My best friend that I like more than a friend

What love is

Chapter 28: What love is

It was during the lunch break when Natsu wanted to surprise Lucy in the Library by bring her a white tulip. That flower carried some meaning to the two however; the plan didn't work as Natsu wanted it to. He saw Lucy with Sting in the Library having a good time thinking that he should be out of the picture to make Lucy happy. And once he left he was surprised by Lissana. But what he didn't know, Lucy chased after him when she saw the white tulip lying in the library. And once Lucy reached him, she saw the surprise celebration of Lissana and Natsu. That view broke her heart making her run towards the roof top. There Lucy cried and shouted but soon Sting came and confronted her about his feelings. Having done that, Sting kissed Lucy suddenly.

On the hand, Natsu learned that Lucy came after him and soon he ran to the place where Lucy cries, in the roof top. And there he saw Sting and Lucy sharing a kiss and this just broke his heart too. Once he left, he was spotted by Lissana and there he was asked why he was in the roof top. The questions worsen when Lissana learned that Lucy left running away from the roof top, she began to be angry to the pink haired teen. Having the fight tired Natsu because it wasn't the first it was just one of the many fights they had. So with that Natsu asked Lissana some space to think and whether Lissana approved it or not, he decided to stay away first.

Class continued that afternoon even if Lucy and Natsu seemed to be out of themselves. The two didn't talk at all even to their friends making them worry all noon. When the bell rang, every student began to stand and prepare their things to leave class and go home.

Juvia and Levy stood up and went straight to Lucy. And once they did, they noticed how Natsu left quickly the room and headed somewhere they don't know.

"Lu-chan?" Levy asked as she stood next to the blonde who was just sitting down and staring outside, "Are you..alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." Lucy replied without looking back at them

"Lucy-chan no matter what your problem is, just know we're here for you." Juvia stated as she looked at the blonde who still didn't have any expression on her face

"Thanks..I just need to be alone."

Hearing the blonde, Levy and Juvia then steps back and turned their back and get their things. After doing so, the two gave a last glance at the blonde beauty who still stared outside. They felt bad leaving Lucy behind but that was what Lucy asked them, to be alone and so the two left the room.

When the class ended, Natsu took his bag and left the room quickly. He saw Levy and Juvia standing up and headed Lucy. He disregarded the thought to talk to Lucy because as of the moment he wanted to think to himself first. So when he left the room, he went to his locker and took his basketball ball and went straight to the gymnasium.

Reaching his destination, he stood in the court and stared at the basketball board. He dropped his bag and walked towards a ball that was left in the floor. He took it and began dribbling the ball slowly while walking half the court.

Once he stopped in the middle of the court he held the ball close to him and thought for a second.

This wouldn't happen if I wasn't that stupid. This wouldn't be happening if I knew the answer from the start. This wouldn't be happening...

And with so much frustration Natsu is feeling he threw the ball really hard across the court hitting nothing but air, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

As it landed in the ground, he grasped his hair and pulled it a bit and then released it and stared at the rolling ball. Soon enough, Natsu heard male voices laughing and chatting. Hearing that, he began to remember there was a basketball practice that was about to happen. So he turned his back and grabbed his bag. As soon as he did, he saw Gray walking towards him.

"Natsu, where are you going?"

"I'm going home." Natsu said as he continued his tracks

"But there's a practice." Gray said back as he stopped in front of the pinkette but then Natsu side step and continued leaving the gym

"I know."

"So why are you leave?!" Gray shouted as he looked at the leaving figure

Natsu then looked back and stared at Gray for a second then fixed the strap of his bag in his shoulder, "You're co-captain right?"

"Huh? S-since-?" Gray tried to reply but then was cut off by the pink head

"You got that." Natsu then left the gym without looking back at his team, leaving Gray really surprised

As Natsu walked home, he stared at the sky which is turning from blue to light orange and pink. He kept his gaze up as he recalled a memory of him and Lucy. He remembered the time he would go home late because of basketball practice but then he didn't feel alone because Lucy would always wait for him.

When they would head home, they would always stop by in a food stall to eat. They would always have fun chatting about anything until they end up going home night fall. But then Lucy wouldn't worry because Natsu would always bring her home safe.

As Natsu kept on recalling, unconsciously he has walked his way to Lucy's house. As soon as he saw the gate of the Heartfilia's he stopped and looked at the familiar veranda, Lucy's veranda.

"I wonder if your home…" Natsu uttered quietly as he kept his gaze to the place

Moments past and Natsu still stood there until a rumbling sound came from the sky. He then looks up in the sky and it turns out the sky was dark signing rain was about to drop. So soon enough he turned his back and left to go home.

As soon as Natsu left, Lucy suddenly opened her doors in the veranda to check on the sky and there she sees the sky was dark. She couldn't help worry all of a sudden, "I hope you won't get caught up in the rain Natsu…" After mumbling that to herself, she closed her doors without knowing Natsu was outside a minuet ago.

"Tadaima!" Natsu greeted as he opened the doors to his home

"Oni-chan! Okaeri!" Wendy called as she runs up to her brother, "Aren't you quite early to be home?"

"Well yeah, cause I didn't attend my practice." Natsu said as he muddled Wendy's hair then went for the stairs

"Won't your coach be mad? You're the captain."

"Nah, he'll understand when I talk to him. Hey, Wendy can you just tell mom that I came home already, I'll be in my room, got to change." Natsu then went up and headed for his room

When Natsu disappeared in his room, Wendy ran back to the kitchen and called out for her mom, "Mom! Natsu is back and he is in his room."

Wendy began doing what she did awhile ago before his brother came. Grandine then looked at her daughter and gave a curious look, "That's it?"


"That's it? No news what he looks like? Or if he is mad or whatever?" Grandine questioned as she stopped what she was doing

"Uhhh…Natsu-nii didn't seem to be mad..but he seemed to be down." Wendy replied with her head tilted then nodded to her mother, "Yeah he was down."

"Do you have any idea why?" Grandine stepped closer to her daughter

"Nope…But he said he didn't attend practice and he didn't tell me why."

"Alright I got this…" Grandine began to walk away but then turned her back to face her young daughter, "Oh darling can you finish washing the dishes for me? I will just approach your brother."

"Alright mom, I can handle it!"

"Thanks!" And with that Grandine walked up stairs and knocked on the door


"Who's there?" Natsu asked as he grabbed a shirt from the floor and wore it

"It's your mom~" Grandine cooed

Hearing his mother made him move quickly because knowing his mother, she hates waiting. So soon enough he swung open his door and stared at his mother for a second before letting her in.

"What are you doing here in my room?" Natsu asked as he walked inside

"Well you let me in so I'm here." The blue haired woman smiled sweetly as she looked at the scowl face of his son

"No mom, seriously."

"Ohhhh, come on! Can't I see my son?! After all you didn't give me a kiss." Grandine then sat at his bed while smiling still at him

Natsu was forced to kiss his mother in the cheeks and then leaned to his table which is across from his bed.

"Now I did kiss you..what do you need?"

"Well, Wendy said you seem to be down and that you didn't attend you practice."

"…Yeah." Natsu replied as he crossed his arms against his chest

"Why? You don't miss your basketball practices." Grandine asked as she began to fold some clothes left in the bed

"I don't…It's just that, I can't bear to see the guy who kissed my best friend while thinking of breaking up with Lissana."

"Oh honey..." Grandine suddenly stood up and hugged her son who was just staring at her, "I didn't know you were having problems with your girlfriend…What is happening? Did you fight with her?"

"It's not just one fight…We always fight…because of Lucy" Natsu replied when his mother released him from the hug

Grandine then held Natsu's shoulder, "Lucy? Why her? She's a nice girl!"

"She's jealous. But it's not Lucy's fault or Lissana. Its me."

"What do you mean you?"

"I'm not in love of Lissana."

Silence suddenly came between them as Natsu looked at the pouring rain and Grandine staring down at her son. She tried to absorb everything her son has just said and attempts to reply but all came out was a deep sigh.

"Natsu look at me." Grandine then waited for her son's eyes and when it looked back at her she held her son's chin, "In love, many people make mistake…makes wrong choices and decisions. Admitting one's fault is difficult and I'm happy that you are able to see your own fault. But don't take it all. People make their own decision and they end up in a certain situation because they chose to be there…If you end up in this situation because you thought that was the right one. It just that the people involved chose the same decision."

"But if it wasn't for me they wouldn't be hurt." Natsu was now feeling vulnerable as his eyes began to sting

"Many people get hurt in love. It's inevitable, it's part of love. If in a relationship you don't experience hurt, that's not love…because when you get hurt that is when you learn and discover the value of the person you love."

"Why don't I see you get mad with dad? Or get hurt"

"Me and your dad always fight not just in front of you guys. I get hurt so much but when I realize after a fight, I can't leave that man… he's my life, you are and Wendy. That is love…" Grandine then hugs Natsu again

"Mom I don't know what to do next…" Grandine then pulled away and stared at him

"Take your time to think. Don't rush things. You will be able to think of something that will help you in your situation. You make your own decisions." Grandine then caresses Natsu's cheek before walking away from him and left her son.

As soon as Natsu was left alone, he closed his door and went straight to his bed. He lay there staring at his ceiling and just let his mind wander. And the first thing that popped in his mind was the image of Lucy smiling back at him.

"I miss you Lucy…"

-End of Chapter 28-

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