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Chapter 13: Thank you

Second week of preparation for school festival started with a blur to most students. Especially for students in 3-A. They started Monday with reading scripts while doing some possible actions that they would do in the actual play. They took the advisers time to practice with Erza for she is the director and script writer of this year's play. And with her appearance, each student are really participating because they didn't want to be under Erza's wrath.

Lucy who is in her seat in class watched her other classmates do some actions and read their lines. And as of now, Natsu and Levy are in the scene and at times, Lucy sees Natsu being scolded by the red haired teen. As she stares at them, she suddenly spaces out and recalled what happened to her last Saturday. Last Saturday, I was like kidnapped by my own schoolmates and dropped me in the old storage room. Because of Natsu, I was saved from that room. He is my protector and savior in times like this even if...Lissana now is his girlfriend.

She returned to herself once someone held her hand. She jumped to her seat and saw Sting was looking at her, "Hey you look like spacing out...Are you alright?"

"Huh? Y-yeah...I'm fine...thanks for checking on me."

"Sure, if you need anything." Sting then stood up as soon as Erza calls out him for it is his turn to do his lines. Lucy just watched him walk in front when she glanced at Natsu walking out of the room, "I haven't thank him yet for saving me again...maybe later."

That afternoon, after classes, 3-A went straight ahead to the main auditorium. Some of the students in there were the actors, some the design team. The actors were up in the stage while others were down doing the props, backdrop and painting.

Erza's main focus was the students on stage. She was watching and directing them what to do at the same time. But from time to time, she gave instructions to the design team.

"Natsu! Say the lines clearly! I barely understood you!" Erza shouts to the called teen every time he was in the act.

"Sting! Don't eat your words! or I'll eat you!" And Sting is one of the most called as well besides from Natsu.

Scenes after scenes, they were now finally in the scene where the two prince's was about to confess to the princess. "Alright! Natsu and Sting! this is the part where both of you are going to confess. Sting, your first."

The two boys then nodded and started to look for their lines in their script. But before Sting could read his lines, Erza announced again, "Oh I forgot to tell you, you are not going to use those lines...instead, I want you two, to make an adlib on your own. I want it to be realistic...okay? start."

And with that the blonde boy started to think really hard because he was to start off. Minutes has passed and finally he cleared his throat and talked, "Princess Ayana, I cherish every moment I spend with you. You make my heart race ever time you smile..."

While Sting is delivering his adlib confession to Lucy, Natsu on the other hand was mimicking the blonde boy. He was doing it privately by turning his back to everyone. But he didn't know, a certain blue haired athlete was at the back stage and watched his silly actions.

"Alright! Natsu, your turn..." Erza shouted as she glances from the script she was holding to the actor. But then it seems, Natsu wasn't listening so soon the redheaded girl walked towards him while rolling the script.


"OWW! what was that for!?"

"I said your next! weren't you listening?! obviously not!" Natsu then scratched the spot that Erza hit once she walked back to her chair. As she sat down, she signaled him, "Go Natsu...start your adlib"

Lucy watched every moment that was happening right before her eyes. And as Erza signaled Natsu to start,she looked at him and grin. But suddenly felt weak when Natsu stated something, "What do I say her?"


"Alright lets take a break... Goodness Natsu! do something!" That was the last word before Erza went off to get some drink outside the auditorium. Natsu, who got hit in the head once again by the script thrown by Erza sat down at the stage with a bump in his head. Levy and Juvia came to sit next to him and handed a pack of ice.

"We're really sorry in be half of Erza...I hope your not pissed or anywhere near it..." Levy started as she stared th big bump on his head. Juvia adds, "You know Erza... Erza might be just stressed out"

"Don't worry guys...I'm not mad or anything...but I just wonder, that script didn't felt like paper! it felt like-"

"Metal...we know" Levy and Juvia unison while nodding to the pink head. But another voice joined them. And the three then saw Lucy sat down next to Natsu and grabbed the pack of ice and did it herself. "She had that kind of script because she was training at the same time...paper mixed with metal"

"Is that even possible?!" Natsu screamed in terror as he looked at his best friend, "I have no idea actually..." Then the four teenagers started to laugh with the weird idea. As thdir laughs died down, Levy and Juvia volunteered to buy them drinks which the two gladly accepted. Soon the two bluenettes went off to buy.

Lucy who ws patting Natsu's head with ice became silent as they just sat down next to each other. Somehow, it was awkward for them two. Natsu couldn't hold it and cleared his throat to start a conversation, "I thought you would be with Sting?"

"huh? uh...he went to buy some drink. He'll be back soon..."

"Oh." Awkward silence then came back but not too long for Lucy cleared her throat this time and began, "Uh...Natsu?"


"I just...uh..."

"You just what?"

"Wanted to say thank you..." Lucy then stops patting his head and brought the ice to her lap and tightened her grip to it. She froze her self and waited for him to reply, "for what?" Lucy then looked up to his black eyes then lowered her head again and said, "For saving me last saturday... I thought to myself, I haven't thank you yet, so-"

"You don't have too..." This surpised the blonde beauty so he continued himself, "I'll always save you...because you sure are thr most important person to me." Natsu finished himself while eyeing Lucy. Unconsciously, Natsu was bringing his face near Lucy while staring at her lips when suddenly Lucy asked, "How about Lissana? isn't she important too?" As she looked up to look at his face she got surprised at how close his face to her. When he suddenly moved back. He felt wrong and looked away from her, "She is important as well...cause she is my girlfriend."

As Natsu said the last word, the word 'girlfriend' echoed in Lucy's ear. And with that she stood up quickly and walked away, "Luce! where are you going?!" Lucy had her back to him when she replied, "I'll go find Sting now..."


"I just came here to say thank you...And I did it, so I'm going." Lucy then walked off and left the doors of the auditorium. As the doors closed, she fell to the wall and slide down as she felt weak. She gripped her hand to her chest near to her heart and uttered, "Why do I still feel hurt whenever he mentions Lissana as his girlfriend?! why can't I be like our other friends, who are happy for them?! I should be the first happy person for him coz I'm the best friend!"

Before she knows it, tears kept on running to her cheek. She wanted to burst with all the feelings she was having. She closed her eyes and held her knees to her chest and hid her face between it. She then thought to herself, Why can't I be happy for him?!...I want to be happy for him...but I can't because I want to be more than just the best friend.

-End of chapter 13-

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