My best friend that I like more than a friend

I confess

As Lucy left the girls, she went straight ahead to the library as she said. She grabs some books to her interest to shift her thoughts. But somehow, it was not helping. What happens to her, as she opens the book, she would start to read few word but end up staring at the page and start thinking really deep.

As she stares at the page, a sudden guy sits in front of her. Soon enough she looks at the person who sat in front of her and leaned to her chair to sit up straight. "Sting, what are you doing here?"

"Nothing...and you, what are you doing here? I thought your spending time with your girlfriends..."

"I was" Lucy replied as she closed the book that she was trying to read then leans forward to the table placing her arms over it and rests her chin

"So what happened? Why are you alone here?" Sting leaned forward too copying her position, somewhat trying to close the gap between them

"What do you mean 'what happened'? Nothing happened..." Lucy then looks away. As she looks away she saw the librarian giving a look at her direction and showed a silence gesture. Lucy glances back at the blonde teen. "Really? You wouldn't leave your friends if nothing love your friends too much"

Lucy didn't respond back but just gave the guy a glare with an eyebrow raised. Sting then continues himself, "I think what you did was similar to what you did yesterday in the cafeteria...I wouldn't doubt if you would do it again..." Lucy then stood up and maintained her glare to the other blonde, "You don't know anything about me and what I feel... so stop assuming and asking"

Lucy walks off leaving Sting with a guilty look as if he wanted to say sorry. But he was frozen at his spot as he just stared at her leaving the library.


Mr. Conbolt now was giving lectures about chemistry and Lucy was still out in space. Her thoughts were bringing her to unconsciousness even if she is awake. She was somewhat daydreaming with all the happenings early that morning. On the other hand, Natsu was listening really attentively behind the blonde.

Natsu notices that Lucy was just staring outside the window and not listening really attentively to their teacher. He then taps the shoulder of the blonde which made her startled. "Hey Luce, you okay? You look like spacing out a moment ago."

"Uh-yeah...just..." Lucy not showing her face, bit her lip before continuing herself, "Just don't mind me..."

"Don't mind you? What is happening to you Luce?" Natsu said whispering angrily while leaning forward to Lucy's ear

"Natsu! Letter for Potassium?"

"Huh?! Uh...'K'" Natsu startled as he stands up and sits once again after answering the question of their teacher. Natsu leans forward again to ask the blonde. "Hey Luce, I'm serious, are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes! Now would you stop asking already!" Lucy replied somewhat shouting back, turning to face the pink head

"But you never space out before-"

"Lucy! Letter for Sodium?"

"'Na'" Lucy said as she stands up then sits down and peeked at her shoulder, "Well now I do, so stop bugging me already, Will ya?!"

As he heard Lucy sounding pissed, he stops asking her but still stared at the blonde. 15 minutes away before the class ends and lunch time would be starting. Soon enough their teacher dismisses them earlier than the bell. As their teacher bid goodbye and they bowed, Natsu notices Lucy was gone as well. He started to run out of the room as he searched for his blonde best friend, "Lucy, where are you?"

Natsu walking inside the cafeteria as lunch break starts, he looks for his friends but found no one yet. Since he came early in the cafeteria, he decides to look for a table that was good for almost ten people. As he found one, he sits down immediately and brought out his phone and started texting someone.

Soon enough Gray and Gajeel came and sits next to the pink haired lad. They saw him with a serious face that was somewhat worried while texting. "Hey flame-head! What's with the serious face?!"

"Shut up Gray... I'm busy"

"If he called you by your name, its a sign to leave him alone...The dude is texting his soon girlfriend" Gajeel said as he tries to tease the lad as well. Natsu then lifts his head from the phone and stares at the pierced guy, "Are you talking about Lissana? I'm not texting her..."

The two then looked at each other then back to Natsu, "Then who?"

"Lucy... I'm texting her because I wanted to know if she is mad at me...cause she seems like"

Gray and Gajeel then starts to laugh out really hard as they held their guts. Soon enough the girls came in view with Jellal but there was no sign of a blonde coming along. "Hey Levy...Where's Lucy?" Natsu asks quickly as soon as Levy was ear shot. Waiting for the petite girl's response, he tried looking around the place, hoping to see Lucy.

" what I know, she didn't want to see you at the moment..." Levy replies as she sits down next to Gajeel.

"She doesn't want to see me?" Natsu asks back to no one in particular which made the rest in the table silent while waiting for his loud reaction.

They waited for him to stump his hand on the table and walk away to look for the blonde. But to their surprise, no reaction came from him that was really loud. Instead Natsu lowly continued himself, "I knew it, she hates me again...Since yesterday she has been acting really different to me"

Erza then cleared her throat as she tries to answer Natsu, "I don't know if your purely insensitive or your just dense about other people." Jellal then puts an arm around Erza's shoulder as he continued for her, "Try not to be foolish with other people's feelings. Try considering their emotions"

"I don't really understand you couples...I don't understand what you people are even talking about... Can you explain it in a more simple way?" Natsu said as he scratches the back of his head. Everyone just face-palmed as they thought Natsu would be smart enough to understand what they are trying to tell him.

Natsu maybe smart at times and really sporty but he is sure to be thick headed when it comes to understanding emotions of his own and others. No wonder Lucy was never asked by him why she would blush every time Natsu would hold her hand as they walk home.

"Natsu, Natsu, Natsu...When will you ever change?" Levy stated as she stared at the pink haired teen who was still completely confused.

"Hey Natsu! Where are you going?!" Gray suddenly calls out as the pink head stands up and starts to walk off, "Hey that was just a joke! You big puss!"

"Yeah! Sure! I'll just look for Lucy!" Natsu said before turning around to speed up his pace then he raised an arm doing the Fairy Tail signature hand.


As lunch time came, I went out straight to avoid Natsu. I just didn't want to see that guy as of now. As I was able to hide behind the wall of the other room, I saw him going out of the room, it seems like he was looking for someone. Could it be me?

When Natsu kept asking questions during class, I really got pissed off. But after that, I was fine already. The only reason why I'm avoiding his is because, I have this weird feeling that is making me really confused whenever I imagine him with Lissana clinging into his arms. I feel hurt at the same time confused.

"Lu-chan, what are you doing there? Are you hiding?" Levy suddenly asked as soon as she saw me standing behind a wall. She stood in front of me in the empty hallway so I started to pull her in, "Sssshhh...Yes I'm hiding from Natsu...I don't want to see him right now"

"But why? What did he do?" Levy asked before leaning to check the crowded hallway.

"Nothing really...It's just that I get this weird feeling every time I imagine him with Lissana...I'm just confused with myself" I then loosen my grip to Levy's hand. As I dropped her hands, she grabbed my hands and squeezed it a bit, "Lu-chan, one day you'll understand your true feelings...but please don't deny it...okay?"

Soon Levy let go's my hand and bid good bye to me. She knew, at times like this, I want to be alone so she didn't bother to insist of joining the group. As soon as Levy was out of sight, I peeked to the room again, and I didn't see him anymore so I decided to go to the library.

Lucy was in the library doing some paper works when suddenly she heard her phone ring for a message received. When she was about to put down her pen and open the message, someone started to surprise her, "Hey Lucy... Why are you here in the library again? its lunch time... did you eat already?" A certain blonde asks as he grabs a chair in front of her.

"One question at a time Sting, okay?" Lucy said as she puts down her pen in between the book and closed it, "No, I didn't eat my lunch yet and I'm doing my homework here in the library."

"Why?" Sting asks again as he leaned forward

"What do you mean why? I'm doing my homework...what's wrong about that?" Lucy said as she raised an eyebrow to him

Sting then shakes his head side to side as if telling her that she said the wrong answer. "I get what you mean you're doing your homework... what I don't understand is why are you avoiding Natsu? Do you feel-"

"No I'm not!" Lucy then turned her head to look away to hide her slight blush. WHY AM I EVEN BLUSHING?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME WHEN IT COMES TO NATSU?!


"I just decided to be on my own! Why you?! Why are you even here?!" Lucy cuts off Sting as she looks back to him

"'m here because I wanted to tell you something..."

Lucy then raised a brow as she waited for him to continue. As she waits, she was taken aback by his sudden action. Sting took Lucy's hand and held it quite tight then continued, "'re the reason why I stayed here...All this time, I've been hiding this from you but now I found my courage to tell you this...Lucy I..." Sting hesitated for a moment as he stared at the curious eyes of Lucy. But then he shallows down his fear and continued himself, "I have been falling in love with you since last year... I have been wanting to ask you out... may I pursue you to be my girlfriend?"

Lucy was left dumbfounded and lost of words as she just stared at the blonde in front of her. "Wha-what?"

"I just confessed to you Lucy...I confessed my love for you"

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