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Play or Reality

Chapter 20: Play or Reality

Finally the sun has risen for the third day of school festival. But as the day starts, a certain pinkette is running late. He woke at 6:10 in the morning with a call from a red haired SC president.

"Where the heck are you?! You're supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!" Erza shouted as Natsu answered the call

"I know! I know! Sorry! I'm running my ass off already!" he replied as he rampages his things and dashed off their house

"Well you should! You're the only one late!"

"Really even Gray is there already?" Natsu then stood still for a second but ran again as the red haired shouted in his ear

"Shut up and just get your lazy butt here already!"

"Alright alright!" then Erza ends the call which made him take this chance to run faster without his things falling off his bag.

After a good 5 minutes run Natsu has finally reached the high walls of his school. As he was nearing the gates he was seeing the demon he just talked too. With that sighted he suddenly drops his script "Shit my script!"And with that he ran back for it.

"What took you so long?" Erza asked as Natsu walked breathless. She then decided to give him a break, "Never that you're here we can now practice some scenes." Erza then walked ahead of Natsu which he trailed after

"What? But the play does not start before 3."

"We only got half a day to practice everything to make it sure we won't disappoint anybody." Erza replied as they continued to walk towards the auditorium. As the two continued to walk on silently, Erza looked at her shoulder and asked the boy behind her, "You got your adlib ready?"

"Yep and I'm pretty proud of it." Natsu then smirked really wide

"Well then I expect a lot from it." Erza smiled back as she looked ahead of her way

"I'm ready for that expectation of yours."

It has been an hour since the cast has arrived and started practicing for the play. And as the clock strikes 7:30 in the morning students started to fill the school. And surprisingly all students are excited for the final event of the day, the play.

On the other hand, the cast was given a 15 minute break from their practice so they took this time to walk around school. The cast separated with what they wanted to do. Some stayed in the auditorium as they rested and some went out to buy food. And one of them is Juvia and Lucy.

"I'm really hungry...I went to school without eating breakfast, about you Lucy-san?" Juvia asked as she walked along with the blonde

"Same here... You know what I can eat as many food right now" Lucy and Juvia then giggled at the thought but before any of them could reply a familiar voice spoke.

"Don't eat too much you might not fit in your costume."

The two friends turned their head as they heard the voice coming from their back. And the two stilled as they looked at the short white haired beauty. "Good morning Lucy! Good morning Juvia!" Lissana greeted

"Good morning Lissana!" Juvia and Lucy harmoniously said back

Lissana then walked closer to them and gave them a hug. After that the three strolled around and looked for food to eat. As they stopped to one stall, Lissana then asked, "So where is Natsu?"

Lucy glanced at her before she looked back at the vender, "Um…He stayed in the auditorium. Asleep."

"Ahh, sounds like him. Um can you give this to him?" Lissana then handed the plate to Lucy that they just bought. Lucy then accepted it and smiled, "Alright, I'll hand it to him."

Before Lucy and Juvia could return back to the auditorium, Lissana has asked another favor to them to tell Natsu that she would like to talk to him before the play started at the entrance of the auditorium. And the two friends agreed to tell him and with that the white haired beauty left.

"Natsu…wake up." Lucy said as she shook the pink head asleep. Natsu didn't wake up easily since he was a heavy sleeper but after 3 shaking from Lucy he opened his eyes.

"Hey sleepyhead…I've got food for you. Eat up before Erza calls us back." Lucy then viewed the food to him as he sat up. Natsu then grinned at her and replied, "Thanks Luce…You always give me breakfast."

"It's not from me." Lucy then sat in front of him and smirked slightly. Natsu tilted his head to the said as he asked back, "Then who?"

"What do you mean who…the one suppose to do this stuff"

Natsu stated before he began digging in his food "Uh…besides my mom then its…you". Lucy shook her head and smiled s she looked t her laps. As she stopped smiling she uttered silently, "Its Lissana…not me"

"Lissana? Really? Oh." Natsu stared at the blonde before he uttered again, "But still, thanks 'cause you brought in the food."

"By the way," Lucy called as she waited for him to look at her and once he did she continued, "Lissana wanted you to meet her before the play started, at the entrance of the auditorium."

"Okay. Thanks" Natsu smiled but soon enough Erza called everyone to practice again.

"Let's go." Natsu stood up and extended his hand to Lucy which she accepted bashfully. And as they stood face to face, they both smiled at each other before they walked towards the cast.


As soon as 2:30 hit the clock, Mira stood in the stage located at the field and started announcing about the play. She announced as well that students are now allowed to enter the auditorium which was a sign to me I have to get ready to meet Lissana in the entrance.

As I headed there, lots of students started entering and I couldn't barge out. But luckily, I was able to come to a place where students didn't flood in. I stood there and waited to see my girlfriend. After about 5 minutes of waiting, I saw her short white hair and started calling out, "Lissana! Over here!"

She saw me and waved back. She walked pass other students as she made her way to me and soon she stood in front of me. "Hey there!"

"Hi!" I smiled at her then I continued, "Lucy said you-"

"Yeah…Well, just wanted to say good luck." Lissana suddenly blushed and I found it cute, well she is always cute. Then she continued, "So, good luck!" And with that she leans towards me and kissed me in the cheek. I smiled back at her before she left to take her front row sit.

Once she faded in the crowd, I took off and headed back to the back stage.

Now I'm back in the back stage, I started hearing the voice of the evil director of ours, Erza. "You! Why is this thing here?! You're supposed to hold this!"

I shook my head as I saw my poor classmate running towards her terrified and ran away as fast as he got the cloth. "Hey Erza! Won't you relax? You're terrifying them…"

"Shut up Natsu! I need to fix things here. And why are you not in the dressing room?!"

"Because I'm done dressing. Anyways, just relax that will help your brain think better." I then walked away as I headed to the dressing room. But as I walked on I heard Erza shout back, "Since when did you become a smart ass?!"

I just chuckled as I left her in the back stage. The next thing I know, I was inside the room and saw Sting and Lucy sitting very closely. And it pisses me off.

"Ehem! Need to get this." I said suddenly as I stood in between them and grabbed a brush.

As I leaned away from them I stared at the brush and heard Sting talk, "Since when did you brush your hair?" He started chuckling as Lucy smiled to me and Sting.

"Since today." I replied to the blonde dude before I tried brushing my hair up. Lucy then stood in front of me and grabbed the brush, "You're not suppose to brush your hair when it's gelled. Your hair is supposed to be brushed up and it's perfect already. So drop the brush."

I dropped the brush and soon one of my classmates called out to us, "Its show time"

And with that we left the room.


The play started and everything as of now was going well. Audience laughed, reacted along with the characters and fell in love with the two princes' and the Princess. Everything was fine according to plan.

Soon enough the play was about to reach it's end and their current scene is when the two Prince would start confessing to the Princess.

"Oh Princess! I need to tell something I desire to tell you!" Sting said in character

"What is it you desire to say Prince Lucas?" Lucy said back in character as she steps closer to him

"I'd like to confess to you…" Sting then took Lucy's hand and continued, "Princess Ayana, from the moment I stepped in this tower and saw your beautiful face, I knew to myself I have fallen for you. I-I know it's unbelievable… but no matter what I do, my heart beats faster every time you'd look at me…and show me your beautiful smile. To be honest, you bring happiness to me, with that smile of yours. I'm not going to let you fall and get hurt. I love you Princess."

People started reacting and crying about how much they felt Sting's lines as if it was true. But as the audience watched, they saw Natsu really mad. The pink head prince walked closer to Lucy and hugged her in the back. Lucy on the other hand got truly surprised because she didn't expect him to do it in the play.

Lucy turned and faced him blushing. But as she turned she saw Erza asking through actions what was Natsu doing. She didn't know and all she thought was, this is Natsu and not as Prince Edward.

"Lu-" Natsu stopped immediately as he remembered he was in a play. So he cleared his throat before he continued, "Ayana…I'm not going to say this because I just want to copy him" Natsu then pointed at Sting, and then both glanced at the blonde lad. After a second, he looked back at Lucy, "I'm going to say this because I want you know what I think of you as YOU."

Lucy was taken a back that she stepped back to stare at Natsu's eyes which she told to herself, this is Natsu talking and nobody else.

"Ayana, seeing you smile everyday makes my day better. It is as if…you lift all the doubts I have in life. I-I hate seeing you shed a tear whenever you're sad or…or afraid. It breaks my heart into pieces. That is why saving you and protecting you is not what I need to do…as a prince- but rather it is- it is what I want to do for you. Just to feel your hand within my hand, I'm sure I-I'd never let you go…I love your eyes, I love the way…how you fit in my arms perfectly. I love staring at your lips…I'm think I'm in love with you Lu-A-Ayana."

People started crying really load as they started feeling all the emotions coming from Natsu and Lucy. Lucy on the other hand was crying for real as she was overwhelmed with Natsu's indirect confession of his feelings. She tried to speak just for the sake of the play, "P-Pr-Prince Edward…I…is that how you feel for me? For real?"

"I know it's for real."Natsu stepped closer before he began hugging her again and was hugged back by Lucy.

Sting stepped back as he felt an arrow hit him in the heart invisibly and said his spontaneous exit, "I-I can't compete to a guy who has the girl since the beginning." And with that Sting left the stage and went straight to the dressing room.

Whatever happening to the play was no longer in the script of Erza and she was beginning to worry but as she looked at the audience they still think its still part of the play. As Erza looked at them she mumbled to herself, "As long as there is still a kiss"

Despite the exit of Sting's character, Lucy and Natsu was still in their position until Natsu pulled back and stared at Lucy's lips. "Did I mention that I love staring at your lips?" Natsu asked again to the blonde who was still in tears

He didn't wait for her to reply because once he said that he leaned down and captured her lips in full. Lucy got surprised with what was happening but soon enough she returned his kiss as she wrapped her arms to his neck.

People started cheering as they saw them kiss while for some students they started grabbing partners and kiss them. Despite people having fun with the ending, a certain white haired beauty started tearing as she stared at the kissing couple in the stage.

"Is this for real?"

-End of Chapter 20-

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