My best friend that I like more than a friend


Chapter 21: Confusion


"Is this for real?" I uttered as I stared at my boyfriend and my friend kiss on stage.

I know that I'm here to watch a romantic play and expect a moment where the couple would kiss. But I didn't expect that I would be watching Natsu kiss someone else in front of me as if the kiss was for real.

"Why am I crying?" I asked myself as I kept staring at them while wiping my tears. Since I can no longer take this feeling I decided to leave the auditorium.

Unexpectedly I ran out of the place feeling suffocated by everything I'm feeling and seeing. Once I pushed open the doors, I knew I would be breaking down so I knelt down and started sobbing. Tears started flowing in my eyes non stop and I just wanted to get mad, "AHHHHHH!"

"Why?!why?! From all people...why Lucy?"


"Congratulations Lucy! You were great!" One of my classmate greeted me as I fixed my things in the dressing room. I smiled at her and thank her back but after that I was alone again.

Being alone made me think deep again so I began staring at my reflection in the mirror. The funny thing about it is that I was daydreaming about what happened earlier. To be honest, I'm so happy that I got kissed by my crush. The bad thing is, he is my best friend and he has a girlfriend.

"What will happen now? I kissed him back but he kissed me first!...I don't know what to do anymore..."

"Lu-chan!" A voice suddenly called out to me

I returned back to earth as I searched for the person who called me but then I got surprised to find her already in front of me grinning. "Levy-chan what's with that smile of yours?"

"Nothing much...unless my speculation is true..." Levy then leans back to the table as she crossed her arms and started bouncing her eyebrows to me.

"What are you talking about Levy-chan? I don't get you..." I said back lying as I began brushing my hair. I'm a bad liar after all because I began blushing.

"Oh you know what I'm talking about...Na~"

"Okay! I get it!" I shouted back quickly as I bang the brush to the table. I stared at my good friend before I continued, "I don't know Levy...I don't know what will happen next."

"The obvious thing! Come on Lucy, almost everybody saw the confession of Natsu to you!"

"That was part of the play... and besides he has Lissana." I stood up again and started keeping my things away.

"Fine, Lissana is the girlfriend but don't you get it? Natsu just confessed to you his true feelings." Levy then stood behind me as she tried convincing me with a fact.

"Then what?! He's going to breakup with her?!" I turned around and faced my friend "I don't want to be a third party...Natsu is my best friend and Lissana is my friend."

"Sorry Lu-chan...I didn't mean to make you a third party in the scenario...its just that, it seems to be the right thing..." Levy tore her gaze from me and started looking down. Feeling bad for my friend, I suddenly hugged her and replied back.

"Levy...If I only had a chance to tell him how much I like him, I wouldn't be wasting my time about these...but you see things are not the way we want it to be."

"I'm sorry...but just one question..." I began pulling away from her and stared at her with pure question in my face.

"Was that kiss for real? Or was it just part of the play?"

"Levy…I don't know…The kiss is really part of the play…but the feeling when we kissed was like, for real…" I started brushing my fingers to my lips as I began recalling how his lips felt to mine then I continued myself, "Your asking the wrong person…If you want to know what that kiss meant, you should ask him…After all he was the one who kissed me first."


The play has finally ended and everyone started going home. However the actors are still in their dressing room packing up their things. Natsu as one of the actors was left alone in one of the dressing room, but that didn't seem to bother him.

"Today's Friday…I better ask Lucy to eat in our favorite sushi bar…Can't wait to see her." Natsu said to himself as he put his clothes and things back to his bag.

While doing so, one of his classmates opened his door and called out, "Hey Natsu! I think someone is waiting for you at the back door of the auditorium…"

"Oh…Who Rio?" Natsu then walked towards him and held the door open

"I didn't see her face…But she seemed to be waiting…Maybe it's you."

"Okay Thanks." Then Rio left but Natsu just stood in the door way and thought for a second.

After a good minute, he left the room and went straight to the back door of the auditorium. As he opened the door he didn't see anyone waiting so he stepped out and searched for anyone. Looking at his left and right, he suddenly heard a voice calling out to him.


Natsu looked towards the source of the voice and got surprised when he saw Lissana, "Lissana? What are you doing here?"

"We…We need to talk." Lissana then looked down and took a deep breath before she looked up again to him.

"Talk? About what?"

"Was that confession for real or part of the play?" Lissana asked as she stared intensely to his black onyx eyes. With her gaze, Natsu began to swallow hard as he tried to utter back.

"Lis, I…I'm in great confusion right now."

"There is nothing confusing with what I'm asking…"

"It's not your question… it's me." Natsu then broke his gaze from her and looked down instead. Lissana was taken a back as she covered her mouth from sobbing louder.

"I can't hear this… I have to go" Lissana stepped back more before she started sprinting away from the pink head.

Natsu couldn't do anything but just stare at Lissana's running figure. He felt bad for her because he actually promised to her that he wouldn't make her sad, "Great job for not making Lissana cry…baka" Natsu thought as he decided to go back inside.

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