My best friend that I like more than a friend

After all

Chapter 22: After all


Ever since Natsu said to me he was confused about us, I became afraid. Afraid that one day he will say to me that he doesn't love me anymore and that he wants to end our relationship. I don't think I can ever handle that. I love him.


I turned around and found my sister standing in my opened doorway holding a tray of cookies and milk. She flashed a smile to me and said, "I brought you your favorite."

"Thanks Mira-nee, you can put it there" I pointed at the empty night stand and returned my gaze back in the window.

"I know you have a problem...mind of telling it to your onee-chan?"

I faced Mira-nee again but this time I stared at her before giving up and began to walk towards my bed. I sat down and waited for my sister to sit next to me. Once she did, She tapped my hand then spoke, "So...what's the matter?"


"What about him?"

"He...He said he was confused." I then looked at my sister and began to stare back at the blue eyes that I had too. Her eyes showed care and sadness. As she didn't say anything, I continued, "He said that after the play...did you see the play?"

"Yes...Everybody did"

"Did you see them the way they kissed?"

She nodded so I continued, "I think because of that kiss he became confused. I think he wants to break up with me."

"How sure are you about that? Did he say that himself?" Mira-nee took hold of my arm and I began to feel like crying again.

"No...I don't know. I ran away from him...I-I got scared that he'll say...he doesn't love me anymore!"

"Oh Lissana, don't think like that...You both should talk and work things out."

"But I'm scared!" And with that I began to cry again. Tears poured down my face and soon my sister hugged me and stroke my back to comfort me.

"Oh Lissana...I feel bad that you're being like this. It breaks my heart to see you cry."

I sobbed for a moment than said back, "I don't know how I will do this...I don't know what to do" she then hugged me tighter and pulled back and grabbed my face to make me look at her

"I'll do anything to help you you want me to talk to Natsu? I can do that."

"You'll do that for me?"

"Of course! You're my sister!" Mira-nee then tried to give me a warm smile and hugged me once again.

As she hugged me I whispered to her, "Tell him not to break up with me...I don't want him too...I can't handle that."

My sister then pulled back with a shocked expression in her face. She was taken a back from what I said. And that expression gave me an answer. A NO.

" know how I try to be fair to you and to our friends..."

"Why can't you be on my side for once!? I'm you're sister!"


"NO! You said you'd do anything!"

"But Lissana..."

"Mira-nee! Please! It's the only thing I'm asking you!"

I was now facing her fully with tear pouring down my face. I'm frustrated in my position right now.

"Lissana, that's not how things work. I'm not going to meddle in your relationship with him. I'm just going to be a bridge to help you both out but I won't force anyone to do things. It's you and Natsu will fix this."

With Mira-nee's serious look, I knew that I couldn't bargain with her anymore. I looked down as I was like defeated in a debate until she held my hand.

"What I can do for you is just to talk to Natsu. Ask him to talk to you and fix it."

It took me a minute to answer her back, "No...tell him maybe that I want to talk to him within the week."

"Alright...Take a rest now. It's been a stressful day for you."

She smiled warmly before she stood up to leave the room. As soon as she stood by the door, she turned to greet me one last time, "Good night"

After that I was alone once again.

I stared at the empty space of the room and tried to think what I should do next in my life. After some minutes of gazing, I stood up and walked towards my table and grabbed my phone. I scrolled my contacts and ended up with Lucy's number.


"Lucy...Its me, Lissana"

Lissana? Hi! um...what made you call?

"I uh...just wanted to talk to you...Is it possible that we could talk tomorrow?"

Uh...sure. Where and what time?

"At the park...around 9, I guess?"

Alright. See you then.

"Thanks, bye"

And with that I hung up and put down my phone back to the table. I stared at it then moved back and laid down in bed. As I did, I stared at the ceiling and thought to myself, if Mira-nee can't do it for me, I can ask the girl who can steal his heart to ask him not to break up with me.

And with that my eyes closed good night.

… … …


Saturday has finally came and as a weekend, many people were out having fun. Lucy and Lissana made a deal to meet up at the park to talk about who knows what. The clock strikes 9 already and Lucy has finally sat down at one of the benches in the park.

Lucy wore a peach sharkbite hem tank top and white cardigan with acid washed shorts and flesh doll shoes. She watched the kids play in front of her, seeing them chase one another while others played jump rope and hide and seek. The blonde was into observing that she never realized her meet up friend has arrived.

Lissana wore a blue sunday dress as she stood next to the blonde, "Hey Lucy..."

Lucy turned her head quickly and saw the white haired beauty. She smiled and greeted back, "Hey Lissana! You're here..."

"Sorry if I'm quite late." Lissana then sat down next to the blonde and stared at the kids as well.

"Nah, it's okay. Watching them is fun" Lucy motioned her head to the group of kids as she looked back at the white haired girl.

Lissana looked back at her and smiled but then looked away and started to ask, "Were you and Natsu like that before?"


"Come on Lucy, you know what I mean..."

"Umm...well, we weren't childhood friends...we just met in the middle school."

"Oh...and we met high school."

"Yeah! We've been friends for a long time already, don't you think?" Lucy then looked at Lissana which she received a smile and a nod, "Of course"



"Can I be frank to you?" Lissana looked away even if Lucy was glancing at her. She then continued, "I need a favor to ask you..."


"Yes...and it has something to do with your friendship with my boyfriend." Lissana said emphasizing the word

Lucy was somehow shocked but tried to keep a calm face and nodded to make her continue, "Make him not break up with me...if you have to stay away from him, please do so..."

"But why?"



"I can't explain...some other time when things are better." Lissana was now pleading the blonde as she held Lucy's hand

"I...I don't know. You're my friend but I need a reason to stay away from my best friend." Lucy then pulls away her hand and gave Lissana a serious look

"Fine..." Lissana stood up and faced her, "I want you to stay away from Natsu because I'm scared that he'll break up with me because of you."

Lucy gasp as she listen to Lissana but before she could say anything Lissana said something again, "I don't want to hate you or be mad at you because we are friends. So please do this as a favor."

"Lissana...this is unfair for me." Lucy looked up at her

Lissana shock her head and gave an intense look, "It's more unfair for me...Lucy he could chose you over me."

"If you trust him that he loves you, you don't have to do this."

"I trust him...I guess its you I don't trust."

"What?! Lissana..."

"I'm sorry Lucy...don't make this situation any worse. Just do this as a favor and everything will be fine." Lissana then turned her back and walked away from the blonde.

Lucy on the other hand got dazzled as she stared at the retreating figure of the white haired beauty. She then thought to herself, After all...I still can't love him nor be close to him.

-End of Chapter 22-

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