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weekend pain

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Chapter 12: Weekend pain

Lucy's POV

I am standing alone in a dark room, and I can't see anything, no people, no chairs or tables, no noise even the tick of the clock, nor my breathing. "Anybody there?! Hello!"

As I called out, three shadows appear in front of me and it terrified me so I started to run, run somewhere I don't know.

I kept running and the shadows was still trying to catch me until i tripped to a big root of a tree, where am I? a forest? As I looked back, the shadows was in reached to me, I wanted to scream and cry when suddenly I felt warmth in me like someone was keeping me safe. Then I heard a voice, "Luce..." I know whose voice, Natsu.

Before I opened my eyes, I felt a lite squeeze in my hand. I wanted to know who is staying by my side in times of pain, of course him. "Natsu..."

"Hey, you're you feel better now?" I gave him a slow nod as I tried to answer back. As he saw me nod, he gave me his warmest smile and I happen to smile back.

"I'll just make a call to Levy, okay? She was sickly worried of you." Natsu didn't wait for me to talk back as he stood immediately and put his phone in his ear.

I stared at the back of Natsu while he was giving a call to Levy. I heard him say things about me, "Yes Levy, she's fine...we are at infirmary"

"No...she just woke up...resting"

"Alright, we'll be just here"

Soon enough, Natsu puts his phone back to his pocket and sat in the chair next to my bed. "Natsu...what happened to me?"

"Well, besides from passing out and have some little nail scratches in your arms and face, I don't know really. But I found you in the old storage, how did you get there?"

I looked away from him and stared at the ceiling and repeated what he said, "Old storage? I'm not quite sure...all I remember is that I was waiting for Levy when suddenly I was blind folded and dragged. I just heard them say something about me stealing Sting away from them. And I was flirting him so much." I suddenly felt tears gather up in my eyes when I felt warm hands in mine. "Do you recognize any of their voices?" He asked me once I looked at his way, "No...but they sure sound like sophomore and freshmen..."

"They could only be his fans...Sting is going to-!" Natsu suddenly tightens his grip to my hand. I held his hand quickly because I'm sure he would walk out and get mad, "Natsu, don't get mad at him."

"What?! No! He is respon-!"

"I'm sure he doesn't know anything about it... its not like he wanted it to happen to me."


"Please Natsu...don't, for me..." I stared at him and grip his hand to mine to make sure he understands that I want him to stay next to me. Soon enough he looked way from me and stated, "fine...for you" I'm sure that was not what he wanted to say but I'm happy he agreed to me. "Thank you"

Before Natsu could respond a familiar voice called out for me, "Lu-chan! Are you alright?!"

"Levy...yes I'm all better now...don't worry" Levy sat on the chair where Natsu used to sit and soon she grabbed my hand. But before we could converse, Sting came next and called me, "Lucy!" Before he could reach me, I got surprised when a harsh voice shouted, "YOU BASTARD! COME WITH ME!"

"Natsu no!" I cried out as soon as I saw him drag Sting out of the infirmary. Despite his promise to me, I know I can't stop him when he is serious.

Natsu's POV

"You bastard! If you can't protect Lucy, then stay away from her!" I shouted at Sting once we were out of the infirmary. I know I promised Lucy not to get mad at him but i just can't contain my anger once I saw him. My blood is just boiling up once I think of his violent fan girls.

"What are you talking about man?!" Sting said to me which brought me back to senses, and soon enough I was mad again, "Your freaking violent fans did this to Lucy! Drag her in the abandoned storage and left her with scratches in her arms and face!"


"I always made sure she won't be hurt by those fans girls of mine! but you?! If you can't handle them, then let go of Lucy! She don't deserve a guy like you!"

I got surprise by how Sting reacted to me, he laughed at me then gave me a serious look, "Don't act like you're her boyfriend...because from what I know, you are her friend only... so don't tell me I don't deserve her!"

"You got some guts telling me this?! do you-"

"Yes I got some guts to stand and fight for Lucy...but you? you can't even tell her about your relationship with-"

"The fu-!" I was about to land a punch in his face when a familiar voice called out my name. I turned my back and saw Lissana approaching us, and I literally froze as she finally stood in front of me.

"Natsu? Are you two fighting?What's happening here?" As she asked me, I still couldn't move nor talk, luckily Sting spoke up first, "Were not fight, just discussing...I'll go inside"

And later that, he left me with Lissana with a curious look. I know I should tell her about Lucy, but telling her about what me and Sting talked about would be kept to ourselves. "Natsu, why are you here? Is anyone hurt? Are you hurt?!"

"Not me...It's Lucy."

"Lucy?! oh my! where is she?!" And with that she went inside, thank goodness no questions about what me and Sting talked about. Because if she did ask, i don't know what to say.

As I entered back in Lucy's room in the infirmary, I saw Lissana is standing at the end of the bed having a conversation with Lucy. I stood next to my girlfriend and it surprised me when she entwined her hand to mine, I squeezed a bit back as I look at her, "Babe, I think we should go ahead, to let Lucy rest..."

"Babe?" I heard Lucy ask, then I realized, Lissana just called me 'babe' and I haven't told Lucy about me and Lissana. "Yeah...haven't Natsu told you guys yet that we are dating already?"

"B-b-babe, I just didn't get the chance..." curse me! for stuttering

"Oh my congratulations!" Levy greeted us and soon she hugged Lissana and gave me a high give. I just gave back a smirk as I look at Levy then looked at Lucy. And her face expression changed, somewhat hurt?

"Guys, we'll go ahead...We got first date ahead of us." and with that Lissana tugged me out of the room. I tried to look back to Lucy but she looked away and kept her gaze to Sting's hand. And after that I can't see her face anymore.

Levy's POV

As Lissana said that they were going ahead, I can't help to look at the face of Natsu. Am I just imagining things or does the face of Natsu really looked like he didn't want to leave?

And as I saw his, I tried to look at the expression of Lucy, I'm pretty sure she felt hurt when she knew Natsu is no longer 'free'. But I can see, she doesn't want to see them together in front of her despite wanting Natsu to just stay with her.

As the two left, I knew the atmosphere in the room has changed, and I know exactly why. I then looked at Lucy who was just gazing at Sting's hand, she was having a pool of tears in her eyes trying to stop them from falling.

I then realized, who are they trying to fool? Me? us their friends? I don't think so...they are trying to convince theirselves that they are not in love with each other...therefore, they are trying to fool themselves. But one fact that I know, you can never fool your feelings, even if you try to love someone else.

-End of Chapter 12-

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