My best friend that I like more than a friend

love is hard too

Chapter 24: Love is hard too


It has been days since Lucy told me that she loves me. It has been days since the last time she even said 'hi'. And it has been days since she even dared to stay close to me. Its weird not having her around, it feels as if I am living an empty life.

Right now, I'm standing next to Lissana's classroom. And yes, me and Lissana are still together and eventually she is happy again. I'm waiting for her-

"Luce." Lucy is standing in front of me after exiting our classroom right now. She's just there with her back in front of me. I try calling her again..but wait! She is looking at me right now. I'm smiling at her and hoping she'de smile back...

"Uh-uh..." and with that she is walking away from me...with no reaction. No smile, no sigh, no raise of brow...nothing.

I turned myself around watching her figure disappear in the corner. As I watch her, I only have one thought, I wish I can have what we use to have...

"Let's go Natsu! I'm ready..." I turned myself again seeing my girlfriend is standing next to me smiling. I smiled back and nodded to her.

As we walked the empty hall,I suddenly saw Lucy's back standing still in the corridor she took. I wanted to stop but I couldn't...I'm with Lissana now. So I continued my walk as if never seeing her there because the moment I did I heard her voice in my head, pretend this never happened..just forget everything like nothing happened...

Its so hard to do something you are forced to do. I just can't forget...

"Hey babe, lets eat sushi.." Lissana said suddenly as we walked down stairs heading out the main building. I looked at her then pondered at what she said.

"Uh..not in the mood to eat sushi."

"Why not? Its Friday..don't you always eat sushi when its Friday?" Lissana then glances at me waiting to answer her.

"How about we eat some cake? Something different..." I said ignoring her question because if I was a heartless guy I would have said, uh yeah I eat sushi every Friday with Lucy.

"Okay! I was craving for something sweet!" Lissana suddenly pulls me towards a shop she probably knows. We ran towards it with a big smile on her face while for me...a small smile I guess for her.

"Hey babe! Say ahhh!" Lissana gestured as she brings closer the fork with a cake in it to my face

"Ah.." I opened my mouth as I eat the sweet chocolate mousse. I am not really fond of eating sweet food but for her I'd do it just to please her and not to make her sad...

"You know what Natsu...I'm happy that we are able to fix our problem before bad things happened."

I smirked at her showing I was too, "I'm happy that you're happy..."

Lissana suddenly smiled at me warmly before she hugged me at the side. She then uttered shyly,"I love you Natsu..."

To be honest, I was taken aback.I mean yeah sure she is my girlfriend but it somehow felt weird or awkward. All I could do was hug her back and kissed her forehead, "Me too..."

"Are you happy that we are still together?" Lissana looked up at me without breaking our hug

"...yeah. Of course." I smiled at her as I kissed her forehead again not wanting to show her my unidentified face. I just don't want to show her my hesitation.

"Its getting dark, I should walk you home now before your sister gets mad at me." We both giggled as we pulled away from each other.

"Alright. Oh wait! I'll buy some cupcakes and bring them home for Wendy and your mom. Okay?"

"Okay..." and with that she stood up and walked towards the counter.

Lissana is a very attractive girl. Some guys have said to me 'I'm a lucky guy!' but I guess there are just things that is not right. I do love her. I guess not just the way I do for someone else.

"Alright here you go! Don't eat them by yourself okay?" Lissana then smiles at me before walking out of the shop.


"Tadaima!" I greeted as I opened the door to our house. But nobody came to meet me so I went straight to the kitchen and saw my mother there.

"Hey mom...I'm home."

"Okaeri musuko (welcome home son)" my mom suddenly hugs me tight making me unable to breath

"O-o-ok-kay mom...le-let g-go now..." I said trying to bring out words

"Oh sorry son. I just missed you!" Mom then pinches my cheeks which hurts too

"Well what do you have there?" Mom then turns her back again as she turned off the stove

"Uh cupcakes...Lissana bought for you..." I said as I stared at the cupcakes before putting it in the counter. "I'm going to my room now."


"Yeah mom?"

"There is nothing more than I would wish for but for your happiness." Mom then grasps my hand which made me hug her tight and whispered, "I know mom...but don't worry about me. I'm okay."

I then pulled away and left and went to my room.

As I entered my room, I swing close my door I think and sat at my computer chair. I stared at the things that was messed up in my desk. And from all the things that was there one object stands out, a picture frame. So I took it and stared at the image of me and Lucy in the beach two years ago.

"Her smile is so...weird." I suddenly laughed by myself as I imagined Lucy hitting me in the head or in the arm. And probably say this, "I do not have a weird smile! Its you who have a creepy grin that scare off children in the beach!"

"Yeah yeah I know...I'm just messing with you."

"Onii-san who are you talking to?" a small girlie voice suddenly asked which made me surprised

"Wendy! Don't surprise me like that! And don't you know how to knock?!" I shouted back as I moved my chair far away from my sister

"I did knock! And you left the door open so I entered!" Wendy then puts her hand on her hip as she gave me a scowled look.

"Okay okay...what are you doing here by the way?" I replied as I rolled closer to my desk then looked at her

"Well I wanted some sushi since its Friday and...just wanted to ask you if you wanted some." Wendy then hides her hand behind her back

"Thanks but no thanks. I'm good." I then ruffled her hair which made her pout and slapped my hand away

"You didn't have to mess up my hair!..but anyway, who were you talking to awhile ago?"

" one. Just imagining stuff..."

"Ewww! Pervert stuff! I'll tell that to daddy!" Wendy then runs off towards my door which made me chase after her without standing up from my seat.

"Hey I am not!"

"Haha! I know! 'I'm just messing with you!'" Wendy said quoting with her two hands

"Shut up!" Wendy just then runs off mocking me which actually made me smile.

I really love my family. They know when I am not okay. They try to make me feel that I am not alone and that I can talk to them anytime.

Dinner came and so as my dad. Well my dad was like me except he was worse. Anyway, during dinner, dad noticed that I was not being the 'oh happy kid' at the table despite our dinner was my favorite dish.

So after dinner, I locked up myself in the room, and yes I made sure, because I'm pretty sure mom or dad would be coming up. But right now, I'm here in the room lying down in my bed with my arms under my head staring at the ceiling.

Knock knock!

"I'm in bed already..." I excused as I tried to sound as sleep

"Yeah right son, open up."

Of course my dad had to be the one confronting right now. And when my dad is the one doing this, it means they are serious about it. So I stood up and walked to my door and peek outside.

My dad was there staring at me with a raised brow and a smile plastered in his face. I fully opened the door and walked back to my bed and lied down. My dad then pulled my computer chair to sit in front of me.

"Alright son, what's up?" Dad then puts his feet on top of my bed

"Nothing...I told mom I'm okay. There is nothing wrong." I said as I sat up and leaned to my head board.

"Well to bad, your mom knows you too much that she knows when you're not okay."

"Well then tell her to pretend that I'm okay."

"That is not what I'm going to do. Is it a girl?...or girls?" Dad emphasized the 's' while bouncing his eye brows to me.

And because of my dad's annoying fade I threw him a pillow which he happily caught, "Shut up..."

"So who is it?"

"You're right..its girls. Lissana and Lucy." I said tiredly as I looked at my dad which he pondered on.

"Okay which is which? Lucy as your girlfriend and Lissana as the friend?"

"No! The other way around! Seriously?!" I said with an irritated look

"What? that's why I'm clearing it up!"


"But seriously son..what's with them." Dad suddenly stood up and sat at the edge of the bed and crossed his arms to his chest.

So I sat up straight and crossed my leg, "Lucy is avoiding me for days already and she said it was for Lissana's sake. While Lissana, she's happy. I guess she's happy because there is no 'other' girls around me. Even my best friend." I then looked down at my hands

"Well then you have to talk to them. Talk to Lissana about your friendship with Lucy. Talk to Lucy about your relationship with Lissana."

"How? Its not that easy!"

"Who said it was going to be easy? There is nothing easy in this world. Even in love." Dad then shrugs at me and stood up

"Dad. Tell me how I'll do it."

"Son, I can't. I don't know too. But you know what, you know better than I do. I'm not really a good adviser but I hope I was able to somehow help."

I stood up then hugged my dad. I know its weird but then he is my dad, "Yeah you suck in advising compared to mom. But thanks for enlightening me up. You just said the right words."

Dad and I chuckled with what I said and he even taps my back for it. We pulled away and held my shoulder and grinned, "You know what son, take a break from that lovey dovey stuff. Lets play basketball tomorrow in the park. Tell your friends."

"Sure thing dad. That would be awesome."

"Cool...alright good night. Sleep tight son."

"Thanks dad. Good night."

And with that dad left the room and closed the door. As I was left alone, I lied down to my bed and stared at the ceiling again then thought to myself, I'll stop Lucy from avoiding me. Because one thing about me, I suck at doing favors. She is my best friend, my first girl in my life and I will not allow her to just avoid me because of Lissana. Lissana may be the girlfriend but Lucy will always be my best girl friend.

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