My best friend that I like more than a friend

the search

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Chapter 11: The search

Before Levy and Lucy came straight to the field, the two beauties had a trip to the comfort room. Levy wanted to make herself pleasant and fresh when she faces the iron steel baseball player. "Lu-chan, aren't you going to prep up yourself?"

"No thanks...I'll just wait for you outside, okay?" Soon Lucy went out of the room and stood a yard away from the comfort room. She somehow expect Erza to pass by when suddenly everything to her went dark.

Levy took a good ten minutes to beautify herself before she stepped out of the room. As she was now standing outside of the room, she started to look around where Lucy would stand and wait for her. But to her surprise the blonde is no where to be found.

The blue haired teen was starting to feel anxious and restless as she tried to wait for Lucy thinking she might have gone somewhere to get something. But as time tick, she was feeling something is wrong but she tried to ignore it. When Levy can no longer wait, she decided to check the SC Room hoping the blonde would be there to hangout with Erza. But as she reached the room, Erza was now locking the office, "Erza, did Lucy come here?or do you know where she went?"

"No...I haven't seen her yet this morning...why? you kinda look restless"

"Well...I was just with Lucy but I went to the CR when she waited outside...But then she's not there anymore... I'm sort of having a bad feeling about it."

"Maybe she's playing tricks on you...look just calm down, and we'll see her...come on the baseball practice is sure starting already."

"You go ahead, I'll just look for Lucy...If ever you see her can you call me?" Erza then nods before they went off opposite direction.

Levy started her search by going back to the gym. But no avail, the blonde is no where to be found. She then decided to go outside and went ahead to the swimming pool. There she found her friend, Juvia Lockser. Juvia was in the middle of training when she approached the athlete, "Hey Juvia, have you seen Lucy? or did she ever came here?"

"Juvia haven't seen Lucy-san yet... I haven't seen her pass by either even though I'm standing here almost the whole time. What's happening? you look terribly worried."

"I have been looking for her everywhere but I can't find her...favor? if ever you see her can you give me a call?"

"Sure, I'll call you as soon as I spot Lucy...I have to go Levy, coach might get mad" Soon enough Levy bid her good bye and went on with her search. Levy was really now frustrated in finding her friend.

As she walked back inside the campus, she hissed to herself, Lucy where are you?!

Soon enough she found Natsu stepping out of sports faculty. She ran to catch him and get to talk to him. She called out his name which made him turn and see her running toward his direction. "Natsu! have you seen Lucy in the gym or anywhere in school?"

"No... I thought she is with you, cause I saw you two went out at the same time..."

"We got separated and I can't find her...Natsu you got to help me find her, I have a bad feeling about it."

"Of course! to the gym, ask for Sting's help...I'll start looking for her." Natsu and Levy then ran off opposite direction to do what needs to be done.

"Lucy!" Natsu shouted as he walked in the empty hallways where their classes are being held. He checked every room just to be sure and every corridors he passes by. But still no sign of a blonde teenager.

"Lucy! where are you?!" he continued to walk towards the activity hall. The activity had four rooms that were really creepy and old. The kitchen, sewing room, art room and storage room. All of these room are to be located in the old building. The school advices not to use the rooms anymore because alot of incidents happen, like students getting locked inside of the room, old structure falls, electric problems and many more.

Even Natsu and Lucy had an experience being locked inside the kitchen room but luckily, there are janitors who still pass by to double check those rooms. And for that experience, Lucy really hated being stuck in old and abandoned rooms where no light exist.

"Lucy! come on! if you can hear me, show up already!" Natsu shouted getting frustrated as well with the thought Lucy might be in danger like what Levy thought. Before he can call out again, he heard a sudden banging of a door.




Natsu turned around to find the source of the sound. But the sound disappeared and he thought it was his imagination. Before he can move on he heard the sound again which made him sprint fast thinking it might be Lucy.




As Natsu stood in front of the door, it hit him that the room in front of him was the most despised room of Lucy...the storage room. "Lucy! are you there?! wait! I'll save you!"

The door of the storage room is not like any wood doors... it is made with metal which makes it impossible for him to break. The door was being locked by chains and padlocks which he has no key for. The office where all keys are being kept are sure to be closed because its a saturday. And with all that facts he is having trouble saving her. "Luce! do you have like a hair pin there? or something similar to it?"

He couldn't figure out what Lucy was trying to say because the sound was just like a muffled one. He took that as a yes as soon as he saw a pin was beginning to appear under the door. When he can grab it, he work quickly trying to unlock the door. At some point, Natsu was an expert opening locks that restrain them from entering a prohibited room.


Natsu has finally unlocked the door and soon took out the chains and swing open the heavy metal door. As soon as it opened, the bright light entered the room and illuminated the blondes figure being a captive.

Natsu rushed to release Lucy from a tight rope in her wrist and untied the blindfold in her eyes and handkerchief in her mouth. As soon as Lucy fixed her gaze to her savior she wrapped her arms to his neck and cried in the nook of his neck. Natsu who felt glad having her in his arms again rubbed her back to calm her down. "You're safe now...You're with me"

"I'm so scared Natsu... don't leave me"

"I won't...I'll always be here...I'll hug you tight...okay?"

Natsu waited for her to respond but she never did. As he tilted his head to check Lucy, he found her asleep with a peaceful look in her face as if nothing happened to her. Natsu smiled to the image he is seeing, Lucy in his arms. Soon he put his one arm under Lucy's knee and carried her away towards the clinic.

Lucy being carried gently, wrapped her arms tightly to Natsu's neck and laid her head to his chest and whispered softly, "Thanks Natsu..." and before she can drift off to sleep, she felt warm lips in her forehead.

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