowly, not sure if Keiko was right or not. "Well let's get your mind off it, worrying is going to get you no where, trust me." The three girls stayed up most of night, doing makeovers, listening to music, telling stories, and just having fun. Yori enjoyed Keiko and Botan's company and decided that she would want to have another girl's night soon. Around four in the morning, Botan took Keiko home by riding on her oar, who knew the grim reaper could fly, right?

Yori set her alarm for 6:00 and went to bed even though she would only get two hours of sleep.

"We found her in the Human World at a place called Fairview Lake; Rinsho didn't come back." A man said, kneeling before another man, sitting upon a throne, hidden by shadows.

"And what happened to Rinsho?" The second man asked.

"She killed him."

"I see. Very well, it is clear to me that my men won't stand a chance against her," He stood up, walking out of the shadows. He was a tall man with black hair that went down to his mid-back and choppy bangs with one white streak in hair. His eyes were black but they started to glow red, "I'll go myself."

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