My best friend that I like more than a friend

The unusual festival

Chapter 15: The unusual festival

"Welcome to the 90th Fairy High School Festival!" Mirajane greeted as she stood in front of everyone in the stage welcoming all students, "I, Mirajane Strauss, your secretary, will be the host of this morning welcome of our three day event!"

Soon enough, all students started cheering after hearing the three day event after all that three day is a no class. Mirajane then continued herself as the cheer toned down, "To start off this morning welcome, let me call on our principal, Mr. Makarov Dreyer!"

"Ohayou koukousei! (Good morning High school students!) Welcome to our 90th Fairy High School festival! This year, we are to celebrate the strength of the youth, which you students. We would like to commend you students in participating in this fair, so I hope you all enjoy. I won't make this speech any longer, so I proclaim this festival OPEN!"

And all the students cheered as the principal has finally opened the event for everybody. Soon enough the SC president has approached the stage and announced all the events that are to happen within the morning. Once Erza is done, students started to vanish and started to roam around the campus for different booths and food stalls.

"Juvia! Where are we going first? Do you want to eat or play first?" Levy asked enthusiastically to the blunette while they roam around the campus. "How about we check on every stall first, then if we want to play or eat, let's just do it!" Juvia said as they both giggled.

As the two teenagers walked and checked out every stall, a certain dark haired teen approached the two girls. "Hey girls! What'cha doing?"

"Hey Gray! Nothing…just checking out the stalls…you?" Levy greeted back as they stood in front of him. "Nothing really…Levy, I'm going to borrow your friend alright?" Gray then pulled Juvia by the wrist without waiting for Levy's response. Juvia just blushed as she waved good bye to her friend.

"Lucky Juvia…she has a date…" Levy said to herself as she watched the two walk away from her. But then she got surprised when someone suddenly blew in her ear, "KYAAA! Who did that?!"

"Me" A certain red eyed teen said as he leaned down to the level of the young girl. "Gajeel! The heck is your problem?! You surprised me!"

"Well, that is my way of making an entrance in your day…" Gajeel then stood straight next to her and waited for a reaction but she gave none. He just then continued himself, "Since you're alone, how about we check out each stall together?"

"A-alright…" Levy then continued her way as she looked at each stall. Surprisingly, the tall teen boy placed an arm around her shoulder as they walk together.

"So um…Juvia, what do you want to do?" Gray asked as he tried placing an arm around her shoulder but retreated when the blue haired girl look at him, "Anything with Gray-sama!"

"Really? How about we eat? What do you want to eat?" Gray just then grabbed the girls hand as he guided her towards the stall of food. Juvia who consciously saw Gray grabbed her hand and blushed as they walked hand in hand just smiled as they walked towards their direction.

Juvia was having her moment when suddenly a pinkette appeared in front of them, "Gray! Juvia! Have you seen Lucy?" Juvia was about to let go when Gray hold firm to her hand as he replied to Natsu, "No… We haven't seen her. Why?"

"Oh, going to ask for some help…" Natsu said before looking down to the entwined hands of his friends, "So you two are dating already?"

"Huh?! No!/Yes!" Juvia and Gray said at the same time. Natsu just raised a brow, "Okay…whatever you say. But it's just funny that Juvia said no and you Gray said yes…Gray you really are a loser. Bye guys!" Then he runs off.

Juvia looked at the male next her and saw him blushing with the statement their friend just made. And soon Juvia just hugged the male at his side as they continued their walk.


As I ran off from Juvia and Gray, I started to look around again for my blonde best friend. I need her help right now. My adlib is still not done and Erza's going to kill me if she knew that. But that's not the only reason, school festival is our thing! Me and Lucy would eat every food in every stall. Play every game in every booth, but unfortunately I can't find her. Where the heck are you Luce?

As I half walk half run, I suddenly heard my name being called by a girl. Maybe just another girl freshman chasing after me…

"Natsu! Hey baby!"

Baby? Who calls me that again?

"Natsu! Wait up! Baby!"


As I realized that, I turned myself around to see Lissana running after me. Damn, I forgot that I had this day for Lissana. "Lis-Baby…why are you panting?"

"I was chasing after you. Didn't you hear me?" Lissana said as she continued to pant

"You called me?... Right, I thought that was someone else, sorry…" I then puts my arm around her. And in response Lissana embraced me by my waist and walked along with me. "It's okay…by the way, where were you supposed to go, Baby? You seemed to be in hurry…" Lissana asked me as we continued to walk.

"Oh um…I was looking for you. Where were you standing? I didn't see you in the morning welcome."

"I was with my classmates. I even saw Lucy!" Lissana said as she glanced at me. And for me I was surprised because she saw the person I was looking for, "Really?! Where did she go?"

"Hmm…I don't really know…But I saw her with some guy"

"Some guy?! Who?! We got to find them!"

"Baby, calm down…maybe it's just a classmate, or maybe it's just Sting."

"Exactly! It's Sting!"

"Can you calm down? Lucy is a big girl, she doesn't need a big brother anymore. Stop being over protective of her. And besides, don't you want to spend the day with me?" Lissana suddenly stood in front of me and looked straight in my eyes.

Me? A big brother to Lucy?! I no big brother, I'm the best friend! But Lissana's right…I should spend this day with her after all she is my girlfriend. "Yes, I would love to spend this day with my girl."

"Yay! Then come on…" Lissana then hugs me by my waist as she smiles to me and continues our pace.

As we continued our stroll in the campus for things to do, I suddenly realized, this is not my usual festival. I used to have fun in this school festival with my best friend. But now, I will try to enjoy this festival with my girlfriend. This festival is sure to be the uncommon one for me.

-End of Chapter 15-

There you have it my dear reader! Thanks for reading it, hope you enjoyed what I have offered. I know it's not that fun for Natsu and Lucy, but I wanted to show some chemistry among other characters. So yeah, hope I illustrated it good enough.

Anyways, this Tuesday,(Sept. 17) is my birthday, and every review you give is like a gift to me! Haha, Hope I have one…Anyways, thanks again for reading, following and making this your favorite. And THANKS TOO to the READERS who FOLLOW and FAVORITE ME. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!



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