My best friend that I like more than a friend

Flowers from the boy

Second day of school finally came and Lucy came to school early again and she was now walking inside the school building. Suddenly someone covered her eyes which made her stop walking. She struggled for a moment then she just let herself guess the person. She made a wild guess as she removed the hands from her sight, "Natsu? Is that you?"

"Hmp… No...It's me… Sting" Sting said as he sort of chuckled and get hurt emotionally at the same time. As his hands were now completely out of Lucy's face, he walked in front of her, "So, are you okay now? You look a lot better than yesterday"

"Yeah whatever..." Lucy just shrugged off the question as she recalled yesterday's revelation by Natsu. Lucy continued to walk as if not hearing anyone at all when suddenly she saw the blonde was now walking side to side with her.

As she looked at her side, she saw Sting was just staring straight ahead. Copying the other blonde, Lucy looked straight ahead then asked the teen next to her, "Why are you like this Sting? All of a sudden you're so…close to me"

The teen was silent for seconds before he answered, "Well since Rouge accepted Sabertooth Academy's scholarship, I lost a companion, so I decided to make new friends and spend my time with the girl I'm starting to like"

Lucy couldn't help but blush to the idea that she might be the girl Sting is talking about. But then she shakes her thoughts away thinking,why would she think of that, "R-really? May I know who she is?"

"Maybe next time…" Sting said before he looks at the shorter blonde and smirk. The two then began to walk again, now heading towards their classroom.

Bubbling up her emotions, Lucy suddenly exhaled out loud and slighted shouted, "Uh! Why do people keep on hiding secrets from me?!" Lucy asked to no one in particular as she raised her arms for more emphasis.

"I don't keep secrets from you…" A voice suddenly came from her back making Lucy turn around before entering the room and got surprised to the person, "Natsu? Wha-"

"Hey Luce… good morning"

"Same to you Sting…" Natsu added as he looked at the blonde boy with a straight face. Sting returned a poker face and didn't bother to greet back.

"Is…that for Lissana?" Lucy suddenly asked making Natsu look back to his best friend. As Lucy waited for Natsu to answer back, she started to stare at the flowers that Natsu held but then breaks the stare from the flowers. She looks up to his face and glanced at the expression of Natsu, "Oh… the flowers…" Natsu said as he cradles the bouquet, "No it's for someone else...she's dear to me…". Natsu surprisingly hands the flowers to the blonde beauty as he states, "And it's for you".

Lucy's mouth then parts as if showing she really got surprised by Natsu's action. But she never moved her hands to accept the flowers. The blonde beauty then shakes her head as she tries pushing the flowers back to the pink head, "For what?"

"Nothing… cause you're my best friend" As Natsu said, he quickly noticed Sting was slightly giggling after hearing what he just said. Soon enough, it made him glare at the other man, "What are you laughing at? What's so funny about what I said?"

Natsu just gave a serious face to the blonde guy which made him sweat drop a bit, "Chill Natsu… I mean no harm at all"

"Natsu… forget about it would you? and besides you don't have to give me flowers…" Lucy then turned around as she was about to enter but got surprised when a warm hand grabbed her arm and handed the flowers, "I insist… It's for you" Natsu stared for a moment before he left the two and walked farther away from their classroom.

Lucy followed the disappearing figure of Natsu when suddenly Sting stick out a hand and waved it in front of her face, "Hey, we better get inside before we cause some traffic here…" Soon enough Lucy lost track of her thoughts as she nodded to the blonde and entered the room.


We are now in our class and the flowers that Natsu gave me is in front of me. Our teacher in history is giving some lectures and my mind is floating around because of these flowers. I can't take out my thoughts about Natsu giving me flowers. To be honest, I really appreciate the action that Natsu did for me. And I think there is nothing wrong with it...I mean, come on, it's alright for friends to give flowers…right? And it's fine to blush at times with the idea…right? AAAAAAAHHHHHH! What am I even thinking?! Natsu is just a friend! He even said that! and besides, he just did that because he wanted to make me happy and feel that I am not being forgotten...I think…who am I kidding?!-

"Hey Lucy…" Someone called to me which made me snap out of my thoughts. It was Sting who called my attention as he leaned close to me. "Yeah Sting? Do you need something?"

"Uh…yeah…I was wondering… Wait why are you blushing? Your face is really red" Sting asked while giving a curious face to me

The moment he said that my face was red, it hit me that I actually blushed as I was thinking of Natsu,"Uh! Uh! Nothing!" I shook my head while lightly slapping my cheeks. Instantly, I tried to forget my thoughts and look as normal as I was this morning.

"Hey you need an eraser, right? Here use mine, stop bugging Lucy…" A voice said coming from my back which only means Natsu. Suddenly an eraser started flying over the blonde boy. He was surprised at first but he was able to catch it. I didn't want to look back anymore, because I'm pretty sure, I'll just start to blush again and I don't know what to reason out if ever it happened.

Time flies very fast when our minds are so occupied with something else besides from school works. I checked my wrist watch and I saw it was 5 minutes away before we are dismissed in class.

Today is a Thursday and we decided that all my girlfriends and I would be eating snacks all together excluding the boys because at lunch time we would be spending the time with them.


See how time really flies?!

"Hey Natsu, I won't be coming with you… Its Thursday so, I'll be hanging out with Erza and the other girls…" I said to him as I stood up from my chair and fixed my things. Not minding to look at him as I talked to him, assuming he was listening. But to my surprise, he was not there, seated and patiently listening to me. Instead I was greeted by an empty seat.

I felt really embarrassed so I looked at Sting who stood next to his table as if waiting for me, "Was he gone before I finished or did he just walked away?"

"well…what do you want to hear? Good or the bad thing first.

"the Truth?" I answered at the same time like asking

"He left before you talked"

As he said that, I felt like someone pinched my heart really bad and it made me sad. Natsu never did that once to me, leave me not telling me or warning me about it. He didn't even mention he had some plans for himself… Thanks for being a friend!

"Hey you okay?" Sting asked grabbing my shoulder and it startled me. I left my thoughts as I nodded to Sting assuring him I was fine. Soon enough, Juvia and Levy approached me and invited to leave. I waved good-bye to Sting and walked on with my friends.


"So, Natsu gave those flowers to you?" Levy asked as she pointed the bouquet with her spoon before shoving it back to her pudding.

"Yup…and I don't know why" Lucy replied looking at the bouquet sitting next to her as she moved her head side to side

"Maybe!... He likes you!" Erza states enthusiastically while opening her snacks of strawberry cake given by a certain blue haired student.

Lucy then looks up at her scarlet haired friend, "Erza… It doesn't mean that you're in love with Jellal, everybody is in love too…I mean I understand you, you're happy, Jellal gives you everyday your favorite cake, he brings you home safely…But Natsu, even if he does will never be for the same reason" Lucy then stares at the scarlet haired girl that was blushing as red as her hair. All the girls in the group then looked at the two girls before giggling to Erza's reaction.

"Those flowers are pretty…" The four girls then looked at the source of the female voice. Each one of them widens their eyes as they got surprised who it was. Breaking the silence, Lucy starts to clear her throat and greet, "Hey Lissana"

"Hey girls, why are you all looking at me like that? You seemed all surprised that I'm here…" Lissana asks as she walks closer to them and gives her beautiful smile.

"N-no… It's just been a long time I guess… During summer break and yesterday, we haven't seen you." Juvia said as she scoots to give Lissana a seat

"Yeah…where have you been?" Erza continued as she eyed the girl

"Well…blame Natsu… He has been accompanying me since summer. We've been hanging out lately" Lissana replys back as she sits down to the free space next to Lucy and Juvia

Levy then raise a brow at the silver haired girl, "Really? He does? Hey Lu-chan, didn't you spend time with him during summer too?"

"huh? uh, Y-yeah…just not everyday like before…he said he had some plans on his own" Lucy responded to Levy as she looked at everyone in the group ending with Lissana.

"Of course Levy-chan! Natsu still spent time with Lucy...after all they are best friends" Lissana said as she breaks the silence and looks at Lucy. Feeling a little tense aura, the silver haired beauty continued, "So Lucy… Who gave these beautiful flowers to you?"


"Sting!" Juvia tried to tell but was cut off by the blonde. Juvia then tilts her head as she got curious along with the others. Lucy trying to hide the nervousness of lying, she just gave a poker face as she signals them to just go with the flow.

"Yeah… Sting gave that to her…" Juvia reinstates while relaxing as she caught the short haired girl's attention.

"Really? So when did he become close to you? Never thought Sting had the eyes for you" Lissana commented as she friendly bumps the blonde.

Lucy was left dumbfounded with her mouth open. She didn't know what to answer to the beauty. Good thing, friends are always there to help out. So Erza tried to answer for the blonde, "We don't know… suddenly Sting was…um…" Erza stopped as she snapped trying to find the right word to continue

"Friendly! He just suddenly asks Lucy to eat during recess with him…" Juvia continuing for Erza.

"Really? Never thought he had that side…" Lissana stated looking at Lucy then back to the flowers, "You know what's funny…Natsu gave me a similar flower like this yesterday, except mine was white roses and lilac clematis… and yours are pink clematis and yellow tulips"

Everyone was shock as they heard this and this made Lucy freeze for a moment as she felt like she will be busted for lying. She tried uttering something to save herself but Erza talked first before her, "By the way, why aren't you with Natsu?" Erza askes as she tries to change the topic while giving a serious look at the white haired beauty

"Oh…uh…Well I asked him if I could be with you guys…I actually missed you guys" Lissana replied as she gives her smiles again

"well you became really occupied by him…" Levy remarked making the silver haired student blush, "I'm trying my best…and besides Natsu's best friend is my close friend...and I want her to be my best friend too!" Lissana then grabs the hands of Lucy making the blonde surprised

"huh? What for?" Lucy suddenly asks as she slightly leans away to look at her friend, "Nothing big…I just want to be the best friend too of my soon boyfriend"

"B-boyfriend?!" All the girls unison exclaimed except for Lucy who just widened her eyes to the girl next to her. "Yeah…" Lissana giggles as she nods then continues herself, "He is such a sweetheart, he cares a lot for me, you guys know him, and I think he likes me the way I like him… So why not?"

With the overwhelming emotions Lucy was having in her chest,she just suddenly stood up with her head down. Her hair was covering her eyes, but she knows that all eyes were on her. Trying not to spill her feelings, she just said, "I'll go ahead…I have to go to the library" without waiting for her friend's approval, Lucy walks off leaving her friends looking at her disappearing figure.

"What happened to Lucy? All of a sudden she left, did I say something wrong?" Lissana asks while looking at everyone. But the girls just slacks down to their spot.

"We don't know, but for now let's leave her alone to herself" Erza said as she gives Lissana an assurance smile.

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