My best friend that I like more than a friend

Apology Accepted

Chapter 31: Apology Accepted

Few days had passed and everything seems to be normal for everybody. The gang would always eat snacks and lunch together and they seem to notice that Natsu and Lucy are becoming more inseparable. Their friends would always tease them about being in a relationship but then the joke would turn into a serious topic making them uncomfortable at the end.

During classes, the group of friends are back to being excited and happy as long as they were all together. But secretly, Lucy has been thinking a lot after her encounter with Lissana a few days back. Her encounter with the silver haired girl was not told to Natsu at all except for Juvia, Levy and Erza. Now, one Thursday afternoon, when the boys were all at their sports practice, the girls all gathered and had a catch up chat.

"So now, Gray-sama has asked me to help him in his chemistry class..." Juvia shared as she blushed making the rest giggle at her cuteness.

"Well that's good to hear that Gray is approaching you more..." Erza commented as she offered a smile, "How about you Lucy, what happened to you for the past few days?"

Lucy looked surprised when the scarlet haired beauty called her name, "Huh? What?"

"You're out in the outer space again!" Levy commented as she slightly pushed Lucy making the blonde grin to herself, "Sorry...I have just been thinking...a lot."

"About what?" Erza asked as she scooted closer

"Well last Tuesday, Lissana came up to me..."

"I was with you last Tuesday when we watched the boys practice! I didn't see her! Did she hurt you?!" Juvia ranted as she moved closer to Lucy and gripped her hand softly.

"Relax Juvia...She did not...She actually said sorry."

"Sorry about what? Hurting you? Well sorry is not enough!" Levy shouted as she let her anger appear making the other people around look at them,

"Levy calm down..." Erza suddenly taps the blunette's shoulder, "We can't treat Lissana like she was not our friend...Maybe she just needed a way to talk to Lucy..."

"Well that bitch just hurt my best friend!"

"Levy!" Lucy scolded as she eyed the blunette who was still furious about Lissana, "Can we not call Lissana a 'bitch'...She doesn't deserve it."

"What?! Lucy! Are you out of your mind? Don't you recall that she made you avoid your best friend for her freaking sake?!" Levy replied all red because of her anger

"Levy I remember every detail of it, how I felt, how I cried...But Lissana was just a girl who's in love...I can't blame her for it." Lucy the fidgeted with her fingers when she looked down at her lap.

"Lucy's right Levy...People make mistakes when their inlove. She just made a wrong choice of how to handle her problems..." Erza then grips Levy's hand, "So calm down..."

"Lucy-chan, did you tell this already to Natsu?" Juvia asked

"...No...not yet. I need time. I want to have a talk with Lissana first before telling him, I just don't know how..."

"well I heard Lissana has been staying low in class...That's what Loke said." Juvia replied as she stared at the blonde

"Well no matter what...I have to get to talk to her..." Lucy said to no one in particular in her tone of determination making them nod in agreement.

"So Lucy, have you gotten a chance to talk to Lissana?" Levy asked as she walked along with the blonde in the corridor

"Shhh! Natsu doesn't know yet! Just whisper!" Lucy half whispered and shouted at the same time as she leaned down to Levy

"Alright! Alright!...but really?"

"Well Juvia said she saw Lissana walk the other way and I was planning to walk up to" Lucy suddenly halt as she grabs Levy's arm, "What now?!"

"Yeah, its my only chance...So please distract Natsu from looking for me this lunch time...Please?" Lucy then puts her hand together and made a pleading look

"Fine! But I'm gonna ask Juvia and Erza to help me out..."

"Erza can help you...but Juvia is not around... But yeah sure..." Lucy then stands up straight before she left the blunette

"What? Where's Juvia?" Levy slightly shouted

"With Gray...He asked her out"

As Lucy walked out of the building to look for the silver haired beauty, a certain blonde male teen stared at her. "Lucy!"

At the call of her name, Lucy suddenly shrieked in surprise and began to search for the person who called her. When she turned almost 360 degrees, she finally saw the blue eyes who have been staring at her. "Sting."

"Sorry if I surprised you."

"It's fine...I was just so caught up in finding someone..." Lucy smiled as she kept her gaze to her classmate

"Is it Natsu?"

"Uh, no. It's Lissana I'm looking for."

"Lissana? Why would you look for her?" Sting asked again as he gave a curious look

"I need to talk to her..."

"About what? Would it be safe?" Sting suddenly stepped closer making Lucy smile knowing he was still caring for her

"Its personal and don't worry, Lissana is not the kind of person who would hurt me physically...And you got to stop thinking that Lissana is a bad person."

"Alright...just worried." Sting suddenly steps back and looked down at his shoes

"But thanks for the concern...I really appreciate it." Lucy suddenly grabs Stings' hand and gave it a little squeeze before running away, "I got to go! See you later!"

As Lucy sprinted away from Sting, she suddenly bumps into someone making her fall into her behind and so as the other person, "OUCH! Sorry..." Lucy stated as tried to stand up and rubbed her sore butt. As she did, she find the place too quiet, so she looked up and saw the person she has been looking for.


"Sorry, I better go..." Lissana began to turn her back and tried to run but then she was stopped when a hand suddenly gripped her wrist lightly.

The silver haired beauty was taken a back that she instantly looked at Lucy, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you..."

"What? No...It was my fault..." Lucy replied quickly as she let Lissana's wrist go, "I was actually looking for you...I was hoping we could talk."

"Talk?" Lissana then points to herself, "With me?"

"Hmm-Yeah. You know, real talk...The last time we tried that, you just said sorry and left me hanging." Lucy suddenly became restless that she began playing with the sand with her school shoes

"About that...I'm really sorry that I just left without even explaining...but yes of course, I'd like to talk...for real." Lissana then slightly smile before looking down in the ground. Being happy with what Lucy heard, she suddenly clapped before grabbing Lissana in the wrist in skipped towards a bench.

When the two was seated quietly in the bench staring at the trees and sky, the awkwardness was beginning to fill up. So to cut it out, Lucy cleared her throat and began the conversation.

"So...about the last time we said sorry. What was the sorry for?"

Lissana suddenly felt tense but then she thought to herself, she needed to face this situation already, so she cleared her throat and looked at Lucy in the eyes, "I...said the sorry because of everything I told you before and what I did to you."

"Oh...Look...I'm not mad at you. Its true that you hurt made me cry so hard, you made me push Natsu away, I had to stay away from him...That was hard..and painful. I have a good reason to hate you. But I can't. Because you're my friend."

"Lucy, can't you see? I have been bad to you. I stole your best friend..I made you stay away. I was selfish, I was jealous." Lissana then looks down at her lap trying to hide the tears that was threatening to fall down

"Jealous? I wouldn't steal him from you...I was not a competition. Maybe you were right that, I did like Natsu but I'm your friend and I wouldn't do that to any of my friends. I was not planning to steal him from you, just because I like him." Lucy suddenly grabs her friends hand and gave it a little squeeze

"I knew that...its just don't know the whole story." Lissana then looks up and checked on Lucy's face, find any expression, and it was curiosity.

"What story?"

"Well...You know that, me and Natsu began to be close when you introduced him to me months before summer." Lucy then nods and lets the silver haired beauty continue, "And when summer came, we started spending more time together...All through out that experience, I did fall in love with him. So hard that...I just wanted to be with him."

Lissana then looks away from the blonde and stared ahead, "So when he asked me, if I could be his girlfriend, I instantly said yes. I was so happy that he wanted to date me. But, I couldn't deny to myself before that I had doubts... About everything."

"Doubts? About what?" Lucy asked as Lissana kept her gaze away from the blonde

"The moments I had with Natsu...eating out, doing things...There was no moment that he would tell me how you and him had an exceptional experience either in that place or the food or whatever...He always talks about you both like this, like that, hate this, hate that...everything, name it. He was so happy talking about you. He gets excited when he recalls a memory of you two. So when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said to myself, 'Hey grab this chance...maybe in the process he'll love me back.' So I said yes."


"...So when I was officially his girlfriend...I realized that you were a threat. So I asked you to stay away because maybe being too close to him would make him realize that he actually likes you and not me. But what happened was the opposite. The more that he was away from you the more he realized that he can't stand being far from you. And realize that he likes you more than his best friend."

"Lissana...I don't know what to say." Lissana then looked at Lucy and found her with a surprised look. So Lissana grabbed her hand and offered a small smile.

"I stole him away from you...I thought he would love me...but he just loved you more each passing day. You should have been the girlfriend. I should have been the friend. And that's the truth... I have been trying to fool myself that he would like me the way I do for him. But no...So I'm sorry." Lissana finally let herself cry and cover her face with her hands

Lucy hearing the whole story made her surprised with all the new discoveries behind Lissana's and Natsu's relationship. She was too stunned to feel mad and disappointed. But when she heard Lissana crying hard, she snapped out of it and began to hug the other girl.

Lucy held Lissana for some time before she pulled away and face her friend, "I understand what you did. The truth is, I really hate what you did...I hate that you had to do that to me and Natsu. But I can't blame you because you were a person who was in love. I guess, people really do wrong things when they are in love...Your apology is accepted. So I forgive you."

"No! Lucy! Be mad! Hate me!" Lissana suddenly stood up and shouted, "Why are you so kind?! You're suppose to despise me for what I did to you and Natsu! I ruined your suppose relationship!"

"Then what Lissana? Keep this hatred running around every time we see each other in school? I can't do that. I hate that. Saying sorry is easy to say but forgiving someone is not easy. Your past sorry were not accepted before but after telling me everything, I wasn't the only one hurting. You were too. And it was more painful for you because you had to realize every single day that you were loosing the guy you love. So I'm sorry too, you had to experience and endure it."

"Lucy, I'm really sorry...But I'm thankful that I had a friend like you. You don't deserve to be treated the way I did to you..." Lissana started to turn her back and began a few steps away from where she stood before

"Lissana wait..." Lucy called out before standing up and walked closer to Lissana who turned back and looked at her, "As I said...Apology accepted...Friends?" Lucy then extends her hand in front of Lissana

The silver haired beauty couldn't help but cry as she was now overwhelmed with Lucy's warm treatment to her despite all their past experiences, "Friends..." Lissana then took the blonde's hand before hugging her tight, "Thank you for still accepting me as your friend! I promise I wouldn't do something stupid again to hurt you!

"That's good to hear..." Then Lucy hugs her back

-End of Chapter 31-

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