My best friend that I like more than a friend

Best Friends

Chapter 18: Best friends

Natsu's POV

Today is the second day for the school festival and I have decided that whatever happens I will be talking to Lucy today, I really need to. This may not be urgent for her but for me it is, I consider it even an EMERGENCY.

Now that I am taking my walk towards the school, first thing in my "to do list" is to find Lucy. Next task is to grab Lucy and third bring her into a private room. Then I don't know, well whatever comes in to my spontaneous mind.

"Lucy!" I called out to her when I saw her ever distinguishable blonde hair. Lucky for me that she heard me, most of the times she won't...or was she just pretending most of the time?

"Natsu, what's up?" Lucy asked once I was running towards her. I don't have time to answer her, I need to do task number two, Grab Lucy!

The moment I was next to her I grabbed her hand and started to drag her somewhere. I heard her whimper because I know that I surprised her again with my crazy antics. And to make her stop, the best way to show her not to worry was my famous grin, "Come on Lucy! Hurry up! Just like the old times ey!?"

"N-Natsu! Will you slow down?!" Lucy then giggled at me and started to ask again, "Where are we even going?!"


I know she wanted a specific answer but even myself, I don't know where to go. So let's just keep that to ourself… And soon enough, we entered the building and ran to the third floor. As soon as we were in the third floor, students were roaming around as well. So to keep low profile, I dragged Lucy while doing a fast walk.

When I found room 3-A, we entered instantly and good enough no one was there. The set up of the room was that all tables were moved to the side and all the chairs were piled up at the back. When we were there, Lucy let goes of my hand and walked towards the window. She sat herself in the table while checking the outside view.

"So Natsu, what made you bring me here?" Lucy asked me as she looked away from the scenery

"Nothing…I just wanted to make sure that we are both going to have fun today. Just the two of us." I said back to her as I sat next to her in the table.

"Just the two of us? How about Lissana? Did you tell her? She might misunderstand this"

"Would you relax Luce, okay? I…I didn't mention this to Lissana but I'll tell her when we see her. And I'm sure she won't misunderstand because were best friends." I said it to her as I put my arms around her shoulder.

Lucy didn't reply but gave me instead a raised brow. She actually skimmed me before she asked again, "Are you sure? From what I read in stories, mostly girlfriends get jealous with their boyfriends' girl best friend…"

"Wwweeellll… that's just stories." I replied bring her closer to me which ends up me and Lucy are looking at each other's eyes. In other words, our faces are too close for best friend relation.

I actually liked staring at her eyes, they were tantalizing. Brown expressive eyes, full of emotions, pure happiness. But before I know it, I fell to the floor. "OW!"

"I am so sorry Natsu! I didn't mean to push you…it was just-"

"It's alright…But next time, just a little push." I said back gesturing a small push to her. And when she smiled and giggled I cleaned myself off. Is the floor even dirty?

"So…If we're to enjoy this day together, why are we up here? Aren't we supposed to be down there?" She asked me as she pointed the window with her thumb.

"Well yeah…But before that I need to ask some help from you…" I started pulling one table and grabbed two chairs for us. Lucy then steps down from her position and grabbed one chair.

"What do you need help in?"

"The adlib"

"The adlib?" she repeated me and I nodded while smiling bashfully. Lucy then chuckled to herself and nodded back to me.

"So what have you decided? We can start with that…"

"Well I was thinking if you can do that part...please?"

"I can…but that wouldn't be spontaneous of you. When we do adlib, it happens all of a sudden. Whatever comes out, and whatever you feel for that situation that is what must be said" Lucy grabs my hand and squeezed it a bit. I looked down at our hands and looked back to her angelic face.

"How about this Natsu…What would you say to me not confessing love…but maybe confess my true value to you."

I smiled really wide with the idea of telling Lucy her true value to me, "That's easy! Lucy, you are the most fa-"

"Wait!" Lucy brought her hand to me in halt which made me give her a snoopy look. She then continued, "Whatever you have to say to me right now, how about you write it instead."

"What? I thought you-"

"That is the plan…whatever words your thinking right now, use it for your adlib. Just make sure not to use the word 'friend'…Okay?"


Lucy then tagged on my hand and gave me her famous smile. I couldn't help but to smile back, she knows how to make me happy effortless. As I let her pull me out of the room, I just realized our hands were entwined. That is new for me because from what I remember she didn't quite like this holding hands. But who cares, she is holding my hand.

Normal POV

Finally, Lucy and Natsu were back in the grounds and started roaming around the campus. Lucy is still oblivious with how she is holding her best friend's hand but for Natsu, he seems to enjoy the moment. The moment Lucy decided to do something else; she halted their selves and stared at the crowded place.

"I thought you didn't want to hold hands like this because it disgusts you…" Natsu stated out of the blue while he checked out the crowd same with the blonde

"What are you talking about?" Lucy asked the boy as she looked at him with true curious expression in her face

"Ehem, ehem…look at our hands" Natsu replied still looking at the place while he checked out the reaction of the blonde with the use of his peripheral view. Once Lucy looked down, he turned his head and stared at her.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my goodness! Why'd you just tell me now?! We have been walking around the campus holding like that and you never told me?! What if peo-"

"Shhhhmm!" Natsu then did the silence gesture with the use of his index finger in his sealed lips. Lucy on the other hand kept herself hushed as she stared at the intense look Natsu was giving her. As soon as the blonde kept quiet, that was his signal to continue himself, "Will you just calm down? And so what if we walked around campus holding hands? We're best-"


"Shhmm!"Natsu cut off again Lucy to silence her and continue himself, "As I said we are best friends and there is nothing wrong. I know that you will say 'I have a girlfriend and people might misunderstand it' but who cares…"

"I care…" Lucy said back as she looked at her feet that was kicking some small pebbles in the ground. She knew that Natsu was staring at her head but she couldn't look at him because she was just really embarrassed.

Natsu knew as well that Lucy wouldn't look at any moment. So he decided to pull up her chin to make her look at him whether she liked it or not. "Luce, I know you care…and it's too much. But I really appreciate it. But at the same time, because of that reason, you seem to move away from me."

"I… I don't mean to move away from you…It's just-"

"You don't have to explain…I understand whatever it is" Natsu then smiled and let goes of her chin but Lucy kept her gaze to him while giving a smile back

"I'm sorry" Lucy straightened her face and waited for him to reply but all she got was a chuckle from the pink head.

"I said it's alright…Now will you cheer up and be jolly as ever you are?" Natsu then muddled Lucy's hair which made her pout but soon laughed as she nodded.

"Alright, now what are we to do first? Eat or play?" Lucy then braced Natsu's arm and started to pull him to walk again, "Um…Can we do both?"

"Okay, like how?"

"I don't know…" Then the two started to laugh at one another knowing that they will end up doing none of the two choices.

As the two kept on walking, they passed many stalls of food and games. And from time to time, they met some of their classmates and friends. But as they continued their stroll around the school, one announcement caught the attention of the pink head.

"Join our game and get a chance to win two coupons for a buffet in the SUPER BOWL RESTO!"

"Come and Play PIGGY BACK RACE and win the TWO COUPONS!" Two sophomore students shouted through a megaphone as they called participants for their game. And with that loud calling, they sure captured tons of attention.

"Luce! I know what we'll do! Let's play there!" Without waiting for his best friends' response, he just run off and came in front of the game booth.

-End of chapter 18-

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