My best friend that I like more than a friend

And She's dating

Chapter 35: And she's dating

Yesterday Lissana has told me that she has moved on with Natsu and that she have found happiness already. To be honest I didn't get her when she said that, but what I knew that time, she is happy again. So as a friend, I'm happy for her.

But today, it's different. Lissana confessed something to me which took me by surprise. It was not a surprise that I would hate it was just surprising. As in the type like who would imagine that would happen.

FLASHBACK at 7 am in the classroom

"Hey, Lissana!" I called as I peeked outside the corridor

"Oh Lucy, what's up?" Lissana replied somehow startled when I called her but then she went close to me which I copied

"Well since its friday, the girls were planning to go karaoke after school. Are you free?" I asked as I mischievously smiled at her

"I'd love too, but I can't..." Lissana trailed off which was suspicious somehow for me

" you have things to do? We can-"

"well not really...its just that someone asked me out already." Lissana said sheepishly as she tried to hide her blush

"Wait...are you saying you have a date?" I asked now realizing what was happening


"Oh my goodness! Who's your date?! Why didn't you mention any guy before?! Who?!" I said bombarding Lissana but before she could answer me I started pulling her inside my classroom and searched for our friend who were chatting as well.

As soon as they saw me with Lissana, they started greeting us but I cut their greeting with the new discovery.

"Lissana has a date today. And do you know anything about this?" I asked them

They were all surprised that they gave Lissana a wide eyed look but Lissana just sheepishly smiled back

"Oh my god Lissana! Why don't we know about this guy?!" Levy asked as she stood up from her seat and grabbed her hand, but Lissana just giggled at the petit blunette.

"I don't see Lissana-san being with a guy...who is it?"

"I'll tell you guys some time tomorrow...when we get to bond…how about tomorrow morning in the blue café?" Lissana replied as she tried to escape from her surprised friends

"Fine! Tomorrow! 9 am okay?" Levy slightly shouted back before hugging her friend goodbye as it was about to start class already.

As I accompanied Lissana out of the room, she pulled me out, closed the door behind me, and looked at me in a serious façade.

"Oh-kay…what is going on?" I asked as I looked at her with a curious look

"Alright…I didn't tell them who because I think you should know first before anyone else does…" Lissana just held my hand firmly as I continued to gaze at her with a questioning look, "Okay…go on…"

"Lucy, its Sting." I then watched Lissana shut her eyes tight as if waiting to be hit but then I was not that kind of person. I mean I don't even understand what she meant by its Sting.

"Wait…what do you mean? What's with Sting? Sorry, I think I'm getting slow in understanding what is happening here…" I slightly squeezed her hand to make her look and answer me

"Lucy…I'm…dating Sting. It's Sting I'm going out later…"

Okay, when Lissana said dating Sting I was beginning to process everything until she repeated to me that Sting would be her date later.

"What?!" I screamed too much causing an attention to us which I felt embarrassed for

"I'm sorry! I-I didn't know how we ended up liking each other! I promise! If you want you can make me stop seeing-" Lissana rants but then I stopped her after hearing her reply

"Whoa! Wait…" Lissana then went tight lips and looked at me, "Why would you stop seeing Sting because of me? I mean, he's not my boyfriend or property. Okay maybe he used to ask me out but I turned him down because he doesn't deserve the love he gets from me. He needs a real love…like your." I then smiled at Lissana and squeezed her hands once more to make her understand what I meant.

Soon enough she pulled me into a hug and thank me endless. I just chuckled at the way how Lissana is finally happy.

"I'm so happy for you…You deserve each other's love. He's a good man, take care of him because he'll take care of you so much."

"Thanks Lucy for understanding…I never thought that this would happen soon. But your right, he is a good man and I know he loves me as much as I love him." And with that Lissana pulled me for another hug before running back to her classroom.



"Who knew that two would end up together?" Erza stated as she picked up her juice while looking at her friends whom she received nods from them.

"Well, no matter what happened to them, I know I'm happy for them. Finally, one of my friends is happy again and in love." They all started laughing as they reminisced at their beautiful memory of their friendship

"Alright, are we still up for karaoke? Because I feel lazy to leave the café…" Levy asked as she slumped herself to her chair

"Yeah me too…can we just stay here?" Juvia added as she looked at her friends who both agreed which made the two blunette smile and started to enjoy their drinks.

"If I know, Juvia wants to stay here because someone is going to pick her up…" Levy teased the girl, which made Juvia blush and disagree at the same time.

"That's not true Levy-chan! Stop making up stories…" Juvia then sipped her coffee as she tried to hide her blush, but her friends know better and just laughed at the behavior of their friend

While the girls were at the café having their drinks, the boys went to a nearby public basketball court to play some friendly game.

"You suck Gajeel! You can't even make a three-point shot!" Natsu shouted as Gajeel missed a shot

"Shut up flame butt! I'm not even a basketball player, I'm a baseball player you idiot!"Gajeel shouted back as they continued to play and run

"Still! You suck!" Natsu tried to insult but then it came out weak so his friends just laughed at him which he just ignored.

As the others continued to run, he slowed down and started walking outside the court and as soon as Jellal saw Natsu walking in the side of the court, the blue haired teen called the pinkette's attention.

"Hey Natsu, you okay?"

"Yeah…I'm just going to drink water. Continue play!" Natsu shouted back making Jellal nod

As Natsu sat down in the bench he just looked at his friends but then something caught his attention, a certain blonde teen walked by in the sidewalk.

"Yo Sting!" Natsu called

Sting suddenly halted and looked around to find the person who called him. Soon enough, Natsu came running up to him, "hey man, want to join our game?"

"Oh uh…thanks but I got something else to do…" Sting started fixing the strap of his bag from his shoulder, "What?! You got better things to do than play basketball?!"

"Fortunately yes…I got a date." Sting suddenly smiled weakly as he sees Natsu taken by surprised.

"So…You are dating someone new now? I thought."

"Lucy likes someone else and I know you know who"

Natsu just nodded in agreement as he friendly slaps Sting in the arm, "Well good for you…Who's the girl?"

Sting fell silent as soon as Natsu dropped the question. He had a tight lip for a minute which made Natsu feel awkward because he didn't know if he should even ask again or not.

"Its okay if you don't want to share-"

"Its Lissana."

The moment he said the name everything seemed to stop for the two. They were like holding their breaths afraid that as soon as they breath out they'd start fighting.

"Really?" Natsu was so surprised that only one word came out of his mouth which didn't seem appropriate for a reply


"No-no-no-no! I'm cool with it…Lissana didn't tell me any of this. Even Lucy never mentioned about you two dating." Natsu started pondering trying to recall any moment that the two might have mentioned any

"No one knew…It just happened." Sting shrugged as Natsu just looked at him who soon smiled and gave a shoulder tap

"Congrats man! Take care of her. She's a very sweet person and she's dear to me. To all of her friends." Natsu then extended his hands and waited for a shake of hand.

Sting stared at the extended hand then at Natsu then back to the hand. But as soon as he looked at the hand he took it and shook it firmly, "You don't have to tell me twice. I'll take care and love Lissana. I promise that."

"Good. Now go, she hates late dates." And soon Sting smiled and runs off

Looking at the blonde, Natsu couldn't help but to smile and thought to himself, I'm happy for you Lissana…I know your in good hands.

-End of Chapter 35-

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