My best friend that I like more than a friend


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Chapter 16: Unexpected


"Ohayou koukousei! (Good morning High school students!) Welcome to our 90th Fairy High School festival! This year, we are to celebrate the strength of the youth, which you students. We would like to commend you students in participating in this fair, so I hope you all enjoy. I won't make this speech any longer, so I proclaim this festival OPEN!"

"Yeah! Finally! Let's start the fun!" I cheered along with other students as Principal Makarov has finally opened the festival this year. But before I notice something different, a voice surprised me.

"Hey Lucy, who are you talking to?"

"Huh?! S-Sting!" I stuttered and felt my cheeks warm up as soon as I saw him stand in front of me but then I tried to compose myself quick. "I…I was…suppose to be talking to my…friends" I said back to him while shifting my head from left to right. After a minute, I just received a chuckle from him.

"What's so funny? I didn't make a joke…" I retorted at him but then he just smiled at me, "It's just funny that you just realized that your friends are not around with you."


"You know what, why don't we just look for them? Great idea?" Sting said cutting me off. With his offer, I actually thought of it to be great, "You're welcome…"

"I didn't thank you yet…And who said I wanted to?" I said to him while we started to walk towards I don't know. "If you didn't want to, why are you walking along my side?"

"Fine…You caught me…" I lowered my head as soon as I felt embarrassed with my actions. At the same time, I tried hiding my face, I'm pretty sure my face is a tomato.

As we have passed through a lot of stalls like stalls for food, games and some big toys hanging around, it made me remember the past festivals I had with Natsu. I used to enjoy this school festival with my best friend along with my girlfriends. But now, I'm trying to enjoy it with Sting, my suitor, I guess.

"Hey Sting, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?" He said as he looked at me while walking. With his action, I felt self conscious with his stare, "Um…Were you serious when you asked me if you could court me?"

"Yeah, I'm serious. You don't believe me?" Sting asked me back as he halts from walking which made me stop as well, "It's not that I don't believe you. It's just that I'm sort of in question."

"So are you taking back your answer that I could court you?"

"N-no! I didn't mean that!...It's just, I just wondered if that is how you feel really for me"

"Well, believe it or not, I really like you. I don't know if you will like me but I just want you to know I'd respect whatever decision you have." Sting then held my hand and squeezes it a bit. Having him hold my hand, I felt his warm hand which gave me somehow comfort, "Thanks Sting. Thanks for everything."

"No problem. Come on let's look for your friends." He started to pull me as he began walking but then I pulled him back which made him look back at me, "What's the matter?"

"Hey Sting, why don't we just enjoy this day together? If we find Levy and others then so be it." I asked as I smiled to him and moved closer. And for him, I caught him off guard with my statement which made him flush, "A-are you serious? Won't you feel uncomfortable with just me?"

"Why would I? You are my friend and at the same time my suitor…Right?"

"Haha, right. Then shall we?" He offered his arms for me which made me blush. After staring at his blue eyes, I grabbed his offered arm and walked along with him.

Me and Sting stopped almost at all game booths which I really enjoyed. He played games that would win a big stuffed toy but at the end, we would just lose. Most of the time, I would just laugh at his face whenever he loses. To cheer him up I would try to pull up his lips upward and tell him to smile. "SSSSMMMIIIILLLLLEEE…"

"How am I suppose to smile, I just lost again" Sting said while my hands are still pulling his lips to smile. I just giggled at his cute face and replied, "I didn't ask you to…isn't it important that I had fun? Cause I did. So will you smile already?"

Before Sting could answer me back, a familiar voiced called out my name, "Lu-chan? Is that you?"

I turned my back to see who this familiar voice was. And to my surprise, it was Lissana. "Lissana. What…are you two doing here?"

"Well, I guess same as you two love birds are doing, having fun!" Lissana said back to me as she approached me while having her hands entwined with Natsu who seemed to be not in a good mood. "Oh… Hey Natsu, are you…okay?"

"Yeah. Sure." Natsu responded with a cold tone. In other words, he is not okay.

"If you say so…So where are you two up to? Me and Sting plans on playing games some more." I said to my short haired friend who wore a big smile. "I don't really know…Hey baby, what do you want to do?"

I cringed at the word 'baby', it was awkward to hear Lissana call Natsu 'baby'. But who am I to react? "Anything I guess. Do you want to play as well?" Natsu replied to Lissana

"Yehay! Can we come along with you two? It would be more fun don't you think Sting?!" Lissana suddenly asked Sting who got surprised being asked. "Uh, yeah sure."

"Great! So what are we waiting for?! Let's go!"

Once Lissana has tugged on Natsu, me and Sting just looked at each other as if we were asking questions to one another. Whatever that was running in our heads, we had no answer to it. Instead, we just tailed on the two real love birds.

-End of Chapter 16-

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