My best friend that I like more than a friend

Painful Truth

Chapter 32: Painful truth

Lucy and Natsu spending time together in the Heartfilia's residence, was one of the nights that seemed to be normal. But for the blonde, she didn't feel the same way. As she kept her gaze to Natsu who was listening to his IPod and singing along while doing their homework, the blonde was thinking deep whether to talk to him regarding her reconciliation with Lissana.

"My songs know what you did in the dark!" Natsu sang loudly as he closed his eyes to feel the emotions and at the same time doing some weird gestures

"Natsu…" Lucy called as the teen kept on singing and dancing on his spot, "So light 'em up, up, up! light 'em up, up, up!"

"Natsu~" Lucy called once more

" light 'em up, up, up! I'm on fire!"

"NATSU!" Lucy finally shouted making the other teen surprised and pulled his earphones off and stare at the blonde whose face was red from anger.

"What? What? Sorry, couldn't hear you…" Natsu excused sheepishly as he gave a sly grin, "I can see that…" Lucy replied flat impassively before shaking her head in annoyance.

"…So, do you have something to say?" Natsu asked as he tried to catch the blonde's gaze, "You wouldn't shout if it wasn't important…"

"Yeah…I do have something to tell you." Lucy replied before hesitating to tell the truth, "It's about today."

"What's with today?" Natsu then gave a curious look trying to decipher the face of Lucy who seemed to be flat affect and at the same time serious, "Did I do something stupid?"

"No…Um, it's about me…and Lissana." Lucy then tightened her lip as she waited for Natsu to react until Natsu just repeated what she said, "Lissana?"

"Yes…Lissana…We talked, this afternoon, during lunch break." The blonde suddenly looked down at her lap and waited again for the pinkette's reaction but no violent actions happened so she looked up once more and tried to read Natsu's reaction, "Are you mad?"

"No…Just curious…So what did you talk about? Did she like hurt you or something?"

"Of course not! Lissana wouldn't do that. You know that…" Lucy reacted quickly as she looked at the teen in front who then relaxes after hearing her reply.

"I know, just making sure…So what did you two talk about?" Natsu then went back to working on his assignment trying to avoid the topic. The teen suddenly felt uncomfortable talking about the subject since he himself hasn't talked to the silver haired beauty yet.

"Well…we have both reconciled already because she told me the truth." Lucy said looking at Natsu looking down at his paper work that she knew was feeling awkward with the subject they were talking about. "What truth?" Natsu finally looked up and waited for Lucy to answer, "Its not me you should ask…I think you should talk to Lissana."

"No, I can't." Natsu shook his head before looking down again to his notebook but then Lucy grabs his hand making him look up to her, "Natsu, I think its time…"

"She might not be ready yet."

"She is."

"I'm not ready yet."

With his last answer, Lucy was suddenly surprised making her let go and look down at her lap and secretly tightened her grip to her skirt.

"…Sorry, I didn't consider your feelings."

Looking at Lucy who was about to cry, Natsu stood up and sat next to Lucy who was trying to hid her face from him. The moment he sat down next to her, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him and whispered to her, "Its okay…I'm just scared that I might hurt her again and I don't know how I will say to her that I want to end it…"

"Natsu, I'm sorry…I just want to go back to the time where we're all friends…" Lucy said as she looked up and cried to Natsu. The teen then started to rub her back as a way to comfort her, "So am I…But I don't think it's the right time yet…"

"But when? Me and Lissana are now good friends again. And I want the same for you…Please." Lucy sat up straight to plead Natsu who is trying to stop himself from giving in to Lucy's request.

Looking at the blonde with tears falling from her eyes, he couldn't take it anymore so he exhaled deeply and nodded slightly, "Alright…If I suddenly see her in school or anywhere, I'll approach her and have a talk."


"Promise." Natsu then kissed the temple of Lucy making her close her eyes and wrap her arms around Natsu's waist to return the hug

The next day came, students started to fill the street as they all walked towards their school. Students walked along their friends or partners as they all head towards school. Lucy, Levy and Juvia that morning all met up in the park to attend school at the same time.

"So Lucy-chan, I heard you talked to Lissana already yesterday…" Juvia said as the three of them started their walk already

"Yeah I did and it was good…" Lucy replied as she kept her gaze to the road

Levy then glanced at the blonde who is standing next to her, "What do you mean 'it was good'? Tell us the details!"

"Oh Levy-chan, lets just keep it simple. Everything is fine now." Lucy looked at her before looking away and keeping her walk steady, "No Lu-chan, you got to tell us!"

"Yeah Lucy-chan, we want to know…" Juvia added but then blonde just chuckled at her friends.

Lucy just smiled at her friends before she wrapped her arms to Juvia and Levy's shoulder, "Alright but with Erza so that I wouldn't have to repeat it."

"Fine…" The two blunette harmoniously replied before they all began to walk faster towards school.

When the three beauties reached their school, they all settled in first in the school park and waited for Erza to come down from the Student Council Room. As soon as the scarlet haired girl arrived, the girls began their girl catch up.

Lucy told the girls her encounter with Lissana, telling them about the story and realization the two had during that time. At that moment, Levy and Juvia started to weep feeling bad about getting mad at Lissana. Erza as well felt bad for the silver haired girl for not knowing what she really felt all through out the relationship.

"Does Mira know this?" Erza asked Lucy who sat quietly in her spot. Lucy shrugged her shoulders before looking at Erza, "I don't know…But it seems like it was her first time to tell this to anybody…That's way I feel bad for her because she had to take the pain all by herself."

"Yeah I know…I hope Mira can help her sister about it." Erza answered before looking at the two blunette, "What about you two? Are you alright?"

Levy wiped her tears away before fixing her hair and looked at her friends, "Yeah, I'm good now…I just got emotional…"

"Yeah me too…I didn't know Lissana felt that way." Juvia said as she wiped her tears with her handkerchief, "Did you tell this to Natsu?"

"No. But I asked him if he could talk to her already so that the problem would be fixed already between the three of us." Lucy replied as she straightened her skirt then looked at her friends agreeing.

"Well I hope Natsu would do that soon. The two needs to talk it out already." Levy commented before they all stood up and starts to head back to their rooms.

That day seemed to be normal, having all students do their daily routine in class and break time. Erza and the rest did the same things as well, nothing surprising. Although, Lucy during breaks, she would always watched out for Lissana to walk by to tell Natsu to go talk to the silver haired beauty. But the chance never came to them.

That day was about to end, students going home with their friends and some hanging out in the city. Lucy and the girls decided to hang out in the city to window shop and eat since they all just felt like hanging out. Meanwhile, the boys had to stay late in school to finish their sports practice but they all made a deal to eat out in he new store in the city.

As the clock strikes 5:15 pm, the school bell has finally rung to remind students should be out already within 15 minutes. And so sports practices are being ended already.

"Loke! Where's the place you mentioned awhile ago?" Natsu asked as he fixed the strap of his bag to his shoulder as he and the others walked out of the basketball court. The called teen then looked at Natsu, "Just near the arcade we play in. You want to eat there?"

"What's the food there?" Gray suddenly asked

"Oh! A lot! Name it!" Loke replied excitedly as he placed his arm to Gray's shoulder but then the teen blocked the arm then started to shout, "Arms off you orange head!"

"Aww! Will Juvia get jealous with me?!"

"Shut up!"

Loke and Gray started to bicker to one another but the pinkette doesn't seem to care. When the three finally saw Gajeel and Jellal in their meeting place, they all left the school building. As soon as they walked out of the building, Natsu suddenly caught a glimpse of a silver hair making him stop from his tracks. When the boys noticed that Natsu was not following them, they all stopped and called for Natsu.

"Oy! Flame-butt, what's wrong?" Gray asked as he gave an irritated look, "Come on, we're all hungry…"

"Uh, yeah…You all go ahead…I'll just check something…" Natsu replied without looking at them because he was still trying to keep track the silver haired person. Without waiting for their respond, the teen just run off and tried to follow the person.

"OY! Natsu! Where you going?!" Gray shouted as soon as Natsu run off the opposite way

"Hey! Stop!" Natsu shouted as he sprinted closer to the female figure that he just recently realized

The person didn't stop not until Natsu called out again. And when he called again, the girl finally stopped and turned, making Natsu stop from his tracks, a meter away.


"Hello Natsu." Lissana finally faced the teen but then it was obvious that she was nervous with the situation, "Long time no see…"

"Yeah…How are you?" Natsu stepped closer then fixed his bag again, "You look…good."

"You too…I see that you came from practice. Isn't Lucy with you?" Lissana tightened her grip to her bag as she mentioned the blonde's name.

"No, she went out with the other girls… How about you? It's late already."

"Oh, I uh…just had to finish my work in the club…So…I'll go ahead." Lissana then turned and tried to walk away but then Natsu pulled her wrist making her look back at Natsu with a curious and nervous look.

"Wait…I was hoping we could talk." When Lissana looked at him, he let go of Lissana's wrist and tucked his hands to his shorts' pocket, "And eat at the same time…"

Lissana couldn't help herself to giggle before nodding to Natsu's request. As soon as Natsu saw the beauty's smile, he grinned as well then walked back to the direction towards the city.

The two teens entered a ramen shop and started to order as soon as they got there. When food came, Natsu forgot the real reason why he was there with Lissana and instead just began to eat.

"You're still the same Natsu I know…You really have a big appetite." Lissana commented as she snapped her chops sticks apart

Natsu just nodded in response for his mouth was full of noodles, making the beauty smile wider for she found it cute. "You're so adorable Natsu…You make eating fun."

With Lissana's statement, Natsu felt weird making him stop putting noodles to his mouth and instead tried to finish chewing his food. While doing so, Lissana began to eat but the silver haired teen felt uncomfortable as well.

"Lis…I wanted to talk about us…" Natsu suddenly said as he leaned back to his chair. Hearing the teen, Lissana looked up and stared at Natsu waiting for him to continue, "I know it's pretty awkward but I think its time that we settle the problem."


"I guess ladies go first…What do you want to say?" Natsu sat up straight as he prepared himself to listen to Lissana. But then Lissana didn't know what to say so she shook her head and looked at Natsu at the eyes, "No, you go first. You initiated this conversation."

"Alright…" Natsu cleared his throat then sat closer to the table and rested his hands to his shaking legs, "First of all, I want to say sorry for everything I have done. If I just realized sooner about my feelings, I wouldn't have hurt an innocent person like you. I shouldn't have made you think or feel the way you do now for me-"

"I wanted to feel the way you made me feel. I wanted to fall in love. It just so happen it had to be you." Lissana cuts short Natsu which made the teen surprised somehow. But the unexpectedness of the response faded when Lissana looked back at Natsu with sincerity.

"Lis…You saying this makes it harder for me to break off what we have…"

Hearing Natsu say those words made Lissana suddenly silent even distant. Her face suddenly changed into something that showed she was sad. Lissana swallowed hard then looked back at Natsu but pain appeared in her eyes, "I'm sorry…To be honest, I knew this time would come. But not now…"


"No…Its my turn to talk."

"Natsu listen…I told Lucy everything I feel, what I think…except for the fact that I still can't let you go. Cause it hurt."

Natsu watched the silver haired girl speak through her dropping tears. He didn't know what to say with her speech. So he stayed silent and let Lissana continue herself.

" Natsu…I don't think begging you would make a difference. But please…don't leave me." Lissana suddenly stood up surprising some people even Natsu. She ran to his side and kneeled down and held Natsu's hand and gripped it tight, "Its fine with me if you love Lucy…but please don't leave me."

Lissana begging Natsu made him dead silent and confused with what he should do. He wanted to end everything now but seeing the girl before him begging made him waiver with his intention.

The moment he felt answering and agreeing to her, he suddenly recalled a memory of Lucy.

"What if someone hurts my feelings?" Lucy asked as she swung her feet in the bridge

"Then I'll kill him till pulp" Natsu then rested his arms behind him as they both stared at the setting sun

"What if its you?"

"Then I don't deserve to be called you best friend…"




"Yo-you would do that?"

"Yeah…but I know you won't hurt me…Right?"

"Lissana…I'm sorry. But I don't want to hurt Lucy with what you want. You have to let me go." Natsu then held Lissana's shoulder and made her stand up which he did as well. The moment they were both standing up, he wiped her tears and held her face, "You don't deserve a guy who wouldn't love you whole heartedly. And that's me. You deserve better, I'm sorry"

And with that Natsu picked up his bag and turned his back and left Lissana behind. He was scared that he was hurting Lissana again for something he did. But he had to make a choice and that is to let Lissana move on and let go of him.

The moment Natsu turned his back to her, Lissana knew to her self that that was the right time she needed to be able to let him go. She had to hear it herself that he no longer love her and that she deserves better. Even if it was painful, she knew to herself that she will be able to let him go soon.

-End of Chapter 32-

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