My best friend that I like more than a friend


In the cafeteria, almost all the students are there to take up their snacks for the morning. As Natsu stands at the door of the cafeteria, he sees the two blondes walking inside along with the two blue haired girls heading towards a table. Stomping his way to his friends, Natsu walked past Lucy and the others and went straight ahead to among his friends. As soon as he came in view to his friends, a certain dark haired guy with a half way open school uniform gave a grin while raising an eyebrow, "Hey hot headed! What's with that glare?"

"Shut up ice-princess! And stop unbuttoning your polo…Such a stripper…" Natsu said as he takes an empty seat while staring at the two blondes lining up in the food area. "Oi! what did you call me?!" The raven haired teen shouted back but was ignored quickly by the pinkette as he just stares or glares at the two blondes.

"Hey Natsu… I heard you were going to surprise someone today? Who is she? Assuming it's a girl" Levy suddenly asked as she puts down the book that she was reading.


Each one of them then looked at each other with disbelief. However Natsu never left sight of the two blondes. A red haired girl then breaks the silence and asks once again, "Lissana? Really? We thought you would surprise Lucy…" Hearing their assumption, Natsu quickly breaks his gaze to Lucy and faces all of his friends with a surprised look, "Why would I surprise Lucy? What's the occasion? And besides, she was the first person to know about my surprise"

"Well, it's just that-" Juvia starts but was quickly cut off by a hand covering her mouth to stop talking. She struggles at first but realizes it was the guy next to her, Gray. He was making her stop from spilling the secret.

"What Juvia?" Natsu glances at the blue-haired beauty. Before he could even ask more, a voice suddenly was heard coming from his back. "Hey guys! What's up?" Lucy greets as she stands behind her best friend who was still confused with Juvia

"Hey Lucy! Hey Sting" Levy waved and almost whispered the name of her classmate.

Sting gives a nod as he looks at everyone. However, Natsu was giving a death glare to the blonde guy while looking up. Soon Lucy sat beside Natsu to his right side, then she gave a sign to Sting that there was an empty seat next to her.

"NO! Lucy move! Sting sit here!" Natsu growls while a vein animatedly pops from his forehead. He starts to stand up and pull Lucy to his left making the blonde beauty surprised.

"A-a-alright!" Lucy said as she moved left, then she continued, "What's the matter with you?!"

"Nothing!" Natsu exclaims sitting in between Sting and Lucy. Once he was seated, the pinkette stares really hard as if he is trying to burn him with his stare, "oi Sting…"

"Wha-what?" The blonde teen boy said feeling awkward with Natsu's stare

"Why did you put a hand behind her back a while ago?!" Natsu asks bluntly as his thumb pointed to Lucy. Everyone then gave a disbelief stare to the pink haired student. Feeling awkward, Lucy looks back and forth to her best friend and classmate. Soon a tiny blush creeps to her cheek when Sting looks at her, "Nothing… I guess I'm just being a gentleman"

"Yeah Natsu… Don't get pissed to a guy who is just being courteous" Juvia says as she supports Sting's reason

"Unlike him..." Erza whispers to Levy who was giggling with her friends

"Hey what's that suppose to mean?! I'm a gentleman! Right Luce?" Natsu stares at the two girls at first before looking at the blushing blonde. Lucy, being taken aback, tried to get her words out, "Huh? u-uh...y-yeah?"

"See!" Natsu cheers as he points at Erza and Levy who just scoffs at his enthusiasm. "Yeah right..." With his gift of good hearing, smell and heat, which makes him either hot or weird but for his best friend weird, he just snarls at the two girls.

As Gray hears Natsu, he points a spoon he used for his ice shaved, "Well flame-brain it seems Lucy doubts that too even if she said it herself", Juvia suddenly giggles before she adds to what Gray said, "Yes…be like Gray-sama and maybe you can win Lu-"

"-Lissana!" Gray cuts her off again

Lucy's attention then shifts to Gray as she hears her good friend's name, "What's with Lissana and Natsu?" Erza, Levy and Juvia suddenly jaw dropped as they heard Lucy's question. Natsu just looks at his best friend and saw her asking for an answer. "Gray? Answer me… Guys? Hello?"

"Well… "Gray starts trying to answer the blonde but failed to continue for he didn't know what to say exactly.

"Uh…the thing is…" Erza trying to add some words but looking away from Lucy, "Yeah? Hey… come on! Look at me! It's not a big deal right?!" Lucy starts to feel worried, but soon enough Natsu clears his throat.

"You know what… She's right… What's the big deal? It's not like its a big secret" Natsu states as he looks at everyone and receives wide eyes from his friends as if telling him not to dare tell her. They acted that way to him because all of them believes that Lucy has some 'feelings' for her best friend.

Natsu then faces Lucy making him turn his back to the other blonde beside him. "Well… Me and Lissana are friends, thanks to you" Lucy nods as she waits patiently for him to continue. "But I got some news for you that would make you sure surprised and proud of me…"

Lucy starts to get excited at the same time get worried as she waits for Natsu to continue, "I am courting Lissana to be my girlfriend!"

Natsu then gives his signature grin to his best friend as Lucy tries to maintain her sweet smile. When Lucy heard girlfriend, she wanted to burst out crying but she couldn't because she's sure she won't be able to explain. So she held back the tears. Her smile slowly fades and gives a serious look to the pink head. She was silent and everyone in the table was holding their breath to what was happening.

All of their eyes were moving back and forth, from Lucy and Natsu, when suddenly Lucy spoke, "Oh? Really? Then good for you" Lucy then stands up and adds, "Sting let's go…" Then she walks away from the table. Everyone looked at the blonde guy as he stands up and starts to follow Lucy out of the cafeteria.

On the other hand, Natsu was left dumbfounded as he followed Lucy's figure walking out of the place. And still everyone was quiet in their place until Natsu looks at them and ask, "Did I do something wrong? Or did I say something bad? Why would Lucy walk away?"

"Natsu…Sometimes…" Levy tries to answer the pink haired student but didn't finish her sentence as she sighs really deep and begins to fix her things from the table instead.

"Sometimes what? Levy…" Natsu calls to the petite girl, but she just shakes her head and stands up. "Never mind…Let Lucy alone for today" Erza concludes to Natsu as they all became quiet again and just waits for the bell to ring once more.

When they heard it, everyone starts to fix their snacks while Natsu looks again to the path Lucy has walked, then he quietly mumbles to himself, "Lucy…"

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