My best friend that I like more than a friend

The piggbyback ride

Chapter 19: The Piggyback

Before Lucy can even know what is happening, Natsu has already pulled the blonde towards a game booth. The boot was somehow filled with students in different levels. As soon as the two friends stood in front of a student who is part of the booth, they were greeted enthusiastically.

"Natsu-senpai! Lucy-san! Are you going to join our booth?" asked by one of the sophomore student

"Uh…what kind of game is this anyway?" Lucy asked back to the student as she looked at the younger student then back to Natsu. But before the student can answer back, Natsu quickly replied to the blonde, "A piggyback race!"

"A what?! Seriously?" Lucy asked back as she gave a snooping look to the pink head. Seeing her like that, Natsu just gave a toothy grin simply saying yes. As soon as the younger student stared at the two friends, she cleared her throat and asked again, "Uh…So are you both playing? If you are kindly sign up here"

The sophomore then handed a registration paper with a pen. Lucy took it and started writing their names. As the blonde was writing she asked again Natsu, "What made you join this? I mean…You hate piggyback rides…"

"Well, they said we could win a-"

"Two coupons for a buffet in super bowl resto!" The sophomore cuts off the young teen as she claps her hand in excitement. She then grabbed the paper once done and jumped in excitement again.

"Right…Anyways, we didn't get your name…" Lucy then tilted her head as she asked the younger student which made the sophomore more excited.

"Kyaa! Lucy-san asked my name! And Natsu-senpai will know it too!"

"Yeah…So what is your name?" Natsu then looked intently as he waited for her to say the name

"Uh…um…My name is Kayumi…Kayumi Ratsuki!"

"Well…Thanks for your assistance Kayumi…You really made Natsu here excited for food" Lucy smiled first before she started tugging on Natsu's hand.

As Natsu and Lucy finally signed up for the game, they finally stood in front of a racing field. They stood on the third lane which makes them the third pair. As they looked at the field, Lucy finally asked the pink head.

"Natsu? I thought you hated carrying people around in your back? Especially me! 'cause you said I was heavy!" Lucy semi-shouted as she glanced at the male next to her.

"Yeah I do hate carrying people around my back…But It's you I will be carrying around and I'm used to you…And about the heavy thing , it's sort of true too. But I don't care" Natsu then faced the blonde as he started brushing some of Lucy's hair that was falling from her clip.

"Would you quite saying I'm heavy! I know you're doing this because of food!" Lucy then glared at the pink head who just chuckled at her statement.

As Natsu was about to say something, a familiar voice suddenly came, "Then motivate him more Lu-chan!"

Lucy then peeked at the side of Natsu as the said teen turned to see Levy was at the back of Gajeel. The two friends were somehow surprised at the presence of the two which made Levy and Gajeel giggle silently.

"I didn't know you were in to this kind of racing Gajeel…" Natsu suddenly retorted as he stared at the two as if they were growing two heads.

"Well, it was my plan to make him play…I promised him that I would hang out with him if we won this game…" Levy replied instead to Natsu as she smiled at her friends. But before Natsu or Lucy could react another familiar voice came again.

"Me too! Well…It's more of begged him to play in exchange of treating him some coffee…"

"Juvia?! Even you?! And why you guys already at the back of your partners? Are you all excited for this game?" Lucy asked surprised as she scanned at the two pairs.

"Come on Lucy! We can't be left behind by them! I want to win!" Natsu started pulling Lucy behind him and bent down to the level that Lucy would be comfortable leaning to. But then Natsu didn't feel any body pressure in his back.

"What are you doing Natsu?" Lucy asked as she leaned at his side and looked at his face. Natsu looked at her close face and said, "I want you to get on my back already…Like them…"

Before Lucy could react to his statement, the sophomores started to call out, "All contenders! Get settled on your lanes and we are about to start our game! One must be already at the back of the other!"

"See Luce…You got to do it already…"Natsu reiterated his point of riding his back. Without giving an argument, she rode his back and stayed silent.

As Natsu started to walk towards the starting point, he noticed Lucy was being awkwardly silent. He glanced at his friends and saw them that all of them were energetic. Now, he started to wonder about the blonde in his back.

"Yo Luce, what's the matter? Why are you all of a sudden silent?" Natsu asked as he stood in lane 3.

"Nothing…I-I'm not use to you carrying me in your back here in school…We usually do this when we are in vacation…" Lucy whispered as she kept her head low.

"Don't be silly…I'll carry you like this anytime you want…Okay? Now cheer up!" Natsu replied back but before Lucy can agree, a sound of a boom came.



With that signal, all five pairs started to run off carrying their partners in their back. The racing field was 50 meters and the first three lanes were ahead. Natsu and Lucy were the first, while Gajeel and Levy coming next making Gray and Juvia third. The other two pairs are running behind the two best friends.

In matter of minutes, the three pairs ahead were coming to a close ending. The pairs' ranks were changing fast making the third lane behind of the first lane making second lane third. But before they know it the results changed again. As soon as one pair touches the finish line another sound of boom came telling there is already a winner.

Second day of school festival has finally ended as the clock strikes 5 in the afternoon. Some students started to head out of the school carrying goodies and toys. Some students stayed and waited for the sun to set.

As for Natsu and Lucy, they headed home as soon as the clock started to ring. They are happily exhausted with all the activities they did. Running in the piggyback race, eating in the eating contest, running in obstacle race and other tiring games.

They do not doubt that they did enjoy because as they left the school, they brought along their smiles that they wore the whole day.

"Natsu, thanks for spending the day with me…" Lucy said as she walked along the pinkette. Natsu chuckled first to her statement before he replied, "Luce, school festival would not be school festival if I won't spend it with you…"

"Well…I don't really expect that much anymore since you got a girlfriend." Lucy then answered back as she glanced at Natsu.

"Well, let me tell you, whether I have a girlfriend or not, I'm not gonna let a week pass without hanging out only with you. I promise." Natsu halted from his walk then stood in front of her , his back facing her.

"What are you doing? Why did you stop?"

Without answering Lucy's question, Natsu knelt down and said back instead, "Come on, I'll give you a piggyback ride"

"What?! No! Not here!"

"Luce…Come on. I'll carry you home. I'll drop you in front of your house." Natsu replied still kneeling but shifted his head to look at her.

"N-Natsu…That would be really embarrassing…Mom and Dad might see us…"

"So what? They know me…They know that we do these kind of stuff…They let me sleep in your room, lets me use your bathroom, lets me-"

"Alright! Okay…I'll ride your back…" Lucy then puts her legs between Natsu's body and wrapped her arm around Natsu's neck.

And with that, he stood up and locks his arm under Lucy's legs. He started walking again with a smile in his face. This gesture made Lucy curious so she asked, "Why are you smiling?"

"Nothing…It's just that, I really miss being with you."

"Really? Well I miss you too…I hope this won't be the last time." Lucy then rests her face to Natsu's warm back. "Natsu…I almost forgot that you have a weird body temperature."

"Haha, Well I almost forgot too how heavy you were…" stating this, Natsu earned a friendly slap in his back.

"You said-"

"I'm just kidding…" Natsu then stopped which made Lucy wonder but before hse could ask Natus talked again, "We're here…"

"Ah-Right!" Lucy then rattled to step down as she started to blush with the thought she didn't want to step down because it felt comfortable.

As Lucy walked towards the front gate, she turned once more to face him, "Natsu…Thanks again. I really had fun." Lucy then leaned and kissed his cheek then walked fast going inside their home.

Natsu on the other hand, held the tingling part of his cheek, the part where Lucy kissed him. He smiled as he watched Lucy disappear in their home. Once she was gone, he turned his back and started to mumble to himself.

"Best day ever…"

-End of Chapter 19-

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