My best friend that I like more than a friend

What's left for me

Chapter 23: what's left for me

Weekend ended quickly for Lucy making her frustrated in how she will handle Natsu specially she is his classmate and seat mate. She doesn't know how she will handle too the issue with Lissana.

As Lucy walked towards the main building, her mind was spacing out thinking of a way to get through the day. Maybe I should be avoiding meeting Lissana this week for the mean time while for Natsu-

Lucy suddenly stopped walking when her vision became black. She checks her face feeling a hand blocking her view. And carelessly thinking she assumed someone, " Okay Sting let go now..Its not the-"

"Ouch..." The hand then leaves her face making her twirl around and face the salmon headed teen. Lucy gasp as she got surprised by the teen in front of her.


"So Sting surprises you too with that act?" Natsu looked straight at her brown eyes making the blonde look away, embarrassed.

"W-well not really..he did just once." Lucy said shyly before she looked as well to his dark orb eyes

"But I always do that to you when I surprise you...and he only did that once to you and you remember him?"

"Are you being jealous?" Lucy then steps closer making their distance shorter which made Natsu blush somehow not only because of the distance but the question as well.

"M-me?! No! Hi-him?! No!pssshh!" Natsu denied as he looked away from her pretty gaze but kept the distance.

After a moment being in that position, he looked down at her face and stared at her angelic look and thought to himself, having her this close to me...makes me want to kiss her soft lips again.

Soon enough he began leaning down which made the blonde surprised because she didn't know if she was to wait to be kissed or push him away. But as soon as his face was coming close, her heart beats faster making her unable to move. Centimeters away from kissing Lucy, a voice suddenly came calling the pinkette, "Natsu!"

The two then stopped and made Lucy step back and let out air she didn't know she was holding. Natsu then looked at the blonde breathing hard, so he decided to say something but was beaten by her, "I, uh, better go...see you in class."

Lucy stepped back further being able to see the person who called Natsu and somehow savior as of the moment from being confused again. As soon as she saw the hair of the girl she turned and sprinted towards the building with one thought in mind, white hair...this could be bad

As soon as Natsu watched Lucy's figure disappear inside the building, he turned himself and looked at the blue eyes staring back at him, "Mira..."

"Hi's it going?"

"'s Lissana by the way? Is she coming to school today?"

"I don't know really but she's trying to be okay..." Mira then fixes her hold to her bag sling to her right shoulder.

"I understand if you're mad at me, after all she is your sister." Natsu then looks down at his shoes feeling disappointed with himself. But looked back quickly hearing the silver haired beauty's reply.

"I'm not..." Mira then smiles warmly as she observed her friend's look. She then continued herself, " but there is one thing I need you to do."

"Sure..anything." Natsu then stood up straight as he looked at the white haired beauty

"I need you to fix this with Lissana. She wants you to talk to her within the week. As long as you're ready...You don't like seeing your girl cry, would you?"

Natsu couldn't believe what she said because the moment she said that he was left in shock. Mira just then taps his shoulder before she continued to walk towards school but then looked back slightly and stated, "Fix this... You don't want any of them crying again..specially...Lucy"

And with that the white haired continued walking leaving the salmon haired teen in deep thought.


Finally I'm inside the room and went straight to my seat. Juvia and Levy aren't here yet which somehow is a relief. I just want to be alone for the mean time. The moment I sat down, I blankly stared at the sky and thought to myself.

Why from all people I had to fall in love with, I had to fall for my best friend. Why from all people I have to avoid why does it have to be my best friend. And from all people who have to have a girlfriend why does my best friend have to fall in love with my friend...

After thinking for some quite time, I leaned down back to my chair and rested my head to my chair and looked up in the ceiling. But as I did, I didn't see the ceiling but instead the face of the guy who has been causing me great problem in love. "What are you doing Luce?"

"Nothing..leave me alone." I then sat up straight as I avoided my gaze to him.

Natsu then walks up to my side as his hands were in his pocket. He just watched me as I looked at the sky again. But since I guess he couldn't take the silence anymore, he cleared his throat and spoke, "What's the matter?"


"Is that nothing? You're not even looking at my way...and you expect me to believe that?"

" I'm looking at you, believe that." I said as I tried showing an expression less face

"The fuck Luce..."

"It's the truth"I said back before I looked back again outside

"Are you like this because I kissed you last Friday?" I then slammed my hand to my table which made him step back and stare with surprise.

"Maybe! because of that stupid kiss, my life became messed up!" Everyone in class suddenly looked at me at my out burst which made me uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I stepped out of my seat and bumped Natsu in the shoulder and ran out of the room. I knew the moment I walked out, every eyes were still looking at me. I ran passed every student in the corridor and went inside the girl's comfort room.

I'm crying for some reason because I don't know what to do anymore. I'm totally messed up, thinking of what Lissana told me last Saturday and now Natsu. I jut can't take it anymore. I can't love the guy I want, I can't stay near the guy I love...what is left for me?

As I cried my frustration out, the door to the CR suddenly opened. But I didn't give a damn cause after all no one cared how I felt. But what surprised me is that suddenly someone hugged me from the back. When I looked up I saw a tall pink haired guy hugging me behind, hiding his face in the crook of my neck.


"I'm sorry." I stared at him first then wrapped my arms to his arms that was holding my waist then leaned my head to his.

I felt bad for him too, cause I know even him he is having a hard time between me and Lissana. Even if he thinks I'm just his best friend, he has a girlfriend who probably hates me right now.

"I'm sorry too...I'm just..." Natsu then lifts his head and stares at me through the mirror

"You don't have to say sorry because its really my fault. I'm the reason why probably Lissana is mad at you or something. I'm sorry because I caused you problems that you should not have."

"Do you have any idea how I feel right now?" I then stepped out of his embrace and looked at him straight in the face.

Natsu couldn't answer me so he stepped back and looked at his shoes and mumbled quietly, "I don't know if I do..."

"What do I feel?"

"Hate?...Anger?" Then he looks back at me and waited for me to answer back but I shock my head

"No...I feel bad...because this is happening to us. What did we do to end up like this?"

Natsu stepped further until he leaned back to the wall and hid his hands to his pocket and looked down, "I did something...reckless. Didn't think good enough of what I feel. That's what happened that led us to this situation."

"Don't blame yourself..I did something stupid too I guess." Natsu then looked up to me and waited for me to continue. So I walked towards him but sat down next to him which he copied.

"I fell in love with you...when you fell in love with someone else." Natsu then glanced at me with wide eyes and shock all over his face.

"Lu-lucy...are you saying..."

"Yeah Natsu...I'm in love with you. But that doesn't matter anymore..our lives are too messed up." I then stood up and looked down at him seeing he still has a surprised look after my ever confession.


"One favor...pretend this never happened. Pretend I didn't confess, pretend you don't know anything..just forget everything like nothing happened. Because...I'll try to think that I didn't fall for you." I suddenly felt tears ran down my cheeks again

"Luce wait!" I turned as Natsu began to stand up but turned and faced him which made him stop as well, "To be honest, I'll be avoiding you for Lissana's sake. But one day this will end when someone mans up." And with that I turned and left the place leaving him totally speechless.

All I could think of while leaving him was that I hope someone fights for me...

-End of Chapter 23-

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