My best friend that I like more than a friend


Chapter 27: Complicated


I kept running away from everything that just happened. I ran away from the truth that I am hurt so much, I ran away from Sting who just made me realize that I can't be with my best friend and I ran away because that's the only thing I can do.

As soon as I reached the roof top, I grabbed the ledge and stared afar. I was breathing hard and I was crying hard to, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"



"I hate you..." I then sobbed until I felt weak in my knees and made me sat down

I covered my face with my both hands while crying my heart out. I continued my moment until I heard foot steps walking close to me. I looked up and saw Sting worried looking at me.

"Come on, stand up there." Sting then extends his hands to me which I just stared

Within seconds, I slaped his hands away then stood up on my own. I turned myself away from him and stared at the scenery seen from the roof top.

"Go away... I know what you're going to say. And I don't want to hear it." I said without looking at him.

"Lucy...I'm not here to tell you 'I told you so'...I'm here to let you know you can cry on my shoulder if you want to." Sting said back but then I heard him stepped closer until he hugged me from my back.

I was taken a back with his actions which made me stand still for at least a minute. When I got my head right, I grabbed his hand to let loss but it won't budge. So instead I turned myself and faced him.

"Sting, let go..." Sting somehow listened this time when he began to losen his grasp to my waist, "I'm thankful for you being here...but I want to be alone. So please go."



"I said no!" Sting then looks at me in the eye as he shouted. He then brushed his hand to his golden locks as he began to looked away from me but then looked back, "I'm not gonna let you cry by yourself. I want you to trust me, lean on me..."

I shock my head as I stepped away from his grasp and then looked away and stared at the view again, "Lucy...Give me a love you and to love me back. I...I'm not like Natsu."

I then glanced at him with a surprised look, "What-?!"

"I love you!" Sting then stepped closer to me and then leaned down

The next moment I knew is that Sting's lips were on my lips. I was too stunned to react to what was happening that I didn't think to push him away. But when my head concentrated again, I pushed him and stepped back further.

As Sting stood far enough from me, that's when I realized even him he was surprised with what he did, "I-I-I'm sorry Lucy...I didn't mean to force myself to you."

I was still shock to even reply to him so all I did was push him away from my path. And as I did, I began running down away from the roof top and ran towards I don't know.


"HAPPY MONTHSARY NATSU!" Lissana shouted as she began to launch herself to me and hugged me.

I was so stunned that I barely hugged her back because first of, I was the one who is suppose to surprise somone and that was Lucy. But then I ended up being the victim, being surprised by my girlfriend.

"Uhh...Thanks. Happy monthsary too." I then said as Lissana pulled away from me and smiled

"Were you surprised?" She then wraps her arms to my waist as she eyed me with happiness in her eyes

"Uh, yeah. So much..."

"Good! Well that was the purpose of it so...anyways, let's eat! I baked a cake!" Lissana then walked towards a table behind her a moment ago.

As soon as Lissana left, Levy then came walking towards me and stood next to me, "You really looked surprised."

"Well I was...because this was not the plan." I said back as I looked at the shorter girl

"No one knew this was Lissana's plan...So we couldn't stop what she was doing."

"Don't tell me, everyone helped out?" I asked as I eyed Levy

"Well...yes...but as I told you, No One Knew." Levy then looks at me back, "I need to tell you something..."


"Lucy...Lucy saw you and...she saw everything." Levy then looks away from me and instead looked at her feet


"I-" Without hearing out Levy, I then ran off away from the place and ran to the place where she would usually cry.

As soon as I reached the roof top door, I swung it wide open and looked for her. I looked from left to right until I spotted a blonde guy leaning to a blonde girl. That's when I realized, it was Sting and Lucy.

It hit me when I tried to observe really hard. Sting was kissing Lucy in the lips and she was not objecting. I stepped back and made sure not to make a noise. I ran back down and walked away from the place until I bumped into Lissana.

"Where were you? You disappered all of a sudden."

"Uhh...I-I thought I left something in the roof top." I excused as I tried to calm myself

"Hmm, okay...Did you leave something behind?"

"No. Let's go." Then I walked closer to her as I tried to bring my arms to her shoulder but then stopped when she saw something behind me.

"Is that Lucy?" Lissana then looked at me with a serious look as she continued herself, "Coming from the roof top...And saying you went to the roof top thinking you left something."

"What?" All I said as I was now busted

"What do you mean what?! You went there because of Lucy!" Lissana began shouting at me as she shock her head in disappointment

"Aren't you getting tired?" I said all of a sudden as I looked down at ne shoes then back to her

"Excuse me?"

"Every single time you see me and Lucy in a single place or whatever. You burst out in anger. Aren't you getting tired? 'cause I am!" I snapped as I turned myself away from her then looked back at her, "Lissana...I-I don't want us like this. This is tiresome."

"A-are you...breaking up with me?" Lissana asked as she tried to hold back her tears

"It's not that...I need space." I then walked away from her and headed to my class


As soon as Natsu left Lissana in the hallway, the silver haired beauty stood in shock. She was trying hard to not let her tears run down her face but then it dropped without her will. She just stood there with tears streaming down her beautiful face when suddenly someone tapped her shoulder.

Lissana turned herself around and found her sister looking at her with obvious worry in her eyes. Mira suddenly hugged her sister and stroked her back as Lissana finally broke down in tears.

"Lissana, I hate seeing you like this..."

"Mira-nee! I-I can't let Natsu leave me! I love him!" Lisssana cried out as she tightens her grip to Mira's uniform.

"But you're not happy anymore...even him..." Mira stoked even more as she held her sister in her arms

"I'm willing to be as long as I'm with him!"

"Lissana no...this is not helpful to you." Mira then pulls back Lissana as she looked at her in the eye, "Let him go...set yourself free. Be happy, fall inlove with a guy you know who loves you so much."

"I...I can't. I love him too much." Lissana reasoned out as she cried in between her sentence

"And you'll learn to let him go too and be happy for yourself."Mira then smiles warmly at Lissana as she kept on crying. But then soon enough Mira hugged her tight and themn whispered to her sister's ear, "You'll be happy again."

-End of Chapter 27-

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