My best friend that I like more than a friend


Chapter 14: Adlib

Weeks has past so quick for Natsu since the day Erza told them that the princes' have to do an adlib line in confessing to the princess. The coming week is the start of the school festival on Wednesday. And what stresses him most is that he hasn't made any good adlib for that specific scene.

In every practice and rehearsal, each student in 3-A sees Natsu being slapped by Erza's special script for not having an adlib. Erza herself also worries already for the pink head but she worries more about the play. She has warned the pink head already that by Sunday she would be checking on the progress with the making of his adlib. And unfortunately, weeks, days have past and there is still no progress ever since the two words was written, "Princess Ayana".

"What am I going to do?! Sure Erza would be calling tonight! I still don't have a third word!" Natsu shouted as he pulled his hair with frustration. After pace walking in his room, he stood still and stared at the ceiling as if he found the right answer to his problem, "That's it! I'm gonna ask for their help!"

"MOM! DAD! WENDY!" Natsu shouted as he ran down stairs coming from his room. He ran towards the living room where his family was playing scrabble. They were all happy and excited when suddenly the pink head stood in front of them and accidently hit the table. "AWWW! NATSU!/NATSU-NII"

"Ouch! Damn it! Mom, Dad, Wendy…I need help"

"Help!? We won't help you!" Grandine shouted as she glared up at her son. Natsu just stood there and gave a bizarre look but then shrugged it off and looked at his dad and sister. "Come on guys, I really need help."

"And what made you think, we're going to help you?!" Grandine shouted once again as she sat down in the couch behind them and started glaring again at the teenage boy. To keep calm Grandine, Igneel cleared his throat and ask. "Why do we need to help you? You said once never to mingle in your private life…"

"This has nothing to do with my private life…And you're going to help me because I'm your son and Wendy, I'm your big brother…"

"You are no longer my son! You destroyed our game!" Grandine shouted

"Mom…It's just a game" Wendy said as she gave up trying to fix the messed up scrabble for her mother. "But I was winning!" The family just gave a snooping look to her and waited for her to explain her behavior, "What!?"

"Okay son, what is your problem that you needed our help?" Igneel asked as he sat next to his wife and crossed his arms in his broad chest. "Is it about Lucy-nee?! It will be exciting!"

"Lucy is you talking about?! Are you going to ask her out already?!"

"WOAH! Guys! Calm down!..." Natsu raised his hands in surrender to the rants his mother and sister was blabbing about. "Okay, it's not really about Lucy but I have to make an adlib confessing to 'princess Ayana' who is played by Lucy…"

"COUNT ME IN!" Natsu's mother shouted enthusiastically as she raised her hands in excitement. Soon enough Natsu started getting papers and pens to start taking down words his family was suggesting.

As the whole Dragneel family was now bonding, the family was time to time laugh with one another. They shared laughter and at times Natsu brawled at them for not taking him seriously. But despite that, after a good 45 minutes, Natsu was able to hold an index card that contains words that he might be embarrassed to say during the play.

He tried to evaluate the adlib once again but then to his terror he found it more ridiculous. As he kept on reading and reading, his phone suddenly rang and answered it carelessly, "Hello…"

"Natsu, I'm hoping you would be telling me good news." The voice in the other line said with authority

Natsu suddenly froze in his seat as he heard the voice. He checked his phone who called him and he started to feel goosebumps as he saw the name ERZA. "U-uh…Erza…you called!"

"Yes…Didn't I tell you I was going to call you?"

"Y-you told me…I got surprised."

"Is that how you make an excuse for telling me you still don't have an adlib?"

"NO! of course not! I have one…Just not sure if it's good enough…"

"Okay read it."


"I said, . ."

"S-sure…just a sec."

Natsu then puts down his phone to his lap and stared for a good 5 seconds at the index card. "Good luck to me…" He then brought back the phone to his ear and cleared his throat before he started reading some words. "Princess Ayana, the most beautiful lady in my eyes. Youuuuu….uh…make each day…uh…great? Ayeeeee…would love toooooooooo…uh…wait."


"No wait as in, I'm trying to read my messy hand writing…"

"No it's okay…It's good at least you have more than two words. I'll be just expecting that whole during the play. Bye."

And the call ended. Natsu finally was able to breathe deeply as he was able to hide his phone away from his sight. He looked again at the index card and said to himself, "I'll just keep you in hand."

Monday came and students were somewhat restless as they were feeling the excitement for the upcoming school festival on Wednesday. All students seemed to be just relax during school hours, and Natsu and the boys were not exempted from it.

As Natsu realized that the index card he has made with his family was not going to be his best adlib. He decided to ask help from his friends, specifically from the boys. Surprisingly, Gray, Gajeel and Jellal helped him in making the adlib. They spent their whole break time in the gym making an adlib at the same time playing basketball.

When the day has finally ended, he spent some time in the library trying to comprehend the paper he has written with the guys. And eventually he banged his head to the table in frustration when he got nothing useful. "Seriously?! Why did I ask for their help?! I can't say in the play, 'Princess Ayana, you're damn sexy and hot…Come and kiss my fucking lips so we could start making out!"



Tuesday came and the pink head decided to ask the girls if they could help him in making the adlib. He was pretty much excited to ask them because finally he will be able to see Lucy but when he met the girls the blonde was not there.

"Hey ladies…uh, where's Lucy?"

"With Sting I guess…" Juvia said as she looked at the teenage boy with a teasing smile in her face. "Have you seen Gray?"

"In the gym fucking someone else…"

"WHAT?! NO!" Juvia then started to stand and about to run when suddenly Natsu gripped her wrist and stopped her, "I'm just kidding he is with the other boys…"

"Making out with them?!"

"NO! Anyways…Girls can I ask you favor?"

Before they could answer him they were all giggling to the face of Juvia who was so scared of what she thought Gray was gay. "What favor? Does it have to do anything with the adlib?" Levy asked as she calmed down from giggling

"Yup…Can you girls help me creating one?"

"THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! SURE!" All three harmoniously shouted as they pulled him to seat down.

After 30 minutes of their break, they all returned to their rooms and Natsu was again frustrated with the words written in the index card. He thought to himself as he stared at the index card, "I can't say this to Lucy…Princess Ayana, I have fallen inlove with you ever since we met. You had my heart ever since you stared back at me and I want to love you forever."

"It will be really awkward…but then she is Lucy…"

"Mr. Dragneel!" The teacher finally called him which woke him up from his thinking.

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