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Conflicted Emotions

Chapter 33: Conflicted Emotions

That same day after Natsu and Lissana talked, the two separated ways and went back to their homes. Night was already deep when Mira came knocking on Lissana's room to check up on her sister. When the older silver haired beauty knocked and cracked open the door, she silently called for the younger girl.

"Lissana?" Mira called as she slowly stepped inside the room and saw the back of her sister

The room was silent but the aura inside was somehow sad for Mira, which made her think that Lissana was definitely sad. As she stepped closer, she heard silent sobs. As soon as she was reachable, she tapped softly the shoulder of the shorthaired beauty.

When Lissana faced Mira, tears were spilling from her eyes. She looked at her older sibling trying her best to contain her sobs but then her emotions were too strong that she suddenly broke down.

"Mira-nee!" Lissana called as she wrapped her arms around Mira crying her heart out, "It hurts! I can't take this…"

"Oh Lissana…I'm sorry to hear this…"

"Mira-nee…We broke up already." Lissana said as she pulled herself away from Mira and wiped her tears from her face. Looking at the older beauty, Lissana saw the worry and pain that Mira had whenever she cried. "I-I had to hear it for myself… You said to me once that this time would come and that I need to be ready about it."

"I know I said that Lis…But I don't intend to hurt you. I'm sorry" Mira pulled Lissana into another hug as the older sibling stroke her sister's back, "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me most. I'm sorry…"

"Don't be sorry…I had to face it and all I want now is a sister who would hold me…And you are here with me now." Lissana said as she pulled away and tried to smile

Mira stroke her sister's hair, cupped her face and smiled, "Yes…I'm here and I won't leave you."

"I know…You don't have to worry about me because I wanted this. I had to hear it from Natsu that he wants to end it and he said it…He also said that I deserve better…and I think so too."

Mira smiled at her sister and nodded as she agreed to what she heard from her sister, "I wish you best that you could move on. I hope you'd see the man who'd make you smile always…"

Lissana tried to smile even though it was hard for her and slightly nodded, "One day Mira-nee…One day"

While Lissana cried at her home, Natsu was also in his room feeling bad about making the silver haired beauty cry. He couldn't take the anxiety anymore so he grabbed his phone, stepped into his terrace, and dialed up a familiar number.

"Lucy…" He said as the call was accepted

"Hey Natsu, what made you call this late?" Lucy said on the other line sounding surprised

"Can I come over? I need to talk to you"

"Wait why? Can't this be talked tomorrow in-"Lucy replied taken aback but was cut off when Natsu said something, "I'll see you in ten."

"Wait Natsu-!" Then the call ended making the blonde shock and confused with what was happening, "What is going on Natsu?"

In few minutes, the doorbell rang in the Heartfilia's residence in which Layla answered. As the older blonde-haired woman stood before the young teen curious with what was happening, she opened the gate and let him in. "Natsu, isn't it too late to come over?"

"Sorry for the inconvenience…I just needed to talk to Lucy." Natsu replied as he stood before the beautiful blonde-haired woman.

"Alright, your mother called telling me that you should just over night rather than walk back home so late. You could stay in the guest room for tonight." Layla then opened the doors inside the home and letting the teen walk inside first, "Lucy's in her room. Go on now."

"Thank you Auntie Layla…" Natsu said as he bowed down then rushed up stairs.

As Natsu stood before the door, he lifted his fist to knock when suddenly the door opened. Lucy and Natsu was both surprised seeing each other. But their shocked expression faded when Lucy cleared her throat.

"Natsu, what are you doing here?"

"I called remember? I said I was coming…" Natsu replied as he looked at the blonde curious

"Yeah I Know but…Fine whatever. Come on in." Lucy said as she stepped aside to let the pinkette inside the room, "So what made you come over urgently that you couldn't wait till tomorrow?"

Lucy then walked towards her bed to look at the pinkette who was sitting in her desk chair. As soon as the blonde was settled, Natsu let out a deep sigh then walked towards the bed and sat along with her.

"I broke up already with Lissana."

Lucy was suddenly taken aback with the words of Natsu that she just froze in her seat. Natsu just stared at Lucy's expression, worried that she wasn't breathing.


"Wh- I…I just asked you to talk to her. I didn't mean to make you break up with her." Lucy uttered confused once she snapped out of her surprised expression.

"I didn't intend to…" Natsu then looks down at his hands that was fidgeting in his lap

"Then why'd you do that?" Lucy suddenly stood up and walked away from her previous seat but looks back at the pinkette, "How did Lissana handle it?"

"I had to do it because…because she wanted me to stay and let her love me when I love you. She said she'd rather take the pain than to let me go… I can't Lissana be hurt by me again but I just did"

Lucy became speechless once again and suddenly felt badly for Natsu and Lissana. She felt confused as well with what she should do to fix the problems they have. Few days ago, she thought that their friendship would come back to life again. But hearing the incident, she didn't know what to say and do anymore.

"Lucy, I know that you are confused as I am. I know you want to have your friendship back with Lissana. I tried my best to help out but I guess I just ruined it." Natsu said while walking towards the blonde who was frozen in her spot.

Once Natsu is in front of Lucy, he wraps his arms around Lucy and holds her tight. Lucy still felt confused and nub but as soon as she felt Natsu's warm embrace, she instantly leaned forward and hugged him back.

"Natsu, I don't know what I'll say to Lissana if I see her tomorrow…" Lucy said muffled

"I wish I have answers to help you out. But all I can assure you is that I'll be there with you." Natsu then tightens more his embrace while resting his head to Lucy's neck.

"Thank you…"

The next day came and the two teens headed to school early. Lucy and Natsu was both silent walking next to one another. Still being bothered by what happened yesterday night, the two teens were both thinking of a way to approach Lissana.

As the two walked towards their school, Levy suddenly sees them and rushes to catch to them. When the bluenette was near, she started calling out.

"Lu-chan! Natsu! Wait up!" Levy said running towards the teens

Natsu with his very clear hearing turns his head and sees Levy running towards them. So Natsu stopped to wait for the petite blue haired girl. While waiting, he noticed that Lucy kept on walking so he hurriedly grabbed her hand to make her stop.

When Lucy felt a hand pulling her, she looked at the person and was curious why Natsu stopped. But the curiosity faded when she heard Levy's voice and soon stands next to Natsu.

"Hey!.. morning you guys…" Levy said while catching up her breath. Seeing the bluenette made Lucy smile so she ran up to her and hugged her, "Good morning too Levy-chan!"

"Alright you two, time to go…" Natsu said as he began pulling Lucy's left hand. Lucy just then followed holding his hand while having a conversation.

As soon as they reached their school and entered their classroom, Levy knew everything about the break up of Natsu and Lissana.

"Natsu, Lucy, I think there is only one way to solve this…" Levy said as she stood before the two who looked up from their desks

"What do we do Levy?" Lucy asked as she waited for the bluenette to answer

"You shouldn't get together yet…At least as being girlfriend and boyfriend. The only way to resolve this is to respect yours and Lissana's break up" Levy pointed to Natsu who was silently listening

"I know, we all know that you guys like each other…But at least give Lissana a break from thinking that she is not enough, that she wasn't loved at all… As her friends, you must help her move on…and I don't think seeing you two as a couple would help her face the reality that her relationship with you is done"

With Levy's wise words, Lucy and Natsu were left silent. They had mixed feelings with the idea of controlling their emotions for one another but both decided to do the right thing.

"Alright, me and Natsu would just be friends for the sake of Lissana…" Lucy said as she looked at Natsu who was looking back at her, "Okay, for Lissana." Natsu said back

"Don't worry, we'll all help Lissana to move on…" Levy said assuring the two who both gave her a small smile.

-End of Chapter 33-

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