My best friend that I like more than a friend

Best Friend to the rescue

Chapter 29: Best friend to the rescue

The week has passed quickly for all the students and without their noticed, weekend is about to end and Monday is about to begin the next day. Spending the Sunday night peacefully, Lucy sat in her bed reading her novel when her cell phone suddenly rang. This made the blonde surprised that she dropped her book and instantly took her phone.

As she stared at the screen and saw the caller id, she accepted the call.

"Hey Erza" Lucy greeted less enthusiastic

"Hey…um…are you alright?"

"Yeah, why won't I be?" Lucy replied as she leaned to the edge of her table

"Nothing…just wanted to check on you."

"Oh…I'm good nothing to worry about. Is there anything bothering you that make you worry about me?"

"Not really. Just being a good friend. ..Anyways, see you tomorrow! Don't be late!"

"Yes miss president" Lucy smiled to herself as she listened to her friends giggle in the other line, "Alright good night!"

The call then ended but Lucy was somehow bothered by the call. The blonde took a deep breath and exhaled loudly as she stood up straight, "Nothing is wrong Lucy. Just being a good friend."

Lucy tried to convince herself but she seemed to be unsatisfied with her reason. Getting late already, the blonde finally decided to call it a day and went straight to bed and sleep.

Early Monday morning came and Lucy didn't find the day exciting at all. She did her morning routine and ate her breakfast. As soon as she was done she left for school.

Once Lucy reached Fairy Academy, she headed straight to her classroom and waited till her friends arrived which was not later than 7:15. Levy McGarden arrived reading a book until she noticed her blonde friend was in her usual seat reading as well.

"Hey Lu-chan, what are you reading?" Levy asked as she set her things in her table then walked towards her friend

"Best of me. How about you?"

"Like Dandelion dust. It's nice…Anyways, are you okay?" Levy suddenly asked as she sat down to a chair that was in front of Lucy.

"What is with me that all of you are worried?" Lucy asked quite irritated as she sets her book down

"Well…we…are just concerned."

"About what?!"

"I don't know!" Levy replied quite loud then breathed slowly and continued herself, "It's just that rumors are running around school that Natsu is not taking care of himself. So we assumed it has something to do with you or Lissana. So we got worried."

Levy then diverts her gaze away from the blonde as she felt her friends' intense look at her. But soon Lucy broke the silence as she asked another question.

"Rumors? Natsu's not taking care of himself? Why?"

"Look we don't know. Last week, Natsu would not join us eating during lunch, so the guys decided to hang out with him just to make sure. But to them he seems fine." Levy then waits for Lucy's reaction which was unpredictable

"…He's not fine." Lucy said to no one in particular but Levy made it as if a clue to a mystery

"Are you saying he's sick?-"

"No. Um…Something must be bothering him. I know it." Lucy then leans back to her chair as she stared at her closed book

"Of course you do. You're his best friend." Lucy then looks at Levy who gave her a warm smile

Soon enough students began to walk in inside the classroom as they got ready for Homeroom. Once it did, Mr. Conbolt began to run call every student to check attendance.

"Dragneel, Natsu!" Mr. Conbolt called as he looked down at his paper then back to the class

The homeroom teacher didn't see any hand raised up so he gave a snooping look at the class, "Where's Natsu?"

"We don't know sir" One student replied apathetically

"Ms. Heartfilia?"

"Yes sir?" Lucy suddenly stood as she looked at her teacher

"Where's your friend?"

"I'm sorry sir I don't know. I haven't seen him yet."

"Alright, tell him, he's considered absent" Mr. Conbolt gave one last look to Lucy before he began to continue his checking of attendance.

Lucy then sits down and stared at her adviser and when she noticed he was too occupied she grabbed her phone from her bag and texted Natsu. After waiting for some time, the blonde didn't get any text back so she decided to keep her phone away.

Classes began and Natsu hasn't shown up. Every student in their class waited for Natsu to slam the door and ask forgiveness to their teacher for being late or being absent. But when the subject before recess ended, they knew Natsu was not going to show up. Students in the room finally left and took their recess immediately leaving Lucy, Juvia and Levy in the room.

"Did you text Natsu?" Levy asked the blonde as she just stood up from her seat

"Yeah but he didn't reply. I guess he's not coming to school." Lucy then stepped away from her chair and headed to the door

"Is he sick?" Juvia asked

"I don't think so…" Lucy answered back as she turned to face her friend

As the three walked side by side in the cafeteria, they have spotted their friends already eating. So once they reached them, the three took their seats and began to eat their food.

"Hey Jellal, have you seen Natsu anywhere?" Lucy finally asked as she looked at the blue haired teen

"No. I thought…"

Lucy then sighed hearing his answer, "I guess he is absent."

Moments of silence then came to the table. But as soon as it did, a new person started to walk towards their table which surprised all of them.

"Lucy!" the person called out

"Coach Scorpio?" Everyone remarked as they saw the basketball coach stand in front of their table

"Hey guys! Having a good break?" Coach Scorpio then plants his hands to his hips as he stared at the students

"Well not really." Gajeel replied

"Oh…Anyways, Lucy, have you seen Natsu? I told him to go to my office."

"Coach, he's absent. He didn't attend class." Lucy replied curiously

"No he's not. I just told him this morning to come to my office during recess. And recess has started like ten minutes ago." Coach Scorpio disagreed as he kept his gaze to the blonde beauty

"Then where is he?" Erza finally broke the question to everyone resulting to have all the attention, "He has been cutting classes…"

"Alright, coach I'll look for him…Can he come to your office tomorrow? I think it would be hard to convince him...and find him" Lucy requested as she smiled and looked up at the coach

"Fine. But if he didn't come, he'll be in big trouble. I have told him to report to me since last week."

"Did he do something wrong?"

"He didn't attend any practice last week." Gray answered for his coach catching the attention of the blonde

"He doesn't miss any practices without a reason…"

"And I don't know his reasons yet…" Coach replied this time gaining the attention of all, "Alright I'll be going and take my break. Oh, Gray! Don't forget practice later at 4:30"

"Yes coach." Gray replied

When the coach left, everyone was back to being silent. They continued their recess in pure silence until Lucy began to ask questions towards the guys.

"Boys, did Natsu eat lunch last week with you all?"

"…No" The guys replied all together as they looked at each other

"Why didn't you invite him to eat?!" Lucy slightly shouted as she eyed all of them

"For the record! We did! He always just…refused" Gray tried to reason out

"Then why didn't you guys insist?!"

"For the boys, a no is a no…So no. And also he said he was going to eat instead at home big time, so we let him be." Jellal this time defended as Lucy's gaze burned to his face

"I swear to you boys, if I discover that he doesn't eat even at home, I'm going to punch you all till you're all out." Lucy hissed as she shook her head in disappointment

All the boys then swallowed hard as they felt Lucy's gaze burning in their skin. The girls on the other hand suddenly giggled to see their boyfriends shiver in fear because of Lucy. Correct that, Devil Lucy.

"Hi Auntie Grandine!" Lucy called as she walked in the school park after classes that day

"Hi dear! Long time no talk! How are you?"

"I'm good. Mom and dad too…um...can I ask you something?" Lucy replied as she paced back and forth in the park

"Sure dear, what is it?"

"Uh, just wondering has Natsu arrived home?"

"No…Why isn't he there?"

"No no! Um, just looking for him. I just thought he might have gone home early."

"Well he's not yet home and I believe he has basketball practice. Right?" Grandine now sounded worried as she kept silent in the other end of the line.

Lucy suddenly panic making her best friends' mom worried so she tried to divert the conversation, "Yeah um…totally forgot he has practice so basically he is in the gym. Anyways, can I ask you one last question?"

"Sure darling, what is it?"

"Does…Does Natsu eat well there?" Lucy then bit her lip as she waited for Grandine to answer back

"Well he doesn't eat here at home anymore…He says he has grabbed dinner with his friends…Why?"

"Oh nothing…he just eats so many here in school. I thought he'd still eat at home." Lucy then tried to fake a laugh just to cover up her nervous tone, "Alright um…I better go. Nice talking to you again auntie Grandine. Hope to see you soon."

"Me too dear. Drop by sometime, I'll be expecting you."

"Yes, I will. Bye!" Lucy then hangs up the call as she held her phone close to her heart

Lucy just stood under the tree as she tapped her phone and thought of where to find Natsu. She has gone to all places she could think of where cutting students would have hidden. But unfortunately she hasn't found him yet. As she stand still, she then looks up in the sky and mumbled to herself, "Where are you Natsu?"

As if like a light bulb suddenly lit up, she began to run back to a building and sprinted her way to the stairs. She just kept her speed until she reached the door she has been thinking off. Once she opened it she stood still at the end of the door and stared at the back of the man she has been looking for.

"I knew it I would be finding you here in the roof top."Lucy exclaimed as she tried to even her breaths

Natsu all surprised suddenly turns around to see Lucy catching her breath. It took him a minute to look away again and stare at the field.

"Yeah, so you found me. Congratulations." Natsu commented coldly making the blonde annoyed by the manner he spoke to her

"Coming to school but not to class? What is wrong with you?" Lucy asked irritated now as she walks closer to him

"I don't want to see people." Natsu replied still his back to the blonde

"Then you shouldn't have gone school! You're making your mom worried!" Lucy tried to shout to make him back to his senses but it didn't work.

"She'd be more worried if I didn't go."

"Okay you are annoying me…When you're going to talk, you face me." Lucy whispered angrily as she planted her hands to her hips

With that kind of tone, Natsu knew best to do what Lucy just said. So after Lucy's comment, he turned around and faced an irritated look from his blonde best friend.

"That would be the last time you'd do that when we are having a serious conversation." Lucy kept her serious look which made the pinkette nervous all of a sudden

"Alright, I'm sorry…I'm facing you know." Natsu then stood up straight as he eyed the blonde

"Come with me." Lucy then turns her back and began to walk back to the door where she entered

"No. I'm gonna stay here."

"I said come with me." Lucy hissed as she went back to Natsu and began to pull his wrist making the male try to stop her but then Lucy became strong enough making her unstoppable.

Soon enough Lucy and Natsu are in the old sushi bar they always eat at. Lucy has ordered their favorites and they are just waiting for the food to come. As they waited, Lucy stared at Natsu who kept his gaze away from her.

"You are going to eat everything I have ordered. If you have to eat mine, I'm willingly giving it to you." Lucy then smiled proudly as she kept her gaze to the pink head

"I'm not hungry."

"That's bullshit Natsu." Lucy's smile turns into a frown hearing his reply. To emphasize her point she crossed her arm in the table and leaned forward, "I talked to the boys and to your mom and they all said that you don't eat with them. You keep on lying about eating either at home or outside school."

"And your point is?" Natsu then copies her position making them close enough to stare each others' eyes

"My point is that you are not eating and you're not taking care of yourself."

Natsu couldn't reply to it for it was the truth. Being busted, he just kept silent and stared at Lucy's brown chocolate eyes making him feel relaxed once again after a long time.

"Alright you got me…"

"Very well, you're going to eat your heart out." Lucy then pulls back and offered a warm smile as she clapped in excitement

Soon enough the food came and the two began to eat. They didn't have much talk but when they did, the two would suppress their laughs because they knew they were still in an awkward situation.

"Look, I know we are in a weird situation, but I'm going to set it aside first." Lucy suddenly claimed as she somehow played with her food while keeping her eyes away from Natsu.

Natsu just stared at the blonde as he heard her say it, "Why?"

"Because you're not okay…" Lucy finally looked at the black eyes of Natsu which made her nervous a bit


"What do you mean so? I'm worried about you and as your best friend I'm going to take care of you." The two just went silent but Lucy wasn't done so she sat up straight and continued herself, "It's weird, I know…But I can't just sit down somewhere and know you're not okay."

"Look I'm okay. You don't have to worry…"

"Oh cut the crap! I know you! The last time you did something like this is when you didn't win the championship two years ago." Lucy exclaimed making the pink head teen gawk at her in surprise, "Okay sorry for reminding you that but that's the truth…Your family is worrying about you so as your friends. Even coach Scorpio…you're his best player…"

"Why are you doing this?" Natsu remarked as he shook his head

"Because I'm your best friend…And I want the best for you. So I'm rescuing you from being a depressed…idiot…you are…right now."

"Depressed idiot right now?" Natsu repeated as he tried to stop from smiling

"Yes you are an idiot…a depressed one." Lucy finally smiled as she looked at the teen in front of her who was smiling all the way too

The two has finally ended their snack and decided to go home. Natsu offered to send Lucy back home but she insisted that she is the one who would bring him home since he was the depressed one. Natsu didn't argue anymore because he knows he will never win against the blonde. So they traveled back home and soon enough, the two reached the gates of the Dragneel residence.

"Alright, your home so go inside." Lucy instructed as she pointed towards the gate

"Your bossy you know." Natsu commented

"Just for today…Come on go inside now. I won't leave until you enter your house."

"…how about you come inside and greet mom…I bet she misses you so much." Natsu then extended his hand to the blonde.

Lucy stared at the hand first before she looked up at the male in front of her, "Alright…I miss her too so…I won't say no." Lucy then grabbed his hand and began to pull him and led him inside Natsu's residence.

As soon as Lucy opened the door, she greeted everyone and a loud shrill was heard from the middle aged women who greeted her back with a tight hug.

-End of Chapter 29-

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