My best friend that I like more than a friend


It has been almost a week since all the students from Fairy Tail High took their final exams. Being in the last day of exams, students couldn’t wait for the bell to ring for their last period of exams. All students are now waiting for their last 5 minutes before their test proctor tells them to pass their papers.

3:55 pm

Tik…tok… tik…tok

“One last recheck before Ms. Mary tells us to pass this…” Lucy mumbles to herself as she flips the pages of her test paper and looks closely to her answers


“I am definitely sure of my answers already…time to close the case.” Levy whispers to herself as she flips down her test paper then smiles victoriously to herself.


Juvia glances at her wristwatch as she taps her pen softly, “4 minutes to go…”


“Shit, I missed 5 items!” Sting mumbles to himself annoyed as he flips his paper to the second page before he glances at his wristwatch, “Fuck, four minutes?! Got to be kidding me!”


“Natsu? Are you done?” Lucy whispers as she peeks at her shoulder but then the called teen didn’t respond, so she slightly moves from her seat to have a better view with the pinkette, “Natsu…” as she finally sees the student, she saw that the teen was snoring away.

“Oy Natsu…” Lucy slowly leans to wake the teen but to her surprise, she unmistakably sees a drool from Natsu’s mouth, “Ew…” and with that Lucy leans away and faces the front seeing that their teacher was nodding her head away too. “Right…” Lucy comments as she shakes her head in disbelief.


As Lucy gazes at the open field, a certain petite blue haired girl suddenly turns and faces the surprised blonde. Having the attention of her friend, Levy whispers loud enough for her friend, “one minute to go~”. Smiling at the face of the blunette, Lucy knows how excited Levy is to end the finals after all the studying they have done together.


“Hu-wha?!” Their teacher shouts and stands in startle as soon as the school bell rang. Seeing how their teacher reacted, it was so obvious to the students that their teacher was awakened by the loud sound and the students couldn’t deny how ridiculous their teacher is.

“Alright! Enough! Pass your papers forward!” Ms. Mary shouts at the students knowing that her students won’t stop anytime sooner. She tried her best to show her poker face but then her blushing face gives away the idea that she is indeed embarrassed. With her instructions, the students began to pass their paper forward making each student excited to take a stand and run out of the room because after tomorrow, they will be all free from school days.

“Okay, good-bye 3-A! see you all tomorrow!” And with that Ms. Mary steps down from the platform and walks out towards the door and shuts it close.

“YEAH!!!!!!” All the students shouts in unison as some boys begins to throw their loose papers in the air as if it was some confetti.

“Lu-chan! Summer is here!” Levy exclaims as she stands and grabs the hand of the blonde who was taken aback by the excitement she was giving away, “Juvia-chan!” Levy suddenly calls as the other blunette stands next to her and gives her a side hug, “Levy-chan! Can’t wait for our summer vacation!”

“Me too!” Levy answers back as she holds to Juvia’s hand and begin to jump up and down with her friend. Looking at her friends who are so excited, Lucy couldn’t help herself but to smile softly at her friends. However, knowing a fact that would sure upset her friends, she shook her head before she taps Levy to her arm, “Hate to burst your bubble but tomorrow and the next day, we would be still checking the papers…so technically summer vacation would start in two day”

“Lucy-chan! Don’t be a kill joy! Just because you get to spend time with your lover boy every day you want to kill our happiness!” Juvia says as she crosses her arms to her chest and gives a cute pout. After having a little tantrum, Juvia looks down at her friend and there, she starts to stare at the blonde’s face. The two girls were fortunate enough to witnesses how the face of Lucy turns to red.

“L-Lover boy? I don’t have a lover boy!” Lucy denies as she tries to pretend that her face was not becoming red. But then, after hearing another comment from a familiar voice, the blonde couldn’t help herself to get even more flushed.

“Did you call me?” A husky voice said, a voice that sounds like whenever a guy just wakes up from their nap, “I did not call you!” Lucy shouts making the pinkette raise a brow as he sees her flushed face, “You said lover boy…isn’t that-“ Lucy quickly cover Natsu’s mouth making her friends laugh at the blonde who was now comparable to a tomato.

“You call Natsu lover boy?” Sting suddenly inquires as he leans to see the blushing blonde, “I do not!” Lucy shouts back at Sting while covering the mouth of the pinkette. Despite with a hand to his mouth, he audibly said that he was ‘lover boy’.

“Shut up Natsu! I do not call you that!” Lucy slightly pushes the face of Natsu who was now laughing at the blonde beauty, “Oy, don’t you remember! Last night you said ‘good night my lover boy’” Natsu teases as he looks at the blushing blonde. With their friends around and laughing at her situation, Lucy couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed. “That was meant to be a joke!”

“Yeah right…” Natsu nonchalantly says back as he puts his arms behind his back and begins to lean his chair backwards

“It is!” Lucy insists as she fumes in embarrassment and annoyance. Seeing how Lucy was beginning to be pissed, Juvia taps her friend to catch her attention, “Its okay Lucy-chan if you call Natsu-san Lover boy after all you love him right?”


“Yeah, Lu-chan? What’s so bad about giving a nickname to one another…You call him lover boy and you Natsu what do you call Lucy?” Levy now faces Natsu who opened a single eye as he still rocks his chair backwards, “Weirdo, that fits her.”

“No it does not!” Lucy retorts back making the pinkette laugh at the blonde, “Yeah it does”

“Oh quite you two love bird…” Sting says teasingly as he picks up his bag after watching a somewhat a children’s show, “I better go, my girlfriend might be looking for me.” And with that Sting walks away from his classmates/ new friends.

“Yeah whatever” Natsu says back as he finally settles his chair down. “I better go as well before Gray beats me to basketball practice scores” He continues as he picks his bag and leans forward to kiss Lucy in her forehead, “See you later love.” and with that he walks away from the three girls left in the room.

“…” Lucy was left speechless with the way Natsu had said good-bye to her. She knows that Natsu likes her as much as she like him but then Natsu has not been the type of guy to show affection in public. Yes, they may have held hands in school but kissing her anywhere in her face with their friends around, he is still not that comfortable. So being kissed in the forehead while Levy and Juvia was looking at them, she knows that it would be a big deal for Natsu to fight the embarrassment, knowing that the two blunette would be sharing it to their other friends.

“So Natsu-san has a nickname for you…” Juvia says finally breaking the silence between them. Levy then glances at the other blunette before smiling towards her, “Yeah, did you hear what he called you Lu-chan?”

Lucy is still caught up in a trance until Levy snaps in front of her, “Oy Lu-chan, are you alright?”

“Huh? What? Uh…yeah…” Levy and Juvia then nods together as Lucy looks at them in snooping look, “what?”

“Yep, she is dazed by Natsu… Come on girly, time to go home.” Levy then pulls Lucy upwards, which the blonde obeyed. Soon enough, the three walks out of the room and sees an almost empty hallway.


“So, Lu-chan do you want to go shopping this afternoon after classes? I’m pretty sure we will be dismissed earlier since this is just a checking day.” Levy asks as she walks along with her other friends.

“Yeah Lucy! I heard there is this big sale in one of the shops we like!” Lissana cheers as she leans to see the blonde excited as well, “Really? My goodness I am in need of new skirts suddenly!”

All the girls then laughs before Juvia states, “Then shopping it is!” Juvia then laughs along again with her friends as they all head towards their classroom for their third period of checking of papers.


“You know what you’ve got to fix this already. You are going to do this already this afternoon and then you’re still a mess!” Erza pissed shouts at the pinkette who is now frustrated with a piece of paper.

“Can’t you see I’m trying my best to remember what the fuck I said during the play?!” Natsu remarks before he glances up towards Erza. As soon as he looks at the scarlet haired girl, he saw a death glare coming from his SC president. “Did you just shout and used a foul word to me?”

“uhhh…I think you missed heard me” Natsu answers scared and before he would even comprehend what is happening next a strong hand slaps his head, “OW!”

“Get your head straight before I turn your hair into a pure black!” Erza exclaims before turning away but then looks back and calmly says again, “Oh, its time for class. Do that later.” And the president walks away again but this time disappearing in the first corner.

“Okay, see you all tomorrow 3-A!” Mr. Conbolt says as he stands before the class who all stood as well then bows before their teacher, “Good-bye and thank you Mr. Conbolt” and with that, the teacher left and closes the door shut.

“Well that was a hard exam…” Levy comments as she fixes her things from her table, “Yeah, but good thing I passed the test. How about you Lucy? How did you find the exam?” Juvia asks as she leans sideways to see the blonde fixing her things too, “Oh, its fine. I passed as well but I quite had a lot of mistakes.”

“Where did you get most? Me in test 5!” Sting exclaims as he glances at his seatmate. Lucy then childishly pouts and nods her head, “Me too! Its so confusing!”

“Well, not only the two of you. Me too, I only got half scores for that test 5” Levy remarks as she sadly nods at the two blonde, “How about you Natsu? What’s your status in Chem?”

Natsu slowly looks up with dark circles under his eyes, indicating of lack of sleep, “I got 94.”

“94?!” The three shouts in unison as they were surprised at the score of the pinkette, “So you were the student sir was talking about who got 6 mistakes only?!” Sting adds as he gives a disbelief look at the pinkette.

“So what? It doesn’t matter if I can’t even remember my own words…” Natsu then slams his head to the table. Hearing the loud slump of Natsu’s head, Lucy quickly brushes her hand to his hair and tried to get his attention, “Do you want me to help?”

“NO!” Natsu shouts quickly as he shoots his head up and looks at the blonde with wide eyes. The three realizing what Natsu was having a difficulty with, the three decides to help their friend.

“I’ll help him instead Lucy! It’s a guy thing I guess!” Sting exclaims as he looks down at Natsu who nods furiously at the blonde. Lucy just gave a odd look to the two but then her attention shifted when Levy said something, “Lu-chan remember we are going to shop today?”

“Yeah Lucy-chan, new skirts remember?” Juvia adds to emphasize the idea of shopping with the girls

“…Okay, fine. Help this baka will ya Sting?” Lucy says as she stands and grabs her bad from her chair, “And Natsu don’t slam your head…you’ll just loose everything inside your brain” and with that the two boys nodded as they watched the three girls walk away.

Before leaving the room, Levy looks back at the pinkette and mentally says to the pinkette, Finish that already, first phase of the plan is being executed.

Understanding the hard stare of Levy, Natsu nods firmly to the petite blunette before he watches them disappear behind the doors. When the girls was no longer ear shot, he looks at his team mate and gave a serious face, “Alright, phase one is executed. Phase two is next” Sting nods to his friend as Natsu stands and grabs his bag.

“Lets go.” The two then left the room and saw the whole third year batch peeking out of their classroom windows. “Third years! Fall in! Phase two now!” Natsu shouts in the hallway and soon all students hiding inside their classrooms went out and stands in position, “Aye sir!” all the students then shouts before scrambling in the hall as they began preparing for ‘phase two’.


“Well this is going to be fun!” Lissana states as she walks along with her friends. Erza and the rest smiles to her as they began to connect their arms and continues their walk in the street. “Since when was the last time we all did this together?” Erza asks to no one in particular until Levy answers her, “Well its so long ago that I barely remember!” The girls then laughs all together.

As they neared the mall, Juvia then glances at her wristwatch and looks at Levy as if they were talking mentally. When Levy understanding the stares, she slightly nods and looks away as if nothing happened. Soon enough, Juvia began to halts everyone and looked at the busty blunette.

“What’s wrong Juvia?” Erza asks as she leans to look at the blue haired beauty who stood at the middle of the row. “I forgot something…” Juvia says before glancing at her friends, “I forgot my wallet in my locker because I was avoiding spending my money in school…”

Lissana then smiles at her friend before she disconnected her arms to her friends and stood in front of them, “No problem Juvia! We can just all go back to school and get your wallet. Where is your locker by the way?”

“Third floor…this will be short, I promise!” Juvia was now about to turn when Lucy suddenly says something. “Guys, I can’t come back to school anymore…”

“What? Why? How about shopping day?” Levy beginning to feel panic in her chest as she steps closer to the blonde, “Levy-chan, I forgot that mama and papa are having a dinner at home for their anniversary…I need to help prepare as a gift somehow…”

“You don’t have a gift? Then buy one instead of helping prepare because by the time you reach home, their almost done. I’m sure about that…” Erza states as she places her hands to her hips, “SO I say buy them a gift…we just have to help Juvia get her wallet in the school.”

“Yeah Lucy…stay. Please~?” Lissana began to grasp the blonde’s arms and pleaded showing her adorable pout, “Lis~…I’d love to but I can’t…Sorry guys.” Lucy slowly tries to loosen her friend’s grasp to her arm. When she was free, Lucy walks a little further backwards as she bids her good-bye, “Sorry guys! I hate to do this but its my parents anniversary…sorry” Lucy then bows as she asks forgiveness which made her friends panic, “No Lucy! Go, its fine…there’s always another time.” Erza then made the blonde stand and gave a sweet smile, “Come on, go home so you still can help…”

“Take care! See you tomorrow!” the girls then shouts as Lucy began to sprint away from her friends.

When Lucy was no longer in view, the girls just continue to stare at the sea of people that walks by in the streets. Levy suddenly pulls out her phone and calls a certain pink haired teen.

When the call was answered, Levy didn’t need to introduce herself and just states disappointedly, “The target went home…cancel the surprise. We are not returning to school.” And with that Levy ends the call as she places her phone back to her skirt pocket.

“Who was that?” Gray asks as he stands next to the pink haired student who just looked down at his phone, “Levy.”

Natsu then walks away from his friend and stands at the middle of the hallway. Students who were all hiding in each pillar walls, leaned and looks at the pink haired teen.

“Sorry guys, the target went home. The surprise is postponed. Tomorrow, we will have to do this. And this time, it would be it.” Natsu smiles in apology as he looks at his batch mates. With that being said, students began to clean up their props and hid it back where it was placed before.

“Lucy went home?” Jellal suddenly walks up to the pink haired student and asks, “Why?”

“I don’t know. I just have to call her later. But for now, lets just clean up before Erza kills me for leaving a mark in the hall.” Natsu said back as he wraps an arm to Jellal’s shoulder as he urges him to walk and start cleaning.

“Better…” and the two began to clean.

That night, as Natsu heads home, he was surprised to see his parents wearing a semi-formal clothes. So as soon as he places his bag to the couch, he walks up to them and asks. “Mom, where you going?”

“Oh, Natsu, you’re here…” Grandine just says as she continues to pull out her lipstick and began to color her lips, “Dress up already, we’ll be late…”

“Dress up? For what?” Natsu inquires as he gives a nosy look. Hearing her son’s question, she gives a stern look to Natsu, “Didn’t you receive my text? I said that we are going to the Heartfilias.”

“Lucy’s home? Why?” Natsu continues to asks but steps back when his mother suddenly snaps at him, “Will you just change?! And hurry up?!”

“Alright!” Natsu says back as he sprints up stairs and enters his room. After a good 10 minutes, Natsu walks down the stairs wearing dark blue polo sleeves that ends to his elbows. As he steps down, he fixes the fold of sleeves when his mother walks up to him.

“You look dashing with this polo…didn’t Lucy buy this to you?” Grandine asks as she helps her son. Natsu just nodded to his mothers question and smiles back at her, “Yeah, she said I lack clothes like this.”

“She has great taste in fashion…she knows what’s good in you. Better keep that girl, you’ll never find a girl like her in a thousand years.”

“I know mom…” Natsu then smiles at his mother again when Grandine grabs his face and give a soft caress to his cheek, “Good. How did the confession go?”

“It didn’t happen. She went home before the third phase could happen.” Grandine leans back first before hugging her son, “Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance again tomorrow. But don’t mess it up, okay?”

“Of course.”

Soon enough, Igneel calls for his family members to come out already for them to leave. And with that, Natsu, Wendy and Grandine steps out of their home and heads towards their vehicle and left.

“Welcome!” Layla greets as soon as the Dragneels arrives their residence. Igneel and Grandine walking next to each other as they greeted back the beautiful blonde woman. “Congratulations Layla!” Grandine says as she brushes her cheeks to Layla, “I’m so happy for you and Jude!”

“Congratulations Layla, where is Jude?” Igneel asks after giving the same greeting as his wife’s. “Oh, Jude is there with your other friends.”

“Alright, let me greet him.” And with that Igneel gives a slight squeeze to the blunette and walks away.

As soon as they arrive, Natsu slips out of his parents back and heads inside, looking for a blonde girl. As he walks further inside, he finally sees the girl he has been looking for. “Luce” He calls as he walks closer to the blonde who was getting her drink.

Turning around from her spot, she suddenly sees the boy she has been wishing to see, “Natsu”. Lucy then leans and give a firm hug to the boy which was returned by the guy. As they pulled away, Natsu began to drag her out of the crowd and heads towards the flight of stairs.

In the second floor, Natsu pulled Lucy towards the balcony that the home had. Being in the open sky, Natsu knows that Lucy will feel relax after all she will be under the night sky full of stars, her favorite moment.

“Hey…” Natsu says after staring at the amazed blonde. Lucy then looks down and gives a soft smile to him, “hey…”

“So, did you go shopping? What did you buy?” Natsu asks as he holds her hand, “I didn’t go…I went home as fast as possible when I remembered about this event.”

“Right…did you know I forgot about this too?” The two then shared soft laughter before looking back to one another’s eyes. “Lucy?”


“You know that I like you right?” Natsu began to hold her hand tighter, giving it a little squeeze to give her his point, “and that I’d do anything for you just so you will always remember how much I like you…”

Staring at Natsu, Lucy couldn’t help but feel as if the boy was confessing. Although she knows that this is not the official confession of Natsu, she have realized that she doesn’t need any kind of long speech from the guy she like as long as they know to one another that they like each other.

“Label or not, I like you and that’s all that matters…” Lucy states making the other teen raise a brow but his quizzical look fades away when Lucy leans down and gives him a soft peck to his lips, “I like you. Remember that too.”

After smiling at one another, Natsu suddenly extends his hand and says, “Will you dance with me?” Without hesitation, Lucy places her hand to his then stands right next to him. Soon, the two began to sway to an absent music.

As the last day of school came, students came to class early, starting their last homeroom session with their adviser. Every student in each section was all giddy spending their last day with their beloved classmates and adviser.

“Alright class-“Mr. Macao says until he was cut off by the door opening. Glancing at the person who dares to disrupt him, he sees the demon president. “E-Erza Scarlet, what makes you drop by?”

“Good morning Mr. Macao. Principal Makarov has told me to call a student from this section.” Erza says after bowing before to the teacher as a sign of respect.

“Who among my pep squeak is in trouble on the last day of school?” Mr. Macao asks as he swings his arms to his seated students. Taking that as a sign, Erza steps forward towards the teacher and handed a slip of paper. As the teacher reads the call slip, he looks up from the paper and glances at his students. His gaze ends at the sleeping pink haired student at the back of the room.

“Mr. Dragneel and Eucliffe, go with the SC president to the Principal’s office.” Calling the teen has surprised the whole class making them all glance at the suddenly awoken teen. As soon as Natsu understood what was happening, he was cautiously stood and stepped forward giving Lucy an assurance look since she gave a worried gaze. Giving the blonde a little shuffling to her head, he walked pass her and followed the scarlet haired president outside the room.

When the door shuts close, a line of boys suddenly walks by their window headed by the vice president of the student council. Students gazed at their window, and they were surprised to see Gray, Gajeel, Loke, Max, Droy, Jet and other students followed Jellal, also heading down stairs.

“What is happening?” Levy asks as she looks at her back, only to see Lucy worried and confused as well. Without hesitation, Lucy suddenly shoots her hands up and grabs the attention of their adviser, “Mr. Macao?”

“Yes, Lucy?” Macao answers as he looks at the blonde, “Sir, why are they being called in the principal’s office?”

“That, I don’t know…just following orders” with the answer given, Lucy slowly puts down her hands and looks at the window again, pleading for Natsu to be all right.

Two more periods ended and the boys haven’t returned after being called by the principal. This has worried the girls, knowing that being called by the principal is not good what more being held in the office for more than an hour. So, as soon as their break was given, Lucy, Levy and Juvia ran to the principal’s office to check on their friends.

Reaching the office, the three along with Lissana saw Erza, standing and guarding the principal’s office. “Erza, what happened? Why are the boys called by Principal Makarov?” Lucy quickly asks, as she was a meter away from her friend

“I don’t know…I was just told to call them.” Erza answers back as she steps closer to her friends, “But you have to all go. You can’t stick around here.”

“But-“ Lucy reasons out when Erza began to push the girls back to the staircase heading to their classrooms. “Come on go before you girls get in trouble.” and with that, Levy pulls Lucy up stairs and they all headed up.

When the four girls disappear in the flight of stairs, Erza pulls out her phone and calls someone. When the call is answered, she quickly ends it after stating a simple sentence, “The target is on the move”

As soon as Lucy and the other girls reached the second floor, they realized that their room was in the other end of the building. So before they could even take the stairs again, a voice suddenly calls out.


Turning around only to see Droy standing before her holding on to a letter ‘L’ cartolina. “Droy? What are you holding?”

Droy then hands the letter to the blonde, “Flip it…” Hearing his instructions, Lucy hesitantly followed him. When she flips the letter, there she read a short instruction. “Look outside…” Lucy then glances up to Droy and gave a curious look, “Droy? What are you doing?”

“Just follow the instruction!” Droy says as he began to slightly push the blonde towards an open window. Getting confused, Lucy looks at her friends only to see them smiling at her. “Come on Lu-chan, just do what the instruction is telling you!”

“Yes Lucy-chan, you’re just going to look outside!” Juvia adds as she moves forward towards the window along with the others. When they reached the open window, Lucy and the rest notices a group of suspended yellow and pink balloons forming a letter ‘L’. “What is happening?” Lucy asks to no one in particular as she stares at the balloon. Unconsciously blushing, she looks back at Droy, who was behind her, “Now read the second note”

Looking down again at the cartolina, Lucy notices another flip paper and opens it, “L for love…you are my only love” Lucy read aloud making the people next to her awe in sweetness. As Lucy keeps on rereading the note, a voice from outside suddenly calls her attention, “Lucy!”

Peeking outside, Lucy sees Jet standing outside and shouted towards her, “Catch the floating balloon!” and soon enough a white balloon floats in front of her. Panicking to catch the balloon, she leans forward and catches the end string of the balloon. At the end of the string, a piece of paper is attached to it, “Go to the left wing” Lissana reads as she leans in to read for the blonde, “Come on lets go!” and with that the girls ran in the corridor heading to the left wing.

Reaching the left wing, four boys stood before the stairs holding on to a cartolina again. Walking closer, Lucy looks at her friends, “Hey you guys…”

“State your name please!” Sting shouts making the girls squeal in surprise, “L-Lucy…”

“Spell!” Gray shouts this time


“L!” Sting repats

“U-U” Lucy continues

“U!” Gajeel repeats this time, as he stood first in the row

“Plus!” Sting shouts next to the pierced student

“Me!” Gray adds

“Equals!” Jellal shouts

“Perfection!” Romeo shouts before handing a letter ‘U’ cartolina to Lucy. The blonde is beginning to shake in nervousness as she takes the paper from the younger student, “thanks Romeo…” Lucy then flips the letter and sees a small note, “U + Me= perfect match…We are the perfect match”

Soon, Wendy walks closer and hands a bouquet of mixed flowers to the stunned blonde, “A bouquet of yellow gerberas as a sign of cheerfulness and cream tulips for commitment…” Lucy shaking took the flowers as she smiled at the blue haired young teen, “thanks Wendy…”

“Oh! Here!” Wendy then hands another letter, “C?” Lucy asks as she stares at the catolina letter, “Yep, flip it!” Following the younger teen, Lucy flips it and reads it aloud, “C you at the third floor…” As if on cue, Wendy then slightly pushes the blonde to the stairs. And so the blonde did along with her friends. Shaking her head in disbelief, Lucy looks at her friends who all wore a smile in their faces, “Getting the idea already?” Levy asks making the blonde nod excitedly.

When the girls reached the third floor, standing at the end of the hall, Lucy quickly notices that the corridor was empty. “No one is here.”

“Then just enter the hall!” Juvia says as she shoves the girl forward. As soon as Lucy steps forward, a line of students appears. The students all look familiar to Lucy until she realizes it was all her batch mates, “Wha…” Lucy remarks until she tails off in amazement. “Tikas Pina!” A familiar female voice shouts at the other end of the hall. Lucy then smiles at the scarlet haired beauty who just smiles back before shouting commands again, “Honorary Welcome!”

Soon, all the students who stood in line brought out a long stemmed sunflower and raised it in the air making it a hall of sunflower. Hearing her friends to walk further, Lucy unconsciously follows their order. Aimlessly walking, she felt amazed and special by the person who has planned all this, which she believes it would be no other than her pink haired special friend. As Lucy walks, it suddenly rained pink rose petals, making the blonde in awe again. Continue walking, a sudden pair stood in front of her making her stop from her tracks. Realizing what the two were wearing, it was their costume for the play. Soon enough, the pair reenacts a certain scene that Lucy would never forget, the first kiss she had with her best friend…

“I love you Ayana…” And with that the two kissed making the blonde blush as she recalls her moment like that in the stage. When the pair pulled from one another, they stepped back far enough so Lucy could see the other end of the hall. Before she could even look forward, Cana suddenly hands a letter cartolina, “Y” the brunette said before giving a smile. “Of course…L-U-C-Y…”

“Flip it.” Cana says before side stepping, leaving the blonde to read the letter alone, “Y…why did it took me so long? Because I had to make sure that when I do this, it would be perfect…You deserve the best my love.” Lucy then slowly looks up and sees a certain pink haired boy stand at the end of the corridor. Lucy, stunned at how, him simply standing and staring at her with pure love in his eyes has made her heart skip a beat. Feeling her knees to quiver, she just stands still afraid that she’ll just trip. But to her surprise, Natsu walks closer instead, making her have a hard time breathing in every step he took. Soon enough, Natsu reachs the blonde who was now becoming teary eyed.

“Hi…” Natsu whispers as he stood before the blonde, who was now crying yet hiding her face with her hands. Pulling her hands away, he saw the streak of tear rolling down her cheeks making Natsu softly wipes it away then caresses her cheek. Lucy unable to speaks at the moment, just smiles nervously at him as she leans her head to his hand.

“You got me worried…” Lucy mumbles as she lifts her head and stares at the dark onyx eyes that she has loved, “Well, the principal just wanted me to do this already since I have been bothering him a lot…” Lucy slightly giggles at the thought before looking back to Natsu’s eyes.

“I know what you’re doing…but what for?” Lucy asks as she tilts her head in question, “Remember what I said last night, label or not, I like you…”

“I know…label or not. But Luce, I want everyone to know and I’m pretty sure everyone does…I want them to see how much special you are for me. That I’d go for the extreme for the girl I love.”


“I know that you like-“

“Love…” Lucy cuts off him as she corrects him

“Right…love…” Natsu smiles at the blonde before repeating himself, “I know that you love me and that I love you, so I wouldn’t ask the usual question anymore…”

Lucy then tilts her head in confusion until Natsu kneels down in one knee and raises a bouquet of pink peonies and cream tulips to her, “Will you be my best friend who I like-love, more than a friend?” Natsu faintly chuckles to his mistake which Lucy copies.

After a few seconds of giggling, she looks dear to his eyes and leans down to his level, “I’d love to be that best friend…”

And with that, Lucy leans forward as she captures his lips making the whole student body cheer in success. Returning the kiss, Natsu then holds Lucy’s cheek as he stands, making the blonde tip toe due to height difference. When the two pulls away, Natsu looks at Lucy in the eyes and whispers softly, loud enough for the blonde only, “I love you Luce…I love you bestie”

“I love you too…bestie” And with that Lucy tip toes again as she kisses him and wraps her arms to his neck.

Seeing how their friends have finally made it official, the gang couldn’t help but to feel happy for them. Feeling envious with their pink haired friend, the boys suddenly pulls their particular girl and surprises them with a kiss all at the same time.

Jellal slowly pulls Erza making the president shock with the sudden act. When his lips were on the president, which the scarlet haired SC officer didn’t refuse, the two SC officers didn’t care anymore who saw them. As for Gajeel and Levy, the taller boy leans down and captures the lips of the stunned petite blue haired girl, after all, they have done it quite a few times already. For Gray, he finally decides its time to be true to himself. He pulls Juvia to him, making the girl squeal due to the surprising act. When Juvia faced Gray, she stares at him first before mumbles his name softly, “Gray-sama…”

“Can’t deny this anymore…” And with that Gray leans down and kisses the plump lips of the swimmer. As for Sting and Lissana, well, they kissed long ago before Natsu and Lucy did…

Finally pulling away to breathe, Natsu looks down at the flushed face of his best friend/ girlfriend, “Finally I can kiss you any time…”

“Even in front of our friends?” Lucy asks as she smiles and tip toes again to level his eyes

“Even with them around…” Natsu says before the two glances at the other end of the hall only to see their friends lip locking too.

“Hey! What do you think your all doing? This is our moment!” Natsu shouts as he began to chase his friends who began to run away when they heard his voice. As he ran, he looks back at Lucy who was smiling widely at him. As he stares, there is one thought in his head, I am definitely in love with my best friend…

-The End-

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