My best friend that I like more than a friend


Chapter 25: Bully


I know I said to myself that I would stop Lucy from avoiding me. And from then on, I would do something about it and have her talk to me. But sad to say, I failed because it has been three months since I said that to myself. And unfortunately, I still haven't done anything. Levy knows my dilemma and she has been insisting to me that I do something already before the gang does. And the least thing I want to happen in this situation is that the group would meddle in our problem.

"Natsu, I already told you, do something about it. If you're not going to do anything about it, I'll tell everyone and ask them to handle it for you." Levy threatened me after she pulled me in the corner before entering the school's cafeteria

"No, don't! I-I-I'll do it. Just give me time." I begged

"Time?! You wasted three months already!" Levy shouted back to me

"But Levy, you know it's difficult that do some things when Lissana is around me all the time. If she finds out about me trying to patch up things with Lucy-"

"She'll what?" Levy cuts me off with a serious look which terrified me a bit

"S-She-She'll hurt her I guess? Or get mad? I don't know." I said stepping back a little but then Levy stepped forward and pulled my uniform

"Then man up! You wouldn't let Lucy get hurt by your freak girlfriend!"

"Woah...She's like your friend."

"She is but I can make enemies as well with my friends if they hurt my best friend. I thought you were Lucy's best friend?!" Levy then hits me in the shoulder which stings a little

"I am! I-"

"Then do something!"

"Alright! Alright!" I stepped back a bit then slipped my hands to my pocket and stared straight back at her. I took a deep breath then continued myself, "but I will need your help. I can't do this on my own."

"Fine. But I will be expecting a plan soon." Levy then walks out on me and entered the cafeteria

As she left, I sighed as I heard the door closed. I'm really having a trouble in making a way to mend things with Lucy. She is still avoiding me, she acts as if I'm not her classmate and I'm really pissed off about it. I really need to do something about it already.

Levy's POV

After talking to Natsu, I entered the school's cafeteria with a bad mood. That guy is to be blamed, spending three months doing nothing?! It's not that I hate Natsu; it's just that I hate what he is doing, which is nothing! But anyways, after that talk, I went straight to the table of my friends. Erza and Jellal is there, Juvia, Gray and Gajeel even. So as I approached them, they noticed my face.

"What's with that face, Shrimp?" Gajeel said as his greeting

"I saw your face…" I scowled back as I sat down next to him. He gave me a snooping look then asked back, "What's that suppose to me?"

"I'm just kidding…" I replied as I slumped in the table

"Levy-chan? Is there anything troubling you?" Juvia suddenly asked with concern in her eyes

I sat up straight then looked at everyone then cleared my throat, "Well to be honest, I know something that you guys don't. And I am mad to this particular person because he or she lacks action."

"Lacks action? Levy what are you talking about?" Erza queried as she leaned nearer to me

"I can't explain completely because this person asked a favor not to tell…yet. But right now, that person is really troubled that he or she can't do anything right." I leaned back and stared at the confused looks they were giving off

"I still don't understand-"

"Cause' you don't have too…" Natsu suddenly cuts off Gray who got surprised by his sudden arrival

"Natsu… long time no lunch with us" Erza sarcastically stated as she raised an eye brow at the pinkette

"Well, that's true. But I know that you know why." Natsu said as he sat down next to Gray who scooted while looking at the talking teen

"Your girlfriend can really be clingy to you as if scared to lose you." Jellal suddenly declared as he crossed his arms

"True." I commented as I glanced at him and gave a slight smile

"What Levy is talking about is about me." Natsu suddenly revealed the topic I was talking about to them which surprised me, "Natsu…I thought-"

"It's time Levy. You're right; I need my friends to handle my problem… So guys, I need help. I need your help in making a plan how I will patch things up with Lucy." Natsu then looks at everybody and so am I.

As I looked at everybody, I knew their answer, it's a yes.


As most students are eating their lunch, Lucy is in the library, secretly eating a sandwich while reading some novel books. She has been doing these three months ago when she decided to avoid Natsu. And since Natsu is friends with her friends, she always checks on first if Natsu would be eating with them.

"I believe eating in the Library is forbidden…" a voice stated behind the blonde which made her still in her seat

Lucy turns her head slowly to glance at the person. And once she saw the person, her face relaxed and gave off a smile, "Hey Sting…I thought you were the librarian…"

"I'm too cool to be a librarian." Sting then chuckles with Lucy as he sat in front of her, "So, why are you eating your lunch here?"

"Hmm…just wanted to read a novel while eating." Lucy reasoned as she looked down at her book again

"Right…avoid Natsu because-"

"I didn't say that!"


"Sorry…" Lucy apologized to the librarian as she bended sideways. After that, she looked back at Sting who was muffling his laugh, "It's your fault. Anyways, I didn't say anything about avoiding Natsu. Stop making up stories."

"Stories? Your action tells everything…since three months ago." Sting then leans forward as he smiled at the blonde beauty

"No really. It just seems to be but no. So, whatever you're saying it's not true." Lucy began to hide her face with the book she was holding but then Sting pushes it down to look at her

"Okay then I dare you to say hi to Natsu when he is with Lissana." Sting teased

"What?! I'm not gonna do that." Lucy shouted whispering as she eyed the male in front of her

"Why not? Unless…"

"I said I'm not."

"Then do it."








"Then you're not avoiding them."


"Ha! I got you! You admitted that you are avoiding them."


"Sorry…" Sting stated as he turned to look at the librarian

"I did not say anything about avoiding them-"

"I said to you, you're not avoiding them but no~" Sting teased again as he sat back to his chair

"Well then I didn't understand what you said." Lucy then crossed her arms as she looked away but then froze when she saw the person who came in

"Yeah right, excuses…Lucy?" Stingsuddenly called her as he saw her face changed from annoyed to surprise, "Are you okay?"

"…Uhh…yeah. You know what, I'll go ahead." Lucy suddenly stood up and started fixing all the books in the table but stopped when a familiar voice greeted her.

"Hi Lucy."

Lucy then looked at the person and gave a straight face. After a minute pass, she greeted back with a poker face, "Hi Lissana."

"It's been a long a time. You seemed to be-"

"I have to go. Um, maybe next time." Lucy then moved away and tried to walk away but then Lissana grabbed her wrist and walked in front of her again.

"Lucy look, I don't mean trouble here. I actually wanted to say thank you for staying away from my boyfriend." Lissana then stood straight as she smiled at the blonde

"You don't have to." Lucy then walked away again but was stopped again when Lissana called out.

"Oh Lucy, just wanted to remind you. Natsu and I are going to celebrate our third month anniversary. So keep your distance, please."

"Uh, seriously?" Lucy gave off a pissed look before turning her back and left the silver haired girl.

As Sting watched Lucy walked out of the Library, he stood up and took out his phone. He opened his camera app then walked towards Lissana.

"Hey Lissana" Sting then lifted his phone and took a photo of himself and the girl which surprised the beauty.

"Selfish!" Sting shouted as the photo was taken

"What?" Lissana exclaimed

"Oh sorry, did I say selfish? Instead of selfie?" Sting teased as he looked at the silver haired with a sly smile then turned his back and left her alone.

As Sting left Lissana, she was left dumbfounded and a little bit insulted. She suddenly felt weak being bullied back.

Am I being selfish? Am I becoming someone else?

-End of Chapter 25-

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