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Stay with Me

Chapter 30: "Stay with Me"

"It's been a long time Lucy since you ate with us again for dinner!" Grandine exclaimed as the whole Dragneel family with Lucy sat down in the dining room eating their supper. Igneel and Wendy chortled as they saw the blue haired woman excited about Lucy having some meal with them. "Your aunt really missed you." Igneel remarked as he looked at the blonde who slightly blushed at the comment

"I seem to notice too." Lucy then bowed her head and smiled at everyone, "I miss having some great meals with all of you. And I particularly missed this family, my second family."

"Lucy-nee~! You're making me teary eyed!" Wendy expressed as she brushed her hand to her eyes to wipe away some tears that was about to fall, "If you only know, this whole family missed you! Were you that busy that you couldn't visit?"

"Well...I got some things to fix." Lucy then looks at Natsu who just stayed silent the whole time since Lucy entered his home. Natsu was the one who invited the blonde to come inside his home, but after that, he does not know what to react in front of his family with Lucy in his side again.

"Natsu dear, are you okay?" Grandine suddenly noticed the silence of her son, which made her wonder because she saw her son a while ago happy with Lucy. When the teen just looked at her with a surprised look that he was called, Grandine just smiled at her son, "You're getting thinner...I didn't become a mother to keep you thin and unhealthy so eat up."

Lucy having a meal with the Dragneels was one of her favourite things to do. Seeing Grandine sweet to her son, Natsu was one of the moments she loves. Also, she dreams to be as caring as Grandine and her mother when she has a husband to call. And Lucy would love to have a sweet daughter like Wendy who always asks how their day has been. Lucy loves this kind of dinners because this is where she experience the dream family she wants. And since it has been the first time again after a long time since her love life became complicated, she couldn't ask for more.

Dinner ended and the family went back to their personal businesses. While the family had their own things to do, Lucy and Natsu was at the dragneel's room doing nothing in particular.

Lucy was standing at the balcony, staring at the night sky and the stars as the wind blows. It the kind of night that the stars are actually shining bright that Lucy loves. As she keeps her gaze at the stars, she recognized the familiar feeling when she does this, which is happiness. After all the times she cried because of love, she finally felt happiness again.

Without being noticed, Natsu leaned at his doorway to his balcony as he stared at the back of Lucy who kept her attention to the night sky. He was silent for some reason, not because he was shy or he was scared. He is quiet because he didn't want to ruin the perfect view he was looking at. The view where he sees Lucy standing in his balcony while the wind softly sweeps her golden hair to the side while keeping her gaze to the beautiful night sky. He loves that moment because this is the only time where he can have a personal time with the beauty.

As seconds keep on ticking, the more Natsu didn't want the night to end. He wanted to freeze it and keep it to himself but of course, that was impossible. He stepped forward silently making sure Lucy won't hear him walk near to her. As he kept advancing, he suddenly smelt the sweet scent of the blonde. She smelled like strawberries and daisies at the same time. When he was now behind the blonde, he suddenly creep his arms to Lucy's waist and rested his head to her shoulders. The touch surprised the blonde making her stand up straight.

Being cuddled from behind is one of Lucy's favourite moments if ever she would have a boyfriend. She made it her favourite because Natsu would always surprise her with those kinds of hugs even before the conflict happened. Now, being hugged by Natsu like that with their current situation made Lucy weak at her knees. She thought to herself that this kind of hug would be the best as of the moment, so she will accept it whole-heartedly.

To return the gesture, she ran her fingers to the teen's hair and leaned her head too. She let the moment stay as she gazed up again and stared at the stars. She silently whispered to the wind with a hopeful tone, "Things will be fine again..." Natsu heard what Lucy said but he just couldn't bring himself to talk because he just wanted to stay still in his position. When Lucy's touch suddenly disappeared from his head, he looked at the blonde and saw her that she was in verge of tears. He suddenly went in front of her and stared at her with worry, "Why are you crying?"

"I'm not...These are tears of happiness." Lucy then smiled at the pinkette to assure him but it didn't seem to guarantee the male teen, "You should not let tears run down your face." Natsu then wiped her tears away making the blonde smile again, "I said that once to me. That's why you have been protecting me ever since."

Lucy couldn't help herself from not hugging her best friend after all the experiences. Lucy knew to herself that no matter what happens to them, whether they become couple or not, Natsu would always be there to protect her. "Can you keep me a promise?" Lucy uttered quietly as she kept herself close to Natsu who returned the hug while leaning his head to Lucy's head, "What is it?"

"Will you promise that you would take care of yourself?" Lucy then pulled away and tried to catch Natsu's eyes that seemed to be staring at her as well, "Promise."

As the night got deeper, Lucy decided to go home, which Natsu insisted to bring her home to keep her safe. As they walked down the street, no noise was heard except the chirps of crickets at night. The night was peaceful for the two and nothing could destroy the moment especially when the two suddenly walked hand in hand. But as usual, they reached Lucy's home making them break their entwined hands.

"Well this is me." Lucy said as she twirled to face the smiling teen, "I missed you."

"Me too...keep your promise okay?" Natsu then nodded while smiling at the blonde. Soon enough Lucy turned her back and tried to walk toward her gate when suddenly she was pulled by her wrist and was hugged by Natsu. She chuckled to herself as she returned the hug, "Good night Natsu..."

"Promise me something too..." Natsu tightens his hug as he buried his face to the blonde's hair, "What can I promise?" Lucy asked as she kept her arms to around the teen's waist.

"Promise me, you'll never avoid me again. Promise me, you'll stay."

With that promise, Lucy suddenly pulled away to look at the pinkette who was now becoming emotional. She suddenly gripped his face and made him look at her in the eyes, "I promise you, you'll have me at your side all the time."

"Promise me you'll stay with me."

"I'm staying with you even if don't want me too."

The next moment should have surprised the blonde but then she thought to herself, maybe it was the perfect moment to do that. So when Natsu leaned down and suddenly kissed her, she kept herself still until she began to tiptoe and kiss him back. When minutes felt like hours, they began to pull away and stare at each other for some violent reaction. But the two seemed to be satisfied with what happened.

"Stay with me as I fix this mess I made." Natsu kept his stare at Lucy's brown eyes which seem to glow in delight, "I'm not going anywhere without you."

"Thank you..."

The Next day

"Finally! The captain of my basketball team came to my office!" Coach Scorpio cried out when Natsu suddenly came in to his office with his basketball bag, "Sorry coach about what I did. But I'm ready for duty."

"You should! You took a week off!" The coach then stood up and turned his back to grab some records from his shelf. When the coach found it, he looked back at the captain and passed on the record to him, "Fairy High would be having a game next month and as captain, you should lead the team. Are you fit to do it?"

"Yes coach. I'm ready as I'll ever be."

That afternoon, the basketball team gathered in the gymnasium for their practice for the upcoming game next month. To the team's surprise, Natsu was already there warming up. Some of the members ran up to him and tackled him as they welcomed back the captain. Gray, the co-captain, suddenly slowed clap when he saw Natsu being tackled down in the court. "Finally he's back!"

Gray then walks up to the pink haired captain and gave a shoulder tap, "What the heck happened to you?!"

"Got to sort some issues..." Natsu suddenly smiled before running away from his co-captain. When he was in the middle of the court, he started to call the entire team's attention, "Alright team! Next month we got some game to win!"

The team howled as some raised their fist and cheered while others clapped in excitement. Natsu then continued, "But right now, we got to bring out the best in us!...What are we?!"

"Fairy Knights!" The team shouted

"What do we aim?!"


"Who's the best?!"

"Fairy Knights!"

"Alright lets start!" The whole team then started to scrabble in the court as they readied themselves for a hard training with their captain.

On the other hand, while the team was having their training, Lucy with Juvia suddenly walked inside the gymnasium to watch the basketball team to practice. As promised, Lucy will stay by Natsu's side. As the two beauty walked inside, a voice suddenly called out to the blonde making her stop in her tracks. Juvia who suddenly noticed her friend stopping, she turned and looked at her, "Lucy-chan? Are you alright?"

", why don't you find us a spot? I'll just go to the comfort room."

"Okay...I'll go ahead." When Juvia left, Lucy turned her back and tried to look for the person who called her. But to her surprise, she couldn't see anyone around, "Maybe I'm just hallucinating that someone called me."


Lucy then shrieked turning around, "AHHHH!"

"Sorry! I..."

" surprised me." Lucy then loosens her grip to her blouse when she saw Lissana standing in front of her, "What...what's up?" Lucy mentally scolded herself for her stupid greeting but when Lissana shyly smiled, she couldn't help but to smile back, "I'm fine...Um, about you?"

"I'm good. So as Natsu."

Lissana then stiffens hearing her boyfriend's name. With that reaction, she suddenly looked down which made Lucy guilty all of a sudden. "Look I-"

"It's fine. I'm actually here to talk to you." Lissana then looks up at her with a serious face, "About Natsu."

"Look Lissana. I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying beside Natsu whether you like it or not. I'm still his best friend."

"And I'm still his girlfriend."

Lissana's words suddenly felt like a slap to Lucy's face making her weak in her knees. At the start, she was confident in facing the white haired beauty but hearing her reply made her back down. She didn't know what to say so she just looked down and fidgeted with her fingers.

"Lucy I'm not here to argue with you...I just want to say...I'm sorry." With waiting for Lucy to react, Lissana suddenly ran and left the blonde surprised with her last words. She couldn't bring herself to call out for Lissana so she just stared at the disappearing figure of the girl.

-End of chapter 30-

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