My best friend that I like more than a friend

White Tulip

Chapter 26: White Tulip


I and my friends spent a week planning on how I will reconcile my friendship with Lucy. And eventually, I have come up with one. With the use of white tulips…


"Lucy dear, someone is looking for you…" Mrs. Heartfilia said as she opened the door to Lucy's bedroom

"No mama, I don't want to talk to anyone especially Natsu!" 10 years old Lucy shouted back while lying down on her bed sobbing

"But dear, he is standing outside the gate…He wouldn't even come inside and I sense that it would be starting to rain."

"I don't care! Let him be!"

"Lucy! I'm sorry!" A small male voice suddenly shouted

And with that Lucy suddenly sat up and went down from bed to peek at her balcony. And there she saw Natsu standing in the gate holding on to it while he tip toed trying to see Lucy.

"Lucy! I'm really sorry! Please forgive me!"

"Dear…will you just stand there?" Mrs. Heartfilia then walked up next to her and held her shoulder to make her daughter look at her, "I think it will start to rain…"

Then suddenly a thunder clasped which frightened Lucy making her hug her mother, "Mama! I'm scared…"

"I know…how about Natsu?"

"Oh my!"

And with that Lucy ran out of her room and ran down stairs. She puts on her boot shoes then scrammed at the living room looking for an umbrella. But when she couldn't find one, she just ran out of the house and ran towards the gate.



Thunder clasps

"Kyaa!" Lucy suddenly knelt down in fear when suddenly the rain began to pour down hard

Seeing Lucy scared, Natsu began to push open the gate and ran up to her. He held her tight then walked her back inside the household. Once the two stood next to the front door, they stood still and looked at each other's eyes.

"I'm sorry Lucy, I know I have embarrassed you in front of many students and it's bad. I know that I disappointed you because I was the one who started it all…" Natsu then wipes Lucy's face and then handed a white tulip

"What's this for?" Lucy asked as she brushed her fingers to the petals of the flower

"Do you know what a tulip symbolizes?"


"Tulips symbolize true love…and a white tulip symbolizes forgiveness…So Lucy, will you forgive me for being an idiot and insensitive friend to you?"

"No…you're not my friend, you're my best friend and yes, I forgive you." And with that Natsu hugged her tight and spins her making her squeal in happiness


"Natsu, everything is settled; all we need is your go signal." Levy said to me as she stood next to me outside our classroom.

"Alright, let's do it. Do you know where Lucy is?"

"Yep, library… Ganbatte Natsu! See you later at the field alright?" Levy replied as she gives me two thumbs up

"Thanks see you later."

And with that I left her and walked my way towards the library building. But before I did so, I went to my locker and took the white tulip that was well kept in. I took it and stared at it then muttered to myself, "I hope this works…"

After that I closed my locker then went straight to the Library. As I entered there, I was greeted by the student assistant in the library so I gave a smile as a reply. Moments later, I went further inside and there I found the girl I was looking for.

She stood there reading a book by the third shelf all alone. Seeing it as the perfect time I walked closer until I saw another yellow hair coming from a taller person. And with that I realized it was Sting.

"BOO!" Sting surprised Lucy from behind

"OH my god!" Lucy squealed as she turns to look at the person who surprised her then gave off a smile, "Sting~ don't do that, you made me scared…"

"Well that was my intention." Sting then smiles sweetly as he stepped closer but as he did Lucy punches his shoulder making him pretend to be hurt.

"Ow! That hurts!"

"Yeah right, that was not even hard" Lucy then giggles as she looked at Sting but was soon joined by him chuckling

"Come I'll show you something…" Sting then grabbed her hand and intertwined their hands as he tried pulling her to walk

"Wait why are you holding my hands like this?" Lucy asked as she halted the blonde

"Is it bad?"

"W-well…no but-"

"Then come on, I'll show you something…"

Seeing them act the way they are made me mad somehow. Hearing how Sting tried to flirt my best friend makes me mad. I am also mad with the idea that I can't even do anything because I'm too late or I simply have no right to feel this way because Lucy is not my girlfriend. I clenched hard onto the stem of the flower until I realized I have destroyed the flower.

I looked at it and saw how the stem has turned out to be broken. Just like the flower I felt broken, so I gave up and dropped it. Once I did, I turned around and left, never looking back because the more I would the more I would realize, I can't love my best friend…


"Is it bad?" Sting asked as me back as he squeezed my hand slightly

"W-well…no but-"

"Then come on, I'll show you something…" and with that Sting pulls me towards another shelf of books.

As we walked on to the next shelf I was giving off a smile until I saw a shade of pink in my peripheral view. I thought it was real so I pulled Sting to stop and looked at the direction where I saw the shade of pink.

As I looked at the hallway, I saw no one but the student assistant so I stared with a question in my face, "Hey Lucy, you okay?"

"Huh?" I was brought back to senses when Sting suddenly talked. I stared at him for a minute then remembered his question, "Uh..yeah, I'm fine…I just thought I saw a person with pink hair…"

"Your thinking of Natsu?"

"W-well…I guess I was just imagining something…" I said back before I tried to push him to continue our walk to somewhere Sting only knows.

But as Sting did continue, I suddenly saw the student assistant pick up something from the floor and the object she was holding made me stop.

"Sting wait…" I then pulled my hand away from his grasp then walked towards the student.

As the assistant was about to walk back to her station, I walked a little faster then called out, "W-wait!"

She looked at me then stops while holding on to the white tulip, "Yes?"

"C-can I ask from whom that white tulip came from?"

"Umm…Not quite sure but Natsu-kun was the last person to enter the Library so maybe him…Why?"

"C-can I have it…I'll hand it to him." I plead as I extended my hand to accept the flower

"Uh, sure…here" She then hands me the flower then walks off back to her station

Once she left, I was about to walk out of the room when suddenly a hand pulls me to halt. I turned my head and saw Sting was stopping from walking away, "Sting, I-I have to go…"

"Why? Cause Natsu was here?"

"No…Cause I need to talk to him."

"Then what, Lissana talks bad about you again?"

"Sting…please." I then tried to pull my hand away from him but won't budge

"No. I won't let you be hurt again."

"I won't…" And then I pulled my hand away hard until he lets go.

Once I was free I ran out and tried to look for a pink head. I looked from my right but he was not there, nor straight ahead. But when I glanced at my left, there I found Natsu walking and was about to take a turn in the corner.

"Natsu!" I shouted but he didn't hear me so I ran as fast as I could while carrying the white tulip in my hand.

As I sprinted away I heard Sting calling out to me but I ignored him and continued my run. As I was about to reach Natsu in the corner, I suddenly stopped when I heard party poppers exploding. I looked at the place and there I heard and saw everything.


Standing in the school park, Natsu being hugged by Lissana while my other friends are there with a confused look at the scene. I was stunned seeing everything until a voice suddenly spoke up.

"What did I tell you…"

"Not now Sting." And with that I ran away from the place with no stopping until I felt wetness in my face

That's when I realize I was crying…

I'm broken just like this white Tulip...

Why do fate have to rub it in to me that I can't love my best friend…

-End of Chapter 26-

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