My best friend that I like more than a friend

Moved On

Chapter 34: Moved on

Lucy's POV

It has been three months since Lissana and Natsu broke up. And it has been three months since I cleared to Natsu that we are just friends for the sake of Lissana. Those three months have never been the easiest days because I see him, he sees me and Lissana sees us.

In those three months, we tried our best to be casual to one another. There would be times, I would eat with all of my friends but the next day, the other is gone, like Lissana. I felt guilty about it because the way Natsu and me stick together has never been the best sight for her. Never been a good idea to help her move on.


During the first month after the break up

"Lucy, I don't think spending to much time with Natsu helps Lissana move on. I know that I sound rude but if you really want to help Lissana, you have to put distance with Natsu." Erza said as she crossed her arms over her chest, standing next to the student council room

"I'm sorry Erza…I guess it's just hard to avoid Natsu…" I said as I lowered my head and looked at my black school shoes, "But I really do want to help Lissana…Its not to get her feelings done for Natsu its because I want her to be happy again."

"I know Lucy but what you want is going to ask you a lot of sacrifices, even your feelings for Natsu. You've got to keep it to yourself first." Erza said to me as she touched my shoulder and gave me a sad expression as if she felt bad for me

"I'll try my best…for Lissana" I then nodded to Erza before I was pulled into a hug, Erza then pulled away and said back to me, "We're here to help…Don't worry"

End of flashback

Erza was right, I had to keep my feelings for Natsu to myself and so as him. Since then, I tried my best to stay away from Natsu and kept myself companied by Levy, Juvia, Erza and Lissana. As I distanced myself from the guy I liked, I was able to gain my friend back, Lissana. Unexpectedly, we grew closer. We started hanging out more often with the others and started making new memories, as good friends.

Now, we always see Lissana smile the way she did before this love story happened. We all started to smile and laugh the way we did before. It felt good and it felt nice to see the person smile genuinely to you. I am happy to see Lissana happy now.

"Why are you looking at me like that Lucy?" Lissana asked as she noticed me I was staring at her with a smile on my face

I shook my head as I just kept my gaze to her which made her pout childishly. Soon enough she stood up and sat next to me and wrapped her arms to mine, "Seriously Lucy why are you looking at me like that…With that nice smile and soft expression?"

"Nothing…I just feel happy that I'm seeing you smile again."

"Lucy's right Lissana…the last time I saw you smile like that was last year…" Erza supported Lucy as she smiled sweetly back to the silver haired friend

"Having your friends around you at times of pain and a caring sister…there would be no reason for me not to smile." Lissana then started to stand and pull all of us her friends and gave a hug

"We're happy Lissana that you're happy!" Levy said as she hugged Lissana tighter

"Thank you guys! So much…" Soon enough Lissana started to tear up which made us tense but when she started giggling while crying we all loosened up and laughed, "My goodness I love my friends!"

When lunch time was over by the ringing of the bell, we all started heading back to our classrooms. As we walked in the hall, Lissana and I walked behind our friends.

"Lucy?" Lissana called

"yeah?" I looked at Lissana and saw she kept her gaze to the hall when she suddenly turned her attention to me

"I personally want to thank you…" Lissana then stopped her tracks and faced me fully, "I know that I did a lot of things to you back then…I let my jealousy get the best of me and made you stay away from Natsu…Now that we broke up, you have to distance yourself once again from Natsu so that I could move on. I'm sorry."

"Lissana, I made the choice. I wanted to help you after all you've been through a lot as well…" I then smiled wider at her, "So you don't have to feel bad about anything."

"I tried staying away from all of you, thinking that it would help me but then you all made me realize its better with friends."

"Of course, we're always here especially for our friends…" Seeing the silver haired girl in front of me getting emotional again, I started pulling her for a hug and rubbed her back as I felt her crying already, "You'll always be my friend Lissana and no one can change that."

As we pulled away from each other, she nodded to me before she wiped her tears away. Looking at her all strong and happy again in life, I felt good.

"Its been three months since the break up. It's a short time but I know to myself that I'm over Natsu. You can love him without the guilt of hurting me. It's your time to be happy." Lissana then smiled warmly at me as she took my hand and squeezed it lightly


"Promise…I'm not saying this just to make you feel better. It's the truth...Finally I found real happiness"

"Are you-?" I asked but was cut off too soon when Lissana started sprinting away from and waved bye before entering their classroom

"Bye…" I said as I just stared at the empty space where Lissana stood before entering the room

In few minutes, class is about start again so I entered my classroom and was greeted by a messing class. My girl friends were all huddled in the front while my best friend was in the back staring at the afternoon sky.

Walking to my spot, I noticed Sting was not yet in his seat, which made me curious. But I shrugged it off when I finally stood at my desk. Natsu didn't mind to looking at me and continued his empty gaze. It felt bad whenever he does this as a way to put distance to us.


During the first month of break up

"Hi Natsu…" I said as I walked to my seat and sat down but when I received no response I turned myself and looked at the pinkette

"I said 'hi Natsu'…won't you say hi back?"

"Hi." That's all he said without even looking at me and kept his attention to the field

"That's it?" I said back starting to feel irritated by how Natsu is acting in front of me

"Is there anything else to say?" He said before looking at me with a cold stare but then he looked away instantly

"What is your problem!? Why are you all of sudden acting like that?!" I shouted loud enough for some of our classmates to look at us

"Its my way of avoiding you…" Natsu then stood up and left the room slightly slamming the door

With his departure, Juvia and Levy walked up to me and held me. Unconsciously, I was trembling and felt like crying.

"Understand him be Lu-chan…It was his only way to keep himself away from you…"

End of flashback

Instead of greeting Natsu, I just sat down to my seat and pulled out my notebook. I was scared that I'd just get a cold response from Natsu again. When I opened my notebook, I started hearing movements from the back, assuming he was fixing his chair and leave the room despite the idea of starting a class soon.

But to my surprise, someone tapped my shoulder. Instantly, I turned myself and looked at him. I was expecting a poker face but then I saw a warm smiling face of Natsu.

"Hi." He said cheerily as he grinned wider if possible

"H-hi?" I said suddenly confused

"I got a secret…" He whispered to me still grinning


"I didn't do my homework…I forgot" Soon enough I found the situation amusing since I saw his face turn red as he scratched the back of his head

Quietly giggling at his expression, we exchanged smiles. Soon enough our teacher came in and started telling us to grab our books to check our assignment. Before doing what our teacher told us, I smiled at Natsu and whispered back.

"Your secret is safe." Then I turned myself and faced the front

I missed seeing his face like that…

Normal POV

Finally the last period has ended and once the bell rang students started filling out the classroom and left students who were moving slow.

As usual, Lucy took her time in fixing her things along with her friends. To Lucy's surprise, a voice called out in the back of the room making her turn herself and look at the person.

"How long would you fix your things?"

"Natsu…why are you still here? I thought you left" Lucy said before returning her attention to fixing her things but this time faster

"Who said so?" Natsu started to walk next to her and stared at the blonde getting uneasy in fixing her things

"I just assumed since for the past-"

"Lucy-chan we'll go ahead we'll head to the clubs first" Juvia called as she slung her sports bag to her shoulder, "Yeah Lu-chan, see you later!"

And with that Lucy's friends left her with the pinkette. As soon as her friends were gone, Lucy glanced at the salmon haired teen waiting for her.

"Don't you have basketball practice? Its club day…" Lucy asked as she finally pulled her bag and wore it to her back

"Yeah I do…" Natsu said as they began heading out of the room

"Then why are you waiting for me? You'll be late for your practice…" Lucy asked looking at him and when he looked back at her, she looked away swiftly.

"I waited 'cause I wanted to walk you to the English Lit lab" with Natsu's statement, the blonde stopped from her tracks and stared at the teen in front of her

"Why?" Lucy suddenly felt confused again so she continued, "Why are you suddenly paying attention to me? Months ago you always left me, ignored me, snubbed me-"

"I was avoiding you…remember?" Natsu cuts off the blonde as he started pulling her to continue to walk but then Lucy pulled her hand away and asked once more.

"But then why aren't you avoiding me anymore?" Lucy then stepped closer making them inches away, the only distance and difference was their height.

Lucy had to look up when Natsu had to look down. Without hesitation, Natsu intertwined his hand to hers and stepped closer, "Because I can't take it anymore not looking at you and smile. I miss you"

Whispering the last three words as if it was only meant for Lucy's ears, the blonde beauty started to blush. Soon enough, Natsu's warm hand caressed her flushed cheek and lean down. With out breaking his eye contact to Lucy, he can't help himself anymore from leaning down to kiss Lucy. And seeing that Lucy was not resisting or pushing him away, he let himself do what he thinks is right, to kiss the girl of his life.

But as the two teens were about to share a kiss, a certain red haired girl and blue haired boy walked in the hall discussing. As soon as the two student council was in view, Natsu and Lucy moved away with their flushed faces.

"Oh Natsu and Lucy…what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be in your clubs?" Erza asked as she walked towards her friends followed by Jellal

"Uh yeah…I was just about to enter the room…" Lucy started looking around until she spotted her room and started pointing at it, "English Lit lab!"

"Oo-kay…" Erza said back snooping

"What are you still doing here Natsu? The gyms in the other building" Jellal inquired as he looked at the flushed teen

"yeah…Just about to leave…Bye Luce" Then Natsu walked away from them

"Hey Erza, I'll walk with Natsu now. I'm heading for the field already" Jellal then leaned and kissed the scarlet haired president in the cheek before fixing his sports bag from his shoulder

"Alright see you tomorrow." As soon as Jellal and Natsu was out of sight, Erza looked a the blonde, "Get in already. You're late"

"Right!" Lucy quickly turned and waved good-bye to her scarlet haired friend before disappearing inside of the lab.

The clock stroked 5 in the afternoon and school clubs ended. Once again, students filled out the corridor and this time they all headed home.

"Lu-chan! I'll see you tomorrow, I have to meet Gajeel." Levy shouted in the door way before running out of the hall

And with that Lucy was left alone locking their laboratory. Once done, she walked back to her locker and left some books. When suddenly a silver haired beauty greeted her, "Lucy!"

Lissana called out as she ran in the hall then tackled her blonde friend. Lucy caught by surprise somehow stumbled and laughed along with Lissana.

"I'm sorry Lucy, I didn't mean to jump at you" Lissana said I between her laugh as she tried controlling her laughter

"Alright, forgiven. But next time don't do that" Lucy smiled before closing her locker and started walking with her friend

"Are you going home now?" Lucy asked as she looked at the smiling silver haired friend

"Yep…About you?"

"Yeah…its not like I'm going to meet up someone in school…" Lucy replied without looking at her companion

"Won't you wait for Natsu?" Lissana asked as she friendly bumped her friend who suddenly froze and looked at her with wide eyes

"What are you saying?" Lucy asked in pure shock but then walks next to the silver haired beauty when she was just laughed at. As the two continued to walk, Lucy can't help herself to ask Lissana "Don't you feel weird that your pushing your ex boyfriend to me?"

"Nope…He was yours from the start…remember?" Lissana said with a smile, showing no sign of pain in her eyes.

"How could you say those stuff when in fact it was just three months ago you both broke up…" Lucy asked in concern but then Lissana just chuckled and smiled back at her

"I guess…We weren't really in love…I was just infatuated and I felt jealous back then because he had someone else in his mind" Lissana then glanced at her friend who was silently listening, "So I truly can say, I'm over Natsu. Swear to goodness" Lissana then raised her right hand and stood still

Laughing at her friend, Lucy stared at the silver haired beauty before pulling her to continue walking. "Alright I believe you…I really wish you happiness Lis…"

"Thanks…and don't worry, I have it already." Lissana smiled once more at the blonde before she stopped and faced the blonde, "Well this is where we part ways…"

"Alright take care…"

"You too…"

The two then walked opposite direction as they headed home. After the few steps of Lucy, a voice called out to her.


Lucy turned and looked at the silver haired girl at the other end of the road, "What?" Lucy shouted back

"Just to assure you!" Lissana shouted, "I moved on!"

Lucy smiled as she was being smiled back by Lissana. Later on, Lissana shouted again, "Its your turn to have a love story! Love Natsu the way you should!"

Without waiting for Lucy to answer, Lissana waved good-bye and sprinted away, disappearing in the next corner.

Staring at the empty road, Lucy smiled to herself and nodded to what Lissana said to her. And with that she spun herself and faced her direction towards home. As she walked happily home she thought of something which she will always remember.

Lissana's right, its my turn to have my love story…Me and Natsu…

-End of Chapter 34-

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