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My best friend that I like more than a friend

By FairyTailxNaLu

Other / Romance

Hands off

Summer has finally ended and school days are back. It's another school year in Fairy Tail High and all students are excited to come back to school to see their friends.

One of them is Lucy Heartfilia, one of the smartest students of the school. She maybe smart but she's not a nerdy nerd because she is considered to be a beauty as well. Because of her beauty, she has become popular to the guys. And since she gets a lot of attention, there is this one person that Lucy have that protects her from all the cat callings and admirers. Lucy has become a single lady ever since because of her best friend, Natsu.

Natsu Dragneel, one of Fairy tail's best basketball player and well admired by girls. He has become popular because of his skills in the court. But even if he is an athlete, he has a way to be a top student. He may act as if he didn't care about studying because of his habit of being late in class, but he never fails his teachers to answer their questions. Because of this, younger students and girls admired him for being cool. But even if he has gets a lot of attention, he cares for one person, his best friend, Lucy. He has met Lucy since they were kids and up until now, they stick together no matter what. Since his best friend is as popular as he is, he developed the attitude of being protective. So now, he never allows any guy to court Lucy, for the reason of just taking care of his best friend.

First day of school and a certain blonde student has gone to school already. It's still too early in the morning to be in campus, but Lucy is not surprisingly early walking towards their school main building already. While walking, she was humming some song when suddenly an arm surprised her around her shoulder. "Good morning Luce!"

"Natsu?! what are you doing here?! I mean, you don't come to school this early... wait you are real right? Not some double ganger?" Lucy said as she stops from her tracks and started to grasp her best friend's face to look and check at him if he was for real.

"Your being weird again Luce. Of course I'm here at school because its first day of classess..." Natsu replied as he took Lucy's hands off his face and just held onto her wrist, "And besides...I wanted to surprise someone…"

Lucy was somehow surprised with what he said, so unconsciously her face began to color. She began to think if it was her he wanted to surprise. Didn't want to be assuming, she shake the thoughts away and  didn't hesitated to ask, "So, who is it? Do I know who?"

"SECRET! But I'll tell you later! See you later Luce!" Natsu shouted as he runs off away from her going inside the building. "Wait! Natsu!" Lucy called but he was half way near the school building already. Keeping her gaze to the descending figure of her best friend, she suddenly sees him wave goodbye before disappearing inside the building.

"Good morning Lu-chan!" A female voice suddenly shouts afar behind her. Lucy then turns around to identify the person who called her. Seeing who it is, she gives a grin to the blue haired girl approaching her, "Good morning Levy"

"Was that Natsu earlier? He is sure early today!" Levy said as she stands next to the blonde. Soon enough, the two continues to walk along the trail towards the building Natsu went into. "Yeah...he said he wanted to surprise someone…"

"Who? You?" Levy asks as soon as they both entered the building and headed straight to the lockers.

"Of course not Levy!... Well I don't know really…" Lucy said as she slightly bits her lower lip. Reaching their lockers, Lucy and Levy began to unlock their respective lockers and stuffed their things inside it.

"Oh come on Lu-chan! We know Natsu has been the sweetest best fri-" Levy reasoned while closing her locker before she was cut off by her blonde friend, "That's it Levy! Best-friend, nothing else… We have been friends for so long and I'm pretty sure that's how he sees me…" Lucy said as she closes her locker too and looked at her friend.

"Yeah right! Is that how you see him too?" Levy started to tease the blonde by bumping her with her elbow and she just gave a disbelief smile, "Yeah…"

"Oh-kay..." Levy replied sounding unconvinced by the response Lucy made. Knowing her other best friend, Lucy just looked away and tried her best to hide her red cheeks.

Soon Lucy and Levy left and walked on to their room. They entered the room 3-A with few students inside. Lucy took the seat beside the window on the second to the last row.

After a good 30 minutes of wait, the bell rang at 7:00 am, which made the students come to class, rushing in to grab their seats. Their first class was world Literature and Ms. Mary has came in already for her subject.

Despite being early, Lucy hasn't found any sign of a pink haired teen in the room. Lucy knew that Natsu would be her classmate for the school year because she got the schedule for him in the office. But somehow the young man was starting to run late again, which is not surprising since he is always like that every school year. So Lucy, being overly concerned for her best friend, despite disobeying the rule of no texting during class, she grabs her phone from her bag and started texting him.

To: Natsu baka

Message: Where are you?! Our teacher is here already! Hurry up! And class is starting!

Delivered: 7: 07 AM

As Lucy hid her phone back to her bag, the door suddenly slammed open revealing a blonde teen. He had a lazy look to the teacher while entering and greeting her, "Good morning Ms. Mary… Sorry I'm late." He said this without looking back at the teacher as he just continued his way to an empty chair. Ms. Mary was just left dumbfounded but soon shook her head and responded, "Alright take you seat Mr. Eucliffe, lets check the-"

"Wait!" A loud shout was heard outside the room when another slam in the door happened. As it opened, it revealed a pink haired student who was trying to catch his breath. The teacher was surprised at first, but the longer she stared at the newly arrived student, she just gave a queering look, "Mr. Dragneel, just come in and take your seat. You did't have to shout at the corridor"


"And you're late… AGAIN"

Natsu just gave his signature smile as he walks off to his usual chair. His usual chair would be beside Lucy but to his surprise the seat was now already taken. A certain blonde has taken his seat and he's not liking it. So he stood in front of teen and gave a stern look, "Sting… I believe that's my chair" Natsu said as he stood straighter to emphasize his height while crossing his arms across his chest. 

As Lucy followed Natsu's movement ever since he walked in, she ended up staring at the two, who seemed to make everyone stiff in their seats. But soon enough, all students startled when their teacher slammed the table with her hand, "Again, Mr. Dragneel, take you seat"

"Hai..." Natsu replied keeping his gaze to a sleepy blonde teen before he walks away and grabs the chair behind Lucy. He was annoyed because he wanted to be beside Lucy. He has these moments where he would just stare at his best friend listen to their teacher or see her lazily stares at the blackboard. Trying to find a silver lining, he convinced himself that it was still a good thing that Lucy is still in front of me…I can still chit chat with her…Natsu thought as he stared at Lucy's hair.

As Ms. Mary began to write in the board, Lucy quickly turns and looks at her best friend, "It's okay Natsu, let it go… At least we are still seatmates" Lucy then gives her beautiful smile before turning around again to face their teacher and start listening.

Natsu's POV

I have been staring at Lucy's back for almost two periods. And it annoys me that I can't even see her face. Lucy's face has always been my stress relief in class. No wonder I always end up staring at her all the time. She has been my best friend ever since and I get pissed off when guys try to make a move on her… She is mine!

Well...technically my best friend…

It's just that, it annoys me when other creeps try to court her. No guy is better for Lucy except...well, I don't know. She needs a guy who would make her laugh all the time, make her feel special, someone who'd protect and take her home all the time. Just like what I do. So, I'll scare these creeps away until I see that perfect guy for Lucy. But then again, it feels like I can't let other guy have her...  

"Mr. Dragneel! Answer number three!" Mr. Fasuyama suddenly called out making me startled with the call of my name

"Huh? Wha-what?" I stuttered as everyone started to look at me


"Alright class, read pages 17 to 35  for next meeting discussion!" our teacher said as he fixs his things

"WOOH! Saved by the bell!" I said as I suddenly dropped to my chair. Knowing it would be break time next, I placed my legs to my table and began to rock my chair backwards looking at the ceiling for a second. Until I hear someone call out to Lucy, making me stop whatever I was doing.

"Hey Lucy, can I join you for recess? uh, you know just grab snacks with you and your friends" Sting said as he stood from my usual seat and shoved his hands to his pockets. Looking up at Lucy, I can see how surprised she is by the sudden request. Knowing that she'll say no 'cause I'm here watching, I was taken aback by what I heard next.

 "Uh, yeah sure…" Lucy replied before calling out to Levy. "Hey Levy! Sting is joining us..." Lucy said earning a gleeful nod from our friends. 

When Lucy began to walk pass Sting who followed behind her, I suddenly realized Lucy did not invite me! "Hey aren't you gonna invite me to eat with you too Luce!?"

"Oh!" Lucy quickly turns to look at me, and seeing her surprised, I couldn't help myself to grin.  I then stood up and was about to sprint towards her until she said something again, "Wait… I thought you were going to surprise somebody?" Lucy brought up an eye brow to me which made me sweat dropped. "W-well… That is for later at lunch…"

Lucy stared at me for a short time before shrugging away the thought and continued to walk. Before I could even follow, I heard a slight chuckle coming from my chair robber. 

"right…" Sting commented before turning his back to me. As for me, I got pissed off with his remark, "What did you say? why are you making some bull-"

"Natsu! No foul words!" Lucy cuts me off as she turns and points a finger at me. "No curse words exchange with Sting… alright?" Lucy continued as she stood straight before giving me a crocked smile. With the hard tension going on a few minutes ago, it all suddenly changed when someone called out coming from the outside of the room, "Lucy-chan! Levy-chan! Come on let's eat!"

"Coming Juvia!..." Lucy called then turns back at me,"Natsu? Are you coming?" Soon Lucy and Levy turned around to walk out of the room together having Blondie boy follow behind. Slowly walking towards the door, I suddenly notice, STING'S HAND WAS BEHIND LUCY'S BACK! At instant I walked faster and stumped my feet out of the room until I reach the cafeteria. Then I suddenly thought, No one does that to Lucy except me!

"Hey hands off! Hey Sting! I'm talking to you! Oy! Listen to me! Oy!"

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