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Chapter 17: Clarity

Lissana and Natsu is playing basketball shooting on one booth while Lucy and Sting played the same game on the other side. While playing, Natsu couldn't help himself but to glance at the two blondes. And every time he looked at them, he would see Lucy inside Stings embrace helping her shoot. Once he sees them, he would give a scowling look.

The short silvered haired teen notices the look her boyfriend would give every time he would look at something. As she keeps on noticing it, she has decided to make conversation with him, "Hey baby, what's with the face?"

"Huh? Nothing" Natsu said back still having a grimaced look while shooting some balls. Lissana then faced him while holding the ball and asked again to the salmon head, "No, seriously, what's wrong? Is something bothering you?"

"Lis, you got to shot that ball already, we are going to lose…" Natsu then looked at her and gave off a grin that is familiar to her. Seeing the smile, Lissana then decided to shot it and luckily it scored before the time ran out. "Well that was a lucky shot! And that was for you, so that you would be happy."

Stating that, she then leaned and gave a peck in Natsu's lips. Natsu on the other hand, somehow got surprised with her action and just stared once she pulled away from him. "Well…I-I am happy."

"Good to know…" the two just then stared at each other until a voice cut off their staring to one another. Natsu turned himself seeing Lucy walking towards them. From that moment, he just wanted to drag the blonde away from there and have a talk. But then his thoughts shifted once another blonde has put an arm around his best friends shoulder.

"What is your score?! Me and Sting got 39 points!" Lucy cheered as she looked at Lissana then glanced at Natsu.

"We got 40! The last one was my lucky shot!" Lissana replied to the blonde as she leaped in joy. Lucy just giggled to the way the short haired reacted. After a moment, she looked at Natsu and smiled, "You're a good teacher…Come on let's play some more!" Lucy said the last sentence to everyone as she started to pull on Stings' hand. The pink haired who was not given a chance to reply to Lucy just stared the way his best friend held to Sting's hand.

Why does Lucy have to hold his hand?!, Natsu thought as he just stared at the two blondes.

After playing more games, the four teenagers have decided to eat some lunch since it was nearly 12 noon already. Lucy and Sting decided to buy first their lunch while Lissana and Natsu stayed behind and wait for the two to return.

While waiting, Lissana was playing with the hem of her skirt as she was thinking of something deep. While doing so, her thought was then interrupted when a male voice started to speak, "hey Lissana, can I ask you something?"

Lissana then looked up at the boy next to her and smiled, "Sure! What is it about?"

"Well…You know about the play right?"

"Yeah…what about it?" Lissana suddenly shifted her seat to face him more. With her action, Natsu then shifted his seat as well but got nervous once he saw the blue eyes staring at him intensely. "Uh-, well, I was wondering if maybe you could help me with an adlib?"

"Adlib? For what?" Lissana questioned more the teen as she smirked a bit. Natsu then scratched his head as he looked at her as if defeated, "It's a part of the play that I would confess to the princess…So—do you have like an idea how I would start my line?"

"Oh…Well…I was thinking, maybe you could state what you said to me? When you confessed to me? I'd love to hear it again…" Lissana then smiled sweetly making Natsu remember why he fell in love with this short haired girl. Seeing this smile, all he did was smile back and said, "Sure…I guess you'll hear it again."

And with that Lissana leaned to kiss him in the lips but again, the salmon top was surprised. As he still felt her lips in his and saw her eyes closed, he just then closed his eyes and tried to return the kiss. But before he could, the two separated once they heard some clearing of throats.

"Sorry for interrupting, I guess we got to find some other table…" Sting said once the couple looked at them. Lucy then continued him, "So sorry…We didn't mean too. Come on Sting-"

"No! Stay- um…It's fine…" Natsu then stood up and pulled the girl next to him and said to them, "Take your seats and we will be buying our food." And with that the couple disappeared in the crowd.

Once Natsu and Lissana left the table, Sting and Lucy sat and started to eat. But for one blonde girl, she seemed to lose her appetite to eat. "Hey, you alright?"

"Huh? Yeah…Why'd you ask?" Lucy replied back as she glanced at the other blonde. Sting then just shook his head and said, "Nothing…You just seemed to be down all of a sudden."

"Am I? Come on Sting, I think I know what you're thinking." Lucy then faced him and smiled. With that gesture, the blonde boy reciprocated the action and stared at the brown eyes, "Really? What am I thinking?"

"Um…You are thinking that my mood shifted when I saw them kissing. Am I right?" Lucy then smiled wickedly as if she hit a jackpot. And for Sting, he just chuckled when Lucy actually hit what he was really thinking. "Okay you got me…But I'm correct right? Your mood changed when we saw them kiss."

"You're not a mind reader like me." She giggled first but then became silent after. She stared at her skirt and mumbled to herself but good enough for Sting to hear, "Maybe…After all I'm not use to seeing Natsu kiss somebody else."

"Do you like him?" Sting blurted out all of a sudden causing the blonde girl to look at him with full surprise. "What?! What are you talking about?"

"Come on Lucy, stop lying…"

"I'm not lying…Wha-I don't get you? I thought you were suiting me? Why are you like pushing him to me?" Lucy asked as she looked at the blue eyes but then looked away from her. Sting replied without looking at her, "I'm not pushing you to him. And yes I'm courting you. But I can't lie to myself that I'm somehow competing with a guy you're in love with"

"I'm not in love with Natsu…Sting, believe me" Lucy then touched his arm which makes Sting look at the hand and to her face. "I'll believe you when you believe in what you're saying."

"Sting…" Lucy looked at him with plead as if about to cry. Seeing her like that, Sting then embraced Lucy and whispered in her ear, "I'm not hurt, okay…and always remember, I'll always like you."

Not trusting her voice anymore because she was sure she would be bursting in tears, Lucy just hugged Sting tighter sending him a message that she was thankful for him.

Sting, I'm really sorry that I can't return the love…But I'm thankful that you are there for me. Thanks for making me accept the truth about how I feel for Natsu. I will cherish your admiration to me. You are really a true friend. Starting this point, I'll be doing things on my own. You have done enough for me. Thank you.

-End of Chapter 17-

If you're wondering where the NaLu part, well…It's about to start in the upcoming chapters! I'm really sorry if I made you expect something that is not there but at least we know that in the upcoming chapters, NaLu would be definitely there( Well because I'm the author?)

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