My best friend that I like more than a friend


Early Saturday morning, Natsu woke up for their basketball training in school. He looked better than last night and he seemed to be more energized. As he walked in his room fixing his things, he was muttering, 'doing the right thing…be a good boyfriend'.

As soon as he finished he left the house and walked his way to school. To his surprise, he saw a blonde walking coming from the other corner he was going to pass by. Later that second, he sprints his way to the girl and wrapped his arms around her shoulder, "Ohayo! (Good morning!)"

Lucy groan at the sudden arms in her shoulder and got surprised as she looked at the person, "Natsu?!...O-ohayo…"

"So where are you going? It's too early for you to go shopping…" Lucy then shrugged his arms away and walked on her own side, "I'm not going to shop…I'm going to school"

"School? But I know you didn't join any sport…Not that I'm say-"

"Your right! I didn't join any sport but I can always be an audience…" Natsu then stopped from walking which made Lucy stop, "So you're going to watch Sting…" Natsu's voice suddenly changed into a low tone that could be similar to a disappointed tone.

Before Natsu could shrug the thought, a hand then held his hand and squeezed it a bit, "Hey…Can't I watch my best friend play?" As soon as Natsu looked up to Lucy, the blonde gave a smile that always made him happy.

Lucy started to tug on his hand to continue to walk. As they did, Lucy then embraced his arms and started to walk side by side really close to each other. "We never did this ever since we started to school again…" Natsu said as he glanced at Lucy who was happily walking next to him.

"Well…A lot of things happened lately…But I do miss doing this!' Soon Lucy started to tickle Natsu in his side which made him growl manly moving away from the blonde. They started to tickle each other endlessly until they were in the busy street.

The two best friends were laughing to each other from time to time as they walked on nearing the school. As they did, unconsciously, Natsu started to lance his hand to her which Lucy unconsciously too didn't mind. Soon the two was holding hands really tight when suddenly a voice called out to Lucy.

Before the source of the voice could stand in front of them, the two startled and let go each other's hand. With that action, Lucy suddenly felt coldness in her hands and made her feel disappointed. While Natsu growled to himself as he thought of why holding Lucy's hand.

"Hey Lu-chan! Hey Natsu… you both came here together all the way from your homes?" Levy asked as she stared with curiosity to her two friends. "Well… He saw me walking so we decided to go together…"

Before Levy could respond, Lucy started to pull her inside the school premise and left their athlete friend. The blonde didn't bother to look back as she was starting to get nervous of being caught by their other friends. Natsu, on the other hand, just stared at the two girls that were fast walking away from him. As he was now standing alone, he stared at his hand which held Lucy's hand, "Seriously, I should limit myself from being attached to Lucy so much…I got a girlfriend, and if Lissana see us like that, I'm pretty sure, she would get hurt."

Once he finished scolding himself, he started to walk his way to the gym where his team was to meet up. As he walked he thought to himself, Lucy's hand are soft…And I pretty much enjoy holding her hand…

That Saturday, most of the sport club had practice because each sport had an event in the school festival. So the school seemed quite busy with athletes. But that day became more crowded as some other non athlete students and some outsiders came too to watch the players practice just to see their crushes.

Lucy, Levy and Erza were not different to does students for they went to school early too. They were not students who was going to study but students who would be supporting some particular individuals. Lucy was originally invited by Sting to watch their practice but after that, they had planned to go out. Levy, who is with Lucy, was invited by Gajeel to watch his game. Erza as a supportive girlfriend always came to Jellal's practice in base ball. But currently she is to be found in the Student Council room.

8:50 is in the time of Natsu as he arrived in the gym which made him quite still early. But then there were more early birds than him, so when he arrived, there were some of his team mates already but still chilling out in the bleachers. Natsu sets down his bag and grabbed his jersey and changed his shirt.

Knowing Natsu having a well-built body made the fan girls to scream in excitement as they saw his mouth-watering abs. Lucy who was in the gym as well was exactly in front of him just two rows away from the boy. She was pledged with a full view of her best friends body when suddenly Natsu greeted her, "Oh Luce…I didn't notice you…Sorry if I changed in front of you, but you saw me more than once anyway…"

"H-huh? Don't worry…I didn't see anything…"

"Oh…Okay" Natsu then turned his back to her but he had a confused look when he thought to himself, sure…she didn't see me half naked…that's why she is blushing…

As soon as Natsu turned his back, Levy came to sit next to her friend who was blushing all by herself. "Lu-chan, I know you're not weird or anything…But why are you blushing by yourself?"

"H-h-he just changed in front of me…" Lucy stuttered showing she was still surprised by what happened to her. Levy who was so confused asked once again, "Who?"

"Na-Natsu…and he said he didn't notice me…Seriously?! Wouldn't he notice a person in front of him?!"

"Lu-chan…You have seen him butt naked before…Second Year? Gray pulling his trunks during swimming class?" As Levy tried to make Lucy recall that incident, Lucy got surprised as she suddenly flashback with that and stated back to her blue haired friend, "Oh my gosh! You still remember that! Why would you remind me of that?!"

Levy just laughed herself out as she looked at the face of her blonde friend. She couldn't hold her own laughter anymore as she held her stomach and tried to breathe the proper way. As her laughs died, she looked at her and said back, "I made you remember that because you were blushing over a half naked body? Come on…I know you have seen more than that!"

With the last sentence of Levy, Lucy became even redder as she admitted to herself, she has seen his body more than once. She actually saw the progress of the body of Natsu since they were kids and she sure admits his body was one of the hottest.

The two ladies got distracted as a whistle was blown really loud. Natsu as the Team Captain signaled all the basketball players to set now in front of him as they were about to start their warm up. Natsu assigned Gray and Sting to lead the team in warming up but then Natsu didn't see Sting in the crowd yet. He then noticed another blonde standing in front of Lucy, "Hey Sting! Get your ass in here! You are to lead us in warm up!"

Sting peeked in his shoulder as he saw Natsu shouting at him. Once the scolding ended, he looked back at Lucy, "Sorry Luce got to go…"

"Good Luck!" Sting then turns as he hears Lucy giving him a great respond. Soon enough, Sting stood in front of them all and started to warm up with everybody else.

Levy and Lucy watched the players do some stretching when suddenly Lucy asked Levy without leaving her gaze to the players, "Hey Levy, aren't you gonna watch Gajeel play baseball?"

"Yeah I will…their practice don't start earlier than 10 and I'm pretty sure he is still at home, sleeping." Levy replied without taking her eyes off the players as well but at the same time she giggled with the blonde. "Isn't Juvia going to come? After all Gray is here…"

"From what I know, she is having a training with Coach Aquarius for swimming. All students who are in sport are in training…"

While Natsu was doing his own warm up and at the same time watching his teammates do some as well, he was looking for a certain white short haired girl in the gym. But as his eyes roamed around the place, he didn't find her and instead his gaze went to a blonde girl. He stared at her sitting next to his friend too, Levy. Unconsciously, he walked towards them and greeted, "Hey… Hope you're not getting bored, Ladies"

"You just sound like a flirty Natsu!" Levy said before she started to giggle with Lucy who had a tint of red in her face. "Why you even here? Aren't you supposed to be doing what they're doing?"

"I'm the Captain…I can be exempted from that…But I'll do it later"

"Lu-chan here is watching Sting! After all, he invited her to watch…I'll be leaving soon, coz I'll be watching Gajeel" Levy then opened a new topic which made the captain stiffen. Natsu then faced the two ladies, "Sting." He raised his brow as he repeated the name Levy stated at first

"And of course, I wanted really to watch everybody…not just him…" Lucy added as quick as possible just to make sure Natsu won't feel jealous. After all she knows now how Natsu would react if all she is doing now is for Sting.

Natsu wanted to open up a new topic but suddenly he felt coward telling her about him and Lissana. He was muttering words only him could hear which made Lucy curious, "Do you want to say something?"

"H-huh? No…I'll be heading back now" Natsu then turned his back quickly so that Lucy would not persist him to tell something he was suppose to say. His courage to tell his best friend about having a girlfriend now was deflating so fast that his throat was getting dry. Some other time maybe…I just can't tell her about me and Lissana…just not now, Natsu thought to himself as he stood at everybody.

During practice, Natsu kept on glimpsing on Lucy to check on her. And every now and then, she had a smile on her face while watching. "Oy Captain! Who are you looking at?" A familiar voice asked Natsu. He replied to the known guy without looking, "Juvia."

"Where?! Where?!"

"Gotcha! I know you're expecting her to watch you play…But to bad Gray, she can't because she is an athlete just like you…You don't have your number one fan…" Natsu said as he turned to face him and soon joined his other team mates. Gray came behind Natsu and gave a light slap in the head for fooling him and telling him exactly how he felt. After all Gray really appreciate Juvia's cheer, I miss Juvia…what's wrong with me…

Time came flying and Levy had to leave to go to the field and watch the baseball practice she was invited by Gajeel. "Lu-chan, I have to go…Gajeel might be in the field already, and you know how Gajeel hates waiting."

"Sure…But can I come with you? Just wanted to check out the baseball practice too…After all I haven't seen one" Soon the two beauties headed out of the gym and left for the field.

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