My best friend that I like more than a friend


Chapter 36: Secrecy

It has been days since everybody knew that Sting and Lissana started dating. Most of the students in the school started asking when Natsu and Lucy will be starting to go out. But the two students just kept their mouths shut. According to Lucy, they were taking everything slow.

"It's frustrating already! People keep on asking me, am I dating Natsu already? How long have we been dating?" Lucy ranted as she ate her snacks with her girl-friends, "I mean yeah sure people wants us together but its frustrating that me and Natsu aren't even officially together yet!"

Levy, Juvia, Erza and Lissana stayed silent the whole time the moment Lucy started telling her encounter with other students since the other day. And after Lucy has finally stopped for a minute to breathe, she glanced at her friends and saw that they were just giving her a poker face.

"Aren't you guys gonna say something?" Lucy looked at Levy then to Erza, "Or was my ranting too much?"

"Lu-chan, you have to clam down…" Levy finally broke her silence as she started packing up her snacks, "You even barely touched your food because you were too mad about something."

"I wasn't mad about something, I am stressed about-"

"About Natsu not asking you out yet when practically everything you two do together is what couples do" Lissana said as she cuts off the blonde from her mid-sentence

"What?! No! I was-"

"Oh come on Lucy, that's the truth…" Erza countered as the blonde was now blushing hard from being busted, "You don't need to be shy about it."

Lucy slack down her shoulders as she looked down at her shoes. She was too embarrassed to look at her friends since she acted childishly about the idea that Natsu hasn't made a move yet after everything has been settled. Lucy started to think that maybe Natsu was afraid to commit to a relationship again after what happened before. But she couldn't understand, if Natsu was afraid of commitment, why are they acting like a real couple? Its not that she didn't like her relationship at present with Natsu its just that it's a lot different when you actually label your relationship and that was left missing in their relationship. Lucy was somehow confused, are they still best friends or are they a couple? Are they allowed kissing when they practically call each other best friend? She didn't know what to act anymore.

"Lucy-chan" Juvia rose from her spot and sat next to the blonde, "I know that its frustrating when the guy you like is not labeling what relationship you have…Look at Juvia, she has this weird relationship with Gray-sama but their happy. You should just calm down and be happy that you get to spend your time with Natsu-san. Just like Juvia with Gray-sama!" The blunette suddenly side hugs the blonde which Lucy admired knowing that she has her friends no matter what.

"Thanks Juvia…" Lucy pulls away and hugs the blue haired beauty again but this time tighter than the previous hug. Soon enough all the girls huddled and hugged the two girls.

During lunch break, Lucy and Natsu would always spend time together. And miraculously, Natsu would love to spend time doing homework for the next day with Lucy in the Library. So, for that day, Natsu and Lucy was found in their usual spot in the library as they did together their assignments.

The way the two seated, they sat opposite to one another to secretly watch the other. Most of the time, it would be Natsu who would steal a glance to Lucy because he finds it amusing whenever he sees the face Lucy puts on whenever she works. He even started having an observation to Lucy, where in he noticed that whenever the blonde is having a difficulty with a problem, she would start biting the ends of her pen. For Natsu there was nothing more interesting than see his girl study. As for Lucy, she is serious most of the time that she never notices that the boy she is with is enjoying watching her. For that day, Lucy was answering her advance calculus when Natsu cleared his throat and just stared at her.

"What?" Lucy asked when she quickly glanced at the pinkette

"Nothing" Natsu said back as he leans forward then rests his right arm to the table and placed his chin to his hand, "Just want to mess with you"

"Do your homework already Natsu."


"Then be quiet" Lucy replied without looking back at the teen

Natsu following Lucy's demand, he stayed in his position and just watched the blonde in silence do her assignment. He was in the moment of enjoying watching Lucy when suddenly his phone vibrated in his pants pocket. Silently taking his phone out, he glanced at it and saw that Jellal has sent him a message. Before opening the message, he looked back at Lucy who was still focused. After a short glance at the blonde, he opened the message and read to his head, "Natsu its time."

And with that message, as a signal, he started putting back his phone to his pants and looked at the blonde. He started to gather his things in the table and put it all to his bag.

"Hey Luce, I got to go" He quickly stood which surprised the blonde and without second thoughts he left the blonde, "Where you going?" Lucy asked quickly once she heard the chair being pushed back but when she looked up Natsu was a meter away already.

As soon as her best friend was no longer in sight, Lucy started to wonder where he was heading to. It was too sudden but then she ignored it and just continued to do whatever she was doing before.

"Typical Natsu…" Lucy said to herself as she shook her head and looked at her notes. As the blonde spent time in the library, Levy and Juvia suddenly came to the library and accompanied the blonde beauty.

On the other hand, as soon as Natsu stepped outside the library, he took his phone again and dialed Jellal's number, "Hey man, where are you located?"

"We are in your classroom. The props are being done here."

"Alright, I'm on my way." Natsu replied before ending the call and sprinted towards the main building. With his speed, he was able to reach the building in less than 5 minutes. Once he entered, stairs were his next obstacle but it never slowed Natsu down. He took two steps a time, so in no time he was in the third floor already. The hallway looked different as students were all busy practicing and fixing the designs for the corridor.

In one of the classrooms, Erza comes out and notices Natsu at the end of the hallway. She began to approach him as she carried a clip board, "Everything is set. I have ordered the flowers and the balloons."

"Did you order the right flowers?" Natsu asked as he double checked the list he took from Erza's hands, "Remember there is a specific flower for this occasion"

"Of course I got the right flowers. Pink peonies, yellow gerberas and white-cream tulips…Right?" Erza asked as she counted the three kinds of flowers she just ordered

"Pink peony for romance, yellow gerberas for cheerfulness and cream tulips for commitment. Perfect!" Natsu said as he checked each follow choice he has mentioned to Erza that day as hands back the clip board to the girl, "how about the balloons?"

"I got 20 yellow balloons and 20 pink balloons…or is that too little?" Erza asked as she doubted her decision but Natsu just tapped her shoulder and smiled at the red haired girl, "It's good. Thanks Erza"

"Of course. Well got to go, need to check on the pillars"

"Alright" Natsu then walks on and heads to his classroom. As he did, it seemed like he was passing through a busy street. At some point he has to avoid some students who brought out their long sticks and raised it up. "What ever your doing Loke is good." Natsu remarked at his friend before entering his classroom. And there he saw Jellal, Gray and Gajeel huddled with some of the arts club members.

"So, what is happening now for the props?" Natsu asked as he tried to peek at the work that the arts club members did, "What can I help?"

"Well the art is done by us. All you can do is be the message for each of this letters." Shintani, one of the arts club member said as he looked up from his work then went back to finishing the project.

"Okay, then I'll be the message. Do you need it now?" Natsu then pulled a chair and sat next to the other students, "What decent message do you have in your small brain, huh ash-brain?" Gray asked as he leaned forward before laughing along with his friends.

"Shut-up Ice queen! At least I have the guts to do this, unlike you!" Everyone in the room then laughed along with the young teen but then Gray just growled and ignored the rest

"Here is letter L. What do you want to put at the back?" Shintani then passes the illustration board to Natsu. As he took hold of it, his phone suddenly went off which surprised the teen.

When his phone was finally out of his pocket, he saw that Levy was calling. Answering the call was one of the importance of all the things they were doing, so he took the call quickly.

"The target is on the move" Levy said quietly at the other end of the call

"What?! Where?" Natsu stood up from his seat as he began to panic about what was happening. Listening at the other end of the call, he hears Juvia asking the blonde where they were heading and as soon as Lucy said they were about to go back to their classroom, Natsu quickly turns off his phone.

He ran up to the hallway and stood in the middle of it, "THE TARGET IS ON THE MOVE! CLEAN UP NOW!" Natsu commanded and without hesitation, everyone started packing up their things.

All students in the third floor doesn't need to be told twice to clean up because in 5 minutes, the hallway was back to normal as if nothing happened. All props and materials were hidden in the storage room and all the students began to do their usual things, to clatter around the corridor and classrooms.

As for Natsu, he went back to his classroom and set his bag to his chair. Once settled, he brought out an eaten chocolate oatmeal bar and slept on his resting arm on the table. Within minutes, Levy, Juvia and Lucy entered the room and there the three saw the teen. As Juvia and Levy left their bag and went outside, Lucy approached the pinkette after placing her bag to her chair.

"So you left the library to sleep here? You could have slept in the library instead you know." Lucy said as she shifted from her seat to look at the teen in front of her. Natsu raised his head and look at the blonde who showed boredom, "I ate that's why I left. But then I fell asleep as I ate this bar." Natsu shows the food but Lucy just pushes away the goody, "You are literally like a pig. You eat then sleep." Lucy broke into smile as she waited for Natsu to answer back, "Well I am a handsome and hunk pig" Natsu commented as he raise an eyebrow and laughed along with the blonde


"Its true!"

"Whatever you say…" Lucy suddenly receives a pinch to her cheek as she laughs to herself, "Hey let go…it hurts!"

"Say first, that I am a handsome and hunk pig." Natsu cleverly said as he laughed along with the blonde. Soon enough Lucy admitted and began to laugh with the hunk teen. In a few minutes, the teacher arrives and finally turns their position to look at their teacher.

As the classes ended and club time was about to start, Lucy and Natsu promised that they would be waiting for each other so that they could go home together. As Lucy runs off to the English lab, Natsu headed to the lockers and took his gym bag. Soon enough, his friend started to arrive and wait for him to be finish in getting his things.

"Oy, flame-butt, what's your plan? Will it be this Saturday?" Gray asked as he fixed his gym bag that was slinging to his shoulder. Natsu looked at his teammate then back to his locker, "Nope. On the last day of school."

"What? That's two weeks from now" Gray stood in attention as he looked around before leaning in to Natsu to whisper, "Will you be able to hold the surprise that long?"

"I don't know but we've got to." Natsu then closes his locker and walks away from it. As the pinkette walked the hall, the black-haired basketball player tagged along behind.

"Knowing that Lucy is very keen to people who hides secret. Your busted" Natsu looks behind and gave a glare to his teammate, "I know so don't keep on reminding me that."

"Just want to frustrate you" Gray then chuckles as he sees Natsu growl back at him, "I wonder why I even think you are my friend"

"That's what friends do idiot" Gray suddenly dashes away and hits Natsu in the head as he leaps and laughs at his friend, "See ya slow poke!"

"Hey!" Natsu holds his head as soon as he realizes that Gray was fooling around, "Who you calling slow poke!?" Natsu then sprints away to catch his friend.

-End of Chapter 36-

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